the real me part three

Just then the phone rang and mom handed to me it was Mike he said that he couldn't belive it was me he seen at the store.I told him yes it was,then asked if he wanted to still be friends.He asked well you going to dress like that always now?I said well do you like the new real me,he said well I love the new you.Mike told me how he got hard thinking about me that way.Well what your mom say i asked. He said it was up to us what we wanted to do.I asked did your mom say anything to you about her and my mom being lesbain lovers? Yea she did he said, ok then we are cool with them.
He then asked me will you make out with me,oh yes I want to and were it goes from there we will see. He an I talked a few more minutes and hung up so he pack his stuff. I went out in in beauty shop checked my make up and stuff.Mom came out and said you look hot and sexy dont worry.She told come help her in kitchen so I did, we talked a bit she said good thing he tall cuz you being 5'11" with out heels and wearing 5" ones makes about same hieght.
Well it wasn't long before the door bell rang,it was Becky and Mike, my mom and kissed when they came in.We all went in to the kitchen and sat down at the table an drank some ice tea.Mike sat beside me and I put my legs close to him,he finally put his hand down and rubbed my thigh.He whispered nice soft and smooth i said thank you and for you always.I guess our moms knew we were being shy because they told us to go get stuff out of Beckyy's car.
So we went out the door as soon as we were outside he held my hand to the car.He open the trunk and asked me if I was sure as he but his arms around my waiste and I put my around his neck. Yes and as soon as our lips meet I got goose bumps and weak in my knees.I dont know how long we were out kissing,but our mothers came out and said well you got time for that lets get this stuff in house now. We all took stuff in the house so the car was unloaded.Mike and I went into the den and sat on couch and turn on the tv.We went back to makeing out I had my hand on his lap rubbing his hard cock threw his shorts,as we kissed more I got them unbutton an had my inside his boxers playing with his thick 7.5" cock.
I told him that I wanted to suck it he said yes, I got on the floor between his legs pulled down his short and boxers,freeing his cock I licked the shaft an head of ti tasteing the precum. Then open my mouth an wrapped my cherry red lips around his cock slowly going more down him it wasn't long before I was take all of him. I remember how good his cock felt and tasted as sucked him and didn't care if our moms saw us.Iwas sucking about 10 minutes when he started to tense up and said he was going to cum,then shot stream of hot into my throat and filled my mouth full I swallowed evry drop and milked his cock dry.
I moved back up on the couch beside him and he told me was the 1st time he every had a bj mine to to give one I said. I could still taste his cum in my mouth. I asked him he wanted to take virgin hole later,he said do you want me to i told yes. I said ok and told I was going to go get us a soda.
I went into the kitchen and mom an becky asked me if liked sucking him. What else could I say but yes and swallowed all of his cum.They both got up and came over and gave me a big kiss so they could taste his cum in my mouth.Then they asked me as took a drink of tea if that all we were going to do,I said no that later I was going to give him my virgin hole and took our tea back to the den
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2 years ago
3 years ago
Very good story. Becoming a cock slut with mommas help and encuragement.
3 years ago
This was so hot you had me jacking off just reading it thanks Candi
3 years ago
Very nice story! ;)