The real me part one

Well let me began Iam not in the closet, I grew up in small town my mom raised me cuz my dad was not around. This town was dead and in my school days there was only myself and friend of mine that were the only k**s in town. It was summer and my friend had left to go spend the summer with his grandmother in other state.
My mom was a 5'9" 130 lbs d breast woman that raised me and worked her but off doing it as only hair stlies around for a 100 miles. She always wore dress and skirts and heels dolled up everyday. So oneday I was bored around the house when she was home taken a break. We were talking about stuff when she asked me what was bothering me? I said nothing, she looked at me and said you can tell me, i told her you get mad if I do at me or upset.She looked at me and said no I won't tell me please.So I told her to sit down and I try.
Well I told her i wanted to be like her,she looked at me and said you are like me I raised you. No I said you don't understand I want to dress like you to wear make ,heels and all. She was quite for a minute and looked at me I was feeling ashamed and bad that I told her. She got up and went upstairs for a few mintues and came back down, she told to go up to her bathroom and she would be back in a little while and grabed her keys and purse and left.
I went up stairs there was a note saying take a bath shave all your body hair off and she was not upset that she always wanted a daugther. I did as she said and it took me a hour an half to get my body hairless. Well when i was done i got out of tube and smooth like a baby all over,she left a silk robe for me to wear and it felt great against my smooth boby and legs and arms.
She returned after about 5 hours of being gone with what seamed like a hundard shopping bags.She made me open the robe and enspected me saying one more thing hun she lead out into the hair saloon had me sit down in chair and waxed my eyebrows thin and arched.She said thats whole lot better and that she was impressed that shaved the hair smooth even in my crocth area.
She asked me if I was sure wanted to do this I said yes. So she did my nail giving me fullset painted toes and fingers dark red she cut and stylied my long hair. She went in and got a bag for the house as my nails dryed and came out and did my makeup lipstisck and all.
We went back into the house when she told me to take off the robe and she had me lay down on the floor were she push each nut up into there socket and pulled my empty sack around my cock and taped down so it looked flat and like a pussy. Then had me put on suntan thigh high stockings,then she pull out of the bag a pink victoiring type corset with gartor straps and tided it in back and hooked the gartors to the hoises and gave me a pair of matching thongs. She went into anther shopping bag and pulled out a box that had a pair of d-cup silcon fake breast an spayed some glue on each of them stuck them to my chest and helped put on matching bra. She said well you look great so far and handed me a purple leather mini dress to put on it was very tite and short. she hand me put on a pair of 5" open spike heels.
Then she said dam I forgot you need jewrly so she went upstairs and came back down with a pair of long earrings and took out my stud ones i had in and put them on me and gave me bracelets to wear and a choker neckles.
Well she said let go see what u look like in the mirror, I got up walked to the mirror in the shop to see myself when she said your a natrual in heels. i looked at my self looking like a woman and loved it.
Looking at the time we did't relize it was almost 7 pm, mom said do you want to go check the mail sure I said we had long driveway and mail box was at the end it felt great walking down there and back.
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Great start to a fine story looking forwar to what you turned into thanks Candi
3 years ago
Great story/