A Life-changing Experience, Part One

A Life-Changing Experience, Part One

A few years ago, I had an experience that blew my mind and opened my eyes to a world of new opportunities.

I had recently taken a job in a new city and moved without much furniture. So I took to Craigslist to see what I could find to furnish my new apartment. Among other things, I was looking for a desk with lots of drawers and shelves. I found one that looked good, and it was not very far away. I emailed with the seller, he responded very promptly, and we set up a time on Saturday afternoon when I could come by and take a look at it. He told me that it would have to be taken apart to get the various parts out of his place, so I knew it was going to be a bit of work if I ended up buying the unit.

I drove over at the appointed time, rang the door bell and was greeted by a guy who introduced himself as Kerry. He was about 30, about an inch taller than I at 5’10”, and probably 170 pounds with a nice build. We chatted for a minute, and I found him to be very warm and engaging. I noticed he had startlingly blue eyes, an easy smile and an infectious laugh. What was weird is that I had never found myself attracted to a man before, yet Kerry made me so comfortable even in this somewhat awkward setting that I felt some very odd sensations growing inside of me.

After a while, Kerry said, “Well, I suppose we should get down to business.” I started for a second, having forgotten that I was there to look at a desk. I stuttered a response, “Yes, right.” He led me to a nicely appointed downstairs office and showed me the desk. It was perfect for what I needed, but a little bigger than I had envisioned from the Craigslist photos. It was in great condition. I told Kerry I definitely was interested, but that I realized it would not fit in my SUV. Kerry said not to worry, that he would be happy to help me move it in his pickup. I told him that was really nice of him and we agreed on a price. As I began to take the unit apart, Kerry insisted on helping, us chatting the entire time. However, there were a lot more nuts and screws than I had counted on, and after about a half hour Kerry apologized and told me he needed to go out and pick up gift for his s****r’s baby shower the next day before the store closed. I told him I could come back another time, but Kerry told me he should only be a short while, that he trusted me and I could stay and keep dissembling the desk. He figured by the time he was back I would have the unit apart, then we could load it up and move it.

So, Kerry left me alone at his place and I carried on. After about five more minutes I needed to use the restroom. So I got up, went out of the office and opened a door that looked like a bathroom door. Instead, pulling the door open, I was astonished to find a closet filled with women’s clothing. Part of the closet had really expensive-looking, sexy dresses, skirts and form-fitting blouses. But the right side was what drew my attention even more: it was filled with sexy lingerie like you see in Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalogs. Some of it was hanging up on top – I saw what must have been two dozen slinky babydolls, corsets, teddies, and basques, many with garter straps attached. I touched their soft, satiny fabric, and I felt my cock starting to stiffen in my jeans. Below the hanging things were four drawers arranged vertically. I could not resist the temptation to open them. The first drawer was filled with women’s panties – there must have been 100 of them, lots of thongs, but also tangas and boyshorts, bikinis and some g-strings. Some were lacy, others were satin. They were perfectly folded and arranged in rows and piles according to style and color. I ran my hands over them, my cock growing in my pants.

I wanted to drink in the sight of these panties for longer, but I needed to find out what was in the other drawers. The second one did not disappoint, as I found in it the sexiest collection of bras I had ever seen. The drawer contained every style of bra I could imagine, full cup, demi cup, and plunges; lacy and satiny; padded and barely-there; red, black, pink, leopard print; and on and on. I could not stop myself from pulling open the third drawer. As I did so, I touched the front of my pants, which now contained a raging hard on. Opening the third drawer revealed a wide assortment of stockings and pantyhose. It was unbelievable. Fishnets, fencenets, stayups, holdups, textured and patterned. Opera hose. Crotchless pantyhose. Seamed, sheer, opaque. I saw silky and glittery tights. Three or four bodystockings. And, in the back, about five garter belts of varying colors, widths and fabrics. I indulged my desire to run my hands through to soft, cool smoothness of the layers of thrilling tactile sensations.

But then the last drawer beckoned. With intense excitement, I pulled it open. My jaw literally dropped as I drank in the sight of an array of simulated cocks – a veritable treasure trove of dildos and butt plugs of every imaginable variety. I have never actually touched a dildo before, I thought, as I gently cradled a huge but life-like, jet black dildo with a suction cup base. It must have been 9 inches long and had tremendous raised veins. It looked incredible. It felt even better, the pliable silicone rubber cool to my touch. I took and pressed it against the length of my own cock, now as hard and big as it had ever been, begging to be released from its confines.

I allowed myself to follow my instincts. I undid my belt, unzipped my zipper and pulled my jeans down. I rubbed the huge black dildo against my cock, my shaved balls, and between my legs up my crack. I instinctively opened the first drawer again and pulled out a pair of red satin panties. I began caressing my cock with the satin panties in my left hand as I continued running the dildo around my balls and up into my crack with my right hand. I thought I might immediately explode, when suddenly I heard a voice behind me. “I didn’t think I included my toy collection in the Craigslist listing,” intoned Kerry playfully.

To be continued . . .

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2 months ago
Ops,,now what ?
7 months ago
great start! I have some extra furniture!
8 months ago
I would have done that too
9 months ago
this is so fantastic now I'm going to use my dildo on my asspussy for a while
9 months ago
Fantastic .... so far!
9 months ago
Just submitted Part Two. Should be up soon.
9 months ago
Loving it so far!!
9 months ago
you've got me hard please continue
9 months ago
Wow I like where this is headed~~