Kristen Bell's Prom Night

It was prom night and Kristen Bell was still a couple of years from landing
the part in ‘Veronica Mars’ that would make her a star, and the feature of
thousands of jerk-off fantasies around the world. Kristen went to the Prom
sure that she was going to be crowned queen – and boy was she pissed off
when she didn’t win.
There she was, blonde hair up, perfect make-up, a fantastic red off the
shoulder dress, and brand new red silk and lace lingerie – a special gift
for Joe, her Prom date, and all of a sudden at the end of the night he’s
winning Prom King, and Julia Ramirez is winning Prom Queen. Fucking
political correctness – how could a fucking wetback win Prom Queen over a
beautiful blonde all American? Worse still, how could HER date be up there
dancing with the spick cunt? It was too much for Bell, so she left.

She was supposed to be going to the Hilton with Joe, but that was out now.
She was so shamed by her defeat that she just wanted to disappear. She
couldn’t go home – if she did she’d have to admit to her parents that things
had gone wrong.

So there she was, formal red dress, stockings, hair tied up, made up like a
princess – wobbling along on three inch stiletto heels with a pissed off
attitude and a look of thunder spoiling that gorgeous face. Looking for
trouble – and a place to sl**p. Who knows, maybe both at once.

She walked past a back alley and spotted two dog’s fucking. She paused to
watch, the sleek bitch getting pounded by a big hairy mongrel. Fuck, she
thought, even that bitch is getting fucked tonight! Then she moved on with
the strangest tingling feeling in her belly – and elsewhere.

After walking for what felt like half the night, the anger had begun to
dissipate, but she still had the strangest feelings deep down, and she
couldn’t get the image of the fucking dogs out of her head. It was about
then that she found the cheap motel. One of those little places off the
side of a main street – just an arch through the side of the street that
lead to a courtyard with cheap rooms arranged around a small carpark. The
office was still open so she headed in.

The night manager was a middle aged guy – Chinese, fat, with long hair and
bad skin.
“I need a room for the night, and no bullshit.” She said.
“That’ll be thirty bucks.” He said, barely looking up from his porno mag.
She took a breath, then leaned forward, making the most of her cleavage. “I
don’t have any money, can we come to some kind of arrangement?”
He looked up, seeing her tits before he saw her face and not disappointed by
either. “What’s a nice girl like you doin’ in a dump like this?”
“I said, ‘no bullshit’. C’mon… What does a nice girl like me need to show
you to get a room for the night?”
He thought for a second, reached down and adjusted his dick in his pants.
“I’d say you give me ten minutes and you can have the damn room.”
No way was he going to fuck her. She wasn’t about to go that low – to let a
fucking slant eye fuck her. She countered, “You give me a room, and I’ll
give you a blow job. That’s the deal.”
He thought about it, looking at her mouth, her soft flesh, perfect makeup,
hair, dress, etc. “You get those little titties out, blow me, and let me
cum on your face, I’ll even throw in free porno.” He smirked.
Kristen wasn’t the happiest girl in the world, but she’d blown enough guys
she didn’t like since she started acting – all those fucking casting
directors and producers – so she figured it wasn’t the worst deal she’d ever
had. “Okay, where do we do it?”
“You just come into the office and get on your knees, we can do it right
She followed him behind the counter and jumped as a solidly built Pit Bull
suddenly lept to it’s feet and let loose a torrent of barks at her. The
chink clerk kicked the dog and shouted, “Get back in your basket, fucker –
this got nothin’ to do with you!” and the dog backed off wimpering.
Kristen dropped to her knees, popped her shoulder straps off and dropped the
front of her dress around her waist. She looked up and watched as the chink
pulled his pants down around his thighs. His belly was big and hung down
close to his cock and balls – his cock was short but fat, his balls sweaty.
“Bra too” he said, “I wanna see those titties or the deal’s off.”
Her bra was red lace and silk, front fastening, something she’d bought
especially for Joe – but was now being seen for the first time by this
fucking fat chink. She unclipped the front and let it fall open revealing
average sized but very firm and rounded tits. Her nipples were soft,
nothing about this was turning her on. “Let’s get this over with.” She
said, edging forward and reaching up to take hold of the chink’s cock. She
slowly jerked him off before taking his cock in her mouth.
The cock was so short, and his belly was so big, that she had to angle her
head and press her cheek up against his sweaty gut in order to get the cock
into her mouth. She sucked hard, working her tongue against the tip of his
cock, and popping her head back and forward for a couple of minutes. The
fat clerk gasped and moaned as she sucked. He reached down and put one big
fat hand under her chin, feeling her soft flesh against his fingers. He
looked down and could see the back of her head disappearing under his belly
– frustrated that he couldn’t see more of her because of his belly. “Lift
your skirt, I wanna see your ass.” He gasped.
Kristen was almost gagging with every stroke. It wasn’t that his cock was
causing her any problems, it wasn’t big enough – but the smell of it. She
wondered whether he’d ever heard of soap. Sweat was pouring off his belly
and running down the side of her face. She lifted her ass a little and
hooked her skirt up around her waist, pushing her ass back – red panties,
suspenders now visible. She felt his cock jerk slightly in her mouth – she
knew he wouldn’t take too long now.
He was close to blowing his load, and what happened next finished him off.
The dog was about to make an unwelcome move.
Kristen almost jumped out of her skin when she felt the dog’s cold, wet,
nose between her thighs. He had a couple of quick licks at the gusset of
her panties and she moved away from him, but the chink didn’t move and that
just f***ed what little he had deeper into her mouth – which set him off.
He came thick and fast straight down her throat. She gagged and pulled
back, coughing his cum back up and letting it spill over her chin.
The chink clerk staggered backwards and took a good look, pretty blonde
all-American with his juice on her chin. He grabbed her hand, which was
still holding the base of his cock, and ‘helped’ her to jerk some more of
his cum onto her tits.
Meanwhile, Kristen was swinging her other hand around behind her ass pushing
the nasty little mutt away from her. He wasn’t keen to take the hint,
really liking what he could smell.

The clerk stepped around her and kicked the dog, hard, sending him
scampering back to his corner. “That’s my bitch, dumbfuck!” He laughed.
Kirsten watched, noticing the dog’s erect cock, finding it almost impossible
not to ask for a better look. She got to her feet, collected the key to
her room, and stumbled out pulling her dress up to cover her cum spashed

She strutted down to her room, locked the door behind her back and caught
her breath. She wiped cum off her face with one hand, then peeled her dress
off altogether. She stood by the door, trying to decide if she wanted to
shower or go straight to bed and jerk off. Something was making her horny.
It wasn’t the thought of her prom-date, and certainly not the cat chink
night clerk… It was those dogs fucking in the alley, and the dog in
reception with the hard-on. Oh my God, girl, she thought, get a grip of

She stumbled to the bed, thinking that a good movie on tv might distract her
attention. She scanned through the channels – all bullshit, with the movie
channels full of those high-school prom night comedies. Fuck, she didn’t
need to be reminded that she had been dumped AND had failed to be named Prom
Queen already tonight – and Jeeez she was so fucking horny. She switched to
one of the porno channels and settled down on the bed to watch as two
blondes with fake tits took turns to suck some ugly tattooed biker. He
talked down to them and they spat at each other whilst they blew him, then
he started fucking one in the ass, taking the cock out and passing it right
into the other slut’s mouth. It didn’t help Kirsten’s mood, so she sent one
hand down into her panties and started working her pussy, fingering her
clit. My God, she was soaking down there. God, she needed a fuck. The
problem was, Kirsten didn’t get off on clit fingering – she always needed
something hard inside her. And boy she needed something hard to fuck right

On tv the girls were letting the hairy biker cum all over their faces, he
was sneering and growling, ‘fucking a****l’ thought Kirsten. Fucking
a****l. a****l fucking. The words went over in her head. Oh my God, she
thought. Oh my God.

She stood up, looked at her dress, then out into the courtyard of the motel.
She decided she could do without the dress and headed out in just bra,
panties and heels. She stumbled along, legs wobbling from sick excitement,
the cum on her tits and face glowing in the door lights out front of the
rooms. All she could think about was those damn dogs fucking in the back
lane. All she could think about was how jealous she was of that bitch. Oh
my God she was so fucking horny.

When she re-entered the front office, the chink clerk thought it was
Christmas… For about a second. She went straight behind the counter and
grabbed the dog by the collar. “I’m borrowing your dog.” She said, then
turned and walked out, dragging the confused mutt with her. The clerk
nodded, “Okay. No problem.” He smirked.

Kirsten walked the dog back to her room, it took 30 seconds but felt like an
hour. She couldn’t wait to get him alone, she prayed he’d know what to do.
Who the hell was she praying to? Did she really think God would answer a
prayer like this? Jeez, I’m going nuts, she thought to herself. Nuts.
Nuts. Oh look at his big fat nuts.

In her room, she encouraged the dog to jump up on her bed, then she knelt
down beside the bed and started stroking him, massaging him. There was no
love here, just lust. She stroked his belly, moving closer and closer to
his cock, making sure he didn’t freak out. By the time she started fondling
his sheath he was already getting hard – the pink tip of his cock sticking
out an inch and watering. Her pussy was so wet that her panties were
sticking to her.

Kirsten moved her head forward and started to lick at his cock tip. She
tasted dog cum for the first time and, oh my God, she was hooked. One hand
held him still by his collar, the other worked his cock at the base, whilst
her tongue flicked his cock. More and more pink flesh came into view, long
and slim and hard. Shiny and wet. She soon had the whole thing in her
mouth, sucking gently and slowly, taking it deep into her mouth as she slid
her lips up and down the shaft of his dog-meat.

She squirmed her ass around, her hands busy she couldn’t do anything to
herself… Oh she needed that cock inside her. It wasn’t particularly big –
five inches – and it was slim too, but it looked so inviting.

The Veronica Mars star peeled her wet panties off and climbed up onto the
bed, assuming the doggy position, her knees wide so that her ass was at an
easy height for the dog, then she started to encourage him to mount her.
The dog started licking at her pussy, fast and enthusiastic. Fuck this, she
thought, “I don’t want that… Fuck me!” She said. She reached back and
grabbed the dog by the collar, tried to pull him onto her back, but he
resisted. “Jeezus, you useless fucking mutt.” She swung around on the bed
to face the dog, held him by the collar with both hands. “I’m a beautiful
teenager with a body to die for and I’m destined to be a huuuugge star – any
man would give his right nut to fuck me, and you, you dumb fucking a****l,
don’t know what to do!”

She rolled on her back, spread her legs and pulled the dog ontop of her. He
didn’t resist, but he didn’t participate either. She reached down under his
belly, between her legs, and found his cock, then started rubbing the tip
between her pussy lips. She raised her ass a little, pushing up with her
legs to give him a better angle. After a few second he suddenly got the
idea and out of nowhere he rammed his cock into her.

“Oohhh yeah.” She moaned. 5 inches of dog cock slamming inside her. Slim,
wet, and very hot. She gasped at the speed he was building up. It wasn’t
the physical sensation so much, it was the knowledge of what she was doing.
b**stiality. Oh yeah, she was a real slut now. And it felt good.

The dog bucked fast into her pussy, his front paws gripping tightly around
her soft white waist. “Oh yeah, fuck me good, fuck me good. Good boy.”
The dog was bucking at 200mph, hammering into her hot wet snatch. No
prisoners. His tongue was hanging out to one side. Dumb fuck. The a****l
cock slipping and sliding around inside her cunt, rubbing up against her.

She suddenly realized exactly what it was she was doing – it dawned on her
that she really was doing this, not daydreaming or fantasizing, but actually
fucking a dog for real. Oh my God. And loving it. Oh yeah.

She squealed, grabbing the dog’s ass and pulling him in harder with one
hand, pushing her other hand inside her bra and pinching a nipple, twisting
it hard. “Ohhhhh, yeahhhh. Fuck my cunt you bad doggy.”

The dog needed no encouragement, he was fucking her hard and fast and
nothing was going to stop him until he exploded inside her.

She looked over her shoulder and saw a lesbian scene on the tv. Boor-ring,
she thought. How come they don’t have beatiality porno in motels? I wanna
see Jenna Jameson do a dog like this. Cheap slut probably wouldn’t dare!
Oh yeah… She forgot about the porno and looked down at the dog pounding
into her pussy, concentrated on the feeling of his fur against her thighs
and belly. Oh, mmmmmmnnnnn. She could feel her orgasm building. Heat in
her belly, heat in her pussy. The constant fast blur of action in her
snatch as the dog hammered away at her. His breath ragged, saliva dripping
from his tongue, dripping on her belly.

She reached down with both hands and grasped his hindlegs, pulling him in
extra close, feeling as his knot – fat and hard – suddenly squeeze it’s way
into her hot cunt. Arrrrgghhhh, she moaned, loving it. This was enough to
send her over the top and explode her orgasm through her pussy, up through
her belly and chest. Blowing her mind. Ooooooooooohhhhh,
mmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn, yeeeaahhhhhhhh, yes, yes, YES, YES!

The couple in the next room figured that someone was getting a good hard
fucking, but they had no idea it was an 18 year old prom girl and the motel
guard dog!

The dog kept jerking, he was jammed in good and hard now with his knot but
that didn’t stop him – it just got him more excited. His strokes were
shorter now, even faster, more sparodic. His back was arching, his grip
tightening. Then he came, squirting hot dog jism into Kirsten’s wet cunt.
Urrrggghhhh, she gasped as she felt the hot goo splashing inside her,
ummmmmmm. This was fucking awesome.

“Awesome.” Thought the clerk, watching the action on a small monitor in the
office. Dumb slut would never have guessed that every room had cameras.
He’d have to add this to his collection, some of the freakiest shit he’d
ever seen in the motel.

The dog stayed tied into the blonde actress for another few minutes, just
standing over her. She relaxed her legs and let her ass fall to the bed and
his knot popped out, his cock swinging loose. Cum dripped onto the sheets
from his cock, and dribbled from her sloppy pussy. After a few seconds he
backed away and started licking at her cunt, cleaning his own juices up.
“No, no, no!” she said, pushing him away. “Mine!”

She rolled over, swung around and lowered her head over the wet patch on the
sheet – then started licking at it, tasting his musty, salty cum and her
pussy juices. She pulled the sheet up and sucked on it, getting every last
bit of the disgusting cum into her. Mmmmnnnn. She thought. “Now that,”
she gasped, “was fucking awesome.” Sure beats fucking her prom date.

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1 year ago
loved kristen since veronica mars was om air. a;ways wished she would do more risky parts. love reading this
3 years ago
3 years ago
Quite nice. I'm glad I took the time to read it!