A Wonderful Ordeal

Part 1

Don and I had met on the internet in a chat room. Over the course of a month we had gotten to know each other and had shared our fantasies. Don was very dom and enjoyed the fact that I was very sub. I had shared with Don one of my favorite fantasies in which I'm a*****ed and f***ed into sexual servitude.

Don was a cross country trucker and came through my city very often. We had talked about meeting and living out our fantasy. He was married but was interested in being with a sub TV. He made arrangements for a long stay over in my city so that we could be together for the weekend. In his last email to me before we met he asked when I would need to be released by because once we started he wasn't going to believe a word that I said. He told me that I would be his for the weekend and once we started he wasn't going to stop. I told him that I was his till Monday morning and agreed to meet him at the bar of a restaurant by the interstate.


I took Friday off of work so that I could get ready for my meeting with Don. I shaved all of my body hair off and glued a set of false nails on. I was dressed and ready by noon but was not going to meet Don till 6 pm. We had discussed a role play where Don would a***** me from the parking lot of the restaurant. I was dressed like I had just gotten off of work. I was wearing a black suit with a skirt that fell just above my knees. I wore a lavender blouse under my suit jacket. Under the suit I wore a black bra and panty set, black stockings, garter and half slip with a 1 inch lace hem. A set of black heels and black purse completed the outfit.

I packed a suit case with some other outfits in case Don was really serious about playing all weekend long but I didn't really have much hope that he would. From experience I found that most men were done when they were satisfied.

I got to the restaurant a little early and parked in the back in a lonely and dark spot. I entered the restaurant and was surprised to find it packed with families having dinner. I was a bit worried about being outed but I told the hostess that I was meeting some one and would wait at the bar. She didn't bat an eye. I'm often mistaken for a girl when I'm not dressed so I don't know why I worry. I ordered a gin and tonic scanning the other people at the bar to see if could find Don. I realized that I had never seen a picture of Don and only had a description to go on. He was in his forties with black hair and 6 feet tall. There were a few men that could meet that description. As I waited I had two more gin and tonics. After an hour and a half nobody had spoken with me so I guess Don was a no show. I paid my tab and left the bar.

The parking lot had thinned out a good deal since I had entered. It was quite and I made my way a little unsteadily to my car. I was enjoying the feel of the night air on my stocking clad legs and the clinking sound of my heels as I crossed the pavement. I didn't even notice the man until he stepped out of the shadows. He had a knife in one hand and a gym bag in the other. "Keep your mouth shut and everything will be alright. Do you fucking understand, bitch?" he said.

"Yes.", I answered. He quickly smacked my face.

"I said keep you fucking mouth shut, cunt.", he was mad and my face hurt. I shook my head yes. He grabbed me by the arm tightly. "Where is your car?" I pointed to my car. "Good let's go." We walked to my car and he got in the back seat while I got into the front seat.

My mind raced. I didn't know if this was Don or not. Don had said that he was 6 feet tall. This guy was closer to 5 feet 9 inches if he was lucky. Don said he had black hair. This guy was salt and pepper. If it was Don we were off to a good start. If not I was in trouble. He had me drive a few blocks and made me pull down a lonely side street. He told me to park behind an auto repair shop that was closed for the evening. I put the car in park and surrendered my keys to him. He took my purse and checked my ID.

"So you're really a guy. I could tell the minute I laid eyes on you. Get out of the car faggot." I got out of the car quickly. I was scared and thought about running but I really didn't know where I was or which way to run. The man was out of the car fast and pulled a roll of duct tape from his bag. "Put this over your mouth." I tore off a piece and gagged my mouth with the tape. He grabbed me by the arm and spun me around. He pinned my arm behind my back and f***ed me to bend over the hood of the car. "I'm going to have some fun with you.", he said. He quickly tied my wrists together and moved me to the back of the car. He opened the trunk and had me sit on the bumper while he tied my ankles and knees together. I was then roughly pushed into the trunk and locked in.

We drove around for what seemed like forever and then the car came to a stop. The trunk opened and I was blindfolded. The guy pulled me from the trunk and righted me on my feet. He untied my ankles and warned me not to do anything stupid or I was dead. I was pushed forward but was only able to take very small steps because my knees where still tied together. He helped me over a threshold and I could tell that we were inside but I didn't know where. My ankles were tied again and the blind fold was removed.

I could see that we were in a cheap motel room. There was a bed, a dresser with a TV on it and a table with a few chairs. In the back of the room was a sink and closet.

"Get down on your knees.", he ordered. I didn't move fast enough and he shoved me down. I could feel my skirt ride up. "Nice stockings and I see you are wearing a slip, always the proper girl, Celeste." I was relived to know that this man was Don. In our chat's I had told Don that I was wore a slip. I loved the way it felt and I always felt so sexy when the lace hem would peak out from under my skirt. "I'm going to take the tape off and you better be a good girl. Do you understand?" I nodded yes and he slowly removed the duct tape. "You look as good as you're pictures. I'm going to enjoy this."

"Thank you.", I said. He quickly slapped my face.

"Who told you, you could talk slut?"

"I'm sorry.", he slapped me again.

"You will address me as Sir and speak only when spoken to. Do you

I nodded yes and was smacked hard across the face again.

"Answer me!"

"Yes.", again I was smacked.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Sir.", I answered.

"That's a good little slut. You're learning quickly. For being such a quick learner I have a treat for you. Open your mouth." I did as I was told and Don unfastened his pants. He was already hard.

"You're going to be a good little slut and please me. You're going to give me a nice long blow job.", he positioned his cock in my mouth and I closed my lips around it. Slowly I moved up and down his shaft and Don encouraged me on calling me a whore and slut. The more names he called me the hotter I got and the faster I sucked. "You better not make me cum too soon. I'll paddle your ass if you do. The smacks across my face where still smarting so I didn't want my ass spanked. I slowed the pace and took very long strokes up and down Don's shaft.

Suddenly Don grabbed my head and held it steady so that I couldn't bob up and down on his cock. He began thrusting hard and fast in my mouth. "Purse you lips hard, bitch.", he ordered. I puckered and he started trusting harder and faster. He was holding my head so tightly that I couldn't move away. Harder and harder he fucked my mouth until he pushed my head down all the way on his cock. I could feel his hot cum and I tried to swallow has fast as I could. There was just too much and I began to gag and choke. Don released my head and I gasped for air as tears filed my eyes. I couldn't believe the volume of cum that had filled my mouth. It seemed to go on and on in long spurts. I managed to get the gagging under control but couldn't stop the tears. Don watched me from a chair as I got myself back under control.

"You'll get used to it, cunt but I don't like you choking on my cum. That was a present. Touch your face to the ground.", His voice was very commanding. He seemed angry. I leaned my face down which caused my ass to stick up in the air. Don moved behind me and pulled my skirt up higher, exposing my panties.

"Every time you disobey me, Celeste, you will get ten smacks. Do you

"Yes." Don's hand smacked me hard ten times. It hurt and it stung long
after the last smack.

I said, "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good girl. Now I told you not to make me cum too soon and then you make me cum to soon." Again I received ten smacks this time slow and hard. They hurt long after he stopped. He left me in this position for some time as he got ready for bed. We pulled me back up on my knees and untied my wrists. He handed me a wet cloth and had me wash my face and reapply my make up. When I was done he retied me wrists to the leg of the bed and went to sl**p. I lay at the foot of the bed and thought about how wrong I was. It seemed that Don planed to keep me all weekend.

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I loved the story, i'm looking forward to reading part 2.
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Exciting Story, loved it :)
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Ooo off to read part 2 straight away. Fantastic writing
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Great Story Celeste!! Looking forward to parts II, III and IV. Keep UP the good work.
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