Hayden Panettiere's Big Mistake

Hayden Panettiere, Hollywood’s newest young star, left the set of Heroes after a full day of shooting. The s*******n year old blonde was exhausted and decided to take a shortcut to get back to her apartment even though it took her right through the worst part of town and it was after dark. She would be fine in her brand new SUV, or so she thought.
She climbed into the front seat and checked herself out in the rearview mirror. Even after a long day, she was drop dead gorgeous. Her hair was perfect and so was her tastefully done makeup. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a white button-down blouse with the top three buttons undone to show a lot of cleavage and a hint of her black bra underneath. Hayden had taken to dressing seductively when going to shoots. She had her eye on one of her co-workers and hoped to gain his attention and get him into bed. Little did she know that her outfit would draw the completely wrong kind of attention.
As she drove home, Hayden began to hear sputtering noises coming from engine. Cursing she got out of her car, but being a rich teenage girl, she had no idea what to do, so she decided to ask for help. Hayden saw a group of men standing across the street and she yelled to them, asking for assistance. As she did, they started walking over toward her disabled car. As they stepped into the light of her headlights, she noticed just who she was dealing with. They were big black men wearing gang symbols and she could swear that one had a gun in his belt. There were five of them.
“Can you guys help me, please? My car broke down,” asked Hayden.
“Your car? So you’re a little rich white bitch,” pointed out the ringleader. “Do you know what we do to little rich white bitches who come into our territory?”
“Please. I’m Hayden Panettiere. I’m a famous actress. I could give you a big reward for helping me.”
“You ain’t famous here, bitch. You are a fine piece of white meat. And me and my boys is hungry.”
“PLEASE!” Hayden begged, “I’m only s*******n. Don’t destroy my life.”
“Hear that boys! Even if she said ‘yes,’ we’d still be breaking the law. Sorry, white meat, we’re going to take a piece out of you. We normally don’t get such fine pieces of ass coming through here.”
The five of them encircled her and closed in. The two coming in from behind her grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back, causing to throw her chest out, emphasizing her tits and cleavage. “Look boys! She even dressed slutty for us.” The leader pulled out of blade and pressed it against her blouse and with a flick of his wrists cut the couple of buttons that were actually being used. Her sliced blouse fell away revealing her black bra. Two of the other guys pulled down her skirt, revealing a black thong.
“You’re dressed like a whore, white meat. Fucking you won’t ruin your life. You do it enough on your own. Pretending to be innocent like that pisses me off. I hate it when people lie to me. We’re gonna go extra rough on you.”
Hayden was no close to tears, but she fought them back knowing they wouldn’t help and may actually piss them off more. As she was standing there in her lingerie, the five men dropped their pants revealing five huge rock hard black cocks. Hayden, who had never been with a black man before, let alone five of them, was amazed at the size of them and found herself slightly aroused by the thought of five cocks.
“Time to show us those pretty tits of yours, white meat,” said the ringleader as he brought his knife out again and flicking his wrist cut it off, catching a bit of skin between her tits opening up a small, but relatively bl**dy gash. Hayden winced from the pain, but fought the urge to shot out. “Get that thong off her.” It was then unceremoniously ripped from her hips revealing her shaven cunt.
The five men closed in on her, two taking a position behind her and two in front with the ringleader staying by her face. Seconds later she felt one cock pushing into her pussy and one into her ass, followed soon after by a second cock that stretched each orifice to its max. With so much cock inside of her, the slut in Hayden came out and she started swiveling her hips to get as much pleasure out of the experience as possible. The ringleader pointed his cock at her face and ordered her to suck him off. “You said you were a famous actress, which means you should be good at giving head. Don’t disappoint me.” Hayden did not disappoint. She gave the gang leader a great blow job, wrapping her tongue around the head of his cock, deep throating him until she gagged all while still being fucked by four cocks in her ass and pussy. After only a couple of minutes, Hayden began to moan and groan as they ravaged her body. She soon yelled out, “Omygod! I’m cummmming!! This is amazing!” As the orgasm was racing through her, the five men pulled out and pushed Hayden onto the sidewalk. “Hold on a sec,” said the leader. “She has great tits. I want to tit fuck her, using her own bl**d as lube.”
He straddled her chest and buried his cock between her bl**d soaked boobs and pushing them together, began to thrust. A minute of two later, he shot his creamy white load all over Hayden’s face. At that cue, the other four men emptied their cocks onto her face as well. As the men got up and began to put their pants back on, Hayden thought, “It’s over. That wasn’t so bad.”
Just then the leader turned around and said, “I like you, white meat but since you can ID us, we’re going to take you out.” With that and a “sorry” he drove his knife between her tits causing the gash to go deeper. Hayden slowly felt the life drift out of her and with her last conscious moment thought, “At least I got the best fuck ever.”
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