The Violation of Sarah Michelle Gellar

Eddie D had enjoyed his fighting series, he was in the
planning stages for another campaign. He had arranged to give
the winner, Gina Gershon what she deserved.

He was surprised when he saw Sara Michele Gellar outside of
his mansion. She was the runner up in his contest but there
was no consolation prize.

He opened the door to see what she wanted. Of course she
complained that the goofball president interfered and cost her
victory. She demanded to be declare the winner.

Eddie of course laughed at her, he then promised to see what
he could do. He called in five of his guards.

Sara looked at them, they bounced on her. She tried to throw
them off but there were too many of them. In no time they had
stripped her to her push up bra and panties.

They threw her to the ground, she managed to kick one of them
in the nuts. The pulled out their night sticks. Sara decided
that fighting was not the way out of this situation.

Eddie told her to satisfy his men and he would see what he
could do about getting
her a rematch with Gina. Sara agreed.

The guards formed a circle around Sara. She sat on her knees
and began to suck on the first cock in front of her face. A
second guard soon shoved his cock into her mouth also. It was
a tight fit but they managed to get them both in.

The guards bent her over, one of them shoved his cock into her
cunt from behind.
She began rocking back and forth, sucking the two cocks in her
mouth and riding the cock in her cunt.

Another one of the guards crawled underneath the group. He
shoved his cock up into her cunt.

Sara now had two cocks in her cunt and two in her mouth. She
was completely stuffed.
She wanted to cry out but her mouth was full.

The two guards that she was sucking grabbed her by the hair
and shoved their cocks even deeper down her throat. They both
came into her mouth. She let it drip out
the corners of her mouth.

The last guard stood in front of her and made her suck his
cock. She was now riding
the two cocks in her cunt. Both of those guards were going to
come soon. They couldn't
handle Sara.

They pulled their cocks out of her to take a rest, they didn't
want to disappoint Eddie.
The guard with his cock in her mouth spun around and went
behind her, without warning
he shoved his cock into her ass.

This time Sara let out a scream, the cock in her ass
surprised her. The guard started
ramming his cock harder and harder into her ass. Each thrust
he did f***ed her forward.

He decided to rock back and put Sara on top of him. Sara
planted her feet and started riding the cock in her ass.

Another guard shoved his cock in he mouth. Sara was jumping up
and down on the cock in her ass. She managed to deep throat
the cock in her mouth.

The last guard laid Sara down so she was laying flat on the
guard underneath her,
he pulled her legs back so her knees were against her chest.
Her ass was exposed.

He added his cock into her ass. She let out a bl**d curdling
scream as her ass was
double penetrated. The first guard shoved his cock all the way
down her throat so
she couldn't scream.

He shot his load down her throat, she was gargling the cum in
her mouth as she tried to scream and swallow at the same time.

The two guards in her ass each pulled out. They couldn't
handle the tightness of her ass. They laid her on her back and
one by one deposited their loads down her throat.

Sara dropped to the floor exhausted, she had finished off all
five of Eddie's guards though. She was in no shape for a
rematch with Gina right now though.

Eddie told her she had one more task before she could get the
rematch. Sara was not ready, but Eddie told her that's what
you get for being a loser. He signaled the guards to bring in
her next task.

Two of the guards returned after a couple of minutes, Sara was
shocked at what she saw. They brought with them a beautiful
black stallion.

Sara was the horse had a harness hanging under it. The guards
led the stallion over to her.

They lifted Sara and placed her in the harness. She was
suspended in mid air Sara knew exactly what to do. She reached
up and began stroking the horse cock.

The cock sprang to life immediately it was at least 18 inches
long. Sara grabbed
it and slowly slipped it into her cunt.

She buried half the cock inside of her before it stopped.
Eddie couldn't believe that such a skinny girl could handle
that cock. It was as thick as her upper arm.

Sara managed to shove another inch of cock inside of her.
Eddie then grabbed the harness and pulled it back. He released
it and Sara swung forward.

Her weight shoved another three inches of stallion cock inside
of her. She let out
a scream, then she yelled "again."

Eddie pulled back the harness as far as he could, he then
released it again. This time Sara slammed forward and took the
entire cock inside of her.

Sara let out another scream, this time she cried for more. She
began to thrust her hips forward trying to accept more cock
inside of her.

The stallion started to buck. Sara was sliding back and fourth
on the cock, screaming
with every thrust.

The horse started bucking faster and faster. Sara was sliding
like a piston up and down on the horse.

The stallion gave one last mighty thrust and stopped. He was
cumming inside of Sara. He came and came until it came
spilling out of her stuffed cunt.

The cock began to shrink and Sara was able to pull it out of
her cunt. She stood
wobbly, but she was up. Eddie was amazed that she was not only
still awake but she
was on her feet, obviously she needed more.

Eddie signaled his guards, they knew what he wanted. They
went back to the zoo to get the special a****l for sluts like

The guards returned with an elephant. Sara saw the harness
hanging under it. The b**st immediately got a whiff of Sara.
It's cock shot
out to it's full length.

The elephant cock was four feet long and was a thick as a
normal girls leg. Sara screamed.

The guards picked her up and sat her in the elephant harness.
There was no fight left in Sara.

The guards grabbed the b**st's cock and stuffed it into Sara.
She couldn't even
scream. The shoved a foot of cock into her cunt.

Eddie took the honor of grabbing the harness. He pulled it
back so Sara only had the tip of the cock inside of her. He
then let it snap forward like a rubber

Sara took another 4 inches of cock. Her pussy was stretched to
the max. Her mouth was hanging open like she wanted to scream
but nothing came out. She just hung limply.

Eddie pulled the harness back again. He called a guard over so
he could get more
tension. They then let it go.

It snapped forward propelling Sara. She now had 18 inches of
elephant cock buried into her snatch. She passed out.

That disappointed Eddie. It was no fun watching an u*********s
girl being fucked.
He wanted to hear her scream and just watch the expression on
her face. He knew

just what to do.

Eddie tapped the b**st on it's back. It began to lay down.
Sara's back was now on the ground. The b**sts weight was
forcing more cock into her.

The elephant buried two feet of cock into Sara before she was
maxed out. The shock of being impaled by that cock shocked her
back into consciousness, She finally screamed at the top of
her lungs.

Eddie tapped the b**st again and it rose. Sara was no longer
sitting in the harness, she was hanging by her cunt from the
elephant. Not even gravity would get her off of it.

Eddie started walking the b**st around. Each step it took
caused the cock to wiggle inside of Sara's cunt. She quickly
passed out as the elephant began shooting his load inside of

The b**st filled Sara's cunt with his sperm. As it spilled out
of her cunt she began to slide off the cock. It was a slow
journey but she finally fell off the cock and back into the

The guards and Eddie gave the u*********s actress a standing
ovation. She had been one of the best shows ever. Eddie was
sure this tape would be a best seller.

20% (1/6)
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