I came home from school today to find the house empty, where was mum, I went to the back door and saw her in the garden. sunbathing, I stepped out towards her and noticed she was naked so I stopped. As I gazed at her I saw she was lying on her back on the lawn with her legs spread wide and held in the air, her hand reached between her legs and was moving up and down. Then I heard her talking to herself. " Fuck me, Fuck me, fuck me johnny. thats it fuck my ass, fuck your mummy." I stepped forward and spoke, "mummy" "yes Johnny" your a bit noisy today remember the neighbours" "Ok johnny, just getting carried away, you know me"
I returned to the house and went upstairs to shower, I took a long shower and cleaned my hair. Stepping out I was met by Cathy, my 18 year old cousin. She was naked and holding a towel.
" dry your back big boy"
OK I replied
As she dried me she started to mumble
" OH you are magnificent I would love your huge 10 inch cock inside me."
I looked down at my normal and flacid cock and sighed, what an imagination Cathy had
She took me by the hand and led me through to my bed.
As soon as I lay down I fell into a deep sl**p, tired after a good workout in the school gym>

when I awoke it was dark, but after the nap I couldn't get back to sl**p so I put on a robe and wandered downstairs.
The TV was on in the lounge so I walked in, obviously surprising sue my 12 year old s****r, "What ya doin I asked "
"Just watching a video and playing with my toys"
I settled down to watch the video with her, glancing across I was she had her favourite toys, her nipple clamps squeezing tight on her wee nips, a wand up her ass and she was furiously frigging herself with a big dildo.
The video was OK, comedy, but I couldn't concentrate with s*s fidgeting and moaning so I went back upstairs to read a book.
61% (10/6)
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3 years ago
it didn't make a lot of sense..