helping friend in need

It was a quite normal saturday I just got home from getting my nails filled and eyebrows waxed,till a female friend of mine came by very upset and crying.I asked her what was wrong and she showed me a letter that she got in mail saying she had to pay $2800.00 dollars by Monday 4:00 pm or go to jail for 6 months. Her exboyfriend got some tickets in her car and never told her or payed them. Since they were all on her car she was the who had to pay them.
I told her if I had money I would lend it to her but I just payed off my house to get out of the interst rate I had.I said to her if she could figure way to make the money I would help her.She said ok but she would call me later to let me know and left.
I went in and took bath and shaved my legs and rest of my body smooth and doucheing my boy-pussy.I just got out of the tube drying off when the phone rang.I picked it up and it was Dianne on the other end she said I got way to make money but it up to you if you wanna do it.She said you dress and are more of a woman than a man look better than most woman.I said thanks that what I like to hear.I said ok you butter me up now what is it.Well she said I found out there is a big convention in a certain city not far from us and was wondering if you would go with me and be esorts.I hesitated for a second and said well I never had prosituted before. She said that she did few times and men always were looking for trannies too.I said ok I would do it an we get ready at my house and I drive up there.
She showed up at my house and we both did our make up heavy and slutty an got dressed in blck corsets with gartors and matching black bras,I glued on my silcon d-cup breast since my real breast were still deleoping on female hormones.We both put on black fishnet stockings fastened then to gartor straps, I taped my cock all down smooth and sliped on black g-string that matched the corset and bra.Dianne gave me a purple micro mini dress to put on,it fit as tite as a latex glove and just barely covered my ass.She put on a red one just like it. I grabbed my silver glitter 5" open toe stilleos an she wore gold pair like them.
We both checked ourself in the mirror and our hair.I changed my earrings to large silver hoop ones.We got our purse and put condoms in them and left to go up there.Since it was a 2 hour drive there it was dark when we got there.I had to drive around and found place to park for 20 dollars that was safe.
I parked and we got out and walked about 3 blocks over to a street.She looked at me and said you don't have to do this if you don't want to.I said I know but I want too.It wasn't long after that a car pulled up with older guy in it he called me over and asked if I was dateing tonite.I said yes told him price for bj and half and half he said ok.I got in the car with him we parked in a dark alley he payed me so gave him bj and let him eat my boy pussy and then fuck me.Dam that was a quick 150 for 15 minutes.
Well we had been out there for almost 6 hours and I couldn't belive how many men that wanted me and fucked me.Well I was down to my last rubber and so was Dianne and I told her that I was glad that I helped and being payed to let them fuck me.I told her I wanted the my last john of night to have a monster cock and really fuck me hard.It had got dead last few mintues when a older colored man pulled up.He was very polite and nice and asked me if I was working.I said yes and told him that i was a tranny which got him very excited.He asked if me politely if like to see his dick first,sure I said.He undid his pants and showed me his cock it was a good 8.5" long an 4" thick.Dianne had walked away to another car when the guy asked me how much,I told him and he said ok.I got in the car with him and we drove the alley and got out of the car I PUT MY LAST CONDOM and sucked him for mintue dam barely got my mouth on his cock he was so thick.I sucked him only for bit,he asked me if I like him to try an fuck me,yes I said. I bent over the hood of the car he put some lube on my boy pussy and his cock he slow pushed it in me I felt my ass being strecthing open it hurt a little but but i wanted that big thick cock in me he slowly worked it in me and was fucking me slow and easy.I moaned in plesure and told him to fuck me fast and hard so he grabbed my hips and for the next 15 mintues fucked the living hell out of me i was scream in pleasure after he came he pulled out took the rubber off.I was weak in my legs and felt great.He put his pants on and put on my g-string my hole still strecthed open and pulled down my dress.He reached in his pocket to pay me,I gave him kiss on his lips and told to keep the money cuz he was so great.
I walked back to street Dianne just got there,we walk backed to were we parked to leave I told her about him she said she knew heard me.We drove back home and got to my house and went in and counted the money we made.We made just over 4000.00 dollars.We took 2800.00 out she needed and split the rest.
We went into my bedroom to get undress and we got off our dresses and she thanked me and had fuck her rest of nite and cum in her.
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2 years ago
what are friends for
you can be my friend anytime
2 years ago
Hot story... wish I was one of those guys... or better yet, passable enough to run with you. ;)
2 years ago
Paula you are hot as this!
2 years ago
Nice story