Julia Stiles Last Dance

I am at the moment sat in one of my viewing chambers enjoying a wonderful show put on by the girls from Kittie. On the other side of the two way mirror the three hot little mosher-sluts are dancing to their hit tune ‘Brackish’ on a floor that periodically becomes electrified in places. Incidentally Brackish means slightly salty, a taste I left in all their mouths earlier. I am woken from this revelry by a call on the internal phone system. I am informed I have a guest. Kittie’s story will have to wait for another day.

Ever since I saw ‘Ten things I hate about you’ I’ve wanted to get that little bitch Julia Stiles on her knees in front of me. I won’t go into the intricacies of her acquisition that would unfortunately expose a rather profitable agent I keep in the higher circles of Hollywood society.

I make my way quickly down the corridors of the Lair, a vast complex holding many chambers and vaults, and many more captive celebrities. On my way I pass Gemma Atkinson, poor thing is being led by the leash on hands and knees back to my training school. The training school is a lot stricter than Holly Oaks high, she’s learning that quickly.

Soon I arrive in the new acquisitions area and there she is, she’s just been processed. All new arrivals are processed, all personal belongings and clothes confis**ted and burned in front of them money ID and all, then all pubic hair is waxed off, bl**d tests for STD’s performed, and a permanent steel tracer collar attached, and last but not least a slow release contraceptive introduced.

She looks so fuckable and defiant, still they all do at this stage. Allow me to explain her predicament; Julia’s ankles are bound to her thighs forcing her to remain on her knees. Her wrists are cuffed together behind her back and secured with bondage tape. Last but not least there is a ring gag in her mouth that holds her drooling lips in a perfect O.

I walk round her like a shark circling his prey, my eyes feast on every inch of her gorgeous form, checking for any defect or injury in her capture. My agents are professionals, there isn’t a blemish on her perfect skin. She bucks and struggles with fire, she looks like she’s going to kill me, not that she can do more than quiver in the bondage. I can’t be bothered to address her and just nod to the attendant holding her leash.

“Have her bought to the training room B in a few minutes” I tell the attendant who smiles from ear to ear at the prospect. Julia doesn’t know what the training rooms are used for, but the sound of them alone causes her to buck and thrash against her attendants leash deliciously.


I make my way to the training room. A short walk through lairs of security, coming this way is easy, going the other is not. I enter the room as a master of all that I survey, and what I survey is a fabulously equipped torture chamber complete with everything and anything I may need to bring a hot little starlet into line. It will be a few minutes before Miss Stiles is brought having prepared the items a will need tonight in advance I walk over to the tester.

A tester is a run of the mill girl a*****ed from the street who’s, arms, legs, and head are set into the concrete of the wall. The poor dears are kept alive by tubes providing air and food and removing waste, there’s at least one in each torture chamber. We use them to gauge the physical damage of a torture on a woman before we apply it to a more valuable cunt. I look at the burned and striped skin of the tester in this room. It has been heavily used, the tattoo in its ass tells me it’s been hear over a year. Soon we’ll have to snuff it and replace it, after a while testers grow accustomed to the pain and no longer perform an accurate test.

With a shuffling and scr****g sound Julia is dragged into the room by two attendants, they leave her in the centre and leave us alone together. I smile to myself, I’m going to really enjoy this.

“I see you’ve finally decided to do a nude scene.” The chill in my voice matches the chill in the air stiffening her nipples, although I do notice she’s perspiring slightly. She tries to answer despite the ring gag, a string of ‘mmmphs’ and ‘rrrmphs’ are all she manages. Her fire is all there glaring at me and threatening me through the gag.

I really ought to wait till Miss Stiles is broken but I can’t resist fucking her throat right now. I free my cock from my pants and knot my hands into her hair in preparation. She looks at me, a ‘don’t you dare’ look. I double dare. With no warning at all I thrust, sticking her right down her throat. She can’t breath and she panics, so few celebs can deep throat; this prudish little whore isn’t on of them. She panics, thrashes and chokes desperately, I hold position keeping her airless. I’m so tempted to choke her to death hear and now, but that would be a terrible waste or good veal.

“Ready to come up for air hun?” I grin at her pleading panicked eyes. I pullout quickly, just a moment, and as her breath rushes in so too does my cock. I spend the next fifteen minutes throat fucking her like a rabbit. Finally I’m ready, now its decision time, down her throat or over her face? She looks so appalled at the taste I just have to go in her mouth, and I do. Oh boy do I, blasting right down into her stomach! I leave her retching and struggling, I didn’t quite put out her fire in her belly. Still I’d be disappointed if I had, all of what I’m about to do would have been wasted.

“You liked that didn’t you veal?” she hates my question and bucks wildly.

“Starlet cunts like you love their protein supplements huh! Don’t worry you’ll get plenty more soon. ‘Cause you’ll have to work for it… and the work’s even in your field, your going to be an entertainer!” She’s mad now, really mad, much as I’d love bask in Julia’s rage it’s time to move on.

I find a length of strong steel cable hanging from the chamber roof. All my chambers are equipped with elaborate pulley systems just for such occasions. I take the wire and walk slowly up behind her, she tries had to see what I’m doing, not that she really wants to find out. I take the cable in one hand a great hank of her long hair and connect them. It takes some skill to do this, you wouldn’t believe how many testers I got through perfecting this art. It only takes a few seconds to firmly entwine them.

I step back in front of her still struggling form and examine her glaring eyes, all that hate and contempt, something I’m going to enjoy removing.

“You have such bad posture, I think I can correct that for you luv.” She looks puzzled and my statement. With a flick of a switch on the remote in my hand the cable begins to raise taking her head with it.

Now she understands, franticly she pleads behind the gag and shakes her head, only adding to the agony as she is lifted from the ground by her hair. She frantically tries to keep her knees in contact with the ground, her ankles are still bound around thighs (just below the hip).

I stop her upward journey just a moment before her knees would leave the ground. And watch as she tries desperately to keep the wait from her hair. She’s using all that supplely she showed in ‘Save the last dance’ to save her agonising flesh. Julia’s eyes are teary with desperation now, but her anger is still all too present.

While she’s revelling in her anger and pain I choose to walk behind her and prepare the next device of her torture. With the flick of the switch she resumes her upwards flight. Kicking her knees and flailing her body in protest and vein hope of escape I drag her a full meter from the ground.

“eeesh eht eee own, eeesh!” she begs through the gag, I think she wants to come down. Her eyes snap from side to side searching for salvation, none in sight.

“What’s that? Would you like to come down?” behind my back I flick another switch, she barely notices she’s moving back wards. She begs unintelligibly trying to nod her head, the strain on that pretty neck must be enormous, it’s a good job I warmed her up first isn’t it, not that she’s grateful.

I stop her lateral movement. She is now (not that she can see) positioned over a meter long lubricated steel pole. I was tempted to use a sharp end but opted instead opted for a rounded ribbed phallus. I’m going to split her brown cherry with it. I start her decent, for a moment she looks happy.
A brief moment later the pole touches her puckered asshole. If it were possible I think she jumped. In any rate she’s flailing like a fish out of water. Slowly her little chocolate starfish opens up to accept its first lover. She tried hard to resist it but between her whole body weight and the lubricant she’d no hope. I slow her decent as she squirms like a stuck pig.

“Now that’s what I call dancing” I smirk. She’s begging me to let her up again. Poor slut. I keep her falling that keeps her screaming. One two three inches… It ploughs on mercilessly up her back passage. You know I don’t think she likes anal. I stop at five inches, the pole has a handy guide on the side.

I look for the next button as she squirms desperately. She can save her kinky ass by using her stomach muscles to raise her lower body up off the spike, or her pretty hair and cum drinking neck by sacrificing her no longer virgin ass. At the moment she’s alternating and I’ve never seen such an erotic sight in my life. I give her another inch of pole to grow on, she doesn’t act appreciatively. I watch her for a few minutes; torturous struggling and screaming all to quickly comes to painful twitching and whimpering. I approach her agonised form gently, she doesn’t see me, she has her eyes closed in agony.

I switch on the vibrator I have in my hand. Slowly I tease her cunt with it, I work it painfully slowly up and down, tracing the line of her lips. Slowly her body begins to betray her.

“Enjoying yourself cunt?” I smirk as the first of her juices start to lube the vibrator. I keep working never entering but always around her, she’s whimpering now, naked, hurt shamed and now turned on. All against her will! What little will still remains.

Finally once she’s wet and wild I ram the dildo unceremoniously into her begging box, She gasps audibly through her ring gag and aching jaws. I step back now, on it’s own the vibrator is only enough to keep her hot, not bring her off. I let her slip another couple of inches on the pole for fun.

I survey my handy work. Julia Stiles, ass impaled in eight inches of steel, begging for a fuck. My part in all this is almost drawing to a close. I have only one thing left to do, one last button to press. With a click the pole slowly starts fucking up and down by four inches.
I look deep into her eyes, window to what remains of her soul, I’ve broken her. All she can do now is beg, eyes wide she begging with them, begging me to let her down of the fucking pole that’s wounding her, begging me to let her go, and begging me to untie her now worthless body and take her somewhere soft and dark for a fuck. Not that I ever give in to a begging star, I’ve had a lot of practice resisting. I retire from the room with that.

A few minutes later I’m sat in the observation room next door watching as members of the paying public (and they do pay, they pay a lot) file into the room. I watch as nearly thirty people cue in line, taking turns to jack off over the stricken starlet whore. Before they finish she’ll be unrecognisable under the cum. Then they’ll hose her down with their piss and repeat until their sated. And these aren’t all just people off the street, there’re people she knows in there; her agent, people she dated in high school, one of her dance tutors… all adding to the wait of her humiliation, and her white cum covering.

Nearly six hours later my attendants let Miss Stiles, barely conscious fall to the slippery cum covered floor. Once the public have gone Julia is to spend the remainder of the night cleaning the floor with her mouth.

I stand and watch as my attendant fixes a special attachment to her ring gag that covers her mouth all save a special metal drinking straw. This device conveys any fluids or solids up the tube and into her mouth whether she like it of not. I watch as my trainer attaches a handle harness to my new human vacuum cleaner. I smiles as she is made to hoover up mountains of cum and lakes of piss. Her swan like neck swallowing as fast as it can muster, vibrator still buzzing in her sopping cunt.

I really hope I don’t have to have her stomach pumped…

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