return to the sex party (Priapus)

After my first time at the sex party I was
well I'm not sure how to describe it, my confidence
was up and I felt empowered.
The parties were monthly, just about right
more frequent and they wouldn't be special
but less and I would start to stray.

For my return visit I did some shopping
I went online and did a bit of research
then purchased something special which
arrived on the morning of the party.
I have a summer dress that was ideal
lloose and flowing, slightly hippie and
a bit girlie, I felt like the flake girl in
it. I wore it with a belt low slung around my hips
and beaded my hair to complete the look.

Party time and the room was tense with anticipation
as we circled the table with the bowl on it
I was exempt as I was last weeks winner so
when I wrote my name it was placed beside the bowl
and I returned to my place in the ring.
With rather exagerated ceremony the mistress of
ceremonies drew a piece of paper from the bowl
" This months subject goes by the name of Priapus"
Remember I was quickly blindfolded last time so
much of this was new to me. P was blindfolded and
the girls came forward to remove his clothing,
I skipped forward anxious to see if he was true
to his name and went straight for his belt and Zip,
A reasonable size and semi hard already we led him
to a table that the men were bringing into the middle
of the room. Naked he was guided into place and we
bound his wrists and ankles with the straps provided.
Standing back everyone started to strip.
I removed my belt and unfastening the three buttons
above my breast I gracefully lifted the dress over
my head revealing an already fitted strap on cock.
Everyone laughed and the man next to me patted me
on the back, around the room I was getting thumbs
up and smiles. Maybe they appreciated my sense of
humour or maybe priapus wasn't as popular as he thought
anyway I was just starting to wonder how to approach a
man tied face up on a table when everyone lept into action
it was like an F1 pit stop, the men brought in the
ladies table while the other girls untied him
quickly a number of strong hands lifted him
and flipped him over onto the girls table
face down, his wrists tied at the corners and
his ankles down at ground level.
I approached, lube in hand spreading it on
the cock and realised that I knew nothing
about anal sex, last month had been my first
experience and as I was bound and blindfolded
I saw nothing of the techniques.
As I approached one of the girls
a beautiful black woman going by the name of Khoikhoi
spread P's butt cheeks and guided the tip of the
strapon into his ring.
Not knowing any better I decided that going slow
was probably the best option so I grasped the shaft in
my left hand and pulling on his hip, slowly entered
his anus about three quarters of the length of
the cock.
As I tried to pull out I learnt another thing
about fucking with strapons, they have to be real
tight, as I pulled back the cock stayed where it was
and a big gap opened up between me and the phalus.
The straps were much too lose and I tried to reach behind
me to tighten them, I met a pair of hands there already
and gasped as the straps were tightened right up
until they bit into my flesh.
starting again I slowly eased myself in to the hilt
and started to pull out. Slowly I went in and out
as P made pained noises on each in stroke.
Not sure what to do now I paused.
motionless for a moment I felt several small hands on
my pelvis and a firm push from behind as several
of the girls started pushing me forwards and
back. Faster and faster we worked the cock in P's ass
as he groaned, writhed and sweated. The movement
and close contact with the females in the group
was exhilerating, and watching P get butt fucked by
a gang of harpies was such a turn on, we only stopped
when we were truly exhausted and withdrew the
now quite shitty cock to give someone else a go.

After that I was quite spent emotionally and spent
the rest of the night quietly on the sidelines
watching what went on.

I don't know if P found out it was me that
brought the toy, but my next turn in the circle
promises to be interesting.
92% (10/1)
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very good
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well done keep it cumming