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It was quite a surprise when we realised that
Tina was actually ChristineAnger. The photo that
gave it away was one on a BDSM series that she
uploaded a few weeks ago. Her face was hidden
behind her long auburn hair and a blindfold and
ball gag. Her Arms stretched wide and high in
a restraining frame. And her body covered in
deep weals from a vicious whipping she had just
received. But the tattoo was unmistakable, The
letter O with a naked bound girl circled by a whip.
I called Sue over and she was a bit shocked, "Oh, Tina
is a naughty girl" This led us to look more closely at
C's profile. The photo's were mostly BDSM with some
watersport and s**t into the bargain. But it was her
comments that startled us most. Quiet polite Tina
was quite the vamp online and we made a bit of sport
of finding her comments. On home invasion she said
"Why is she resisting I would have sucked them dry"
on Elite Pain - " The mistress is too soft she isn't
swinging that whip hard enough"
on BBC destruction. " I would love that big cock in
my ass- I'd bounce on that bone and then suck it clean"
on and on they went. Building up a picture of someone
drawn to the darker side of erotica, pain, coercion and ****
f***ed bondage, a*****ion, rough sex, brutal facefucking,

Well needless to day this gave us a great idea for her
birthday. Of course it would be a total surprise as
she had no idea we were xhamster users.

On the afternoon of her birthday we went downstairs
to her flat and let ourselves in with her hidakey
and lay in wait. We sat in wait really and then
watched the telly in wait. but when we heard her
car draw up we quickly turned off the tv and positioned
ourselves behind the door.
When Tina entered I pinned her arms to her sides while
Sue put the gag in and bagger her head so she couldn't see.
Tieing her hands we manoevered her out to the van
and into the back for a quick disorienting trip round
the block and upstairs to our flat.

Shifting the bindings to two hooks we has set up in the
door frame we used the steak knife to undress her.
The sound of the cloth tearing had an obvious effect
on her and the cold air instantly hardened her nipples.
Neither of us know much about BDSM and we haven't any equipment
I took my belt and took a few tentative swipes at her ass
She was clearly responding, her breath quickened and she
writhed in a way that was more sexual than agonised.
Impatient with my lack of aggression Sue grabbed the belt
and really lay into Tina. Her whipping was violent and
indescriminate, first her back then her thighs she
worked her way round to the front and folding the belt to
shorten it started working on Tinas cunt and tits.
While this was going on I pushed my hard cock deep
into tinas ass. pulling her hips back to me as
I thrust hard into her.
Sue took a huge dildo we had purchased specially and
with one hand fucked tina with the dildo while
she used her other to grasp her throat and constrict her
breathing. We gave her one helluvan orgasm. And mine wasn't
bad either right up her ass.

Repeating the whole palaver with the van
this time with a naked Tina we dumped her on the couch
and loostening her bindings slightly retreated upstairs
to have a fantast ic session of sex ourselves and
watch the tape we had made.

How Tina sussed us I don't know but she got her revenge
on each of us in turn and proved we were no match for her.

I'm uploading my addount
Sue is uploading the video we made on her account
and Tina- well if you can figure out her real
username you can expect one helluva blog and video
very soon.
100% (3/0)
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very good