Thora Birch takes one for the team

"It's not that kind of dildo." Cassandra laughed, handing Thora the box.
Thora raised an eyebrow at the taller girl. Cassandra leant towards her and whispered in her ear, "It's for your arse!"
Thora took a step back and looked directly at her sternly, "I beg your pardon?" she asked out loud.
"Well you do want to join don't you?" Cassandra asked, her smile becoming more serious, then leaning forward she whispered again into Thora's ear. "You see we don't just let anyone join. Anyone could get that into their pussy, well most people anyway." She smiled, "but this you will have a job getting in, let me tell you, it's huge! If I were you I'd get some KY or something!"
"Yeah I want to join" Thora said subconsciously looking around, "But where would I get KY from?" she asked, having never even bought condoms, let alone KY.
"Any chemist'd do you. I've still got a bit left of mine, if you don't want to buy any, but there's not a lot of it!" Cassandra replied seriously.
"And you're sure all of the girls have done this?" Thora asked, her voice quiet and nervous.
"Every girl who is a member has - it's the initiation! It's only the first stage though, so if you want to wimp out, now is the time."
Thora thought for a moment. She had promised the studio that she would research her role. The best way to research into the role of a university hockey team member was to join a university hockey team.

"How will you know if I have done it or not?" Thora was thinking that she could just say that she had done it.
"That is the best bit! A member of the committee is assigned to you and they have to be present to verify and record the event!" Cassandra said smiling, knowing that most inductees simply bribed the assigned member to get out of the ordeal.
"Do I have an assigned member yet?" Thora asked, nervously feeling the weight of the box that she now carried.
"Yes you do!" Cassandra smiled, "It's me!"
"Er…ok," Thora said, having dreaded that answer. Cassandra seemed a strange girl, and she definitely seemed to have a nasty streak to her behind the smiles. "When do you want to do this?"
"Well, you've got a week, I suggest you use that time to practise…unless of course you're used to taking things like that!"

A week later Thora Birch lay on her bed in her campus room, wearing her smart shiny trousers and a fairly insubstantial top held up by very small halter straps. Of course none of the other students knew her as Thora Birch, they all though she was called Sam. Thora had also managed to convince them that she was just a dead ringer for the famous actress.

She was resting on her elbows gazing at the open box on her floor. When she had opened the box marked 'Hockey Team - private use only', she couldn't believe her eyes. The item was certainly appropriate for the Hockey team. The dildo was the size of a hockey stick handle - certainly the width of one, and it got wider towards the end. It was about a foot and a half long. It had obviously been moulded from a Hockey stick due to the fact it did not have the rubber coating of a normal hockey stick handle, but was made from the same shiny black plastic as her own implement. Thora had been given a dildo before by a couple of her girlie friends, but she had never used it and it had been hidden in a cupboard, much like she had hidden the Hockey team's dildo. She realised that she ought to practise, but she could not bring herself to do it, hoping that she would be able to persuade Cassandra not to make her go through with it. She concentrated on practising her Hockey game instead, which she felt was far more useful.

But now here it was, this was her deadline, and somehow if she wanted to make the team she would have to get this huge thing that lay in front of her inside her most forbidden area. Thora had never believed she would allow anyone to put anything up her arse, especially not a man, although several of her boyfriends had tried. There was no hiding from it - if she wanted to make the team, she would have to put that thing inside her. Gently pulling the box closer to her, Thora looked at the various notches on the implement. She knew that if she made the first one she would be on the team pending other initiations. If she got it to the second one she'd be on the team without having to do other initiations, but if she made it to the last notch she would be made captain of one of the lower-ranked teams.

She winced as she noticed that the first notch was about four inches in, and the last was almost at the end, just leaving enough room to pull it out. Thora doubted that she would be able to make the first notch, nor did she know if it was worth it, although that depended on the other initiations. Thora did get some consolation by the fact that everyone else on the team must have done it as well. The evidence worried her - perhaps they just took the word of the assigned member, but something in her heart made her think otherwise.

A tap on her door shook her from her thoughts. Quickly she slid the box under her bed and opened the door. Cassandra entered the small room. Immediately Thora felt intimidated by the girl. Something about the two of them alone in her room was slightly unnerving her. Convincing herself that it was only fear of the impending task, Thora greeted her with a smile.
"Well, are you excited?" Cassandra asked her smile wide and genuine.
Thora's delayed response and the biting of her lip told Cassandra the truth. "Nervous huh? Well don't worry, I have just the cure for that!" Cassandra said, pulling a large bottle of vodka from her bag, followed by a large bottle of coke. "Got two glasses?"
"Er…yes!" Thora said, pleased for the delay and slightly surprised that Cassandra had read her feelings, and even more surprised by her generosity with the vodka.
Taking the glasses Cassandra poured the drinks making sure that the one that she gave to Thora was a lot stronger than her own.
"That's a bit strong isn't it!" Thora said, as the vodka washed down her throat.
"Well you're the one that needs it!" Cassandra said with a smile.
Nodding nervously, Thora brought the glass to her lips and took a big gulp.

A couple of hours later, two very giggly girls were lying on Thora's bed.
"So how far did you get it in?" Thora asked Cassandra, a serious look crossing her d***k face.
"Well I'll let you in on a little secret! I didn't make it to the first notch. Most girls don't! They just come to some sort of arrangement!" she giggled.
"Really?" Thora said, her heart lifting. Her eyes were finding it hard to focus on Cassandra's.
"Yeah, but you see I've worked it out!" Cassandra said, "It's doable, it's not actually that big. I reckon that we can get you a captaincy!"
"You what?" Thora said quietly, her voice sounding uncertain. She wasn't sure quite what to make of Cassandra's statement.
"Yeah, I reckon everyone gets freaked out by it. I was! But when you think about it, it's no bigger than a guy's prick!"
"But I wouldn't want a guy's prick up there," she said, her eyes stretching wide, making her look very scared indeed.
"Hey I'm not saying that you would! But it is possible. For any girl, all you have to do is relax a bit! And that was what the vodka was for!"
"But, Cass, I really don't want to do it!" Thora said earnestly.
"Look, we can do this, we can really get you a captaincy! You're a good enough player for it and I'm sure you can handle it!"
Thora perked up a bit "You really reckon?" she said quietly.
"Yeah sure, you're a great player, you don't want to let the team down just because of a little initiation."
"Well no," Thora replied, her ego swelled slightly. "You really reckon we can do it?"
"Yeah course we can, you just need to relax, and I can give you a massage to do that. I can even help you get it in!"
"You'd do all that for me?" Thora asked, her d***k mind surprised that Cassandra would do so much for her.
"Yeah, 'course I would!"

Thora allowed herself to be rolled over onto her front on the bed and closed her eyes as Cassandra moved behind her.
"Do you mind undoing your top?" Cassandra whispered in her ear.
Obediently Thora reached around to her back and pulled the simple knot which held the strings of her top around her back. Then she felt Cassandra's warm hands touch the skin of her back and begin to work softly round in circles. Cassandra soothed Thora's pale skin and slowly relaxed her.
Thora then felt the feeling of lotion touch her back, it was warm and it gently worked its way into her.
Slowly Cassandra's hands edged down Thora's back, then they returned to her shoulders. Thora was by now very relaxed, and for some reason excited. A combination of the vodka and the way that Cassandra's soft hands were sliding around her back was having an effect on her.

Thora wanted Cassandra's hands to go lower, to ease her lower back, so without being asked, she reached under herself and undid the button on the front of her tight trousers, and eased the zip down.

The trousers almost seem to burst open from Thora's waist and Cassandra was surprised at Thora's move.

Feeling Cassandra grasping the waistband of the trousers and begin to pull, Thora lifted her hips and wiggled them slightly so that the tight material would remove itself from her milky white behind.

Cassandra gently eased the trousers down, not moving too aggressively, afraid that should break the spell of relaxation that she had created in Thora.

Thora did not consider the fact that all she was now wearing was her little black thong that lay deep in the cleavage between her soft plump arse cheeks. All she felt was Cassandra's soft hands caressing the tense skin of her lower back, gently easing away the soreness in the area where her trousers had been pinching.

Thora felt the warm oil slide with Cassandra's hands onto her soft arse cheeks, and she felt her hands slide under the tiny waistband of her thong, easing the skin beneath it. Thora felt the tiny thong slide out from her ass and move so it now lay across her left ass cheek, but Cassandra's hands quickly made her forget about her thong's new position by massaging her lower back.

Thora initially tensed up when she felt her thong move, but then she eased up as she mistakenly thought it was accidentally done. She felt the warm liquid slide between her arse cheeks, down her crack, and she moaned softly to herself.

Cassandra, hearing the moan, knew it was time. Continuing to massage Thora with one hand, she reached for her oil with her other and placed it next to her. Then using the same hand she reached for the Hockey dildo. Silently, whilst continuing the massage on Thora, Cassandra dribbled a liberal amount of KY over the dildo from a tube, which she replaced in her bag. Cassandra knew full well that as soon as Thora felt the dildo press against her that she would tense up and the whole massage would have been wasted. If they were to achieve anything then she would have to strike fast and get the first few inches in whilst Thora was relaxed. It was always the first two inches that were the worst.

Working the oil into the dildo until she was satisfied, Cassandra returned her other hand to kneed Thora's creamy buttocks.

Thora was very relaxed now, her whole mind was focused on the pleasure that her friend was massaging into her. She was in heaven; she hadn't felt this good for a very long time. Thora was unaware that by her hips lay the hockey team dildo, all ready and lubed up.

Thora felt her cheeks being spread and then pushed back together and then spread again, in a soft motion increasing her relaxation even deeper. Suddenly the relaxation was shattered, as in one sweeping downward motion Cassandra brought the dildo down on Thora's arsehole like a knife. Thora felt the pain explode in her rear, she had never felt anything like it, and her whole body struggled to awake itself as she was penetrated. "No…" she cried out, her eyes wide as her anus was invaded by the dildo and the burning pain of her stretching sphincter muscles wracked her body.

Cassandra had done her work well and aimed perfectly. The oil covering her back had managed to gently lube up Thora's brown hole, and the dildo had been lubed up perfectly. The f***e of Cassandra's motion drove the dildo an inch in, and so leaving it standing from Thora's arse she used her hands to hold Thora down.
Thora tried to wriggle and turn to get it out, but Cassandra had too much of a good grip.

Thora felt like her arse had been invaded by a huge implement and it felt like it was in all the way.

"Relax," Cassandra whispered, "that was the worst bit. It gets better from here on."
Thora buried her head deep into the pillow and her hands clawed at the bed sheets. She simply nodded her head as Cassandra held the rest of her from moving.

Thora felt the dildo push deeper, it felt like it was going to come out of her mouth, it was causing her muscles to burn and cry out with pain. She tried to wriggle her arse to ease the pain, but under Cassandra's pressure it simply made the feeling worse. The hockey stick was meeting quite a resistance as it met with ungreased areas just inside the entrance to Thora's arse. She felt sure Cassandra must have reached one of the markers.
The pressure was incredible. It was wracking her whole body, every nerve ending was tingling and the pain flooded her mind. Tears began to form at the side of her eyes, as they dripped unnoticed onto her pillow.

The widening shaft of the dildo was tearing Thora's tight muscles as it invaded her slowly, millimetre by millimetre.

Cassandra winced as she watched the hockey dildo disappear inside Thora painfully slowly. There was a long way to go until the first notch.

Cassandra decided that Thora's muscles were putting up a fight, so she applied more pressure upon the end of the dildo. The speed increased slowly, and this was rewarded with a fresh scream from Thora.

Thora's body was tense, just concentrating on the invasion into her most private area. Her arse was burning, Thora had never felt pain like it, and it felt like her arse was being f***ed to consume something the size of a dinner plate. She moved a hand as if in resistance towards the implement impaling her, but Cassandra knocked it aside.
Cassandra smiled wickedly, "Shh," she said mockingly as the brunette lay prone beneath her.

Cassandra felt the dildo stop moving into Thora, as if it had reached its limit. Releasing the pressure from it for a moment Cassandra prepared herself to add greater f***e.

Thora felt the implement stop moving and felt a blessed relief as the worst of the burning eased, however her muscles were still being stretched wide by the protruding dildo completely wedged into her. "Have I done it?" Thora asked, gasping, her eyes closed against the pain.
"Not yet!" Cassandra whispered softly as she grasped the dildo and pushed down hard.

Thora's arse resisted for what seemed like a couple of seconds, but as her whimpers grew louder Cassandra increased the pressure further. The dildo started moving slowly deeper. Cassandra couldn't believe how long this was taking. Thora must have an exceptionally tight arse, Cassandra thought as she smiled to herself, thinking that it wouldn't be tight much longer.
"I can't do it," Thora whispered through her clenched teeth.

Almost at that instant, something gave. Thora's anal muscles gave up. They gave up their instinctive grasp of the dildo and it plunged almost two inches deeper into Thora.
Her head flew back as she was stretched beyond her maximum limits. She felt as though she had a whole tree inside her, she felt sick, and she could feel her stomach rearranging. All of these feelings bombarded her body, overloading her senses. Her head flew high, her eyes widened and her mouth dropped as if in a silent scream. The sensation was overwhelming. She was aware of nothing else just the sensations emanating from her arse. Thora's small hands clenched themselves and then fell to her sides. Then her head fell into the pillow again and she lay there as the pain waves flooded her. Thora's mind began to welcome them; there was something different about these waves which she had never felt before. They had become almost pleasant, though she knew that it still hurt as much as before, but her mind seemed to relish in these feelings.

Cassandra looked down at Thora's arse, and was amazed that the dildo was now beyond the first two markers. Before the rapid decent the dildo was just short of the first marker, but now it was well past them both. There was still, however, another inch to go before the last marker - the marker which no one had reached before. Cassandra wanted to push the dildo in beyond that marker and her mind was filled with lust and the desire to drive the dildo right through Thora. In her heart Cassandra doubted if it was possible, but she was going to try.

Pulling the dildo up out of Thora, leaving the tip inside her, Cassandra reached for the KY jelly. Cassandra had no desire to touch the dildo which had just been deep in Thora's brown hole, so she moved the almost depleted KY and squeezed the tube, letting the KY flow onto the stretched ring of Thora's muscles clenched round the tip of the dildo.

Thora, after enjoying the brief relief of her insides being allowed to rearrange, felt the cold KY touched her burning ring and whimpered slightly. She tensed as she anticipated the inevitable plunge of the dildo.

Cassandra wasn't gentle this time, and in one swift motion she drove it deep. It reached just short of where she had extracted it from.

Thora's body arced and her eyes clamped shut as she bit her lip against the sensations. Cassandra did not rest this time - she pulled the dildo back out of Thora before immediately slamming it back in. Thora had not been expecting the second drop and her eyes bulged and her hands tensed, as if reaching out to some imaginary object.
Cassandra quickly repeated the move, up, down, up, down, up down. Each motion down was a f***eful motion. With each thrust down Thora's abused colon was getting made wider and wider, her ring looser and looser. Cassandra noticed that she was almost there she had almost made it to the last marker.

Thora's head was deeply buried into the pillow, her muffled screams only reaching Cassandra, and her hands clutched at the bed covers. Thora was totally overwhelmed; there was a rushing in her head each time the dildo plunged inside of her, and her mind was flooded with sensations. Cassandra had no way of realising it but the pain had almost become pleasurable to Thora.

Noticing the dildo was almost at the last line, on her next downward thrust Cassandra stopped. Adding more weight upon it she twisted it as she slowly turned it. Thora cried out into the pillow causing Cassandra to smile, but Thora's mind was not experiencing the pain, but the burning pleasure of the dildo. Painfully slowly, the last line disappeared into Thora's arse. Leaving one hand holding the Dildo in, Cassandra's other went into her bag and she pulled out her tiny digital camera. Silently she took a close-up photograph of the dildo protruding from Thora, clearly showing that Thora had it in further than the furthest marked point. Quickly checking that the photo had come out she replaced the camera in her bag and gently slapped Thora's arse.
"Well done" Cassandra said smiling, "They will have to make you a team captain now!"
Thora lifted her head, the strain showing on her face, gasping she replied "Did I do it!" Then her face contorted with what Cassandra mistook to be pain.
"Yes we did!" Cassandra replied. "And that means I'm done here!" Cassandra said standing up from the bed.
"Don't stop" Thora whimpered, her eyes big and begging as Cassandra stood from the bed.

Cassandra was shocked, had this brunette enjoyed having her arse split? Her stomach almost felt sickened at the thought of her fucking this brunette's arsehole for the girl's pleasure. "Sorry, I'm not into that sort of thing," she said with a huge smile on her face. With that she got up and crossed to the door, desperate to tell all her friends. Cassandra stopped and turned to the prone form of Thora, smiled, and said, "I'll leave you the dildo for the night if you want, but wash it off will you? See you tomorrow!"
Thora watched Cassandra leave the room, her overwhelmed mind racing. She didn't really know what she was doing, as her mind was a mix of emotions and passion.

Needing to reach the dildo inside her, she moved so that her knees were raised. The movement caused Thora to moan in pleasure as the dildo moved deep within her. Her face and breasts were mashed into the bed sheets as her hands grasped the dildo and slowly pulled it out. She marvelled at the depth that the shaft was in her as her hands were filled with inch after inch of this weighty dildo. It was slick with lube and Thora's hands were getting coated in its sticky substance. Finally it popped out from her arse and her body breathed a sigh of relief, but for some reason Thora felt an anticlimax. She couldn't understand it, then just as her hand felt the sticky juices running down her thighs she understood the unimaginable truth. At the same time as the realisation struck, Thora's hand accidentally let the end of the dildo brush against the moist but un-penetrated flesh of her pussy. Thora felt the orgasm almost overwhelm her there and then. Her mind couldn't work out how she was so aroused but her impulses did not give her mind the chance. Her hand picked up the dildo and pushed it into her very juicy sex. It slid in easily and Thora was rewarded with the instant spasms of a building orgasm. Thora worked the dildo in and out of herself violently with lust, pushing it as deep as it would go time and time again. Her other hand gently massaged one of her nipples that sat proud upon one of the breasts splayed to the side of her chest by her weight. With her whole body trembling she quickly brought herself to an earth-shattering climax. Her loud screams were absorbed by the pillow in which she had buried her head.

As she lay there panting, Thora realised that she hadn't satisfied the urge. There was still a burning lust inside her. Pulling the dildo from her pussy she let the slick implement fall to the bed. Gently she traced a finger around the sensitive muscles of her arsehole. The muscle ring was coated with KY and her own pussy juices, and her finger easily slid around the slightly gaping muscles. As soon as her finger touched her sphincter Thora nearly screamed into the pillow again. Not from pain, but from the waves of pleasure that were crashing through her body and brain. Every nerve in those muscles sent pleasure to her mind. Gingerly she slipped her index finger inside, the muscles welcomed it, and her finger easily passed into her well lubricated and well stretched arse. The finger felt good inside her as she worked it round each move, causing her to become more and more turned on. It was an adventure for her, she had never explored this part of her body before, and she was amazed at how good it felt. Instinctively she slid another finger inside of herself. She moved her other hand from her breast to pull her arse cheeks apart so her fingers could go deeper. But it wasn't enough. Her body craved more; it craved the overwhelming pleasure of the whole greased length of the huge hockey dildo. Answering her body Thora grasped the dildo and guided it towards her arse. Placing the end of it against her, she pushed gently. It felt good but it wasn't enough. She pushed harder, it slipped, but Thora didn't give up. Quickly her arse once again began to absorb the hockey dildo, this time easier than before. It felt good to Thora and she began to work it inside of herself, gently pulling it back and forth her until her orgasm started to build. Her pleasure increased and kept up the motion until, finally, she came. She screamed and panted and screamed even more as her whole body shuddered with pleasure. To Thora it seemed to last for ever as waves and waves of pleasure washed over her whole body, carrying her away with a relentless f***e.
When it had finally finished, Thora had the strength to pull the dildo from her arse and then her eyes closed and she lay on the bed. She was devastated and completely spent.

Thora made it onto the team. Cassandra's photos had made sure of that. True to their word Thora became the captain of the Hockey third team, which for a new girl was quite an achievement.
The downside was that Cassandra had told everyone what Thora had done. It transpired she was the first girl to have even reached the second notch, so Thora had stood at the edge of the rest of the initiations, seeing people looking at her and smiling knowingly.
Guys certainly made an effort to know her, as here was a big breasted sexy brunette hockey player who got off on getting it up the butt.
She would show them, she promised herself. She would show the girls on her team that she could be a good captain. She would show the girls whose position she had taken that they could follow her as a leader. She would also make the best film about a hockey team…maybe she could interest her director in filming the initiations.

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Intense. Good work.