The day I died.

It was quite balmy when I left the office, there was a slight breeze cooling as it blew up my bare legs and through between the buttons of my summer frock. I crossed of the path and away from the traffic to walk home through the woods. I had played here as a c***d, running with my friends, climbing trees and skinny dipping in the pool when I was so young it didn't matter.
Probably because of my familiarity with the place I didn't worry about being on my own in such a secluded place, I was just enjoying the sun on my back and the breeze on my legs. The cooling breeze brought out goosebumps on my legs and my nipples hardened, tingling as they rubbed on my sheer bra with each step.
The smell of the grass and flowers was enchanting and I was daydreaming about lying in the sun.
I was on him before I noticed, the tall man in the black suit blocked my path, looking at me with quiet confidence he stood entirely motionless as I drew to a halt about a metre from him.
" It's getting late, you shouldn't be in the woods on your own"
I stared at him stunned at the directness of his statement. His eyes pierced me in a way that tingled through my whold body and held me hypnotizes.
He stepped forward and enveloped ma in his arms still staring deep into my eyes. "I will take you somewhere safe" he said as he lifted me high in his arms, his reashuring steady stare and emence strength relaxed me and I lay confident in his embrase as he strode quickly away from the path deeper into the woods. Was I afraid? why didn't I scream or fight? I do't know! I was relaxed and happy in his arms, possibly hypnotized or d**gged, all I know is that at that moment I didn't want to be anywhere but in his arms.
I was so relaxed, my skin tingling and my mind a heady mix of intoxication and sexual excitement I hardly noticed as he stooped and lay me down on a thick carpet of vegitation. Without breaking his gaze or seeming to loosen his embrace he took the front of my dress and opened it with a swift motion that s**ttered buttons across the glade.
grasping my bra cups in his soft hands he tore the front apart and spread it wide allowing the wind to tickle my hardening nipples exposed to this stranger who had me totally in his power. A hand went down and my panties were discarded.
" I will take care of you, for eternity" he spoke softly and I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy.
With a sure moovement he pushed through the resistance of my hymen and on to fill my pussy, stretching it with his cock. He paused and watched me as I first gasped in pain and surprise and then as my heart pounded and my pussy lubricated itself I brimmed with sexual adrenalin and started to flex my hips wanting the intensity of the experience to build.
As the stranger slowly started to draw back to my entrance and allow it to close, then pushing in, up to my cervix and squeezing around it stretching the walls of my pussy with a tension that hurt and exhilerated.
He bent forward and sunk his teeth into my neck. Pushing hard into my pussy I felt the warm flow of thick bl**d ooze out onto the skin of my throat.
I grew light headed and a chill overtook me fighting with the oncoming cimax.
he sucked hard on my neck drawing out my lifef***e as his thrusting cock built to a huge orgasm, my body shook and convulsed as I felt an earthshatering orgasm coiciding with the moment of my death.
I awoke the next morning and opened my eyes to a room bathed in sunligh from the open window. The walls were rough stone and I felt course cotton sheets on my bare flesh. Something constricted my wrists and I realised I was tied with thick roped to the four corners of the bed.
Memories of the previous night came back to me and realised the gravity of my situation. This man that had taken my virginity and ultimately my life now held me captive and that was not something I could endure.
I worked on the ropes, combining my supleness and sleder wrists and hands with the enormous strenth that came with my new form. I gradually got myself free and dr****g a sheet around walked across the cold hard floor to the door. It wasn't locked and that was a big mistake.
Quietly opening the door I crept out into the passage way and explored my surrondngs, gently opening each door in turn.
I soon found the kitchen and decided this was the place to arm myself. Taking a cleaver and a rolling pin I quickly fashioned a weapon which I hid under the sheet. Climbing the winding stair to the top floor I locaed the count asl**p naked on a narrow cot. Silently I crossed the room and took in the form of the man who could so completely control my will and my desires, take me and have me give myself to him. I raised the stake and plunged it with all my strength into his chest. The noise as it burst through his breast bone and punctured his heart was something that haunts me still as is the look of fear as his eyes opened wide. I stared into his eyes and reaching down with my hand grasped his cock, pumping the hardening cock in my tiny had I looked into his eyes as his lifef***e eased from his body. He started to smile and the ook in his eyes became one of resignation.
"No-one contols me " I said softly and reaching for the cleaver I had brought from the kitchen I quickly sliced off his cock with one motion and turned and walked away.
Keen to expore my new home and ....
I really needed a man
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