The Crucifixion & Whipping

Melissa's parents had been killed in an automobile accident, and she had been placed in foster care at the local Catholic Orphanage. Melissa had been depressed about her parents recent death, and had wanted to die as well, so as to join her parents. The priests at the Orphanage were very strict, and this had depressed Melissa even more.

Melissa was eleven years old, and was already quite the sketch artist. Melissa's pictures had changed of recent since her admittance into the orphanage. She had been influenced by all of the religious symbology around her, and with her wish to leave this life, she had begun to draw detailed pictures of herself, naked, hanging upon the cross in place of Jesus.

The pictures showed Melissa from various vantage points, all showing her pain and grief in detail. Melissa though young, had partially developed breasts, and she had drawn these well into the pictures. In each picture she hung high from the cross, wearing only a crown of thorns, with bl**d coming from the wounds it had inflicted. Nails through small pieces of wood were drawn with great detail, shown driven into her wrists, with her arms outstretched at a 60 degree angle from her head. bl**d was shown trickling down from the nails, under her arms. She had drawn her hairless labia, uncovered, so as to show her humilation and pain. Her feet were shown standing tiptoe upon a spike driven into the cross.

Melissa had just gone to bed, and was wearing a pajama bottom, and a T shirt, when Father O'Neil came into her room and awoke her. "Please come with me, Melissa". She followed Father O'Neil, to the Orphanage office. Inside was Father Sulivan waiting.

Father Sulivan had her sketch book, and showed it to Melissa. "What is this" asked Father Sulivan. "That's my sketch book" answered Melissa. "This is Blasphemy" said the priest. The girl was now nervous, and shaking. "Do you think you should be punished for this"? asked Father O'Neil. "I don't know" answered Melissa.
"You stand there and think about it, and don't move. We're going to go discuss this" said Father Sulivan.

They left her in the office alone, for over an hour. It was now 1:00 am. Both priests returned and closed and locked the door. "Now I am going to ask you again Melissa, and you had better answer truthfully. Do you deserve to be punished for this?" Asked Father Sulivan. "Yes" answered Melissa tearfully. "How do you deserve to be punished? asked Father Sulivan. Father Sulivan paused for a few seconds, and then added "Do you deserve to be punished physically?" Melissa paused and then remembering that she was to answer truthfully, said "Yes", through her tears. "Do you deserved to be punished severely?" asked Father O'Neil. Melissa hesitated, and several seconds went by. The priest began stern "Do you!?" Melissa answered quickly and loudly "Yes!".

"How should you be punished severely for this Blasphemy?" asked Father Sulivan. Melissa was unable to answer. "How? asked Father O'Neil. Father Sulivan then held up one of her drawings. In it Melissa hung crucified naked from the cross, with her face drawn in anguish. Melissa understood. "I deserve to be whipped and crucified" said Melissa through her tears.

"What do you want?" asked Father O'Neil. "I want to be crucified. I want to be punished, severely" answered Melissa. Both priests looked at each other, and then Father O'Neil said to the other, "So be it".

They brought Melissa to the empty Church, and Melissa instantly saw the wooden crucifix that normally hung above the alter, was lying on the floor in the aisleway. "Remove your clothes" said Father O'Neil. Melissa did as she was told. A chain hung from the ceiling. They tied a cloth around her wrists, and to the ring in the chain. Father O'Neil went to a pillar, were the other end of the chain came down. He pulled on it, and Melissa's arms pulled tight. He continued to pull, and Melissa's naked body began to rise off the floor. Melissa felt her whole body pull tight, and felt her ribs protrude as she inhaled and exhaled. He continued to pull the chain, until Melissa hung with her mid section at the Priests eye level.

Melissa spun slowly on the chain, with her legs spreading and pulling together. The outline of her young undersized breasts was still quite visible. Her blonde hair hung down at almost shoulder length. She knew she was going to be whipped extremely severely.

Father O'Neil brought forth a small bullwhip. The priest said nothing, and took aim and struck her. The whip cut very hard across Melissa's young buttocks, drawing a small amount of bl**d at the tail of the whip. She screamed out, and cried. The priests waited about 30 seconds, and then swung the whip again. Once again her buttocks was struck. Once every 30 seconds the whip would cut her.

After five lashes to her buttocks, the bullwhip cut into Melissa's back, again and again, until 6 lashes had struck, all drawing bl**d. Every thirty seconds, the whip would fly. Melissa spun around on the chain, giving the priest a new target for the whip with each revolution. Melissa screamed pitifully, almost unable to breath. The whip wrapped around her back as she spun slowly, and the tail made it's mark across her young breast, cutting her ariola and nipple.

The bullwhip flew again, cutting her stomach, her navel, her legs, calves, ribs. Melissa had received 40 strokes already, in only 20 minutes. Then the unthinkable happened. The bullwhip wrapped around her lower back, around her front and cut downward, with the tail landing directly across her exposed labia. The pain was immense. The priest had not spared the f***e of the lash, and both her outer and inner labia bled.

Melissa reacted by both crossing her legs and raising her knees up to her stomach to protect her injured organ. The priest began to bullwhip the contracted muscles of her legs very hard, drawing bl**d. After about 5 lashes to the legs, Father Sulivan, grabbed her right ankle, and pulled it up and behind her. Her left leg dropped straight down floorward. Melissa's body was arched from the painful position that her right leg had pulled her into. Father Sulivan held her right ankle with great f***e. It was hard for Melissa to breath.

Melissa never saw the bullwhip coming, but she heard it sing through the air. The bullwhip swung in front of Melissa, striking the upper side of her buttocks, wrapping downward and behind, and continuing on forward between her legs. The tail of the whip landed inbetween her inner labia, and cut Melissa's clitoris. Melissa convulsed from the pain, unable to scream or breath. Ten seconds went by, and the priest repeated it, this time cutting her hymen.

Father Sulivan pushed up on Melissa's ankly as hard as he could, to allow Father O'Neil to brutally torture Melissa with the whip. After five lashes to Melissa's bleeding vagina, the priest returned to bullwhipping Melissa randomly about her body.

An hour had gone by, and Melissa hung bl**dy, looking like a piece of hamburger. She had recieved nearly 250 strokes of the bullwhip. It was now 3:00 am, and the sun would rise soon.

The took her down, and left her on the floor.

At 4:00 am, Melissa was commanded to stand up. She did so, and the crown of thorns was tied to her head, tight. "Pick up your cross". Melissa struggled, and did pick it up. It was the perfect size for her. She carried it out the door, and down the path.

Melissa could now only barely feel the pain of the bullwhip striking her torn flesh. They walked for almost half an hour, into a clearing. It was now 5:00 am. Melissa was commanded to drop the cross. She was placed upon it, and her wrists and feet tied to it.

The one priest held her right hand and wrist, and the other drove the nail through. Melissa screamed. The process was repeated for the left hand. Her arms were outstretched, each about 60 degrees from her head. They pulled her ankles tight, against the nails in her wrists, and drove a spike into the wood for Melissa to stand tiptoe on.

5:30 am, and the they began to raise the cross. Melissa's scourged body began to raise. As painful as it was for the nails to go through, her body weight pulling on them was even more so. And then the crucifix was vertical.

Melissa's tiptoes found the spike, and she barely supported herself on it. Her arms were pulled very tight, and the spike gave her just enough support for her to breath.

Melissa hung there. Naked. Bleeding, Crucified. Melissa knew that she had gotten what she had asked the priests for. It was what she secretly had wanted. She had no idea the extent of the pain and torture that was associated with it. But now too late, she knew. She breathed rapidly, and in agony her head snapped from side to side. She was unable to cry out, or even speak. She just hung there and breathed, and suffered in extreme agony.

By noon time, her legs muscles had began to cramp. She had now hung on the cross for 6 hours. Her right leg contracted violently from a muscle spasm, and slipped off the spike. Her body hung from the nails, and her left leg no longer supported her sufficiently for her to breath properly. Her left leg began to slip off of the spike, repeatedly, each time leaving her full body weight to hang from her nails. Her hands were contorted in a clenched position. The priests watched. Melissa vomited and defecated. She couldn't hold her foot on the spike anymore, as her left leg now too had spasmed. Her legs arched outward slightly with bent knees, exposing her whipped labia. Melissa hung only from the nails. She looked down at the priests, and saw their joy. Melissa stared down at them, unable to take a breath anymore. She stared hard, her face body covered in persperation, from the battle now over.
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