Neigbor meets Paula for first time part 1

TRUE STOREY HAPPEN TODAY....Well I moved back to Va. after 11 yrs and bought a home. the house next to mine was small and empty for a good while.Oneday I seen olderman over there well he bought it an fixed it up n moved in.
After 9 months of us living next door to each other and talking I never a single person go there or him go off for very long.We were talking this morning and I asked if he was ever married he said yea but she had pasted 10 yrs ago.I said well guy like you should have no problem find a girl.He said he wasn't adtracted to regular woman any more he wanted to meet a cd if I new what one was.I said one lives very close to here.I was thinking how he never seen me leave the house dressed as Paula and my eyebrows shaved an stuff dam I always wore gloves around cuz my nail were done and painted.He said I like to meet her,ok I said.I told him had to go do stuff and talk to him later.
I went in the house took a long bath made sure I was silky smooth and whole body hairless.Well I got dried off did my make up and put some 24 hr dark red lipstick too.Taped my cock like my showed years ago and put on a pink and black corset and bra with my d-cup silcon breast glueing them on,a pair of suntan color thigh hi stockings and hooked the gartor straps of the corset to them.I put macthing pink an black string back thong.Then I went in the bath room put my hair up and put small hoop earrings in my top holes and long silver type chain ones in the bottom holes.I pinnened mt hair all up and put on a dirt blonde wig,I put on 6 rings on my fingers a silver choker neckless.
I went to my closet and picked out a black zip front very tite mini dress and put on with 5" black open toe strap stilettoes so he could see my toes an fingers painted same color red.I put on my braclets and looked in the mirror, I looked good for 45 yr old.
69% (10/4)
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3 years ago
good start thanks Candi
3 years ago
Great beginning!