At the Casino

Rose was dealing Poker at a special-options table. Playing an even odds game, the table catered to people with unusual or elaborate ideas for their win/loss conditions.

To her right, an attractive female loser hung by her thumbs. She had committed for two hours of play and lost her stake in forty minutes. She would now, under her agreement, hang naked by her thumbs for the remainder of her time. Since the remaining hour and twenty minutes was too long a time for her to hang, she would most likely have to barter for early release, at the cost of one stroke of a cane for each minute remaining. She continued to hang in pain for some time, unable to watch the clock before begging for her caning.

To Rose's left, a losing male was strapped to a bench. His balls were wrapped with a leather strap which was pulled up towards the ceiling. His ass was suspended a good six inches above the bench. As he tried in vain to ease the strain on his stretched balls, a female guest squatted over his face. She had been fucked recently and needed a cleaning. His tongue, encouraged by a small whip applied to his chest, cooperated in full.

A female winner was also at hand, busily wrapping some rough sisal rope around the large breasts of a black house slave. She finished the rope work, causing the slave's tits to bulge out painfully like two large cantaloupes waiting to be plucked. A pair of clothespins followed on her now-stretched nipples. Finally, a hook lowered from above was clipped onto the ropes between her breasts, then hoisted up, drawing the punished slave up onto her toes. The guest sat down, victorious, and watched her suffer for the beginning of what would be a full hour. Had the guest lost, she herself would have been subjected, by agreement, to the same ordeal.

Behind Rose, several holding cages confined other slaves, awaiting their turns as punished prizes. One of them held the slave Nubia.

She, as the others, was naked, her shackled hands fastened above her to the top of the cage to permit an unobstructed view of her body. She shuddered in fear, observing what was, even for the Casino, a fairly severe assortment of payoffs by the other slaves. And she was doubly afraid: she had had several verbal run-ins with Rose, and she truly feared what Rose could inflict upon her. At the same time she resented Rose who had needlessly abused her verbally and physically on several occasions.

A woman came to play accompanied by her husband. Nubia shuddered again as the woman laid out her proposal.

"The loser will be suspended upside-down by spread ankles, have her cunt and ass filled by large dildos and have her breasts whipped while sucking the cunt of the winner."

Rose chuckled, and said, "How about that black cunt in the first cage?"


Nubia shook, realizing the ordeal to come. To make matters worse, her only protection from torture was now Rose's own card play, a poor ally under the circumstances.

The game ran close. Nubia was not yet proficient at poker, but she knew a winning hand. Incredibly, on the last hand, she saw Rose pick up a hand with three queens and discard two of them!

"You rotten bitch!"

Nubia was livid with rage, and she forgot her training altogether. The hand finished, the guest was victorious and Rose went to the cage to discipline Nubia and set her up for the payoff.

Rose unlocked the cage and freed Nubia's hands. "Turn around, pig, so I can cuff your hands!"

"You cunt-sucker! You took a dive on that last hand, just to set me up!"

"Watch it, slut. You've already earned some punishment by refusing an order and mouthing off. Don't get in any deeper, or I'll..."

Nubia didn't wait to hear out the threat. She swung her now-freed open hand, slapping Rose full in her face. Seconds later, they rolled across the floor, Rose's clothes dropping in a trail behind them as Nubia clawed at her. The guests were pleased at the performance, anticipating a most enjoyable punishment scene at its conclusion.

"What is the meaning of this?!"

The floor supervisor's unexpected presence caused them both to freeze in position. Neither wanted to be punished for fighting. Rose quickly broke the silence. "This cunt refused a command for a payoff, then assaulted me!"

"Yes, Rose, she did. And you've been provoking her now for two weeks. Yes, I've got you both on tape, and I've anticipated this for quite some time. And also, Rose, you are supposed to play to win. Why did you discard your winners?"

Now, Rose was also dumbfounded. Suddenly, she realized she was almost naked. She still wore her panties and part of her bra, leaving one breast fully exposed. The floor wore the rest of her clothes.

"Handcuff them both!" To Rose's shock, she and Nubia were both shackled, wrists behind their backs. Rose's remaining rags were torn from her body.

"Nubia, you will be punished for disobedience and for striking an employee. Rose, you will also be punished, for unethical card-play and needlessly provoking a slave. You have both offended the guest; therefore, your punishments will start with both of you paying off this winner, as planned. String them up!"

As the two women moaned in disbelief, their already cuffed wrists were strapped to the small of their backs leaving their asses exposed. Ankle shackles were fixed in place and leg spreaders attached, separating their ankles well over three feet apart. They were laid down, then hoisted up by an eyebolt at the center of their leg spreaders until their heads cleared the floor by over two feet.

Nubia, having experienced several ordeals of this type before, began sobbing quietly. Rose, without the experience but understanding well the pain to come, screamed.

The supervisor gently caressed both cunts with her hands. "Time to stuff some turkeys!" She checked Nubia's computer records and ordered up the appropriately large phalluses that would fill her ass and cunt. Since Rose had not been sized, she had to be fitted as she hung.

Rose's ass was first. Starting with a moderate sized dildo, six inches long and an inch in diameter, Rose groaned loudly at the first invasion of her ass. "Not quite large enough. Give me a seven hy one and a quarter." The larger dildo was f***ed in, renewing Rose's groans.

Her cunt was next. Trying three times, she was eventually stuffed with an eight by one and three quarter inch b**st and her crotch-strap was locked on, securing both rubber cocks in place. It would effectively function as a chastity belt as well, as it covered her clitoris.

With both women properly stuffed and hanging, the guest stepped forward to begin collecting her winnings. She was given a small but vicious cat-o-nine tails. "We suggest a warmup tit-whipping first, perhaps a dozen strokes on each pig. Then, why not alternate between the two as they suck you, and we'll allow some additional punishment for the one who fails to get you off."

The guest stood between the hanging girls. She swung first at Nubia with a hard, brutal stroke to both her breasts. Even with Nubia's prior experience, her screams were quite moving.

A stroke to Rose's tits followed, equally vicious, equally accurate. Rose, however, was clearly not Nubia's equal in the tolerance of pain and torture. Her scream was desperate, continuous and punctuated with pleas for mercy.

The guest continued her strokes, alternating between the two girls. By the time she finished, both girls' breasts were severely welted and they were both begging for relief.

The guest looked to the supervisor and said, "Give me a signal every five minutes." A nod was given in response; a stopwatch was started. She stepped before Nubia and pulled the slave's head up between her legs by the hair. Holding her hair in her left hand, she swung the cat wlth her right, slicing across the delicate flesh at the bottom of the slave's breasts, bringing forth rnore screams. "Now, pig, show me what kind of cunt-sucker you are!"

Nubia's face was pulled f***efully and painfully into the guest's cunt by her hair. Worse, the whipstrokes to her tits continued unabated, causing her lip and tongue service to be interrupted every few seconds by her involuntary screams.

Five minutes passed. The guest relaxed her grip on Nubia's hair and she hung limp, suffering. Now, Rose would be tested.

She, in turn, had eaten pussy before and she knew what was expected. The whip, however, was not part of her experience. Her screams were bl**d-curdling as the cat tore into her unprotected tits. The pain from the whipping left her with little strength to use her mouth properly.

Another five minutes passed. Again, Nubia served with her lips while her breasts were whipped. Now, however, the guest held the slave's hair in both hands, her back to the hanging girl's body as the supervisor wielded the whip.

The switches continued every five minutes, as did the cunt-sucking and the breast whipping. The payoff lasted a full hour. At its conclusion, Nubia had brought the guest to two orgasms while Rose produced only one.

They hung, cunts and asses filled, spread wide open, their heads pounding in their inverted suspension. The welts rose dramatically on their breasts; each girl had received the equivalent of thirty minutes of continuous tit-whipping.

The supervisor received the guest's official report on the girl's suck service, but chose to withhold that information from the two momentarily. "Let's let them hang there for awhile, while I plan the next steps in their punishment. In the meantime, to punish the loser. . . " She held out a pair of weighted nipple clamps. Both girls, with their tits already severely whipped, recoiled at the sight of them, knowing that one would soon be wearing them. The supervisor made several moves toward each of them, generating more groans of fear, until she finally took Rose's poor tits in hand and fastened the clamps to her nipples.

"A-a-argh! Please, no-o-o!" Rose cried, pleaded, begged. She only succeeded in arousing some of the guests. Nubia, better trained, understood. She hung in relative quiet, only sobbing occasionally in the pain of her suspension.

They hung side by side for another full hour. When they were finally released, they were exhausted and broken. All traces of their previous anger were forgotten, in deference to the much greater threat of their continuing punishment.

Rose's clamps were released. Their ankles were shackled with a foot of chain; they were both collared and leashed. The supervisor brought them to her desk in one corner of the Casino's main room where Nubia's training Mistress awaited them.

They knelt in fear as their fates were decided. Finally, the Mistress addressed them.

"Nubia--you still don't realize your position as a slave. Anyone, anyone at all who is not shackled as you are, may command you to do anything. If their commands are unjust or disallowed by any of our rules, we will intervene and punish anyone issuing such a command ourselves. You must simply obey. Clearly, you think you still have the rights of a free person, are above unfair abuse, are too proud for some services. To aid your memory, you will do three full days in the public restrooms, complete with mouth wedges and head straps. You will remain in position day and night for the full three days except for two brief breaks each day to be fed and exercised. You will not be allowed to bathe, but will wear the filth for the entire period. You will be whipped reguarly as you serve, every hour on the hour. That punishment will start now!"

Nubia moaned, "Oh, no-o-o-o...", as she was dragged out. Minutes later, she was already drinking her first load of piss.

Rose, in the meantime, was petrified. Much of the slave punishments she knew about. What Nubia would endure went far beyond most of what she had seen. But she herself was no slave. She had little or no experience being whipped or abused. Unfortunately, she had little time to explore those fears.

"Rose--you seem to see yourself as above it all, having an advantage which enables you to sidestep the rules for your own needs. It's time that was corrected.

"First, you will continue to do your two four-hour shifts per day. But to ensure your awareness of your vulnerability, you will deal at winner's tables for the next week . . . "

She shuddered at this. Now, she would be f***ed to pay off all her losses personally, regardless of how severe they became. Worse, she would be playing at an artificial disadvantage of about twenty percent, which would guarantee her paying off about two thirds of everyone who sat at her table.

"To remind you of your responsibilities as well as your position, you will be denied the use of clothing for the full week. You will work, play, eat and sl**p stark naked, and you'll be fitted with collar and chains to serve as your uniform."

Rose hung her head in shame. Public exposure humiliated her. Even managing her dancers at the club was in itself a form of sadism for her. Now, she would be f***ed to expose her own body and wear slave's chains to boot.

"Still, that's not enough. You don't yet understand slavery. To handle slaves, you must be able to wear their chains, experience life from their point of view. To this end, you will do a third four-hour shift each day, serving as a slave serves and at the same pay scale. Some days, you will be bound naked on display. Some days, you'll be set up to suck off guests, or be ass-fucked, whatever is needed by the house. Perhaps, after a week, you'll learn to appreciate what a slave has to endure."

Rose did not beg and plead. She broke down and cried. Her face still bore the juice frorn the customer she serviced. Now, her tears mixed with the juice, and her hands, still fastened at the small of her back, could not wipe away those tears as they rolled down her face and onto her welted, naked breasts.

Nubia's experience for the following three days merits little note as it has been described earlier. Suffice it to say she spent the entire time bound to her T-bar, drinking piss and sucking off all comers, male and female alike. Every hour on the hour, her Mistress came in and wordlessly administered a dozen strokes with a cat-o-nine tails on her bound body. Twice a day, she was released from the bar, fed and allowed to use a traditional toilet. She slept, when she could, in her bondage.

Rose's experience proved much more interesting. To begin with, she had gotten used to dealing in a situation where she was in control. She was clothed provocatively but still covered. She was free from restraints and could many tirnes dictate the win/loss conditions in her game. When she lost, she often had slaves available to take a share of her payoffs.

Now, in her punishment, she was naked and in chains; in fact, she was chained to her table. Rather than having slaves available, she had a Mistress near at hand to be sure she herself performed adequately.

At a normal Poker table, she drew last, showed her hand last and won any tie hands. Now, she lost those advantages, and her customers started with a six-card hand. In Baccarat and Blackjack, the situation was similar. She drew first, and all "Push" hands went to the guest.

Since "Winner's" tables were a rare event, available usually only when a dealer was under punishment, her table was invariably full with a line waiting. Most of the time, three out of her four seats beat her; frequently all four. The majority simply played for head, or a quick fuck in her cunt or ass. Many played for whipstrokes, or for slave-time to be used later.

One interesting idea came from a female customer. She selected a large dildo covered with spines equipped with a chastity harness which would hold it in place, covering her clitoris but leaving her ass exposed. The loser of the game would wear it for twelve hours and start the period sucking off the winner for an hour.

Rose protested to her Mistress, "..if I lost with this sort of stake, my cunt would not be available, and I would be unable to service the male guests properly."

"You will accept the stakes, cunt. If you lose, you will wear the dildo and you will use your mouth and ass to service your winners!"

Needless to say, she lost. The dildo was both painful and stimulating; she could not take a step without an audible gasp. Worse, it hurt her concentration on the other games and cost her even more losses. Indeed, her mouth and ass served well.

That evening, she was set up in the men's lounge for her slave stint. She knelt on all fours, bound in place, her mouth and ass available, her cunt still filled with her "Porcupine" friend as she began to call it. The worst part was when she was ass-fucked. The stretching of her ass caused her cunt to tighten up around the porcupine, teasing and torturing her but not allowing her to get off. Her moans were no problem to the men, though. Most of her four-hour shift was spent with her mouth filled with cock.

The next day's table shift had her losing at poker. After sucking off four men and two women, being ass-fucked by one man and then whipped by three of the guests, she began her bondage payoffs.

She was fixed in a hanging stick-behind-the-back tie, standing on her toes, her legs spread. Six or eight clothespins would keep each of her breasts in torment although her nipples were left unharmed for the two hour period.

In the later stages of her bondage, a female slave approached her, one which she had met but she could not remember where. The slave stood observing Rose for a couple of minutes, as Rose looked back, suffering. Finally, the girl reached out and gently brushed a hand over the clothespins, moving them, renewing Rose's pain. She then took one of Rose's nipples in her fingers and squeezed, hard.

Rose screamed, loudly, then looked back, pleading. The hand moved again, toward the other nipple, as Rose watched it helplessly, horrified.

Instead of squeezing, she caressed it, gently, sensuously, until Rose's arousal became obvious. The hand then went to Rose 's cunt, blatantly exposed. She fingered it lovingly, causing Rose's moans to deepen as her cunt juiced rapidly. The girl's eyes never left Rose's as she took in and enjoyed the bound girl's questioning frustration. Finally, with Rose's orgasm, she stopped, then transferred her now wet fingers to Rose's face, wiping them under her nose then placing them in her mouth to be cleaned.

Finally, the girl spoke: "Someday, I may be bound to a pole, and you may come by with a free hand in an idle moment."

Now, Rose remembered. Her first day, her orientation tour. With the girl's fingers still in her mouth, feeding her her own juices, she remembered. And now, she appreciated.

On Rose's third day, for her slave stint, she was brought to the restrooms and bound to a T-bar right beside Nubia. As Rose was being bound, Nubia had just finished drinking the piss of a male guest and was sucking him off. His wife awaited her turn. Nubia was visibly covered with piss and come. She looked and smelled like the toilet she had been for nearly three days. She was exhausted and totally broken.

Rose's shackles were locked in place; her head strap and mouth wedges were applied. With two days of near-enslavement behind her, she had been knocked down substantially from her proverbial high horse. But now, she was to be f***ed to depths she had barely imagined. Worse, she knelt beside Nubia, who bore the results of days of this duty already.

She watched Nubia swallowing from the male. He withdrew, and the female mounted Nubia's mouth. The piss came first; she watched Nubia swallowing, the guest's hands in her hair. Soon, she began pumping her cunt across Nubia's mouth, her lips and tongue doing what they could to serve.

Finished, the couple withdrew. Rose looked at Nubia's face and body. She sobbed, both in pain and humiliation. Even as a slave, it would be difficult to serve in a more degrading role than that of a toilet-mouth.

Nubia's face was soaked in various fluids, some of which ran down the sides of her mouth. Her hair was soaking wet, as was her body, covered with piss. Several spattered drops of male come were still visible on her breasts where the piss showers had not washed them away.

Her observations were broken by a pair of male guests walking towards her. They checked the complete files on both girls, then one said, "The black piss-mouth has been there awhile. But this white pig isn't even a slave! She's a dealer, and from the looks of her, she's still clean."

"Take her, then. This bitch is fine by me. So long as I can drop my piss and empty my balls, I couldn't care less..."

They began together. Rose's patron pushed his already erect cock into her wedged mouth. She began trying to use her lips and tongue to service him, but his piss-stream caught her by surprise. She groaned loudly, the piss running down her body. "Stupid cunt. You're supposed to swallow, not cry about it!" He picked up the small cat-o-nine tails provided, and gave her two quick, hard strokes, cris-crossing her chest, causing Rose to scream loudly. Nubia ignored her, busy sucking off her own guest.

Rose's patron plunged into her mouth again roughly and took her by the hair. "Now drink it, bitch, or I'll see to it that your duty gets worse!"

He started pissing again, immediately. The taste hit Rose like a brick wall. Worse, she now had to swallow, in the full view of other slaves, employees and guests.

His piss finished, his erection was gone. "Now, suck me hard and get me off, or I'll start laying the whip on your cunt!"

Crying now, Rose used what tools she had available to suck his cock. With her head strapped in place and her mouth wedged open, she had few tools indeed. He used her throat readily, without regard for her discomfort. He came on her face, then re-entered her mouth to be cleaned. Finished, he left, wordlessly.

Nubia's guest has already finished. Thru the corner of her eye, Rose looked at Nubia, who simply tried to rest, a tear dripping down from her eye through the piss drying on her face.

A pair of women were next. No words were spoken to the slaves. They laughed, d***k and happy as they approached. Skirts were hiked up revealing their un-pantied pussies, wet with juice. Both had been fucked and had been active throughout the day.

Rose's patron sat roughly on her face gripping her hair again in one hand. She tried to extend her tongue, but the woman sawed back and forth ignoring her efforts. Rose gave up and simply allowed her face to be used.

Without a pause, the woman began to piss. Half of it washed over her face, drenching her hair and covering her body. The rest found its way to her mouth, forcing her to swallow.

The sawing motion never stopped, during or after her piss. She continued, bringing herself to orgasm. Rose swallowed her juice, licking her soiled cunt when she could.

They left, still laughing, not even acknowledging that their toilets were in fact living, breathing women. Never had Rose felt so degraded, so used.

Again, she looked at Nubia, similarly used. Nubia, also, cried silently.

For a moment, they were idle. With both mouths f***ed wide open by the rubber wedges, talking was difficult. But it was not impossible.


The slave's eyes looked back.

"I'm sorry--I had no idea..."

Nubia looked, no emotion present in her response. She simply said, "Be a slave. Finish your punishment."

It suddenly occurred to Rose that she had indeed been thinking about herself as a slave since her punishment had begun. Wasn't she still an employee? She recalled words she heard exchanged on her first work day in the salon, when a supervisor chewed out the beautician who had tied her and abused her.

"I'm not a slave, you know."

"That could change easily, here. Would you prefer to do the full twenty-four hours you bet in the restrooms?"

She herself was not a slave. Had her status changed? And what of Nubia? She, already a slave, was bound here as a toilet mouth for three days of near continuous duty. She wondered, could she herself survive such an ordeal?

There was no time left to wonder. Two couples entered approaching them. All four carried near-empty beer steins. Her duty, and Nubia's, was about to resume. Before the first cock entered her mouth, she dropped her eyes down to her severely welted breasts where another of her tears landed.

Her lesson had been learned. But, how much longer would her learning have to continue?

The cock drove into her throat, obliterating the thought again.
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