Rubbing Mommy's Feet

Shortly after my father bought a camcorder, I did what any other horny, 12 year old oversexed crossdresser would've done...I put on a pair of hose and heels and started making naughty videos of me blowin' off all my buddies ;-) My parents found it though and chewed me out, but I never heard anything about it again. Two years later, I caught my Daddy getting his rocks off...WATCHING THAT VERY VIDEO OF ME WITH ALL MY BUDDY'S DICKS IN MY MOUTH! Right then and there, I thought, "I'm going to seduce my Daddy" ;-) I started prancing around the house whenever my mom wasn't around, sometimes naked, sometimes in hose and heels. Soon, Daddy and I were making love almost every morning as soon as mom went to work. Sometimes, after I got my Daddy's rocks off, I would go to my BFF Ashley's house and we would have naked fun with her Daddy before he went to work. Then, Ash and I went to junior high ;-)

When I was younger, I remember my parents getting a babysitter and going to their bowling league every Friday night. Our babysitter would always put us to sl**p around ten and I woke up bright and early Saturday morning. One time, when I was around 8, I woke up after being put to bed and couldn't get back to sl**p. I went to my parents room and I heard sounds...weird sounds...moaning and groaning sounds...male and female voices saying things that I didn't know what they meant, things like, "Fuuuuccckkkk yeeeesssss", "That feels so fucking good" and "Faster! Faster! Don't...fucking...stop!"

I opened the door as quietly and as slowly as I could. I didn't know or understand what I was seeing. I could only see naked bodies. I saw my mother with my uncle (my Daddy's b*****r) on top of her, her legs in the air. I saw my uncle (my Mommy's b*****r) with my cousin (his daughter) bouncing up and down on his lap, his head thrown back in ecstasy. I even saw the babysitter, with her skinny little legs in the air, with my 19 year old cousin fucking the perfect folds of her pink, hairless pussy, while another cousin fucked her little mouth full of cock. And my Daddy was watching from the sidelines with his 8 mm camera, filming it all!

From that moment on, I became obsessed with finding my Daddy's film reels! I didn't have to look very hard. Soon, unbeknownst to my parents, I had managed to set a projector set up, had a box full of film reels, and both parents were outside on a Saturday afternoon doing yardwork. I saw a lot on those film reels that day, but mostly, I saw Mommy in stockings, garters and high heels...taking cock after cock after cock...cum in her face and hair...dripping from her sweet pussy, ass and mouth...I don't know how many times I saw my Mother, in the middle of a room full of naked people, stick her foot in someone's face and say, "Suck my toes!" or "Kiss my feet!" And there was ALWAYS someone all over my Mommy's feet and toes! It didn't take long before I only wanted to know two things: how Mommy got to be a total foot slut and 2) do I get in on this action ;-)

My f****y had recently converted to Mormonism, however, and apparently, my parents had given up the swinger lifestyle. I do remember just a couple months earlier, however, when an uncle (my Mom's b*****r) and his two sons were in town. I walked into the bathroom and my uncle, his two sons (my cousins and my mother's nephews) were all naked, their cocks fully erect, and Mom was on her knees in front of them. She told me that she was just drying them off after a shower. Yeah right Mom!

Soon after my 14th birthday, Daddy had me dressing up almost every day, in hose and heels and entertaining my uncles...then my cousins...then Daddy's business partners...then Daddy's friends. One day, he had invited two of his male friends over, my aunt T (my Dad's s****r) had brought her 2 daughters (my cousins), and my BFF Ashley had invited her s****r and two of their female cousins. All in all, there were 3 males, 7 females, and one crossdresser. We had just gotten out of school and Mommy had to work until 10 pm that evening. As the clothes came off, the festivities began ;-)

We were in the living room, less than an hour into it, everyone licking and kissing, sucking and fucking when the front door opened and Mom walked in. She had forgotten something that she needed for work. While she was obviously mad, what was interesting is that she was mad that, while she was living by our new religion's guidelines, Daddy was still having naked f****y fun. I think she was even more mad that Daddy was playing with soft, pink pussies and hard, young cocks while she was singing hymns and praying...BORING ;-)

So Mommy and Daddy got separated and he got an apartment nearby. Daddy and I had been lovers for almost 3 months and were playing naked games almost every day: in the morning while Mommy was asl**p upstairs, in the afternoon while she was at work, and sometimes at night after she had went to bed...but only after we made sure that she was asl**p first! Now that they were separated, me and Daddy could only have fun on the weekends :-( Mom would drop me off at Daddy's on Friday around 6 pm. I would race to the bathroom, put on a slutty outfit, some hose and heels, a wig and paint my face up like a slut while Daddy finished dinner. I remained dressed like Daddy's lil sissy cumslut until Mom picked me up on Sunday evening around 7, usually playing with the cocks of whoever Daddy invited over in the meantime.

One night during the week, Mom had come back from a date with a guy from her work. My younger s****r was spending time with relatives in another state and I, determined to show how mature I was, insisted that I could hold down the house until Mommy returned. My mother and this guy had come in and quickly went upstairs. It was winter, it was cold and I had a fire going in the living room fireplace. I had walked upstairs to get something, I honestly can't remember what, when I saw Mommy's door slightly opened. Not thinking that they would be having sex with the door still open, I walked in on them. The guy was naked on his back and Mommy, wearing nothing but a black garter, stockings, and strappy high heels, was riding his rigid cock. I also remember thinking that his pecker was nothing compared to my Daddy's ;-)

Embarrassed, I put my head down, apologized and immediately left the room...but not before catching a glimpse of the pink folds of my Mom's sweet pussy...dripping juices all over his stiff cock. I ran to my room and put my ear to a vent and started listening. "Oh yes! Oh yes! Don't fucking stop! Your cock feels so good baby!" she said. Then I heard him, "Ohgodohgodohgod...I'm gonna fucking ccccccuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm." Then, about a minute later I could only make out parts of what was being said. I heard my mother say, "Are you sure?" "Can't you stay a little?" Then, I heard her door open, they walked down the stairs, they said some things that I couldn't make out and he left.

I went upstairs and Mommy was in the kitchen with a glass of wine. She was still wearing her black stockings and heels. She had on a sexy, slinky black dress, her thick black hair flowing down her back. Her eyes were so green that they looked like emeralds. And at only 4'10" and 92 lbs, she couldn't have came in a smaller, sweeter package :-) I could tell that she had already done some drinking. While I was 14 and my mother was 27, a lot of people expressed shock that my Mommy got pregnant with me when she was only 13 . But Mom was always quick to point out that while she gave BIRTH to me when she was 13, she actually got pregnant when she was 12 :-) And she was always quick to point out how much she liked sex too! In many ways, she was more like an older s****r than a mother.

"Why is EVERY...GUY...I MEET...a premature ejaculator?" she looked at me and asked. "Oh no! Not another one," I said.. "And the ones with big dicks that fuck ya till ya can't see straight are always married," I added with a playful smile. "You wanna talk about it?" I asked. She polished off her glass of wine, looked at me and said, very precociously, "OK, but only if you rub Mommy's feet." I smiled and said, "Yes Mommy." She handed me her glass and asked me to refill it and walked into the living room.

When I walked into the living room, I remember looking at the way the light of the fire danced on her long, smooth legs. Soon, her soft, stockinged feet would be in my lap, my hands on her tiny feet. I handed her her glass and she jumped onto her knees on the couch, slowly took the glass from my hand, put her finger over my mouth (in a ssshhhhh gesture), and put the glass of wine to my lips and said, "Drink" ;-) I did as I was told, then she took a drink, set the glass down on the coffee table, and layed down on the couch. I sat down as she lifted up her legs and she put her feet in my lap. "Take off Mommy's shoes," she said. "Yes Mommy," I replied obediently.

As I unfastened the strappy latch of her size 5 shoe, I marvelled at how glorious her feet were...the toes...the soles...the arches...everything...they were perfect. Then, I thought about how many times I had seen Mommy's perfect little feet being sucked and licked on my Daddy's home movies many times I had seen my Daddy, uncles, cousins, neighbors, etc., rubbing their hard dicks on her flawless many times I had seen her soft soles tenderly stroking cocks until her toes were dripping with cum ;-)

As I began to spoil my Mommy's precious feet and toes, she told me about another premature ejaculator she had dated who was kissing her goodnight. She started caressing his cock through his pants...GUY BLEW A FUCKING LOAD! Then, she told me about another preemie that made it passed her handjob...ONLY TO BLOW HIS LOAD AFTER JUST 60 SECONDS IN HER MOUTH! As I listened to my own mother tell me these things, about giving handjobs and blowjobs, about getting unexpected handfuls and mouthfuls of cum, as I caressed her soft soles and sexy toes through her silky pantyhose, my cock began to throb :-)

She said that tonight's guy had taken her to dinner, they made out and she gave him a little handjob (although not to completion) before they went into the restaurant. Apparently, she took off her shoes and put her feet in his lap once they were at their table but he didn't dare to take his cock out even for a pantyhose footjob! They made out in the parking lot after dinner and she sucked his cock as he drove her home.

As she continued to tell me these things, she continued sipping her wine, her feet fidgeting in my lap, it became impossible to hide my raging hard on! Soon, her little feet were playfully sliding up and down my thighs, the texture of nylon driving me absolutely wild. She gave me more wine. "Can you believe," she said, "that he turned down a pantyhose footjob? I mean, look at these feet!" she said as held her little foot up in the air just a few inches from my face. "Mom, I would NEVER turn down a pantyhose footjob from you...I mean...if you weren't my Mom...I mean...that is," I said awkwardly as she looked at me and smiled playfully. She said that while she was on her back and he was fucking her, she had stuck her feet in his face and told him to suck them. He made a sick face and said, "Nah, that's ok."

"What would you say if your Mommy stuck her feet in your face and told you to suck them? To kiss them?" she asked seductively. "I would say, 'Yes Mommy'", I replied with a smile. She smiled, took another drink of her her wine, layed down on the couch and lifted her foot mere inches away from my mouth and looked at me seductively. Without a word, I smiled, took her soft feet into my mouth and was instantly treated to the most glorious sound I have ever heard...MOM MOANING WITH PLEASURE AS I KISSED AND SUCKED ON HER TOES AND FEET :-) "Oh yes...suck Mommy's toes! Spoil Mommy's feet!" she exclaimed as she took a sip of wine. I don't know what was turning me on more, her toes in my mouth or listening to her talk dirty :-)

I began kissing them tenderly through her silky pantyhose. On the soles, licking each toe, sucking each one gently into my mouth, rubbing my face into their softness. After about 5 minutes, she excused herself to the restroom, I threw a couple of logs into the fire and I sat, with my cock as hard as steel, until she returned. What I had not expected, was for my mother to return wearing nothing but her black stockings, a black pair of panties and bra...her black, slinky dress nowhere to be seen :-) "I hope you don't mind," she said, "I had to get out of that dress." "I don't mind at all," I said with a smile from ear to ear. "Here, why don't you get comfortable too," she said as she pulled off my shirt and started unfastening my pants. A little taken aback, she looked at me and said, "Relax. I'm your mother. It's not like I haven't seen you before," she said with a smile. She left me in nothing but my boxers...and an erection that was beyond hiding!

"Where were we?" my Mommy asked playfully. "Oh yes. I had my feet in your face and you were kissing and licking them!" She jumped onto the couch and immediately had her feet back in my face, and I joyfully went back to sucking and kissing them. Now that her skirt was gone, I could see just what kind of an effect I was having on her, her black lacy panties dripping with the juices of her precious hole. She undid her bra and began pinching, pulling on, sucking and licking her own rubbery nipples, rubbing the soft mounds of her small, perky breasts.

As I continued working her toes and feet with my lips and mouth, she saw me looking at her crotch. She opened her legs wide and said, "You like that? You like seeing how wet your mother is getting? You like seeing what a filthy slut your Mommy can be?" I removed her pantyhose toes from my mouth long enough to say, "Yes Mommy". "Show me! Show Mommy how much you like it!" she barked. She told me to stand up, she jumped from the couch to her knees and in a swift motion, she pulled down my boxers, fully exposing my raging erection.

"Oh my, oh my, oh my, " she said with a smile as she lovingly and tenderly began pulling on my thick member . My mind was racing with thoughts as her slender fingers wrapped around my throbbing teenage shaft. As her soft, smooth, tiny hand stroked my cock up and down I thought, "Holy shit! I'm getting a handjob from my Mom!" We both took another drink of wine and she layed down and I went back to her feet. I was losing my mind as she tweeked her nipples as I sucked her toes. Soon, she was rubbing the mound of her pussy through her lacy black panties. Then her hand slipped under her panties and she began vigorously working the slippery pink folds of her gorgeous snatch. Her other hand was wrapped firmly around the shaft of my penis, stroking furiously. Then, she grabbed my hand...and slid it under her panties :-) I thought I was going to pass out as I put the palm of my hand on her hairless mound and began exploring her wet, slippery folds with my fingers.

Suddenly, she pulled her feet away from my face, AND LOWERED THEM TO MY CROTCH! I almost fainted from pleasure when she took my throbbing cock between he soles of her feet and began stroking me lovingly ;-) While I had given countless pantyhose footjobs to countless men, I had never received one. And I couldn't have asked for a softer, prettier or more talented pair of feet! Her soft soles and talented toes brought me to the brink of orgasm before laying on her back, pulling off her lacy black panties spreading her legs and saying four words: "Eat...your Mother's...pussy :-)" I did not need to be told twice! I buried my face between her legs and began licking up and down...gently taking her swollen clit into my mouth...playfully flicking my tongue into her pink, puckered asshole...the swollen lips of her pink pussy, glistening by the light of the fire. She threw back her head, arched her back and pulled my face into her crotch. As my tongue flickered around, in and out of her holes, all she could say was "Yyyyyeeeesssssssss!"

I had my tongue buried deep inside the warm wet lips of her pussy, my nose in her mound and occasionally rubbing her clit. She grabbed my right hand, put it in the crack of her ass, and said, "Rub my shithole!" Then, she took my left hand, put it on her pussy and said, "Rub my clit at the same time!" As I worked her pussy with my lips and tongue, my left hand was rubbing her swollen clit, my right hand rubbing her puckered poohole, I could tell she was close to cumming. I didn't know how much more I could take when suddenly, she leaned back on the couch, spreading her legs as she did so, and pulled me on top of her whispering seductively into my ear, "Fuck me son...fuck your Mommy's pussy."

My body was covered in goosebumps as my swollen, purple cockhead rubbed directly against her sweet, pouty pussy lips. She reached down and grabbed my pole, guided me toward her hole and said, "Push." I did as I was told and as I sank into the warm, wet, softness of my Mother, we melted into each others arms.

She was on her back in a missionary position for about 3-4 minutes, when I started getting some confidence ;-) Whenever I'm getting fucked by a bunch of guys, there's nothing I love more than being on my hands and knees. I told her to get on all a doggy. "Excuse me," she said. "You heard me," I said, "Now do it...before I make you bark like a doggy too," I said with a smack on the ass! She got on her hands and knees, I mounted her from behind, slid my cock into her pussy, started massaging and caressing her left foot with my left hand and started using my right hand to play with her asshole. She was close to orgasm as my cock slid in and out of her slippery pussy, my fingers were playing with her feet and asshole. Every now and then, I would reach around with my right hand and rub her clit (or tweak her nipples) as I continued to fuck her like a doggy.

She threw me off of her and onto the floor, on my back, cock sticking straight up in the air, and threw her leg over me, lowered herself onto my cock and began riding me reverse cowgirl. I reached down and took a stockinged foot in each hand and began spoiling her feet and toes with my hands as she spoiled my cock with the warm softness of her pussy. I reached up and began playing with her asshole, first, gently rubbing the puckered hole, then, slowly pushing in fingers. She began lovingly caressing my balls as she bounced up and down on my hard cock.

I could tell that we weren't going to last much longer so I threw her from my lap, layed her down on her back on the living room floor, legs spread wide. But as I mounted her, I rubbed the head of my cock all the way up and down the length of her slit, up and down the crack of her ass, against her tight, pink asshole. She looked at me like a woman possessed and said, "DO IT! FUCK MY ASS!"

I thought I was going to need some lube as I pushed against my her shithole, but luckily my cock had so much of her saliva and pussy juice on it, that it slid right in ;-) I reached down with my left hand and started sliding fingers in and out of her pussy while I rubbed her clitty with my right hand. As my cock slid in and out of her tight ass, my finger slid in and out of her slippery pussy, she stuck both of her stockinged feet in my face and I thought I had died and went to heaven!

As I furiously pleasured her feet, toes, pussy, and ass all at the same time, she began shrieking, "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD! DON'T STOP! DON'T FUCKING STOP!" as she wrapped her skinny legs tightly around my waist and began thowing her head back...arching her back in wave after spasmodic wave of pleasure. As her body twitched and convulsed with the final throes of orgasm, soon it was my turn. As my movements became more out of control, she said 4 words: "Cum in my ass..." But I had my own plans ;-) As I felt the waves of pleasure began shooting through my hard cock, I pulled from her asshole and thrust my hard cock in her face. I had wondered what my mother's reaction would be to being presented with her son's hard cock that had just been up her own ass. But without the slightest hesitation, she took my cock, put it in her mouth, and began passionately milking me with her lips and tongue. It couldn't have been a moment too soon either because I put my hands on the back of her head just in time to pump her mouth full of my hot, gooey teenage cum, which she greedily devoured!

We went upstairs, kissed each other awkwardly goodnight, and went into our separate bedrooms. But I could not sl**p...I could not eat...I could not drink...I could not think about anything except what just happened. I remember feeling guilty, but I didn't know if it was guilt because I had just fucked my Mommy's mouth, pussy and ass or because I enjoyed it so much!

An hour had gone by when I heard her bedroom door open. I hear the floor creak. Then, my door opened. "Are you still awake," she asked. "Yes," I replied. She was wearing a black, sheer nightie, and it was very clear that she had nothing on underneath. She asked if I wanted to talk about what just happened. She told me that there was nothing wrong with two people that love each other doing what we had done. She told me that she loved me with all of her heart and that she would do anything for me. She told me that it was a mother's responsibility to teach her son how to be a man. She told me that while the bonds that attract men and women are strong, those bonds are even stronger when they are between f****y. And she told me that there is nothing more intimate, more tender or more loving than the bond that exists between f****y.

As I listened to her, my cock grew to full attention :-) I ran my fingers through her long, black wavy locks and began kissing her...deeply...passionately. Her body went limp as I embraced her petite body in my arms and as my Mom's soft, wet tongue danced around my mouth, she began caressing my cock through my boxers. I slid my hand into her nightie and began tweaking her stiff nipples, then her pussy. I took off her panties, stood up and took off my boxers as she spread her legs for my rock hard member for the second time that evening. She was already wet and her pussy lips were pouty and glistening. I pushed my cock head into her mound and as I layed down on top of her, I pushed my cock in all the way. She let out a gasp and as I began pumping her pussy, I thought about what she said. She put her pencil-thin calves on my shoulders, and as I began kissing her bare feet and sucking her her soft, smooth arms and legs wrapped around she moaned, "ohyesohyesohyes...don't stop...don't fucking stop"...her soft, wet pussy wrapped tightly around my cock. She pulled my face close to hers, so close that our foreheads were touching. "Do it honey! Fuck your Mother's cunt! Show Mommy how much you love my hairless cunt!" she encouraged me as she shoved her tongue into my mouth. I was slightly shocked yet completely aroused at her harsh language and as the volleys of cum began to launch from my penis, filling the very womb in which I was born, I pushed every inch inside of her. "Yes! Yes! Cum in Mommy's cunt baby...fill my pussy...FILL MOMMY'S PUSSY!" As I climaxed deep within her, she started jerking around uncontrollably, throwing her head back saying repeatedly, "Yes! Yes! Fuck yyyyyyyeeeeeesssss!

As I pulled my exhausted cock from her my cum gushed from her stretched out our sweaty bodies collapsed into each we kissed passionately and our tongues danced romantically in each other's mouths...I knew that I had never done anything more beautiful in my life. We woke up in my bed, in each others arms, and we made love once again, this time as the room filled with the light of the morning sun. After I filled her ass with my cum, she called into work sick. She called my school and told them that I was not feeling well. And we spent the entire day, naked, and in each other's arms :-)

When the evening began, we were just mother and son. Now, less than 24 hours later, we were full-fledged lovers. And now that I was getting naked (albeit seperately) with my estranged Mother and Father, my next task was to get them back together. Fortunately, my plan involved lots of nudity, lots of debauchery, and most of all, a neverending f****y fun fest ;-)

Love to hear from anybody that enjoyed this! Chow :-)
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3 months ago
I love your nasty stories.
5 months ago
great story
6 months ago
Sweet, love how mommy is a filthy talking shithole slut. :)
6 months ago
Yeah, Mom loves talking dirty :-)
7 months ago
thanks for posting, great story. Particularly the use of filthy language like poohole, shithole, etc.