My Own 7th Heaven with Beverley Mitchell

A couple years ago I was going to UCLA for a semester on an exchange program. I had a fairly light load and did extra work once or twice a week for some extra cash.

On one Tuesday I was working on 7th Heaven on location. They were shooting a scene outside of a high school with Beverley Mitchell and Jessica Biel. The 2nd Aissistant Director was in charge of placing extras and he grabbed me and had me doing some repetitious crosses near the two female stars.

After numerous takes and angles, Jessica Biel actually spoke to me. (Maybe she caught me checking out her tight jeans.) She said "Aren't you a little old to be playing a high school student?". I was caught off guard and didn't know what to say, so I just smiled. Jessica and Beverley smiled back.

A few takes later, Beverley completely screwed up one of her lines and screamed "Fuck! I forgot the fuckin' line!". Afterwards I started laughing and Beverley asked what I was laughing at. I replied "It's just weird seeing you swear like that after seeing this innocent character you play for this f****y show." Jessica quickly replied with spunk "We're not as innocent as you think we are!" I just smile and said sarcastically "Sure you aren't!"

After a few more hours we broke for lunch and I was heading toward the extras' holding area, when Beverley shouted at me, "Hey old guy! Yeah you! The one who is on the 6 year high school plan!" I just said "Yeah?" Beverley then said "You don't need to eat that shit food with the rest of the trolls." You can join Jess and I in her trailer for some real grub. Jessica looked at Beverley coyly and just gave her a "what the hell" shrug.

Before I knew it I was seated in Jessica Biel's tralier with her and and Beverley sitting on a bed area across from me. There was an awkward prolonged silence, which I broke by asking "where's this good grub that you stars get?" Jessica replied by saying "We're not hungry for food." I still was pretty clueless at this point, and wasn't catching their signals, when suddenly Jessica and Beverley pulled their shirts off and asked me to make myself more comfortable. I took my shirt off, but they signaled for me to continue. I did so until I was completely naked.

At this point I was still limp from nervousness and uncertainty. Beverley took the jeans off of Jessica's sexy body and then Jessica did the same with Beverley's cute skirt. Jessica had black panties on and Beverley had pink ones. Jessica then pulled me onto the bed and started massaging my balls. Beverely then proceeded to lick my shaft as it quickly hardened and Jessica shoved her tongue down my throat. Shortly after I was hard Beverly ripped her panties off and jumped onto my rock hard cock. It was at this time that the off-screen sibling rivalry began. Jessica shouted "Why are you always so eager to jump on the cock and why do you always get to go first!?" Beverley just replied with a bratty tone "I don't want you sloppy seconds s*s!" I then told Jessica that I wanted her to sit on my face so I could shove my tongue in and out of her sweet shaven pussy. Jessica complied and went wild as I worked it around her beautiful black laced panties. She acted as if she was riding cock and made very sexual motions with her hips as I worked my tongue in and could hardly breathe.

It was odd, because after a few short minutes both Beverley and Jessica climaxed at the same exact moment. I could feel the warm gush of juice on my still rock hard cock and I could taste the sweetness of Jessica Biel. During this climax Beverley reached around Jessica, massaging her breasts, and Jessica pulled on the back of my head, shoving my tongue into her as dep as humanly possible.

After they both calmed down from their intense climaxes. Another s****rly argument was initiated. Beverley said that I hadn't cum yet, and they were arguing over who would get to swallow my load! I couldn't fuckin' believe it! I was the luckiest man alive!

I finally interrupted them and told both of them to lick my cock. Beverley started licking my left side while Jessica licked the right side and massaged my sack with her delicate hand. Beverley then started flicking my tip with her tongue and couldn't hold out any longer. She dove in and slid her lips all the way down to the base of my shaft. Jessica looked pissed, but I told her "Don't worry! I'll hook you up." She then smiled and started fingering herself with her free hand while continuing massaging my nuts with her other. Beverley's cute head continued to bob up and down with my tip bouncing off of the back of her throat when finally I started to come. I commanded Beverley not to swallow, and she managed to resist the temptation as I had the best climax ever and filled her petite mouth with all my jizz. After I finished, I told Jessica to lay down on her back. She did as I said. I then told Beverley to share with her screen s****r. A little bit perturbed Beverley leaned over Jessica and spit out about half of my cum, most of it landing in Jessica's forehead, eyes, and nose. An appreciative Jessica Biel then smiled as she quickly used her fingers to sc**** up as much of my cum as possible and insert it into her mouth as she slid her fingers across her face many times and sucked every sperm drop off of them. Meanwhile, Bevereley was enjoying her own lunch, as she swished my jizz around her mouth like mouthwash, and savored the taste of my cum before swallowing.

They both thanked me for providing them with lunch as I quickly got dressed and went back to my dorm room, ditching out on the rest of the day of extra work.
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3 years ago
Good story! I've had my own fantasies about those two. Especialy beverly.
3 years ago
thats such a bull shit story, them actresses would never fuck some bum of the street