Art class

Caroline and me had been pals for ages, our parents were friends so we had spent a lot of time together as k**s and a friendship had developed.
This long hot summer may be our last together as I was off to Uni in the autumn and Caroline was hoping to go to art school.
We used to spend a bit of time together when our parents were at work, just hanging at her house and listening to music and the like.
Today Caroline seemed to have something on her mind, she was a bit shy as if she wanted to say something but wasn't sure she should/
" Mike, you know how I'm applying for art school " she said
" Yes "
"And you know that I have to send in a portfolio of my work"
" Yes " I said " I've seen it, your stuff is amazing"you will get in no problem,"
"Not exactly, there is a slight problem, your remember those two weeks I was ill" " Yes " I replied
"Well I missed the life class and I think I need some life drawings for the portfolio"
" You think so, what will you do" I said rather obtusely
" I was hoping.. you... would model for me" she said hesitantly
"Nude?" "Yes"
"well I suppose, its all quite grown up and respectable I guess"
Not sure I really expected her to go ahead with it so I was a bit surprised when she went to the corner of the room and drew an easil into the centre of the room. and lifted a pencil up.
"OH I stuttered, you mean now, you want me to undress"
"That is the idea" she said more confidently sharpening a pencil and sorting her stuff absentmindedly.
Well what could I do, I had agreed so I turned and started to remove my clothes and lay them on the bed.
When I turned back round it was obvious that Caroline had been watching me intently.
I stood nervous and said, "what do I do"
" just stand there thats perfect, I just need a few anatomy studies"
She started sketching and staring at my body with an exhilerating intensity, occasionally she would give an instruction like turn a bit or put your foot on the bed.
At about noon she left the room and I sneeked over for a look at what she had done, it was a series of big pages with large and small pencil studies of parts of my body, the pectoral area, the thigh down to the knee but mostly they were detailed drawings of my abdomen and penis. I quickly returned to my stance as I heard here return.
She handed me a cup of orange and returned to start a new page.
soon sh walked across the gap and bent down to study my penis close up. circling it and gazing from so close I could feel her breath on the sensitive exposed skin. After a pause she asked
" I would like to sketch it erect a bit can you make it big"
" Not really, it isn't a consious thing, it just grows when I get excitted"
"Oh," she said "I see" and turned and left the room. I stood there uncertain whether the session was over and I should dress when the door opened.
In walked Caroline completely naked. I knew she was beautiful but I wasn't expecting my first sight of a naked girl to affect me quite this much,
She was medium height and slim with small breasts and small but prominent nipples, her belly was flat and it perfectly highlighted her small dark triangle of pubic hair. Instantly my pulse quickened and I found by self trying not to pant. My Cock instantly stood to attention and I blushed. She walked over to the easil and picked up the pencil, but now she was doing more looking than sketching. After a while she returned to my side of the room and again started examening my penis. But this time she was naked and it was unbearably erotic, I started to tremble as I looked down her smooth back to the flowing lines of her butt.
I was taken a bit surprised when she grasped my penis and started moving her hand up and down alternately exposing and hiding the head as my foreskin stretched round it. I didn't know what to do so I slumped down to a seated position on the bed and watched in silence.
Slowly she pushed the skin up and down my shaft getting me more and more aroused until on the extreme of one down stroke she gently enveloped the head in her mouth. I felt her tongue circling the edge of the gland and her hand restarted its up and down movement. This was amazing, like a dream and I was wishing it would never end when abruptly it did. She let go of my cock and drew back her head. again staring at it she paused for a good minute. I was wondering if I should say anything, fearful of spoiling the moment I kept quiet when she straightened a bit and pushed me back flat on the bed. As I fell back I felt my cock spring up into a vertical position and bounce back and fore. Distracted I hardly noticed Caroline start to move but was instantly surprised as she sprung up onto the bed straddling me and again took my cock in her hand, this time in a very different grip. She was feeding my cock into the mouth of her pussy, lining it up and applying gentle pressure she had me perfectly lined up and positioned at the entrance when she looked up and caught my eye.
Biting her lip and smiling a nervous smile she firmly lowered herself down the full extent of my cock till she rested on my hips. She drew breath sharply and stopped, a pained look on her face, " you OK" I asked " Yes just my cherry tearing" she said and with an inward breath she started to raise herself up on my cock until I felt it start of exit her and her pussy close around it. back down she came in the first of a series of ever quickening strokes that had me writhing and trying to thrust upwards into her as she started to groan. quicker and quicker she moved until she let out a high moan and her whole body convulsed, just as I climaxed and felt my semen pump into her.
It was a while before either of us wanted to move. I just lay there catching my breath and feeling my semen drip out of her and run down my legs onto the bed.
Slowly she lowered herself to lie on my chest and I reached my arms around her and held her tight.
We were still in that position when her mothers key went into the door downstairs and we had to have a mad scramble to get dressed.
I left while her mother was in the kitchen sure I would give us away with my demeanour.
She got into art school and we made our own way in life from then on but I always feel a bit lonely when I remember my summer with Caroline and how I lost my virginity.
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4 years ago
Excellent story, well told - sounds very genuine.
4 years ago
4 years ago
very good ;)
4 years ago
one of the hottest, loved it