Emma Roberts is a Super Slut

Emma Roberts is a 20-year-old girl with long brown hair that is down to her shoulder blades, and she has lovely brown eyes. She was not looking forward to going to the doctor for her gynecology exam, but Aunt Julia insisted that it was time. Emma put on her red dress with blue panties, no bra, for her tits were just beginning to form. She had on white knee high nylon stockings with black Mary-Jane shoes on as she walked into the doctor's office.

The nurse behind the desk looked up and saw her and her aunt come in. She looked at Emma and said to herself, "I would like to fuck her myself." Not too many people knew that the nurse was a hermaphrodite (a person that has both male and female dick and pussy). She was really turned on when Emma sat down, because she could see Emma's blue panties. Julia walked over to the nurse and said that Emma was there for her exam. The nurse said she would take her back to the exam room. As Emma got up, her legs opened up and the Nurse almost came in her panties as she looked at Emma's blue panties. They were in showing the outline of her pussy and the panties looked to be a little wet.

The nurse said to Emma, "My name is Becky."

Emma said, "Hi," and then looked at the nurse. She was dressed in a white nurse's uniform with white nylon stockings and white dress shoes, and red hair down to her shoulder blades. As Becky walked down the hall, Emma was looking at her ass and thinking, "Nurse Becky has a very cute ass, if I were a boy I would like to fuck it or as least like to stick my tongue as far up her ass as it would go." Emma was getting turned on, so by the time they got to the exam room, Emma's panties were so soaked with her girl pre-cum, it was running down her legs. She hoped Becky would not notice it.

Becky turned and said, "Emma, take your panties off and get up on the exam table." She saw the girl's juices running down Emma's legs. Emma took off her wet blue panties, handed them to Becky and got up on the table. Becky took the panties and got behind the changing screen. She looked at Emma over the screen and could see Emma's 14 year-old pussy with its brown pubic hairs. Becky was really turned on now. She lifted her dress, pulled her nylons down, took Emma's wet blue panties and put them on her 10" cock. She started to jack off looking at Emma's pussy. Emma was lying on the table with her eyes closed so she did not see what Becky was doing. It did not take Becky long before she was cumming in Emma's panties. She shot so much cum in the panties that it got on her white shoes, her white nylon stockings, and even on her dress.

Becky was still cumming as the doctor entered the room. He stopped at the site of Becky with cum all over her legs, shoes and the bottom of her dress and the cum-filled blue panties. As he stood there, more cum was running down Becky's hand and on the floor. Becky looked over and saw the doc. She pulled the cum-soaked panties off her cock and dropped them on the cum-covered floor. She smiled at the doctor, put her cum covered cock back in her nylons, and walked over to Emma and started to lick Emma's pussy. Emma's eyes opened and she asked what was she doing.

Becky said to Emma, "Relax and enjoy it. This will help the exam go more smoothly."

Emma relaxed and started to breathe heavy. It was not long before Emma was having her first orgasm. She came all over Becky's face and in her hair. It even got into Becky's green eyes. This made the doctor so horny that he walked up to Emma and undid his pants pulling out his 15" cock. Emma's eyes got really big at the site of it.

The doctor started to rub his cock on Emma's face, then he put it on her lips and said, "Open your mouth you little slut, and suck all of me into your mouth."

Emma opened her mouth to say, "No," but the doctor rammed his cock into her mouth. Emma started to gag on his cock but the doctor did not stop. He f***ed all 15 inches into her mouth and started to fuck her mouth, pulling away so just the head of his cock was in her mouth, then, ramming it all the way back down her throat. This made Emma vomit.

Becky was watching and she was really turned on when Emma vomited. She rammed all 10 inches of her cock into Emma's virgin pussy. You could see the head of Becky's cock poking Emma's belly out. Emma's vomiting just made the doctor fuck her mouth even faster.

He said to Emma, "Suck my cock you little whore." The vomit was all over Emma's face and in her hair...it was also on her red dress and going up her nose. Emma was afraid to disobey the doctor, so she started to suck his cock when she was not vomiting.

This went on for ten minutes before the doctor pulled out of Emma's mouth and said, "Jack me off onto your face, you little whore." Emma took her right hand and started to move it up and down the doctor's cock.

The doctor said, "I'm cumming bitch, keep your eyes open." His cock started to cum. It shot out on her dress at the breasts, in her hair (both sides of her head, and the top). It got all over her face, and into her eyes. The doctor shot so much cum on Emma that you could barely see her face. Her hair was plastered to her head by the cum.

At the same time, Becky started cumming in Emma's pussy, filling Emma's womb with cum. It was running out of Emma's pussy, so Becky pulled out. Emma's pussy shot cum all over her black Mary-Jane shoes, on her white knee-high nylon stockings, both legs, and the f***e of the cum knocked Emma's dress down, so the cum got all over the inside and outside of her red dress. It soaked the dress and the nylons with cum.

The doctor said to Emma, "Turn over, you little bitch. I am going to fuck your ass and you will give Becky a blowjob. When we are done with you, you are going to be the best little whore that we ever fucked."

Emma said, "Please do not do this to me!"

Becky told her, "Shut up and do it, you fucking little whore! Or I will fuck your ass too, and every time you come back here we will do this again! Now, repeat after me, 'I am a cock-sucking little whore, and a very fuckable little bitch, and I love getting cum all over me because I am a little cum slut."

Emma repeated, "I am a cock sucking little whore, and a very fuckable little bitch, and I love getting cum all over me because I am a little cum slut."

With that said, Becky put her cock into Emma's mouth and started fucking Emma's mouth. Emma started sucking her cock like there was no tomorrow. Becky said,

"Wow! This is the best blowjob I have ever had."

About 5 minutes later, Becky was cumming as Emma sucked her cock with her mouth moving her head up and down all 10" of cock. Emma kept her head moving, even as Becky was cumming, so Emma got a stomach full of Becky's cum. She also got some into her lungs, so she started to cough.

The doctor was ramming all 15" of his cock up Emma's ass very hard. He said, "Oh god, this ass is so tight, I am going to cum." After 5 minutes, the doctor was cumming into Emma's ass. He kept fucking her ass, pulling out so that just the head of his cock was in her ass, then rammed all 15" of cock in her ass. The cum shot out of the doctors cock with such f***e, that it felt like he was pissing into her ass. Which the doctor did, after he was done cumming in Emma's ass, he stood there and pissed up into Emma's ass.

Becky then walked over to Emma' rear and rammed her 10" cock up Emma's ass and said to the doctor, "Did you just piss in her ass?"

The doctor answered, "Yes, I did."

Becky started fucking Emma's ass, pulling out so that just the head of her cock was in Emma's ass, then ramming all 10" of cock into her ass faster and faster, until she was fucking her ass like a piston.

The doctor walked in front of Emma's cum covered face, and said to her, "Lick your shit and my cum off of my cock, you little fucking bitch."

Emma looked at the doctor and said, "I can't see you, because of all this cum in my eyes."

The doctor said to her, "Give me your hand."

She did, and he put it on his cock and said, "Okay bitch, lick me clean, NOW!"

Emma took her tongue and started licking up and down the doctor's cock, making a face of disgust as she licked all of the doctors cum and her shit form his cock.

He said to her, "Yes, lick it good you fucking little slut!"

When the doctor's cock was all cleaned off, he walked over and rammed all 15" up Emma's pussy, which made Emma cry out in pain. You could see the doctors cock really pushing Emma's belly out, as he fucked her sweet young pussy. About 15 minutes later, he was cumming into her pussy, pulling out, getting the cum all over Emma's black Mary-Jane shoes, her white knee-high nylon stockings, and her pussy, and onto Becky's dress and hair.

Becky was still fucking Emma's ass. She started to cum into Emma at the same time the doctor was cumming on her. Becky filled Emma's ass with cum. She pulled out of her ass, and shot it all over the back of Emma's red dress, on the back of Emma's head and on her hair. Becky looked over at the doctor and got a face full of cum from him. It even hit her in the eyes. She then walked in front of Emma and said, "Lick me clean, my fucking little whore!"

Emma started to lick Becky's cock clean.

Becky said, "Do you love the taste of shit and cum, you slut?"

Emma said, "Yes, for I am a little cum slut."

After Becky's cock was cleaned, she walked over and got Emma's blue, cum soaked panties and gave them back to Emma...who put them back on.

She said to Becky, "Could I tongue-fuck your ass, please?"

Becky said, "Yes, you may, slut."

Emma then started to lick Becky's ass, sticking her tongue as far as it would go up Becky's ass, moving her tongue in and out of Becky's ass.

After a little time, Becky said to Emma, "Time to go, bitch."

Emma licked one last time. Then, the doctor said to Emma, "Lick the floor clean, before you go."

Emma got on her hands and knees, and started to lick the floor clean. She licked up all the cum and piss off of the floor. After that, she walked out to her aunt. When Julia Roberts saw her niece walking to her with cum all over her and the nurse, Julia said, "So, you are a fucking little whore. Emma, let's get to the limo now."

As they walked to the limo, the driver saw them. He started to get turned on when Julia and Emma got into the limo.

Julia said, "Home, Jim." Jim pulled on to the road.

Julia looked at Emma and said, "Get over here."

She bent Emma over her knees and pulled Emma's cum covered red dress up. Julia started to spank Emma on her blue, cum filled panties. With each smack, cum splattered all over Julia's dress, face and hair. This turned her on.

After 25 smacks to Emma's ass, she said to Emma, "You little slut! Lick my pussy, now!"

Emma turned, got on her knees, and started licking Julia's pussy. She was sticking her tongue as far up into Julia's pussy as she could, making Julia cum all over Emma's face.

Julia said to Emma, "I am going to piss in your hot little mouth, bitch!"

Julia started to piss into Emma's mouth. Emma started drinking all of Julia's piss like a girl that has had nothing to drink in a long time.

When Julia was done pissing into Emma's mouth, she said to her, "Do you have to pee?"

Emma answered, "Yes, I do Aunt Julia."

Julia said for Emma to piss into her mouth. Emma got up, and started to piss into Julia's mouth. After Julia drank all of Emma's piss, she started licking Emma's cum covered pussy... making Emma cum all over Julia's face.

When Emma sat down, Julia looked up at Jim. He was sweating. Julia asked him if he was all right. He said, in a very husky voice, that he was OK.

Julia looked over at Emma and said, "Get up there and suck Jim's cock, you fucking little whore!"

Emma moved to the front seat, unzipped Jim's pants and pulled out his 13" cock--which was 4" thick. Emma could barely get it into her mouth. Julia leaned forward and shoved Emma's head down onto Jim's cock, forcing all 13" into Emma's hot little mouth. Emma started sucking Jim's cock, as Julia moved her head up and down Jim's cock. Jim said, "Ooooo God! I am cumming."

Julia started moving Emma's head up and down, faster and faster. Jim was cumming into Emma's mouth and Emma started to cough, because some of the cum was going into her lungs.

After Jim stopped cumming, Julia said to Emma, "You will keep sucking Jim's cock till I tell you to stop."

Emma kept her head going up and down on Jim's cock all the way home. Jim shot cum into Emma's hot little mouth 10 more times before they got home.

Jim said to Emma, "You give the BEST blowjobs."

Two weeks later, Emma received a call form Becky, saying that there was a convention in Emma's honor.

Emma asked, "What kind of convention was it?"

"A Bukkake convention."

"That sounds interesting, I will be there."

As Emma got dressed for the convention, she put on a yellow evening dress that reached just passed her knees. On her feet were open foot high heals. Emma got to the convention, and discovered that there were 500 men there.

Becky talked to her, and said that she was to suck 100 of them off with her hot, sweet mouth, fuck 100 of them with her sweet pussy, and 100 into her very hot ass. The remaining ones 100 with each hot little hand and have them cum all over her dress.

Emma said that it was a very good plan.

Emma and Becky walked into the convention hall side by side holding hands like little schoolgirls. When they reached the center, Becky kissed Emma--a long passionate kiss on the lips--then walked away. The first 5 guys then walked up to Emma. One guy sat in a chair. Emma then pulled her yellow dress up a little, and guided the guy's 8" cock into her pussy--taking all 8" into herself. The next guy put his 11" cock into Emma"s ass, another guy got onto the platform behind the chair, and Emma took all 16" of black cock into her mouth. Two other black guys walked up on both sides of her. She took their cocks, one in each hand, moving her hands up and down the shafts, while her head was moving up and down on the 16" cock. It was not long before the guys getting hand jobs started to cum, shooting cum on Emma's hair and her yellow dress.

The guy in her ass started to cum in her ass. Pulling out, he shot cum all over her ass, the back of her yellow dress, and in her hair. The black guy in her mouth pulled out, and shot cum all over her face, in her eyes, and on the front of her dress. The guy fucking her pussy pulled out, and shot cum all over her pussy, legs, and her high heels and feet.

The guys would cum all over her, into her mouth, up her ass, and in her pussy. When the last 5 guys were finished cumming on her, they walked away. Becky looked at Emma. She looked like a walking, talking pile of cum. You could barely see Emma, with all the cum on her. Emma was very, very worn out by all the sex she just had. But when Becky walked up to her and said that she loved her, Emma got this nice, warm feeling, and said that she loved Becky too. Becky then started to lick the cum from Emma face, her dress, shoes, feet, legs, and her hair. Emma took Becky's cock into her mouth, moving her head up and down all 10" of it.

Becky moaned, "Oooooooooooo God! You fucking, little whore! Your mouth is so hot. Here I cum. Swallow it, you bitch!"

After Becky finished cumming in Emma's mouth, Emma started to lick Becky's ass, sticking her tongue up Becky's ass as far as it would go.

It was not long, and Becky said to Emma, "I have to shit."

Emma said, "Shit into my mouth!"

Becky looked at Emma and said, "OK, you little slut!"

Becky then started to shit into Emma's hot mouth. Emma swallowed the first one down whole. The second one broke off, and got into her hair and on her face. She sucked the next one right out of Becky's ass, then licked Becky's ass clean. Becky turned, and then licked her shit off of Emma's sweet face--eating her own shit out of Emma's hair.

Emma then shit into Becky's hot mouth got shit on her face and in her hair. Becky licked Emma's ass clean, then Emma licked Becky's face clean--eating her shit out of her hair. After that, Emma and Becky kissed for a very long time.

Emma then unzipped Becky's dress, and pulled it down. She took Becky's bra off, and started to lick and suck on Becky's nice tits. Becky then took Emma's dress off, and started to lick and suck on Emma's small tits. Becky worked her way down, licking Emma's tummy and belly button, and on down to Emma's pussy.

She started to eat Emma out--Emma started to eat Becky out. Emma took her hair, and wrapped Becky's cock in her hair, and started stroking it with her hand. It was not long before Emma had the most powerful orgasm of her life all over Becky's face. Becky had an orgasm, too, all over Emma's face, and at the same time was cumming in

Emma's hair, filling Emma's hair once again with cum.

Three weeks later, Julia called to tell Emma that she was taking her to the ranch. Emma could not wait to get there. When Julia's limo pulled up, Jim got out to put the bags in the trunk. Julia said to Emma, "Get up front, and suck Jim's cock till we get there."

Emma looked at Julia and said, "But it's a fifteen-hour drive to the ranch."

"Get up there, you fucking little bitch, and suck his cock like a good little whore!"

Jim was in the seat as Emma got in next to him, pulled his cock out, and started sucking it.

Jim said to Emma, "All of it, you cock sucking, slutty, little bitch."

Emma then took all 13" of the 4" wide cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down on it.

Jim said, "That's it, you fucking, sexy, little bitch."

After 6 hours, Emma was getting a little worn out. Jim had cum 15 times, and pissed twice down Emma's throat.

Julia said, "Emma, if you stop, we will turn around and go home."

Emma started moving her head up and down again.

Jim said, "Faster! You little cock teasing bitch."

Emma started moving her head faster. For the next 9 hours, Emma bobbed her head up and down all 13" of Jim's cock like and little piston. Jim came over 100 times in her mouth; he also pissed another 5 times in her mouth. By the time they got to the ranch, Emma's stomach was full of cum and piss, and half of her lungs where full of cum and piss, because when Jim pissed or came in her mouth she kept her head bobbing up and down on his cock--coughing and choking. She was very, very tired and went straight to bed.

The next morning Emma woke up and put on her cowgirl outfit. She came downstairs to eat breakfast. Julia told her that she had to leave, but that Emma could stay with the f****y that lived there. Emma thanked Julia and went to the barn to look at the horses.

She walked into the barn and saw the hired hand there. She got closer, and was about to say something, when she noticed that the f****y's 5-year-old daughter, Amy, was sucking the guys cock. Amy had blonde hair in pigtails, and blue eyes. She was dressed in tight shorts and a halter-top. The guy's name was Hank. Emma was amazed to see that Hank had Amy by the pigtails, bobbing her head up and down all 17" of his cock.

He said to Amy, "I love fucking your very hot mouth, and forcing all of my cock into your fucking little slut's mouth, and hitting the inside of your stomach with my cock. You like it, don't you? You little bitch, walking around in those tight shorts, and little dress that allowed me to see your panties. You little, prick-teasing bitch, it's about time I got you alone, so I could do this to you. When I'm done, I'm going to call some of my buddies, and we are going to fuck you."

Emma was turned on by this. She put her hand up her cowgirl dress, and started to masturbate.

Hank was moving Amy's head up and down his cock faster and faster. Amy had vomited a couple of times. Hank was slamming young Amy's face into his groin so fast, that Amy's nose started to bleed.

Emma had a very intense orgasm just as Hank pulled his cock from Amy's mouth.

He said to her, "Jack my cock with your hands, and aim it at your face, you little bitch!"

Amy put her small hands on Hanks cock, and started moving them up and down the shaft.

Hank said, "Oh yeah! I'm cumming you little bitch! Take it on your face."

Hank started cumming, shooting cum all over young Amy's face, in both of her eyes, all over both pigtails and the top of her head. Hank shot so much cum, it got on Amy's top and on her shorts.

Hank said, "Open your mouth and swallow the cum, you fucking little whore!"

Amy opened her mouth. One shot filled her mouth. She swallowed the cum, and Hank filled her mouth again. As Amy was about to close her mouth to swallow the cum, Hank rammed his cock into her cum filled mouth, and down her throat--cumming right into her stomach--filling her stomach with cum and piss--as he started to piss when he pulled out of Amy's mouth. There was cum all over Amy, and the filthy barn floor, which was covered with hay, mud, and horse piss.

Hank said to Amy, "Get on your knees, and lick all that cum up now, you fucking little bitch."

Amy got on her knees, and started to lick up the cum, mud, and horse piss--and she even started to eat the hay, too. Hank was watching her, stroking his cock. He reached down, and undid Amy's shorts, pulling them down. Then, pulling her white silk panties down, putting the head of his cock to Amy's ass hole. He pushed it into her ass until all 17" were inside of her ass. Amy was crying, but Hank did not care. He started to fuck young Amy's hot little ass--pulling almost out, so that just the head of his cock was in her ass--then ramming all 17" into her ass, over and over again. He kept going until he started to cum in her ass, pulled out, and came all over her ass, back, the back of her head, and her legs. He got cum into her white silk panties, and her tight shorts--soaking her panties and shorts. He made her lick the floor clean, and lick all the cum, and shit from his cock "like a good little slut."

As Amy was licking the floor, Hank walked over and got a cattle prod. He walked back to Amy and used it on her ass, shocking her.

Hank said to her, "You are not going to tell anyone about this, right!?"

Amy just started crying even more, so Hank touched her, with the prod, again and again. He did this 10 times before Amy finally said that she would not tell anyone about what they had done.

Hank said to her, "I want you to come back tomorrow, so we can do this again. OK? You got that, you little-fucking-slut-whore-bitch!?"

Amy said, "Yes, I will come back, because I am a little-fucking-slut-whore-bitch.

Hank walked away, and just as he was about to leave the barn, he saw Emma, masturbating. So, he walked up to Emma, and stuck the cattle prod into her pussy--which shocked her and hurt like hell--and made her cum like crazy.

Hank kept the prod in her pussy for about two minutes, then pulled it out and said to Emma, "Get over there, and lick Amy's ass, you young prick teasing little bitch. I seen your show, now I can fuck you like I've been wanting to."

Emma ran over to Amy, and stuck her tongue up Amy's ass as far as it would go--tongue fucking little Amy's ass, then licking young Amy's sweet, little cunt--making Amy cum all over Emma's face, and in her mouth.

Hank said to Amy, "Now, lick her cunt, you little whore."

Amy started to lick Emma's cunt, sticking her tongue up into Emma, making her cum all over Amy's face, and into her mouth. Then, Amy started to tongue fuck Emma's ass, sticking her tongue up as far as it would go. Just at that moment, Hank stuck the cattle prod into Emma's pussy, causing Emma to shit in Amy's mouth.

Hank said to Amy, "Eat it, you fucking little bitch."

Amy sucked one down her throat, but more got all over her face, in her hair, and even in her eyes.

Hank pulled the prod from Emma, and said to her, "Clean Amy up."

Emma started licking all of the cum and shit off of Amy's face.

After Emma was done cleaning Amy's face, Hank said to Emma, "Tongue fuck Amy's ass, again."

Emma stuck her tongue up Amy's ass again. Hank then took the cattle prod and stuck it up Amy's pussy, making her shit into Emma's mouth. Emma sucked one down her throat, but more got all over her face, in her hair, and in her eyes.

Hank pulled the prod from Amy's cunt, and said, "Lick Emma clean now, slut."

Amy started to lick all the shit from Emma's face. As she was doing that, Hank started cumming on both of their faces, in their hair, and on their clothes. He said, "Lick each other clean," and walked away.

Amy and Emma licked up all of the cum and shit. Emma then said to Amy, "I need to pee in your mouth, and on your face."

Amy said, "OK"

Emma started to piss on Amy's face, into her eyes, and mouth. Amy tried to drink as much as she could. Amy then started to piss on Emma's face, into her eyes, and mouth. Emma was able to drink most of Amy's piss. After that, Amy left the barn.

Emma started too look at the horses. One of the horses' cock was coming out, and Emma could not take her burning eyes from the site. She got into the stall with the horse. As she did this, the horse started to piss. Emma dropped to her knees, and took the horse's cock in her hands, aiming it at her face. As the horse pissed on her face, she opened her mouth and started to drink the horse's piss. Taking the pissing horse's cock into her mouth, she was swallowing the piss as fast as she could. Horse piss shot out of her nose, and she started to cough, as the horse's piss got in to her lungs. But, she would not take the horse's cock from her mouth. It was not long before she passed out, and the horse pissed all over her.

Emma awoke, to find the horses cock still out. She was soaked in horse piss, and she had a hard time breathing, because of all the horse piss in her lungs. She took the horse's cock in her hands, and started to stroke the cock. Emma started to lick up and down the horse's 24" cock. Emma licked the pre-cum from the head of the horse's cock, and then took the horse's cock into her mouth--going down on the horse's cock--she f***ed 20" of horse cock into her mouth, and down her throat. The horse's cock hit the bottom of her stomach. She started to suck it, and the horse started to buck its hip, and fuck Emma's hot little mouth. The horse was ramming its cock down her throat. It was not long, and the horse started to cum into Emma's stomach. The cum shot out of Emma's nose and mouth.

Emma was too weak to move, so she had to let the horse finish cumming--and for his cock to go back into itself. As the horse cock slowly exited Emma's mouth, Emma felt a lot of pain in her stomach. The horse had fucked her mouth with such f***e, that it had bruised her stomach. Emma was sick for two days coughing up bl**d and phlegm. Then, she again sucked the horse off, and the horse fucked her mouth again. She then walked over to another horse, and let that horse fuck her ass.

The horse rammed all 24" of cock up her ass, cumming in her ass. When the horse cock came out of Emma's ass, horse cum, and bl**d, came out too. Emma was bleeding in her ass so bad, she had to go to the hospital. Her stomach had ripped open too. There was horse cum all over her intestines, and her ripped open colon. There was also shit all over the inside of her. She was in the hospital for two months. Then, with Hank's help, she trained the horses not to be so rough on young, human sluts, like her and Amy. Emma just loved the horses. Hank would video tape her and the horses having sex. When he taped Emma and the horse, Amy would suck his cock, or he would fuck her little ass. Amy would also suck the horse's cock, too--she liked getting covered in horse cum. When she sucked the horse, Emma sucked Hank off, or got fucked in her cunt or up her ass. Emma also liked the taste of the horse shit. It turned Amy and Hank on to watch Emma eat the horseshit. Amy did it, too, to turn Emma on.

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2 years ago
O, yes, definitely nasty and depraved, but man did I love it. Please write more.
3 years ago
nasty & depraved, but i liked it