None of my friends liked Dibs, I don't even
think they knew his real name, just the stupid
nickname some sarcastic teacher gave him.
Dibs was very quiet, never spoke much, seemed to
have no friends. None except me that is. My friends
made fun of him, teased him or ignored him. Well
everyone did really. But I liked him. I liked his
resilience, never seeming to care that he wasn't
part of the social scene. I liked the way that he
was so much clever than everyone, including the teachers
but he was never arrogant. In fact he tried to hide
his intelligence sensing that it embarrassed the staff.
When my pals were about I kept away from Dibs. He preferred
to avoid their schoolgirl prattlings and would only
come out of his shell with me, in fact I never saw him
talk to anyone else the whole six years of secondary
I don't really know how we became friends, I told
some k**s off for calling him names, and as we were walking
home the same direction we spoke a bit. Really he just
said that he didn't need sticking up for as he wasn't
bothered by silly k**s but he thanked me anyway.
After that we walked home together sometimes and
talked all our schoolk** stuff. I told him about
my worries and my dreams for the future. He was remarkably
perceptive and understanding and it was nice to have
a chat with someone who wouldn't judge and who wasn't
just looking for an oppertunity to make fun.
Dibs was more reserved in his talk. He just spoke of
his plans for the future, he spoke almost as if they
were a foregone conclusion. He would get good results
and then University after fifth year and do his degree
in three years followed by a doctorate. Then a post teaching
grad students and doing research. Somewhere along the line
he would meet the right woman and get married.
I never doubted that this would be what would happen
he just had to get himself into a position where
he was surrounded with people of his brilliance and
he would really shine.
Not that I'm thick, I'm quite clever just not totally
cerebral like he was.
We also joked around and teased each other a bit
and I loved to wind him up by hugging him, planting
big kisses on him when we met or dr****g myself on his
shoulders so that my breasts pressed against his back.
He always moaned about this but I reckon he enjoyed it.
We only went to his house once. School had finished
early because of the snow and my parents weren't back so
I would have been locked out. His parents were at work
too but they trusted him with a key so we went in.
His bedroom was a total revelation. There was a bed and
bookshelves but no toys, instead the walls were lined with
workbenches and on each was a different machine, a lathe
a drill and a milling machine amongst others. Above the
benches were shelves each of which held an imaculately
constructed model of some significant piece of engineering
history. A beam engine, Stevensons Rocket, The Sentinel were
some of the labels.
He briefly explained that they were scratch built and
all of them worked but the smoke meant he couldn't start them indoors.
Wow Dibs I exclaimed, you are amazing, and gave him one of
my big hugs planting a big kiss on his lips and squeezing myself
against his frail frame.
As always he pushed me away but this time he reached out
and removed my tie.
Then he started to unbutton my blouse. Untucking it and
spreading the front. Stunned a bit but exhilerated I moved my arms
so he could ease it off and turned round. He fumbled a bit but
soon had my bra unhooked.
I stayed turned because the zipper for my skirt was at the back
and with a gentle tough my skirt was on the floor at my ankles.
Why was I letting this boy undress me, I'm not sure but I guess
it was because he was so gentle, he was such an intruiging character
and because his touch set my whole body tingling.
I turned to face him and he paused to take in what he saw
clearly getting his approval he stooped and slid my panties down to
my knees where I manoevered my feet out of them.
" lie down" he said and I stepped over to the bed where I lay down
and eased off my shoes and socks as I watched him undress.
He stripped so unselfconsciously as if he was alone in the room and
walked over to the bed where he bent and kissed me with a passion I
would never have suspected form him.
easing my knees apart he sat beside me and geve my privates a sort
of tender investigation, gently probing and manipulating he seemed to
be taking a mental note of what elicited a response and what didn't
as within moments he was arousing me with his touch far more that
I could have managed on my own.
I reached out to his errect penis and started to manipulate it.
Not with any great success I think as he soon proke one hand away
and guided my hand into a better position.
As I was starting to get very flustered he shifted his attention
to my breasts, cupping them and gently teasing my nipples
I left his penis and started to run my hand up and down his back.
His mouth came down again and we kissed, this time with real
passion and that sense of urgency that often preceeds sex.
As we kissed he manoevered around between my legs and I felt
the head of his penis at my, now, hot and very wet pussy.
Ever so slowly he eased himself into me, breaking my hymen
with an initial firm push and then developing a steady rhythm.
He reached down and one at a time raised my legs up double
and after that his strokes went further into me and felt tighter.
I was starting to feel a climax build when suddenly he stopped
and withdrew. I raised an eyebrow wondering if anything was wrong.
Turn around he said moving me up onto all fours with my butt
overhanging the edge of the bed.
Again he entered me, quicker this time he pumped into me with a
firm thrust that knocked me forward each time his pelvis hit my
Reaching around to rub my clitorus it wasn't long before I
had a powerful orgasm. and in the midst of it he changed to
a series of single hard thrusts ending with one deep push
and stopping clamped tight to me. I knew that he had had an
orgasm and felt a surge of warmth and belonging I had never
felt before. We lay together for ages naked and breathless
and then he broke the spell, returning to his previous self
he got up and started to get dressed. "My parents will be
home soon, you need to get dressed now" he walked over to the
drawer, " here is a morning after pill, you take it now though,
that's just a name"
When I left he gave me a very cursory, possibly embarrassed kiss
and I walked away wondering why he had a morning after pill
and if he had planned the whole thing.
It's now 10 years after that day, give or take and seeing him
in the paper receiving an award brings back all
the excitement as well as the regret that we never mad love again.
Did he plan to seduce me? I hope so!
If only everyone could have so magical a prince to take their
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