Mr Bartholomew was the perfect patient, quiet, polite and when he spoke, interesting and interested.
He had been on the ward for about a month when he was transferred to one of the private rooms under my care. He was recovering from a cycling accident, as far as I could tell he had been training for a cycling race when he was hit by a car. He didn't speak about his accident but he had cruched ribs and was more or less immobile until they healed.
I used to make sure I was the one who did the bulk of the caring for Mr Bartholemew, I told myself it was because it was important to his healing to have a familiar face, actually I just enjoyed his company, he never complained and always asked how I was, we used to talk quite a bit, silly stuff really and I think he was almost unique in being a handsome young man that never flirted with me.
He never got any visitors and we got to know each other quite well as I fed him and cleaned his wounds. I took bl**d samples each morning and every second day I gave him a bed bath. Although I pretend to be profesional lets face it I'm only human and he is a fine looking athletic and intelligent man.
I used to pay special attention washing his privates. Keeping a stance of profesional detatchment I loved handling his penis and tried to "accidentally" stimulate him and feel it swell slightly in my hands, which always made him blush terribly.
On Tuesday morning I waited till the other nurses were busy with transfers and went into Mr Bartholemews room with the tray as usual.
" another bl**d sample nurse, what are you doing with it all " he said good humouredly.
" two samples today" I replied as I quickly drew the bl**d and put it on the tray picking up the small plastic container and drawing back the sheets.
"I've to collect a semen sample for analysis" I said reaching for his penis as his eyebrow hit the roof with surprise. So shocked I think that he was utterly speachless.
I took his flacid penis in my hand and raised it to the vertical, pushing the skin back to expose the head. Feeling the bl**d flow into the cock I pulled the foreskin up and tightening my grip on the hardening cock I started to slowly pump up and down my left hand gripping his thigh.
I was starting to get him seriously arroused and his breath quickened and his hand slipped up under my skirt and grasped my ass.
I sped up my pumping and tightened my grip further as his fingers felt their way under my panties and into the crevice between my ass cheeks.
feeling around with his fingers one rested on the opening of my ass while the other just reached the tip of my labia.
Mr Bartholomew spead his legs and raised his knees and as I bent and twisted my body towards him he pushed his thumb up my ass as his muddle finger entered my soaking pussy and the finger next to it lightly rubbed my clitorus.
This really lit a fire in me and I bent forward and took the head of his cock in my mouth, gently circling it with my tongue as I continued to massage the shaft with my right hand and with my left hand I pushed my middle finger deep into his rectum.
As I started to crumble into a powerful orgasm he came in my mouth forcing semen into every corner. Not wanting him to stop I swallowed the semen and slowed the motion of my hands as our orgasms subsided and I regained control.
Straightening up I took the plastic jar and squeezed the last remaining drop of semen from his cock into the jar and fixed the sheets.
"Thank you Mr Bartholomew, I'll get that off to the lab straight away" and I turned and walked out, pleased but embarrassed. We didn't repeat the act and we didn't speak about it.
Conversation was a bit unconfortable after that and I wondered if I'd done the right thing. But a few days after his discharge a big bunch of roses arrived with the note. " thanks for the special care. best wishes Mr Bartholomew"
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4 years ago
very cool story wish i would have had a nurse like that last time i was in :)