Happy Birthday to Me, Part 2: The Early Birds

Well, in case you didn't know, this is part 2 of a sordid tale. A tale of debauchery. A tale of depravity. A tale of a crossdressing cockslut with an insatiable appetite for cum. You see, it was my birthday and for more details on how I celebrate, see part 1.

I had just had sex with 19 young men over the course of 4 hours, and collapsed, exhausted for a brief power nap. I layed down at 430 am and when I woke to the sound of my alarm at 515, I lifted my head from the pillow and was surprised to find my face stuck to the pillowcase. Now, you know you had good time when you wake up and your face is glued to your pillowcase with cum :-)

I went to the bathroom, put my hair in a shower cap, jumped in the shower long enough to give certain areas a quick shave, got out and then began touching up my makeup and hair. The man who coordinates the entire event, a man I call the Host came into the bathroom with a cup of coffee. I kissed him passionately and he reached down and began caressing my bare ass. His finger slid inside my firm, bouncy butt and I reached down and began stroking his growing cock. “I need to get ready!” I said as I pushed him away. He laughed and as I turned to the mirror to continue working on my makeup and hair, he got on his knees behind me, pulled my buttcheeks apart, and inserted an inflatable buttplug into my ass. “How many squeezes should I give it?” he asked. “Four,” I replied as I put on my lipstick. The Host left and I soon heard cars outside. I could hear knocks at the door. I could hear men's voices in the basement:-)

You see, in order to accommodate so many cocks, the event is broken into 4 time blocks. I had already had sex with 19 guys in the Night Owl block. Now it was time for the Early Birds :-) While most of the Night Owl guys had been young, the Early Birds were mostly older, in their 40's, 50's, and 60's. Even had some guys that were in their 70's! The Host likes to surprise me and while he knew how many men I was going to be having sex with, I did not. All I cared about was having my mouth and ass stretched out by cocks :-)

In the days preceding the event, the participants and I interact in an online chatroom. The men are given a poll on which outfit they would like me to wear. The Early Birds had chosen slutty schoolgirl. I had a supershort red plaid, pleated schoolgirl skirt, a preppy white, short-sleeved button up top, a black tie with a skull on it, a pair of white, platform, high heeled creepers with white ruffled ankle socks and a pair of coffee colored sheer-to-waist pantyhose. And of course, I couldn't resist pulling my hair into pigtails :-) I kind of looked like that girl from NCIS...

I texted the Host downstairs and told him that I was ready. I looked down the stairs and could see enough into the living room to see the lights turn out. The windows had been covered up so that no one could see in from outside the house. When I saw the flashing lights of a DJ light show, my heart began to race. When I heard “Hot for Teacher”, I knew that it was time for the show. I began strutting down the stairs, flinging my hips seductively from side to side.

I entered the living to the hooting and hollering of 8 naked men. Three of them I knew and had sex with before, the other five...complete strangers :-) As a danced around the men, flinging my pigtails from side to side, I thought about some of my idols: Gauge, Aurora Snow, Sandra Romain, Sophie Dee. What would they do with 8 naked men? I thought about them...and I dropped to my knees!

Each guy tossed a piece of paper with their name on it into a hat. I drew it out and called out the man's name. I'd never seen the guy in my life. He stepped in front of me and I immediately began licking and sucking on his throbbing cock. He had on a wedding ring and judging by the way he was moaning, he hadn't had a blowjob for a long time. “Which one of you wants to eat my shithole!” I said aggressively to the men as every last one of them threw their name into the hat. I drew the name, tore a hole in the seat of my pantyhose and was soon getting my pink hole tongue fucked by some guy I'd never met. Soon, the drawing of names had taken a back seat as I began stroking cock after cock after beautiful cock and I began taking turns putting the men in my mouth. Soon, men were taking turns eating my ass.

I laid on my back on the couch with my legs spread and up in the air. Everyone threw their name into the hat. I drew the name and was pleased to see a rather well-hung colleague of the Host. I placed my slender calves on his shoulders as he pushed the velvety swollen head of his cock into my eagerly awaiting asshole. As he threw his head back as his shaft entered my body, I looked at the men and barked, “I NEED COCKS IN MY MOUTH!” Two men, both in their 40's, both in very good shape, both with wedding rings, quickly obliged.

As I lay there, getting my ass and mouth stretched by 3 men, I reached my arms out and began stroking two more cocks. One of the guys had taken off one of my shoes and began rubbing his face into the soles of my pantyhose feet. Soon, another guy had followed suit and I had two men sucking, kissing and licking each foot. As the guy in my ass started pumping faster, he said, “OHHHH! OHHHH! OH MY GOD!” He pulled his cock out and without hesitation, I put the cock that had just been in my ass into my mouth. All he said was “OHHHH!” and “OHMYGOD!” as I bobbed up and down on his penis, savoring the taste of my own ass on his pecker. As he approached climax, the Host handed him a glass. The guy in my ass pulled his cock out and began squirting his load into the glass, which the Host then placed on a plate warmer when the man was done blowing his load.

“Who's turn is it to fuck my asshole! Come on guys! Fuck my boipussy!” I proclaimed playfully as every single one of the guys threw their name into the hat. I pulled a name and got on my hands and knees on the floor. The guy whose name I drew got behind me, slid his cock into my ass and began fucking me like a doggy. One guy layed on the floor and began licking and sucking on my swollen boiclitty, the two foot guys continued spoiling my feet and toes. The other four men got on their knees in front of me and I began going back and forth on their hard, throbbing cocks with my soft, wet mouth.

One of the guys in my mouth said, “GIMME THE CUP!” He got the glass just as the white jets began streaming from his penis. Then, the guy fucking my ass squirted into the glass. I drew names again and it was one of the foot fetishists turn to fuck my wrinkly shit hole. He layed on his back on the floor and I lowered myself onto his pole as the other men gathered around me. Another man had joined in with the foot worship and as I bounced playfully up and down on a rock hard cock, two men rubbed, caressed, kissed and sucked on my feet and toes while 3 more guys took turns fucking my face!

Two more men shot their loads into the glass. At this point, only 4 of the original 8 men were still going. I thought about that cup with 4 loads of cum in it. I thought about how delicious it was going to taste. I thought about how much fun it was going to be to make all of the other guys cum. Then, the door opened up...and 4 more men walked in. All naked. All erect. All married ;-) The 4 men that had already came did not leave, however. They wanted to see what everyone else wanted to see: me, devouring a glass full of cum!

As I pleasured the 4 new men and the 4 men that remained from the previous group, a couple of the guys that had already blown their loads started getting frisky again. Before I knew it, I was having sex with 10 men! I didn't know who was in my mouth. I didn't know who was in my ass. I didn't know who was sucking my toes. But the only thing I cared about...the only thing I could think about...was the glass that was gradually being filled with more and more hot, gooey, delicious cum :-)

I honestly couldn't tell you how many loads were in the glass. I honestly couldn't tell you how many men I was with, who had came or who hadn't came. Then the door opened up, and 3 more men walked in. Everything quickly turned into a whirlwind of dirty old men, flipping me into position after position, squirting load after load after load into the glass. Another group of men had shown up at 9 a.m., but I had become oblivious at this point. I only cared about one thing: that glass full of cum! But I didn't want to drink it. I NEEDED to drink it. It was as though my very existence depended on it. As I thought about the glass full of sperm, I got a second wind and began pleasuring cocks with renewed vigor. As the number of men who hadn't came in the glass became less and less, I had finally reached the moment I had been waiting for: only one hard cock stood between me and my prize, a glass containing the warm babybatter of 23 men!

I became possessed, like a sex-crazed maniac. The only thing I cared about was that cum and I was using it to inspire me as I bounced up and down on the last guy's hard cock. Someone handed him the glass just in time for him to pull his cock from my ass, adding his load into everyone else's.

As I lay on the couch, covered in sweat, exhausted, every single one of the 23 guys that had came in the glass were on the edge of their seat, waiting. I took a deep breath and sat up. The Host grabbed the glass from the plate warmer and handed it to me. As I pulled the almost-full glass up to my lips, I looked at the men. Every pair of eyes was glued to me. Many of the men were stroking their cocks, excited for what was to happen.

I closed my eyes and tilted the glass. I opened my mouth and when the sperm hit my lips, my heart almost skipped a beat! As my mouth began to fill, as I began to chug the cum in the glass, it was to the cheers of 23 men! As I continued to drink my prize, many of the men began to get hard again. As I swallowed mouthful after delicious mouthful, I never felt more excited...more alive...more like a woman :-)

About halfway into the glass, I began to get “cum d***k”, a dizzy, giggly, euphoric giddiness that happens after swallowing multiple loads of cum. As I looked around at the men whose semen I was swallowing, I saw men from all walks of life: doctors, lawyers, teachers, businessmen, policemen, politicians, judges and military. Many of them wanted to fuck my mouth and ass but as I finished off the glass, I kicked them out so that I could get rested up for the next block: Afternoon Delight.

It was about 945 in the morning and I went to the bathroom, took off my outfit, set my alarm for 1115 am. As I fell asl**p, I licked my lips, savoring every single drop of yummy cum that I had been lucky enough to swallow. Even the guys that I'd never met whose names I didn't even know :-) I dozed off thinking about the next block, Afternoon Delight. How many guys were going to be there? How much cum was I going to get to devour? How big of a slut was I going to get to be? If anybody wants to know the answer to these questions, let me know and I'll tell you all about Afternoon Delight ;-)
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4 months ago
inspirational and whoresome darling - encore please xxxxxxxxxxx
5 months ago
That has got to be the best story i have ever read. Its left me drained ;)
6 months ago
that was so fucking incredible I'm so up it's not funny
6 months ago