A Life-Changing Experience, Part Two

A Life-Changing Experience, Part Two

I was confused and unbelievably embarrassed at the same time. Reaching down to pull up my pants and trying to stammer out an apology, I felt Kerry touch my left hand, the one holding the red satin panties. “It’s OK,” he said soothingly. “Believe me, I know how irresistible they are. That’s why my collection is so extensive - I simply can’t stop buying them.”

I finally turned my head slightly to face Kerry and mustered the courage to f***e out, “This . . . is all yours?” I realized I had not noticed Kerry wearing a wedding ring or seen any other signs of a female living there. “All of them,” he responded with a slight smile. Kerry stepped between me and the closet door, facing me. “I absolutely love the feeling of sexy lingerie and clothing against my skin. It is one of the biggest thrills of my life,” he shared. “Have you ever tried on any women’s clothing?”

In fact, I had. When I was in ninth grade, I had found my college-age s****r’s one-piece swimsuit on the floor of the bathroom. I locked the door and, in a surreal daze of heady excitement, I picked up the swimsuit, holding it up against my body in front of the mirror. My dick had by then grown to its full length in my shorts. Again, as if I was having an out-of-body experience, I quickly took off my clothes and stepped into the swimsuit. It felt fantastic. I remember rubbing my cock through the stretchy fabric and feeling an orgasm developing deep within me. I pulled my cock out the leghole and wrapped my fist around my hard-on, pumping up and down. It only took about 10 strokes until I was spewing jizz over the bathroom sink, splashing the mirror with my juice. I shuddered as I finished, awakening from my haze. I quickly cleaned up the “mess” I had made and put the bathing suit back where it had been.

I told Kerry about my experience as he listened intently, periodically nodding his head knowingly. “But you have never dressed since?” he asked after I had finished the story. It somehow seemed odd that I had not, but it was the truth. I shook my head. “By the looks of things, I am confident you would find it as exciting as I do,” Kerry encouraged. Now he allowed himself a full smile, which was sweet and ironically innocent looking. “Would you like to try on something?” I looked down and was amazed to find my cock still standing at attention. Kerry followed my gaze and let out a little laugh. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he said. As he did so, he gently took the red satin panties from my hand and brushed the fabric against my erection. As he did so, Kerry looked into my eyes and said, “Let’s find you something to go with this.”

Kerry turned around and faced the closet and began to muse, “Hmmm, what will it be? Something to show off my new friend’s beautiful cock.” Now, I was fairly proud of my 6-inch cock, but no one had ever referred to it as “beautiful” before. Suddenly, the surreal feeling of my ninth grade swimsuit wearing escapade returned. Kerry turned back around, holding a red satiny basque with shoulder and garter straps, along with red fishnet stockings. “Put these on,” Kerry firmly stated, more an order than a request. He nodded down the hallway at another door, which was quite obviously the room I had been looking for before. “I’m not sure how to—“ I started to say. “You’ll figure it out,” Kerry assured me.

So I shuffled into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. My heady sensation was so intense that I had to lean against the door for a moment to gather myself, finding that it had a full length mirror on the inside. I stripped and then began the process of figuring out how to put on the lingerie. I started with the stockings. I put my thumbs inside one and bunched the length of the stocking up like I had seen women do in movies. Then I reached down and began pulling it up my left leg. The sensation was incredible. It felt slightly tight and confining, but cool and silky at the same time. I was exhilarated, and my cock showed it. I stood up and admired myself in the mirror. “Not bad,” I thought. I then put on the other stocking, pausing again to look in the mirror.

Next, I picked up the satin panties Kerry had given me, which I now realized were crotchless, with lace-edging at the cutouts. I wondered if he had actually given me the pair I had pulled out of the drawer or he had selected them for me. I pulled them on, one leg at a time. I could feel my cock stiffen ever further as I pulled the panties over my member and into place. I snuck another look in the mirror. I stood up tall and turned to the side to see the profile of my cock straining against the panties, the tip of my head barely peeking out of the top of the band. The dazed feeling in my head became even more pronounced.

Now for the basque. It had light boning up the front and about 10-12 hooks in the back that were already hooked together. I decided the best strategy was to step into it. Pulling it up my thighs, I felt like I was going to faint from the heady excitement. I struggled a bit to pull the sexy lingerie over my hips, having to gently lift the basque up from one side and then the other about an inch at a time as I shimmied my hips, its tightness pressing against my engorged cock. It worked, as I eventually was able to put the shoulder straps on and it was in place. Finally, time to tackle the garter straps. I studied them for a moment and figured out how they worked. I took a couple tries as I heard Kerry ask from down the hallway, “You doing ok in there?” I responded, “Getting there.” I ultimately succeeded in attaching all four straps and then stood upright. The basque straps pulled at the stocking tops, creating an unbelievable sensation. I gazed in the mirror. The sensation going through my entire body was that of just having shotgunned two beers on a completely empty stomach.

I reached for the doorknob, opened it slowly and paused for a second, completely in wonderment of what was going to happen next.

To be continued . . .

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8 months ago
keep going....
8 months ago
I want more.... Please continue
9 months ago
yummmmm Very sexy. Wish I was the character in you stories. Can't wait for the next installment. Please Please Please hurry.
9 months ago
mmmmm my panties are getting very wet i'd love to have a friend to dress wtih
9 months ago
wow so dam erotic you got me so hot I hope you write the next chapter soon