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This was to be my first time at the 'party' I didn't know exactly what was involved but I knew it was a privalige to be invited. I had provided a certificate from the clinic to say that I was free of sexual diseases and another to show that I was using birth control. Finally I had signed an agreement, although I wasnt sure what I was agreeing to as I wasn't alowed to read it.
So now I stood nervously before the table. Three people faced me, two men and in the middle a woman I didn't know. She spoke
"As we have a new member there will be only one name in the bowl this week. please sign the paper in front of you" I stooped slightly and signed my name with the elaborate fountain pen they provided. Folding the paper I put it in the bowl. "Now put on the blindfold" and I did as I was told
"This weeks chosen one is Clara" The nom d'amour " that I was using for these gatherings. I felt myself firmly held by many hands and my clothes were removed. Lifted up I was placed naked on what felt like a padded table and my wrists were extended to the corners. I lay still as my wrists and ankles were bound then the many hands withdrew and there was silence.
Not for long however as I soon felt first a finger then a cock enter my pussy. Rhythmic and businesslike the medium sized cock worked its way in and out of my pussy for a few moments until it released its load and withdrew.
I was pondering what was going on when the hands returned, this time sponging my body with damp cloths and cleaning my pussy with a lukewarm douch. I was toweled dry and the silence returned.
My next visitor twisted my head hently upwards and pushed a cock against my lips. Opening my mouth I let him enter and started to try to give him a blowjob, which tied as I was, wasn't easy. However that wasn't necessary as he was facefucking me. I circled his cock with my tongue and grasped it within my mouth as he pumped away at my mouth, at one point he pushed in to far and I recoiled and gagged. Instantly he stopped and his further thrusts never went as deep. Soon he was ejecting his semen into my mouth and slowing his thrusting. I've never liked swallowing but, well life isn't all good stuff so I swallowed it back as he withdrew and the cleaning and drying hands reapeared.
My next cock was again in my pussy but this time he felt wider and was more skilled. After another load and another cleaning there was nothing, I strained my ears but could not discern what was happening. suddenly I jumped as hot spunk shot onto my cheek and further spurts landed on my hair, A facial I thought to myself, A beautiful woman tied to a table and all this man wants to do is wank. Funny world I thought as the girls cleaned the spunk from my hair. As I was settling into the routine I felt something cold land on my ass and two fingers started to massage the cold lube into my ass. Followed slowly and delicately by what felt like a huge cock. I say felt like as I'd never had a cock in my ass so I could only go by the discomfort which was considerable. Slowly and gently the cock moved in and out loosening my ring and setting my sexual nerves tingling until I felt the unmistakable sensation of pubic hair on my ass. The pumping gathered pace and as I relaxed I started to become more and more aroused until he shot his load and withdrew leaving me decidedly frustrated as the cleaning hands resumed their work and other hands removed my bindings. Was this it, I had gone to all that trouble just to be a sextoy for a crowd of pervs. I was starting to fume when I realised that I had been flipped over and retied. Again the hands retreated and the room was silent.
Now something different, a tongue was circling my nipple, another joined it as hands and mouths started to stimulate all my erogenous zones in unison. mouths kissed my neck and lips bruched over my lips and nose. My legs which hadn't been tied were spread and raised and a mouth started to work my pussy, the tongue scooping up and circling my clitorus, as one tongue started to lag another replaced it and my orgasm built into a screaming writhing orgasm the like of which I had never experienced. My body bucked and my thighs gripped the poor mans head as I pushed my pussy forward and into his mouth. Loosing control completely I pissed streams of hot golden liquid into his mouth and down his chest.
As I regained control and relaxed all the bodies that had been stimulating me and I heard a rousing round of applause. Something that doesn't happen often but what a buzz. I had had the best sex of my life and the people who had done it were aplauding me.
I can't wait for the next meeting and have a few ideas for what I will do to the one who's name emerges from the bowl.
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