In Hose and Heels for Daddy

It was shortly after my 14th birthday when I made the decision to seduce my Daddy. I mean, all of my girlfriends were having naked fun with their daddies. I didn't wanna be left out ;-) After all, me and my BFF, Ashley, had been getting naked and having fun with her daddy for 2 whole years now...and with her b*****rs...and with her uncles...and with her cousins...and with her neighbors...and with her...awwww, get the picture ;-)

It was the morning after my first experience with my Daddy. I was camping out in my back yard and had told some guys to come over for backyard blowjobs. I had been sucking and fucking cocks all night when me and a buddy caught my naughty Daddy jerking his big, fat Daddy dick to a 6 hour video of me, his crossdressing son, all dolled up and providing oral pleasure to whole group of my buddies ;-) Now that I knew Daddy was jerking off to a video of me, I started strutting around the house when my Mommy wasn't around...sometimes naked...sometimes in hose and heels...until finally I became Daddy's lil pantyhose cumslut ;-) (For more, see my story, "Seducing Daddy").

Every morning, around 515 am, my Daddy would come downstairs and go into his den. Now that I knew how good my Daddy felt in my my ass...when I thought about how hot and delicious Daddy's lovejuice was...I got an idea ;-) I had set my alarm for 430, jumped in the shower, shaved my legs, cock, balls and boypussy till they were perfectly smooth. I went back to my room and put on a dark brown pair of stockings with a black garter belt.

I had recently started a babysitting company with Ashley and let's just say that we were two babysitters that went above and beyond the call of duty ;-) We may have been young, but we LOVED making guys cum! (For more on that, see my story, "Adventures in Babysitting"). I was "babysitting" for a man that was particularly into stockings and he would buy me pairs of stockings that were older than me! Some of them were from the 1930's and 40's. I used to pretend that I was Marilyn Monroe when I was bouncing up and down on his stiff prick ;-) Anyway, these stockings I had picked out for Daddy had backseams and full-fashion Cuban heels. I had several men that would buy me sexy heels and already had 11 pair! So I put on a pair of strappy high heeled sandals and waited for Daddy. But before I did, I put in the buttplug that my own mother had not only given me, but also taught me how to use and then, I painted my face up like a whore just like my Mommy taught me ;-) I even put on a wig that my Mommy bought me for Halloween!

My heart beat with anticipation as I heard the creaking of the stairs. I could barely stand it as I heard the door to Daddy's den open and then close. Then, I waited.

As I approached the door to his den, my hips began to swing seductively from side to side. With every step I took, I felt myself becoming more and more feminine...more and more girlie. As I put my ear to his door, I was happy to hear the sound of my own voice coming from the TV...moaning and pleasuring cocks. I opened the door...

My Daddy was on his couch, his 9 inch pole sticking straight into the air, his hand slowly stroking it, and me on the TV, dressed like a whore with 3 dicks waving around in my face, working them all with my mouth and lips ;-) As I walked into the room, wearing nothing but my stockings and garter belt, high heels, and a wig, I swear Daddy's cock got even bigger ;-) At first he looked surprised. Then, he got a devious smile ;-) All he said was, "Oh my...oh my my my," as he stood up and took me in his arms. My Dad is a giant, standing 6 foot 8 inches and weighing 240 lbs, his job with construction made sure that he was always in great shape. As he put his arms around me, I was only 5 feet tall and barely weighed 100 lbs. I felt so vulnerable, yet, so safe in my Daddy's arms :-)

Without a word, he pulled me into a deep French kiss...our warm, wet tongues...playfully darting around in each other's mouths. Without any prompting from my Daddy, I reached my soft little hand down and began gently and softly caressing Daddy's big cock and balls, his shaft so thick that my hand couldn't even completely wrap around it! As he reached down my back and grabbed a buttcheek in each hand, his fingers began playfully exploring my crack...gently working my asshole with the buttplug as our kissing continued. He pulled it from my ass and pulled me toward him and began licking my neck and nibbling my earlobe as he pushed his finger all the way into my little ass. I could feel Daddy's warm breath on my ear...first one finger...then two...then three. He let out a sigh and said, "Get on your knees." "Yes Daddy," I replied and obeyed.

"Open your mouth," he ordered. "Yes Daddy," I said as I opened my mouth. I sucked just how my Daddy taught me to suck just the night before. I would gently work the tip with the softness of my tongue before taking the tip into the warmth of my mouth. I began to take it deep into my mouth, gently working the shaft with my lips. I reached up and started caressing Daddy's big balls.

I removed Daddy's swollen head from my mouth and began licking the shaft up and down...all the way to Daddy's balls. I worked Daddy's cock like this, from the tip of his cock, up and down the shaft and all the way down to his balls, for about 15 minutes. Then, Daddy told me to turn around, bend over his desk, and spread my legs. I did as I was told and Daddy got on his knees behind my fully exposed rear end. He pulled my soft little butt cheeks apart and buried his face into my pink hairless asshole ;-) When he started to run his big, manly hands up and down my slender, stockinged legs, my knees began to get rubbery!

After about 10 minutes of tounging my asshole, Daddy told me to lay on my back on his couch and spread my legs, which I happily did. Daddy unfastened my strappy high heels, buried his face in my soft feet, rubbing his face against the nylon, inhaling deeply :-) His strong hands worked my girlie little feet till I felt like Jell-O! He was massaging them...He was tickling them...He was licking them and sucking on my toes...I felt like Daddy's Lil Princess!

As he worked my feet and toes with his hands and mouth, he began working my asshole again with his fingers. I couldn't tell which was driving me crazier...what Daddy was doing to my feet...or what Daddy was doing to my ass!

He reached into a drawer and handed me a tube. "Lube up my cock, then lay down and spread your legs," he said. I jumped from the couch and got on my knees in front of my Daddy. I squeezed some lube onto my hand...and began massaging it into my Daddy's big dick and layed back down on the couch with my legs spread as wide as I could possibly spread them, just like Daddy told me ;-)

As Daddy pushed his swollen, purple cock head against my puckered, pink asshole, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and to my surprise...he slid in effortlessly! Good thing Mommy gave me that buttplug to stretch out my asshole for Daddy :-) He only pushed in about 3 of his 9 inches, and he gently and rhythmically worked it in and out of my hole. After 2-3 minutes, he pushed in just a little bit deeper, and went back to rocking me gently and rhythmically. After another couple of minutes, he pushed in deeper still. When I felt his big hairy balls slapping against my ass, I knew that I had every single inch of my Daddy buried in my tight, hairless bunghole :-)

At first, Daddy moved very slowly. Then, he grabbed my calf, pulled my foot to his face, and began kissing and licking my scrumptious feet and toes while his hard cock fucked my tight lil ass. It was the most exhilarating thing I had ever experienced! Daddy was telling me how delicious my feet were when my boypussy began to quiver around Daddy's cock and I began spraying cum from my boyclitty. As the hot cum squirted onto my belly, my Daddy began pumping my ass and sucking my toes even harder. "Stand up," he said as he pulled his cock from my ass.

Daddy and I stood up, he crouched down, put his big, strong arms around my waist, and hoisted me effortlessly into the air! I wrapped my skinny little legs around him as he suspended me in the air, and he reached down, positioned the tip of his cock toward my hole, and slowly lowered me onto it :-) I had never had sex in this position and was so happy that I was doing it with Daddy!

He pulled from my ass as he set me down on my back on top of his desk. Then Daddy grabbed both of my feet, and wrapped them around his cock and started fucking the soft, wrinkled soles of my teenage feet. He rubbed the head of his cock against each toe through the soft silkiness of my stockings. Without a word, Daddy pulled my face to his crotch...just in time to cum in my mouth ;-) With each splash of Daddy's hot, gooey cum, I felt luckier and luckier. I swallowed as fast as I could, but Daddy filled my mouth so much, that it began dribbling from the sides of my lips...just as he had the night before! As he rubbed the cum on my chin all over my face with his still erect cock, I felt like the luckiest slut on earth!

As far as we knew, my mother was asl**p upstairs and although Daddy and I never mentioned it, we were both trying to keep our lovemaking down so we didn't wake her up! As we layed in post-orgasmic bliss, we heard the stairs creak! SHE WAS COMING DOWNSTAIRS! I grabbed my heels and ran to my room, my little boyclitty tossing from side to side, as I jumped into bed just moments before she got downstairs. I jumped under the covers and prentended to be asl**p...even though I was wearing a garter belt and stockings under the sheets! She told my Daddy that she couldn't sl**p and that she was going to do some laundry. You wanna talk about almost getting caught with yer hand in the cookie jar ;-)

Soon, I was dressing in full drag for my Daddy every and everything. And I always did what Daddy said ;-) Usually, I would freshen up after my session with Daddy and I would walk across the street to Ashley's house while it was still dark. Her mom left for work at 6 a.m. and Ashley and her Daddy were usually naked and in each other's arms by 6:01 :-) Sometimes they were in her Daddy's bedroom. Sometimes they were in Ashley's bedroom. Sometimes they were in the shower...or the kitchen...or the living room...or the garage...or the backyard ;-) But no matter where they were, I tore off my clothes and joined in the fun!

Since me and Ash had been having a threesome with her Daddy almost every morning, I thought it was only fair that I invite her to join me in some naughty fun with my Daddy ;-) One day, my mother came home early from work to find my Daddy and two of his buddies, yours truly, in complete drag, Ashley, her friend and her friend's s****r, two of Ashley's female cousins, who had both brought female friends...and we were all butt naked and having a blast ;-) Who would have ever thought that 3 men, 7 horny teenybopper girls, and 1 cock-crazy crossdresser could have so much cumsplattering fun!

My Mommy and Daddy got separated for three months but while my Mommy was very upset, it was not at the fact that there was an orgy going on in her living room...SHE WAS MAD THAT SHE HADN'T BEEN INVITED! My Mommy and Daddy had been swingers during the 70's and 80's. The parties usually took place after their bowling league. When I was 8, I walked in on my Mommy and Daddy, my aunt and uncle, their 19-year old daughter and 18-year old son (my cousins), a husband and wife couple from their bowling league and 2 of their daughters. As I looked at all the naked, sweaty, gyrating bodies, I even saw the neighbor girl who had been babysitting me only an hour earlier ;-) My Daddy had an 8mm camera and was filming the entire thing! "You're not the only one that likes to party," she reminded my Daddy. "What happened to us?" she asked him. After three months of marriage counseling, Mommy decided that if she couldn't beat me and my Daddy, she might as well join us! But that's a WHOLE 'nother story ;-)

Hope ya liked this story and if you liked it enough to stroke yer cocks off to it, lemme know! Especially if you blew loads all over yourselves :-) Peace!

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Great Story!
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love it, its such a sexy story
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Super hot I will dress for any daddy
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i love stroking to this!
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nice and hot again,realy hot
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Great story so erotic so much fun with
daddy and Ashley was so fasanating i casme in my panties
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