Haylie Duff and Hilary Duff: A Tale of Two s****rs

Hilary Duff sat in a director's chair in her trailer, having just finished making a video with her s****r Haylie for the soundtrack of her new movie, Cinderella Story. Her skintight black jeans were unzipped and one hand was exploring inside. Her eyes closed as she bit down on her lip remembering when she had first met her true love.

Or rather when they had first met as lovers.

After all, she and Halie had Known each other her whole life.

But it wasn't until the ages of thirteen and fifteen that she and Halie had *truly* come to know each other.

* * * * * *

She had only recently started looking at boys, *really* looking that is and talking to other girls about what kissing one was like. And she'd been having thoughts. thoughts about what a boy would *feel* like. His lips on her, his fingers on her skin. In turn, these thoughts caused feelings in her body, especially when she was by herself. A sort of tingling all over and a warmth that centered in the tips of her small but growing breasts and between her legs.

Right now she was supposed to be studying history but what she was studying was her body, naked except for a pair of high-cut white panties, in a mirror. It had begun changing last year, about the time she had her first on-screen kiss with the boy who played Casper in "Wendy Meets Casper". He had wanted some off screen kissing too but she had turned him down.

As she looked at herself in the mirror and ran her hands down her body she thought that maybe she shouldn't have. Her hands rose to her small but growing breasts, rubbing them slowly, then finding and pinching her nipples, evoking a gasp.

She closed her eyes as her hands traced patterns down her ribs and belly winding up in the peach-fuzz covered cleft between her legs. A small moan escaped her lips as she slipped a finger inside her slit.

Followed by a loud yelp as a pair of arms slipped around her chest and gave her tits a squeeze.

"EEK!" Her eyes flew open and she spun around to see her older s****r Haylie, grinning mischievously and naked from the waist up.

"Haylie! What are you doing!?!"

"I saw what you were doing and thought you might want some help," he s****r said with a smile."

Hilary turned a bright crimson. "But..but, we're both girls! And s****rs!"

"So I'm your s****r. All that means is that i can love you better than anyone else because I *know* you better than anyone else." As Haylie said this she leaned into her s****r so that their breasts were touching. Hilary didn't know what to say. Everyone said that what Hailey was doing was wrong but the feel and smell of her s****r's skin was putting her adolescent hormones into overdrive.

Hailey leaned closer so that now their lips were touching. She ran her tongue along her younger s****r's lips and teased them open slipping it in and sliding it sensuously against Hilary's.

The feel of Haileys tongue destroyed the last of the younger blonde's resistance. Her arms went around her older s****r as a moan of desire escaped her

* * * * * *

"Started without me, huh?"

Hilary was startled out of her memories by her s****r's voice. Just as in that first time her s****r had snuck up while she was masturbating. She was in the process of removing her clothes. After taking off her shirt and bra she lifted her tits and offered them teasingly to her s****r across the room. In answer Hilary just smiled and lowered her jeans below her hips, exposing her shaved pussy and spreading her lips wide with two fingers.

Haylie finished undressing and crawled towards her s****r on all fours. When she reached Hilary she pulled off her black ankle boots and gave the graceful foot a lavish tongue bath then repeated with the other boot and foot. She then pulled off Hilary's tight black jeans and licked her way up her sibling lover's calf. As she reached the knees she gave it a quick kiss then switched to the other knee, gave it a kiss and worked her way up the attached thigh, changing from broad strokes of the tongue to small licks.

"MMMmmmmmm, pleeeease! Stop teasing!" Hilary begged. Haylie just smiled and continues licking upward. When she reached her s****r's crotch and started nibbling at the vulva Hilary gave a huge moan and slid out of her chair, landing with a thud.

"Kiss it, kiss it!," Hilary pleaded. Both s****rs knew what she was referring to. Right at the top of her slit was a small tattoo: A ten pointed star consisting of two interlocked pentagrams, one green and upward pointing, the other red and downward pointing.

As her s****r complied and she writhed with delight on the trailer's floor Hilary remembered her reaction when Hailey had dropped her pants revealing her own bald pussy and tattoo.

* * * * * *

"Mom and Dad are gonna *kill* you! They'll..."

Haylie silenced her s****r with another long deep kiss followed by two fingers laid across her lips. "Mom and Dad are never going to find out." While they kissed she had maneuvered her s****r over to the bed. Now they both sat down and Hilary leaned back on her elbows, arching her back as Haylie's hands and lips explored her chest and stomach.

"But where'd you...mmmyeah, right there...get it"

"Haylie smiled at the memory and peeled off her s****rs panties as she answered. "From my Teacher."

At this Hilary sat straight up. "You had sex with a teacher? Who?"

"Not a teacher at school. I'll explain about him later. Right now though," Haylie paused while she knelt between Hilary's legs. "I'm going to teach you the first thing he taught me. OFM"

"OFM? What's that?"

"Only Fucking Matters," with that Hailey began to prove her point by licking up and down her s****rs cunt.

* * * * * *

"OFM! OFM!" screamed Hilary as her s****r's tongue and fingers, vigorously applied to her clit brought her both to orgasm and back to the present.

Her s****r raised her cream soaked face and smiled. Little s*s had learned her lessons well.

"Yes sweetie, now turnabout is only fair."

"Well then get our toy," said Hilary in a suddenly imperious voice. Haylie sighed. Her younger sibling liked to play the dominant and it suited her to go along. She started to get up to go to the dresser drawer where they kept the "toy" but then Hilary snapped "All fours!" Haylie complied, reaching up to open the drawer and got out their toy, a huge, leather bound strapon dildo. Anticipating her s****r's next order she put it in her mouth and crawled back to Hilary who, now standing, stroked her s****r's hair and back appreciatively.

"Good doggy, nice Haylie," she cooed taking the dildo from her s****r's mouth.

Still on her knees, Haylie spread her legs and braced herself against the trailer's counter as her s****r entered her from behind.

"Ohhh yeah! Fuck me with your big hard cock!"

Hilary reached forward and pulled her s****r's head back by her long blond hair, knowing the pain increased Haylie's orgasms.

"YESSS! I'm your slave, your slut, your whore! Fuck me, FUCK MEEEE!"

* * * * * *

After, as they snuggled against each other on the trailer's carpeted floor. Hilary asked, "Do you think we got the message across?"

Haylie smiled and licked her own juices off the dildo her s****r held to her lips and answered. "You mean in the video? Hun, the only way we could have made it clearer is if we had matching tattoos saying "I Fuck My s****r And I Love Doing It" She took the dildo out of her s****r's hands and laid it on the floor then started applying lips and tongue to her s****r's breasts.

"Haylie," murmured her s****r, "Can we do the Vow again?"

Haylie rolled her eyes. Theirs was a love even Massachusetts wouldn't recognize. But months after they had first made love their Teacher, after taking Hilary's cherry as he had Haylie's had bound them together with the Vow. Every now and then the younger Duff s****r wanted it repeated for reassurance. And because it got them both hot.

The two siblings moved so that Haylie straddled her s****r. She looked with both love and lust into Hilary's eyes and started caressing her tits.

"Hilary, have you ever felt better than when you were fucking you s****r?"

"No," Hilary answered as she raised her hands to her older s****r's breasts and started stroking and pinching her nipples. Her s****rs hands moved likewise.

"Have you Haylie ever...unh... felt better than when you were fucking *your*...ohgod...s****r?"

"No and do you promise to fuck and suck and finger me as often as possible?"

"Uhhuh...ohhh...do you..." Haylie had started grinding her cunt into Hilary's. "Do you promise to fuck and suck and finger me as often as possible?"

"Yes! Ohyesss!" The next lines were said together.

"Then by the power invested in us by the Church of Fucking I pronounce you my cuntwife!"

"Fuck the Bride, FUCK TE BRIDE!" screamed Hilary as they both hit their climaxes, consummating once more, their holy matrimony.

As they both came down from their orgasms Haylie smilingly traced words across the tops of her s****r's cleavage 'I FUCK MY s****r'. Hilary smiled back and traced her answer down Haylie's backside. 'AND I LOVE DOING IT'

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Good story
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That was great
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yes to both sisters