Mena Suvari on the set of American Beauty

Sam Mendes called Mena Suvari into his trailer, he wasn't
happy with her work, he explained that she had to be a bitch,
she hadn't had much acting work and wasn't very good. He told
her that her water bottle was gone, she began screaming.

That was what he wanted, he told her now I need you to be sexy,
get into your part, make love to the camera, Angela was a very sexy

Mena started to massage her tits, she played the virgin in American
Pie, American beauty was going to make her a star, both her tits were
now hanging out of her shirt, the director knew she would do a good

Mena removed her shirt and let her tits hang free, they were small and
not very shapely but she had huge nipples, half dollars in fact, she started
to pull her jeans down.

She stood in front of Sam and hopped up on the desk, she spread her legs
and pulled her panties to the side exposing her hairy bush, Sam thought that
they would have to shave her if they wanted to show the full Monty. he was
pleased that her bush matched her golden blonde hair.

He told Mena she was off to a good start, but he needed her to be extra sexy,
Mena had never done anything like that before, she had only given blow jobs,
she started to rub her clit.

Sam told her that was good, he wanted to see an insertion though, Mena slipped
a finger into her pussy, her entire body began to tremble as her middle finger
slowly in and out.

Mena started to get weak, she had never felt this good before, Sam told her "If
finger feels that good, two will feel twice as good."

Mena stuffed her two middle fingers into her box, Sam was right, it did feel
twice as good, she buried them in as far as she could then she spread them apart
as far as she could, she started to twist and turn her hand, she was going to
cum. Sam told her three fingers would feel even better.

Mena couldn't argue with that logic, she jammed three fingers into her cunt, she
her head back and began to cum already, she began to jam her fingers in and out
harder and harder with each stroke, she creamed all over her fingers.

Mena grabbed her water bottle, she slammed it into her dripping cunt, Sam
instructed her to use both hands. She did as she was told and shoved the entire
bottle all the way into her cunt, then she pulled it out again. She began
pumping it in and out as hard and fast as she could.

Mena sat the bottle on the table, she squatted over it and sat down, she
squatted until her ass was flat on the table, the bottle buried all the way
inside of her. She started to slowly bounce up and down.

She started out slowly, but she soon began to ride it harder and harder, Same
could hear the plastic bottle being crushed, Mena leaned over and grabbed the
edge of the desk and started slamming her cunt down even faster.

She was cumming hard, Sam hated to stop this but they had to shoot early in the
morning, he also had to go to work on Thora, he told her she needed to stop.
Mena fell back and yanked the crushed bottle out of her cunt, her juices came
flying out after the bottle.

Sam knew he now had a sex pot for his movie, Mena could become the next
Elizabeth Berkley, he needed to work on Thora Birch next, she was a key figure
in the movie and her nude scene was a key plot change. He told Mena to pay Thora
a visit and teach her how to be sexy.

Mena was still horny, she went to Thora's trailer, they had become really good
friends during the shoot, they had talked about experimenting, but they hadn't
gone through with it, Mena wanted her now though.

Thora Birch invited her in, Mena had a wild look in her eyes, Thora asked
"What's up." Mena told her she thought she was really cute, Thora just giggled,
she wasn't cute, Mena was the cute one, Mena assured her that she was beautiful.

Thora was wearing jeans and an oversized sweat shirt, Mena asked her why she
always dressed that way, Thora told her she felt conformable like this, and
besides, she
wasn't a sex symbol, she didn't have to dress up.

Mena just starred at Thora, Thora told her she had beautiful eyes, Mena turned
away and smiled, she heard that a lot, but it still made her giggle, she felt
just like a school
girl, this made Thora giggle.

Thora wasn't sure what was going on, Mena stood in front of her, she put her
hands on her shoulders, then she let them brush against her breast, Mena said
"your breast feel funny, " She began to giggle, Thora lifted her shirt to show
them to Mena.

Thora had taped down her breast, Mena couldn't believe the size of them, Thora
told her that the were so big she couldn't get any parts so she tapes them down,
Mena asked her if Sam knew about them, he didn't.

Mena told her he would be very happy to see them, she also told her she should
be very proud, Mena took of her shirt and showed her tits to Thora, she told her
"I wish I had big knockers," she pinched her nipples and watched them grow
erect. She was proud of her nipples.

Mena asked her if she could feel her breast, Thora began to giggle hysterically,
she had been waiting for Mena to ask ever since they had first met, she
unstrapped them and held them up for her, Mena slowly reached over then she
licked both of her nipples.

Thora moaned, her nipples were very sensitive, Mena shoved her hand down her
pants and started rubbing her clit, Thora became quickly dizzy and fell over
backwards, she pulled Mena down on top of her, Mena stripped her jeans off.

Stuffed two fingers into Thora's cunt, it was completely shaved, Mena worked her
fingers in slowly, it was so tight that she could move them to fast, Thora was
groaning and pulling her own hair, she had her first orgasm, Mena slowly worked
a third finger into her.

She couldn't get three fingers all the way inside of her, it was just too tight,
she had the third one half way in, Thora started to beg for her to ram it in.
She reached between her legs and grabbed Mena by the wrist and shoved until all
the fingers were in.

Thora was fucking herself with Mena's hand, Mena began to twist and turn her
hand all the way around inside of Thora, she began to scream, Mena put her hand
over her mouth to quiet her, she then told her to roll over so I can really give
it to
you. Thora rolled to her hand and knees.

Mena spun her hand all the way around, then she spun it back, she rammed a
fourth finger into her cunt, Thora started to scream again, this time Thora
started to choke herself to keep quiet, she then began to rock back onto her
hand, Mena reached between her legs and started to rub her clit.

Thora started to slam herself back wildly on Mena's hand she was cumming hard,
she fell face first, Mena rammed her entire hand into the formally tight cunt.
Thora fell face first, but she popped right back up, she grabbed Mena's wrist
with both hands
and shoved it as far as it would go into her pussy, she began to shake again and
fell over again, she was going to pass out then, Mena yanked her arm out, she
told Thora to relax for a second.

Mena let her catch her breathe for a second, then she yanked Thora by the hair
her head up, she then jammed her arm back into her pussy. Thora began screaming
again. Mena said "Shut up bitch."

Mena worked her arm as far as it would go into Thora's cunt, it slid in easily
now, Thora began to slam back against her again, Mena yanked her back by the
hair, Thora began
to choke herself again, Mena was ready to finish her off.

Mena took her free hand and started to work two fingers into Thora's ass, Thora
cooed like a pigeon, she reached between her legs and began to fuck herself once
again with
Mena's hands, Mena slipped a third finger into her ass.

Thora fell flat on her face, Mena twisted and turned both hands until Thora
began to beg
for mercy, Mena stuffed a fourth finger into her ass, Thora was going to pass
out. Mena
yanked her hands out of her. She told Thora it was her turn now.

Mena laid on her back and spread her legs as far apart as she could, Thora
rolled over and buried her face into her cunt, she began to thrash her tongue
around wildly inside of Mena's cunt, Mena grabbed her by the hair and started
humping her tongue, Thora shoved three fingers into her pussy.

Thora lapped at her cunt like a dog, Mena was cumming already, Thora loved the
taste of it. Mena was begging for mercy now, Thora had a skilled tongue, Mena
could tell it
wasn't the first time she had done this.

Mena screamed I'm going to cum over your hand, Thora yanked her fingers out of
her hairy cunt and shoved her tongue inside her as deep as she could, she wanted
to taste her cum, Mena wrapped her short legs around her head and squeezed. she
was going to give Thora something to taste.

Thora looked up to wipe her face clean, it was shiny and sticky, cover with a
taste of Mena, she looked at her desk and saw a bunch of bananas, she grabbed
one and started to rub it against Mena's wet clit, she then showed it deep into
her cunt, Mena yanked the banana from Thora's hand and began to ram it in and

The banana was a blur going in and out of Mena's pussy, Thora had never seen
anybody's hand move so fast, she grabbed a second Banana,
she then rammed it into Mena's cunt. She let out a howl as the second banana
entered her.

Mena lifted her hip into the air and began humping the two bananas, they each
used both hands to work their respective bananas, Mena was cumming all over
them, they simultaneously yanked the bananas out of her cunt, Mena's juices shot
up into the air like a fountain, Thora lapped them up like a dog.

Thora told her drinking girl cum was her favorite hobby, she was just too
embarrassed to tell anyone, Mena knew that American beauty was going to be a
very sexy movie and a huge hit.

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