Neigbor meets Paula for first time part 2

I went and got drink and looked out the window to see if he was home.I sent him text message and asked if he wanted to meet her.I was supprised that a man in his 60's could text, he said yes and asked her name,Paula texted back to him.I was sitting on my porch when he text back and asked when? I said well whenever you want too.He text back and asked what she looked like,I well look out your side window on my porch.I guess it didn't sink in it was me he was looking at first, because he texted me and said she is beautiful and sexy.I sent text back and said thank you.
I walked back in the house when he texted me back.He finally figured out Paula was me.He said, I'm sorry I wasn't thinking you look great as Paula.I asked him do you want me to come over so you can really see me.Yes he texted back fast.I grabed my purse and locked the door and walked over. He was at the door waiting for me,I could tell he must of just got out of the shower when I texted him cuz he had only boxers on with a towel wrapped around them.He said give me mintue and i go put on some pants.I told him he was ok if he wanted to say that way.
He told me a a seat so I sat down on the loveseat and crossed my legs,which made my mini hike so he see top of my stocking.He got us each a drink and sat beside me we talk and for a while.As we talked he put his hand on my thigh and rubbed it. I uncrossed my legs an spead my legs apart some he rub them all the way to my thong.I put my hand on his bare leg as we talk and rubbed it up under the towel.
He was such gentleman,he asked me may I give you a kiss?I told him he could he leaned over an gave me a soft gentle kiss on my lips,he said my lips soft and felt good.I told thanks,we kissed again this time for good time.I took my hand as we kissed moved the towel off and felt his hard cock threw the hole in his boxers.He was feeling my ass cheeks and rubbing them as we kissed.He moved from my lips and kissed my neck,I moaned and said oh yes or something.I moved my hand and rubbed his chest as he did.He kissed my lips again and this time i moved and start to kiss my way down his chest.I put my hand as I did in his boxer waist band.

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3 years ago
Well now you got me all hot with a very hard cocklet thanks Candi
3 years ago
well dont stop there...