Larisa Oleynik's Intruders

Larisa Oleynik just scored a slam dunk at the casting session. This new film would surely be her grand 'breakthrough' role; The one that truly caught people's attention. She couldn't wait to get back home and tell her roommate, Jackie.

The two young ladies had been living together for almost a year now. Larisa had taken a year off from school to focus on her acting, and Jackie worked at the local hospital. The two 19 year-olds were doing pretty darn well for themselves, much to the chagrin of the families. Mom and dad felt they were too young to be on their own. They wold call almost every night, reminding the gals to lock every door and window. Larisa and Jackie usually laughed their parents insecurities off, as was typical of young women who were finally by themselves.

Their apartment was in walking distance from the casting office, so Larisa happily strolled home, thoughts of all the wondrous new movie parts she would undoubtedly get offered soon. As she turned onto her block, an odd feeling took over her and she stopped in her tracks. She could see her place from here, and quickly noticed the front door was swinging open. This was odd. Mostly because Jackie hated to let bugs in the house. She had a aversion to anything with more than four legs. Larisa continued walking, but her pace was more controlled now. She cocked her head to the side, trying to get a glimpse inside the apartment. Larisa arrived in front, and slowly (almost tip-toeing) up the front walkway. She entered the house. No one was around.

"Hey, Jackie? I can't believe you left the door open. You nut." Larisa called out, half joking, half worried.

There was no answer.

She walked deeper into the place, putting her bag down on the couch and walking into the kitchen. Again she called out, "Hey Jackie..." But there was still no answer. Larisa turned to see if anything had been stolen, but the whole place looked intact. Their CDs and TV and stuff were all there. But something was off. Something was wrong. Larisa then became angry, sensing this was all a practical joke on her roommate's part. She stormed into Jackie's room, yelling, "Goddamnit, Jackie, this isn't fun-".

Larisa froze. The bl**d ran from her face and her eyes bulged. Jackie WAS home, after all. But she was naked, cut open, her face caked in bl**d and seamen. Larisa took a few steps back and took inventory of the whole room: Her bed was splashed with bl**d, and most of her torn clothes were sprailed across it. Larisa couldn't even scream, and she was too shocked to cry. She just keep slowly walking backwards, trying grasp on to something. Her eyes never left her friends mangled body. She could feel someone behind her. Someone looming.

"Wadda think?" A voice said. Larisa jumped around and saw them. Two rather large men, one with his pants off, the other with his hands covered in bl**d. "We was hoping she had a roommate", the bl**dy one said. They both smiled. Larisa couldn't even move. She felt faint. She was shaking. She was terrified. This was it. The bl**dy man suddenly jolted his hand out and grabbed the young actress. It woke her from the trance and she began screaming and squirming as best she could. The men laughed harder and the pants-less one smacked her across the face. So hard in fact, that a line of bl**d-spit dangled from her mouth when she looked up, now also crying softly.

"Okay," the pants-less man said, "Let's get her out into the living room."
His friend agreed. "Oh yeah...two sluts in one afternoon. We've gone to heaven!" The bl**dy man went ahead of them and closed the front door. He also drew the curtains, just in case the mailman came.

As the pants-less man dragged Larisa into the living room by her long brown hair, she screamed, "OH GOD!!!! PLEASE STOP!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD...!" She kept repeating herself, lost in hysterics. Once in the middle of the room, he threw her down on the floor and began to jerk himself off.

"I gotta get myself goin' again! You can start off you want, Pete" He said, slinging to the bl**dy man. Pete took his cue and his face lit up. Larisa got to her knees and began pleading.

"Please..oh god, please let me go...I'm sorry..sorry..." The two men roared with laughter.

Pete looked down at her and said, "Oh, you cunt, you're gonna be sorry you ever came home..." With that, he kicked Larisa in the stomach and she fell on her back, gasping for air. He undid his belt and pulled down his pants. His cock jumped right out, and it had to be a full 9 inches. He walked over to Larisa and sat on her chest. "Now, when I say go, I'm gonna ram my cock right down your throat, and you're gonna take it all in, alright cunt?"

She let out a screaming, "NOOOO!", but it was soon muffled by Pete's huge dick being crammed down her throat. Her gag reflex kicked right in and she squirmed and shook, but her arms were pinned down by Pete's huge legs. He faced fucked Larisa, deep and hard.

"Oh yeah, cunt. Yeah, slut....take my fuckin' cock. Suck it..." Pete spoke as Larisa's face turned blue and he eyes nearly shot out of there sockets. For some reason though, she begun to try her best to get him off, hoping the sooner he was finished the sooner they'd be gone. How wrong she was. She began lifting her head to meet his balls. But Pete mistook her actions, and it got him hotter. "Holy shit, Billy, look! She's getting into it!!!"

Billy, the pants-less man, was still jerking off above them. He wanted his dick to be at full attention when his turn came up. But he could tell Larisa's new involvement was only out of desperation. "Naw, man, she's just trying to get it over with. But we ain't HALF over with her!"

Tears streamed down Larisa's face as she tried her best to breathe through Pete's massive cock. He continued to fuck her face, feeling his balls getting ready to let loose a nice load. He could feel her tonsils every couple of thrusts. "Shit, okay, here we go, whore!" Pete then pulled out of the young girls warm mouth and aimed his dick right at her face. Larisa could only cough and try to move her head out of the target range. But Pete held the back of her head straight while he jerked himself off right on to Larisa Oleynik's cute little face. He let out a nice little load, the first wad smacking on her forehead, the other, smaller ones s**ttered around her hair and cheeks. Pete let out a huge gasp and smacked the weeping, jizz coated actress with his limping member. "Lick it clean, you know you want to, whore." Pete f***ed his dick back into Larisa's mouth and gyrated it around inside. Larisa had no choice but to take it all in.

After he felt she was finished, Pete got up off Larisa and nodded to his pal. "She's all yours, buddy".

Larisa just laid there, on the floor, weeping. She was nearly dried out and kept muttering, "...Why?....Why are you doing this...please leave me..." She trailed off. Billy reached around her and pulled Larisa up. He admired her small, but pert breasts. She was wearing a cute baby doll t-shirt, and her small nipples made a clear dent in them. Billy grabbed her left tit and massaged it.

"Yeah, you got sweet tits, know you like me squeezing them." Any strength she had to fight back was wasting away quickly. Larisa went totally limp, her arms dangling at her side. She was dead weight and Billy was now holding her up by a clump of her hair. He pushed her face towards his, and f***ed a rather unromantic embrace between them. She let out an audible moan of disgust. Billy continued to thumb and grope her cute little tits. Pete went over and kneeled in front of them. He peeked up Larisa's plaid skirt and caught a clear view of her cotton white panties. He could tell she was shaved.

"Holy smoke, Bill...this little slut's got a shaved pussy! Fuck...I wish I hadn't wasted my load on her face! I'd love to knock this little bitch up!" Pete spoke with glee as he reached up and began pulling them down. Larisa was almost totally passive at this point. It was almost a comatose state. Her eyes were glassy and blank. "Hold on, wait. Get her on the couch, Bill!" Pete said as he got up.

Billy removed his hand from Larisa's chest and pushed her back down, this time on the sofa. This seemed to jolt her a moment and she spoke again, "P-please, just go. I w-w-won't tell...just..."

"SHUT UP, WHORE!" Billy screamed as he smacked her clear across the face. She spit up bl**d (mixed with a little left-over cum) on herself. Pete smiled and shook his head, "Lordy, you've made a mess of yourself, let me get those clothes off ya." He smacked his lips as he went down in front of her. He spread her legs and reached up for the panties. With one quick motion, he tore them off. "And the flowers are still standing!" He proclaimed. Billy and him shared a quick laugh. Then Pete took a good, long look at Larisa's beautiful little shaved cunt. She began crying again. She knew what was coming. Pete asked her, "Have you ever been fucked before?"

"...Y-yes, once..." Larisa said calmly through her tears. She closed her eyes and through of Jackie. 'How much longer before they kill me?', she wondered. What a though to have. But before she could have another one, Larisa felt the large, burly man enter her. He was huge, and it hurt like nothing else before. And Pete was rough, pounding away at her 19 year-old cunt. He spread her legs as far apart as they could go, and thought he could probably break them off if he wanted.

"Yeah whore, I'm gonna knock you up. I'm gonna shoot my shit right up your know you like getting it, bitch." Pete was in ecstasy, while Larisa was in hell. She tried to think of something, anything besides the situation going on right now. She began to quietly mutter "No,". It got louder and louder as Pete went on fucking her. Soon Larisa was almost hyperventilating, hoarsely screaming "NO!!," every time he slammed into her. It became rhythmic. Pete laughed again.

Billy decided to get into the action; he hated to have to wait for his friend to finish. Then he though of a good way to get to stop screaming, as well as get himself off. He stood up on the couch and f***ed his cock down Larisa's throat. Pete looked up at Billy and said, "Way to go, buddy! Let's double team her!" So there Larisa was, a cock in her pussy and another in her mouth. Billy took some of her hair and f***ed her head back and forth on his dick. Muffled moans of pain were Larisa's only communication. Pete never let up his assault on her cunt, pounding with more ferocity now. Each of his hands held on to her legs and wrapped them around his neck. He felt another load coming on, and he made sure to stay inside of her. "Yup, whore, here we go! I got one more with your name on it! With one final thrust, Pete let his cum loose inside Larisa. She felt in hard and tried her best to scream, but Billy's dick put a stop to any of that. Speaking of which, Billy was nearing his own climax. He also kept his dick inside of Larisa.

"Just in case..." He said with a laugh. Billy creamed right down her throat. Larisa gagged and coughed and nearly threw up. Billy withdrew from her mouth and the two men got dressed. Larisa just lay there, half naked and bl**dy, a broken woman.

She looked up at Pete and muttered, "...Please...please, kill me....please..."

The two friends looked each other and exchanged evil glances. Then Pete looked down at her and said, "Whore, are you nuts? You're gonna have my baby! I wanna make sure that k** is around for at least another 15 years, so I can come back and screw her, too! Okay?" He reached over and patted Larisa on the head. "You take care now, whore. And you should probably clean up your friend in the other room. She's startin' to stink up the place."

The men roared with laughter one final time and got themselves together. They quietly exited the back door, leaving Larisa behind on the couch. She couldn't move.

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