cdpaula Saturday nite wild time

Well saturday nite Dan invited me over to play cards with him and 5 of his old buddys.Dan said he told them about us and said they were cool with it.So I dressed very slutty,blk corset with bulit in bra and gartor straps fish net thigh highs stocking,5.5" open toe stilettos and lepard print mini dress,and all my make up and jewlery.
The card playing and of course drink were getting kind of dull so as we played cards the subject changed to something crazy wanted to do.They said stuff and it got to me and I jokely said oh just to be gangbanged an laughed.We went back to paying and I went into kitchen to get a drink.I wasn't gone that long when got back Dan handed note.It asked if I was serious about what I said and if I was would I do it with him and his buddies.I wrote back on the note yes,an that i was going to go to the bathroom and take my dress off an handed back to him.
I was only gone couple of minutes to take my dress off an came back into the den.To my suprise they were all naked. I sucked each cock hard and then one of them lubed my ass up and fingered me then i felt hard cock in me as i was sucking and had a cock in each hand.Well after a good while of this I was loveing it.I was rideing Dans cock an felt alot of pressure at my hole soon i was streched open and i had 2 cocks in ass one in my mouth.They all fucked me for 2.5 hours straight.
Well they started to leave everyone kissed and said that I made there year.When in fact they made mine
80% (14/3)
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2 years ago
Wow what a great night
2 years ago
Love to ride that fine ass and fondle your clit till you cum,then pleasure you again and again.
3 years ago
into my faves!