Father Gray loved these conferences, this one was on the churches attitude to unmarried mothers, all wrath and condemnation a throwback to the good old days of the church when it inspired real fear and the clergy had proper power.
The day had gone well and Grey had been particularly s**thing in an address what went down very well with the audience of priests bishops and nuns.
Now as he sat in his small room at the seminary the made some notes and wrote his diary followed by a few letters.
There was a quiet knock at the door and Gray called enter without looking round.
"Mother superior sent me Father Gray " came the youthful nervous voice from behind. "Just strip and bend over the bed, I wont be long" said Gray without stopping his writing.
After a few minutes of deliberately keeping her waiting he put down his pen and turned around. The nun was indeed very attractive, tall and very slim, completely naked except for the obligatory cilice. Gray reached into his bag and extracted the leather strap that he used on the boys at the school.
walking slowly towards the naked nun he brought it down viciously on her back a few times. Not really his thing but he felt it was expected of him, just pert of the culture, and.. well it was his thing really. The nun shrieked with each stroke and Gray continued the whipping as he struggled out of his clothes.
When he was finally naked the nun was wimpering and quivering with pain.
Gray gave one last stroke and as she recovered he quickly pushed his cock into her pussy, going right in he thrust forward aggressively. This was so much better than shagging parishoners he thought, without all the lies and compliments, the juggling of schedules and the difficulties involved when he tired of them. Concentrating again on the nun bent over in front of him he quickened his pace and for fun brought his hand down hard slapping one of the weals on her back.
While is was common to shoot inside these women Grey avoided it, a lifetime of religion had taught him not to trust anyone and he fervently believed that a lot of the nuns only did this to try to get pregnant and get the financial rewards that went with the new life the church would provide them and their c***d with.
No Grey never gave his seed to these women, instead he grasped her buttocks and spreading them wide he made his out stroke slightly longer and drew his cock out of her and plunged it straight into her unlubricated arse. She screamed with pain and her knees buckled but he moved forward in unison and thrust hard and long strokes into her, matching his frenzy to her agony he planted his seed within her.
Pausing for a moment he withdrew and walked over to the washstand to clean up
"Leave " he barked and continued to clense his body.
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it ok but more
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i liked it