Miranda Cosgrove's Out of the Storm

Miranda Cosgrove burst into the room and was thankful for one thing. The power was out in the house so her dad wouldn't be able to see her through her embarrassing wet t-shirt and at her erect nipples.

"No lights, no power." Her dad said as he flipped the switch up and down.

"Its cold too." Miranda said.

"Sorry honey. Lets find a candle or flashlight, then you can change out of your wet clothes." He responded.

Miranda made her way to the kitchen while what barely visible light remained in the house died as the sun went down and the storm outside gathered intensity. She couldn't see and she could barely hear as she bumped into something and her soaked body froze. Her dads hot breath was immediately in her ear, "Sorry bout that honey," he said, " I'll check the kitchen, you check the hall bathroom."

As Miranda moved off she thought about what she felt. It had definitely been her fathers hard cock poking through his jeans rubbing against her arm. But she dismissed it quickly. He had probably felt her erect nipples as well as he had leaned in close to whisper to her. She laughed to herself quietly. He was probably really embarrassed by it.

After a while she gave up the search in the bathroom and yelled toward the kitchen for her dad. The storm had died down but she got no answer. She decided he must be in his bedroom looking for candles so she peeked in. "Dad?" Nobody was here. About to leave she decide to poke around for a flashlight and try under the bed. Nothing but a box lay there. She pulled it out and opened it, more out of curiosity than any desire for a flashlight. She laughed at herself. Obviously she couldn't see anything, and she was a little afraid to reach inside the abyss of the box. She called herself a chicken, but she didn't need to test her courage, the lights came back on, and she saw the last thing she expected.

Hundreds of pictures of girls in various poses and degrees of nudity littered the box. She didn't register what she was seeing but her teen body did. As she was flipping through the pictures she was getting moist between her legs and her hand was absently running along the edge of her jeans. Ignoring this obvious perversion of her dad, she was curiously looking at the girls beginning to register what she herself was actually think about doing. Then she froze in shocked horror. She had found a picture of herself sl**ping in bed. She looked through the pictures faster and faster finding more of her asl**p in her pajamas, and some promo pictures she shot for her shows on Nickelodeon. "Why were pictures of her in this box?" She thought to herself. But she already knew the answer.

"Your just like your mom. A nosy slut." As her father spoke, Miranda turned in horror and tried to run past him. To run anywhere, she had to get away from this. He grabbed her and threw her on the bed pinning his forearm against the white flesh of her throat.

His voice was in her ear again. "Your mom found that box too, honey. She couldn't deal with it. That bitch left you with me." Struggling to breathe and squirm out from under the weight of her father what he said had froze her. Her mom had left her...with him? His free hand roamed her wet shirt and began unbuttoning it. Her dad grinned at her. "That bitch left you FOR me." he said.

Her body shutdown. There was no more fight in her. Her dad released her and as she lay there he took off her clothes. Laying there naked all she could register was the weird things her dad had done through her life like pat her butt or accidentally grope her as he had done earlier that day. She had dismissed them all. And so had her mom. His words about her mom still echoed into her soul.

Miranda realized what was happening. Lost to the world, she hadn't even realized that her fathers cock was slowly working its way into her virgin pussy. As tears ran down her face, her hymen broke, and her father picked up his pace. He wasn't gentle like how she had fantasized her first lover would be. He fucked her hard and fast because he had been wanting this for years. He slapped her hard across the face. "Scream whore! Don't just lay there."

"Daddy please..." she trailed off her pleading when she was slapped again.

"Yeah beg whore. Beg for my cock!" He screamed at her.

She wanted him to come and be finished. "End it already!" She screamed inside her head. She didn't know if she was talking to herself or her dad.

Suddenly it was over and her father pulled out. But hope expired.

"Suck my cock slut!" She realized this was the first chance she had to see her massive prick. She was slapped again as her put his penis to her mouth. She tried to turn in disgust but he yanked on her black hair and her lips parted just enough. Just enough was all he needed. She nearly retched when she could taste the salty bl**d from her pussy. "Suck it right slut or ass will be next." he said. Miranda didn't know what to do so licked it like it was a lollipop. Her father moaned in pleasure. "Yeah honey, thats good. Obey daddy." She licked the shaft of his prick and her fathers mood lightened. He pulled out his stiff rod and kissed her. She was shocked at his tender kiss far removed from his earlier roughness. He snaked his tongue in her mouth and she shocked herself by doing the same to him. Her dad aimed his prick back at his daughters pussy and slowly eased it in. He fucked her slowly this time, but deeper, pulling almost out and the running the full length back in as her pussy stretched more to allow his girth.

He kissed her mouth, cheek and neck and whispered to her quietly as if they were enjoying a moment together. "Cum for you daddy, Miranda. Be a good girl for daddy."he said.

Miranda could feel her body betray her at his suggestion. She softly moaned as she had the first orgasm of her young life as her father continued to saw in and out of her ignoring everything but his own pleasure. Her warm pussy juice mixed with her virgin bl**d and trickled down to tickle her asshole. And she was enjoying it. Immediately she thought about how sick she was, losing her virginity to her father, getting turned on by those disgusting naked pictures and now cumming with her daddy's big cock inside her. Thinking about how sick all of this was turned her on even more. She moaned into her daddy's ear as her tears ran down her face again.

An evil grin ran over over her fathers face. He pulled out and moving his cock up to her face again. Thinking he wanted a blow job once more cum shot down her throat as her tongue reached out. She tried to spit it out but more of the hot semen shot out and hit her face and burned her eyes. It dribbled out of her mouth on to her small tits, as her father jerked his cock to completion. Exhausted he collapsed on the bed.

"That was really good honey." he said as he stroked her arm. "Better than I imagined. I cant wait till next time."

Miranda didn't say anything. Her face covered in semen, the tears would no longer come.
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