Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club 2


It was Friday evening. Bill and Connie sat at their kitchen table
discussing the final preparations for the party. Their son Jimmy, and Kim, his girlfriend
who lived next door, had just left to pick up Angela. She was one of Kim's friends
and was due to be initiated into the club tonight.

It really hadn't been necessary to pick her up since she only lived on
the next block, but it made it easier to tell Angela's parents a convincing story if
they thought a group of the k**s were getting together. If Angela had said she was
sl**ping over at Kim's house, her parents may have called or come by for some reason and
that wouldn't have been good.

This was the first initiation of a new member and a lot of planning had gone into
making the event a memorable one. Rosie, Kim's mother, had been there all
afternoon helping Connie with the refreshments. Jimmy and Bill disappeared into the
basement to build a surprise piece of equipment for the evening's festivities. By early
afternoon all the work was completed and the group gathered to hash out a few formal
rules and bylaws for their club.

There had been no need for rules when it was just the two families involved,
but now that they were expanding, it was decided that it would be best for all
concerned if certain things were put down on paper. This was not done hastily.
There had been several conversations about most of these things over the last several
weeks, so today's task consisted primarily of just writing them down and organizing
them properly.

The group chose The Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club as the name. They
decided not to confine the membership to just the neighborhood as the name implied,
but would concentrate their recruiting efforts there because it made more sense
logistically and gave the club a more intimate atmosphere. As a club, they wanted to
foster the idea that the members were all one big f****y.

The group addressed the issue of secrecy first. Since some activities of the
club were i*****l, like sex with minors for instance, everyone would suffer if the
activities of the club became public knowledge. Even if legality was not an issue, the
club members would be ostracized since society frowns upon what it considers
deviant behavior. They decided to handle recruiting very carefully and included a rule
that allowed only the charter members to invite new participants to join.

If an initiate knew of a likely candidate, they should inform a charter member
and introduce them. After getting to know the candidate better, the charter member
would decide when, and if, to invite the prospect to join. All new members would
participate in an initiation ceremony which would be videotaped. This tape would
implicate the new member in any i*****l activities and show a willingness to
participate. Thus, if a member went to the authorities, they would be placing
themselves in jeopardy along with the rest of the membership.

f***e, the group felt, was an important issue. Pain, humiliation, and
degradation were an integral part of what they did and it was imperative
that the submissive member actually wanted this to happen to them. This would, for
instance, keep a husband from making his wife become a member against her will. Any
applicants having second thoughts would be allowed to back out, even during
the initiation ceremony. They recognized, however, that much of the allure of bondage
and discipline depended upon the dominant member imposing his will upon the
submissive one and the submissive being helpless to control the situation.
Indeed, Rosie, Connie, and Kim wanted to be f***ed into doing things they ordinarily wouldn't
do because they could enjoy it without censuring themselves or suffering the guilt
feelings that often accompany depravity. Because of this, they decided that once
committed, the member must continue through to the end of the session, no matter
what it entailed or how long it took.

The rest of the rules were minor. Bill was the undisputed leader until he chose
to relinquish the position. There would be an effort to maintain an equal ratio of
dominant to submissive members. Likewise, male and female members were to
be kept in relatively equal numbers. Club members were free to play on their own with
anyone they chose, even if the partner was not a member of the club. Every member
would be encouraged to relate fantasies they would like to act out.

Because of her own particular situation, Connie added the rule that married
couples must join as a unit. She had almost lost her own marriage to Bill by seeking
out groups and individuals who would allow her to act out her bondage and discipline
fantasies. It was only a stroke of luck that Rosie and Kim entered the scene and
saved her marriage. Connie did not want the club to be responsible for the breakup of
someone's f****y.

Satisfied that they had addressed most of the important issues, the talk turned
to the initiation ceremony. Of course, it had to be different depending upon whether
the inductee was dominant or submissive. Since Angela was going to be entering as
a submissive member, they decided to concentrate on that and discuss the induction
of dominant members later.

Angela was a special case. She was not only the first new member to be
accepted, but she was also a minor. At s*******n, she was a year older than Kim,
but still too young to be considered an adult by the courts. Having sex with her would
expose the adults to statutory **** charges. This could not be avoided and was
deemed an acceptable risk by the group.

The videotape would show the girl being asked repeatedly if she knew what
she was doing and if she were being f***ed into having sex or participating in any of
the bizarre activities. They decided to require Angela to ask for specific sex acts and
go into great detail, enumerating exactly what she wanted done to her. While they
knew it would not totally protect them, they hoped that it would show that Angela was
a willing participant. Having done the best they could, the group adjourned, each
going their separate ways to make final preparations for what they hoped
would be an exciting evening.

The evening started innocently enough. If someone had dropped in, they would
have seen three teenagers sitting on a couch visiting with three adults. Each teenager
was sipping a soft drink and munching on the hors d'oeuvres that Connie and Rosie
had prepared. The older people had mixed drinks, which they were nursing, not
wanting to get d***k.

Their conversation was general, small talk about school, movies, and what they
had seen on television recently. If the person listened closely, they would have
learned that Angela was a visiting friend, while Jimmy and Kim belonged to the adults.
There was certainly no clue that the homey group was about to engage in the most
bizarre and deviant sex that one could imagine.

Bill went to the bar to fix another round of drinks for the adults. On his way
back, he switched on the camera. Settling in his chair, he cleared his throat, subtly
getting everyone's attention.

"Angela, I have turned on the camera. From now on, everything we say and do
will be recorded. Would you tell us why you are here tonight, and a little of what you
expect to happen?"

"Sure" she answered, looking straight into the camera. "Kim has told me that
you all get together for some wild parties with lots of sex. She said she usually cums
ten or fifteen times a night, sometimes so hard that she passes out. I've had a little
experience with sex, but never anything like what Kim described." She didn't know if
Kim had told the others about their time together, so she decided not to mention it.
"In gym class I saw some welts and bruises on her legs and ass and asked her about
them. She told me they were what made her cum like she did. I knew that I always
came a little harder when a guy bit my neck or squeezed my boobs really hard while
we were screwing, so it made sense to me. Kim said you guys are starting a club that
specializes in this type of sex and that I could join if I promised to abide by all the rules."

"Very good" Bill said. "Do you understand that to become a member of our
club you will have to pass the initiation?" He paused, waiting for Angela's response.
When she nodded, he continued. "You will have to agree to be our slave. During the
initiation, which may take several meetings, you will be whipped, spanked, caned, and
tortured in many other ways. You're pussy, ass, and mouth will be fucked repeatedly,
and you will have sex with everyone in this room. Is this a problem?" he asked.

"Not at all" Angela replied, a little breathlessly. "It sounds delicious! Can we
start tonight?" she asked hopefully.

Bill chuckled. "Not quite so fast. We need to know that you really understand
what you are getting yourself into and what this club is all about. As a slave you will
have no rights and no will of your own. You must obey every command given to you
by a Master and do so immediately. To illustrate, this is purely hypothetical of course,
because I would never put you in such an awkward position. If I came to your house
and was visiting with your parents, I might suddenly tell you to suck my cock. You
would be expected to do as I said, right there in front of your mom and dad. Do you
get my point?"

Angela swallowed nervously. "I see. That's pretty heavy stuff. I wouldn't really
have to do that would I?" she asked.

"Of course not, but you may be exhibited in public and might have to show
perfect strangers that you are a slave and willing to do anything I ask. As your
Master, I may make you walk from your house to a club meeting while you are
completely naked. We would have spotters along the way to see if you obeyed. If
not, then you could expect severe punishment when you arrived."

"It's scary, but it sounds exciting too" the girl said, with a nervous giggle. "I
think I'm most scared about being tortured. Will I be really hurt?"

"I can answer that" Kim interjected. "Yes. You will be hurt. You'll scream and
cry, and think you're going to die, but I promise you that it will all be worth it. After a
while, you will start to like the pain and even want it. I'm not quite there yet, but
Connie and my mom crave pain. They would rather be tortured than anything
else because they cum so hard and for so long when they're really suffering."

"Another thing to remember" Jimmy added, "is that we are all in this for fun.
We like bondage and discipline because it turns us on. If the ladies didn't like what
we did to them, there would be no club. They like it because it lets them get as slutty
and depraved as they want, with no feelings of guilt afterward. After all, they are
being tortured and f***ed into acting like sluts. They can't help themselves, can they?"

Connie knew the fear that Angela was feeling. It hadn't been so long ago that
Connie stood at the brink, desperately wanting to try this whole new aspect of sex but
terrified of it as well.

Hoping to calm Angela's fears she said, "Don't worry, Angela. We were all
afraid at first. We'll start out easy and let you get accustomed to the feeling. I'd be
willing to bet that you will be begging for more before the first night Is done. It's just
the words that are so frightening. When you hear about torture, your mind conjures
up visions of broken bones, disfigured bodies, and death. The worst you will suffer
here are some bruises that last into the middle of the week. I, for one, treasure those,
because every time I see them or feel them I am reminded of the incredible sex that
followed. As Kim already told you, I crave the pain. I spend the time between
sessions fantasizing about it and thinking up new ways that I could be hurt. I start
counting the hours when I know a meeting is scheduled, and I get hornier by the
minute. By the time we start I'm already in such a state of agitation that I barely feel
the pain as such. It just registers in my mind as an intense form of foreplay."

Bill was ready to get things rolling. "Our bylaws don't allow you to participate at
the first meeting. Tonight, you are here only as an observer, that is, if you even care
to continue." He paused, waiting for Angela to answer. When she didn't respond
immediately he continued, "This is just another safeguard. You will see what we do
and perhaps get a better idea of whether it's for you. We will strip you and tie you in
a chair so you will have a good view of all that takes place, but you will not be allowed
to join the proceedings. At the end of the evening you will make a choice about
whether you wish to attend another meeting. If you decide to continue with your
initiation, I will explain in detail what you can expect at the next meeting."

Angela was disappointed. "I don't need to watch." She protested.
"I'm already sure I want to join. Kim told me enough about what goes on that I had
already decided before I even came tonight. I want to get started now."

Without a word, Bill crossed the room to where the girl was sitting.
Before she realized what was happening, he yanked her up to a standing position and
f***ed a ball gag in her mouth, buckling it behind her head with lightening speed.
Spinning the frightened girl around, he quickly tied her wrists with a piece of cotton rope.

Angela was still trying to comprehend her situation when Bill coolly remarked to
the others, "She's new at being a slave and doesn't understand the rules. You see,"
he said, turning back to the wide-eyed teenager, "when I said you were not allowed to
speak, that is exactly what I meant. If you can't keep your mouth shut on your own,
we have to help you. Now, I can release you and let you leave forever, or you can go
over to Jimmy and let him take off your clothes. Make up your mind quickly because
I'm ready to start the meeting."

Connie and Rosie exchanged smiles as the young girl scampered over to
Jimmy. She wiggled her ample hips from side to side helpfully as the boy tugged on
her tight shorts, finally getting them down past her knees and bunched at her ankles.
Stepping out of them gracefully, Angela turned around, presenting her wrists so that
Jimmy could untie them and remove her shirt.

Jimmy pulled Angela's T-shirt over her head revealing a stunning pair of
ripening tits. They were not as large as Kim's or Connie's, and certainly smaller than
Rosie's mammoth jugs, but they were perfectly shaped and jutted proudly from her
chest with no hint of sag. All eyes were immediately drawn to the girl's nipples, which
were huge. The areolae were at least silver-dollar sized and covered the entire area
at the tip of her breasts. The color could best be described as shocking pink, much
like the fresh new skin that forms over a severe cut or burn. Her nipples tilted up
slightly from the center of the areolae and were already erect, clearly showing how
excited Angela was at being almost naked in front of the group.

While the others were examining Angela's tits, Jimmy pulled her lacy bikini
panties down, leaving the quivering girl totally nude. An admiring murmur ran through
the other members, showing their approval of the newest club member. Angela was
tall. At 5 feet 10 inches she towered over Kim, who was the shortest, being only
about 5 feet 4 inches, and was taller than all the other members except Bill, who, at
nearly 6 feet just barely edged the girl out.

Connie and Rosie, who were both fine looking women, were envious of
Angela's body. The teenager was firm, having lost all the baby fat of younger girls,
and was exquisitely proportioned. Her legs were long and lanky, with slender ankles,
nicely muscled calves, and thighs that parted naturally at the juncture of her legs and
pelvis. Angela's pussy was prominent, protruding from the center of her hips, and like
her nipples, angled slightly upward. Long silky pubic hair that matched the rich golden
tone of the hair that flowed from her head to her shoulders, covered her tantalizing triangle.

Angela had wide flaring hips that tapered gracefully to a tiny waist. Her eyes,
now wide with excitement, were a rich ocean-blue. They were set apart by her
delicate nose whose nostrils were flared, further betraying her arousal. In short,
Angela was a blond haired beauty and Jimmy could hardly believe his good fortune.

Six months ago he had been a virgin. Kim, his next door neighbor and
girlfriend, had lured him into a trap that ended with him losing his virginity to her
mother, Rosie. By the end of that week he was more sexually experienced
that most men twice his age. He had fucked Rosie, and Kim, and even Connie, his own
mother, in the pussy, ass, and mouth. Jimmy learned that women, at least these
three, liked a little pain to enhance their pleasure. With practice, he discovered how to
use bondage, whips, canes, and paddles to make a woman squirm with passion and
beg to be used and abused. Now he was going to get to use his newly acquired
skills on one of the most beautiful girls at his school.

Angela was as popular as she was pretty. She had been elected as a
cheerleader for the last three years and was the head cheerleader now that she was a
senior. Every boy in school lusted after her but she had never let it go to her head.
The girl was pleasant to everyone and always took time to chat in the halls, even with
some of the boys who were considered "nerds." What was most unusual was that she
was also well liked by the girls at school. She had always avoided joining the cliques
that thought they were above everybody else, so she had a variety of friends from all
levels of the social strata at the school.

Angela never dated anyone exclusively. She would show up at every party or
dance with a different guy, rarely dating anyone more than two or three times. Many
boys had set their sights on her, hoping to be the one to win her heart, but they were
all graciously but firmly rebuffed. Angela was not a prude. Some of the guys had
bragged about feeling up her titties or getting a hand job from her and a few laid claim
to fucking her. Jimmy had heard the stories and was not sure he believed them, but
with so much smoke, there might have been at least a little fire.

A few of the stories were true. Angela had experimented with sex several
times but it had always left her frustrated and unsatisfied. It was not that she minded
fucking, she had even found it rather enjoyable, but it just hadn't lived up to her
expectations. She had wanted to see stars and feel skyrockets going off when she
came, but instead, there had only been a mild ripple of pleasure when she finally
reached her climax. She noticed, as she had already related to the group, that she
seemed to cum a little harder if the guy inadvertently hurt her during sex. That piqued
her curiosity and was the reason she approached Kim in gym class.

Kim and Angela had been friends for years since they lived just around the
block from each other. Kim had heeded her mother's warning about keeping her
sexual activities to herself. She never told Angela what had been going on with
Jimmy and his folks the past six months, and had kept silent about what she had been
doing with her mom for the past couple of years. Even so, when the conversation
turned to sex, as it often did when the girls got together, Angela could tell that Kim
was far wiser than she. Certain things that Kim said led the older girl to believe that
Kim was very active sexually and that she was into some kinkier things that other girls
just whispered and giggled about.

Angela had just had one of her more satisfying sexual experiences when she
saw the welts and bruises on Kim's buttocks and thighs while the girls were showering
after gym class. The boy that Angela had been with was inexperienced and clumsy.
He knew little about foreplay and was trying to go as far as he could before she
stopped him.

In fact, Angela had been just about ready to call a halt to the sexual activities
when the boy pushed his hand into the leg of her tight panties, causing the elastic
around the leg hole to dig into her thigh. Angela liked the way it felt so she kept quiet.
Continuing on, the boy's fingers bumped into her pubic area, fumbling around until he
finally located her labia. He had hurt her when he jabbed his finger roughly into her
dry pussy. Angela was taken by surprise and yelped. She grabbed his hand
with the intention of removing it from her private parts when she realized she was
no longer dry. In fact, her pussy had just gushed, covering his finger with thick
slippery lubrication. The flash of pain she had felt had evaporated into a small orgasm.

The boy, urged on by her suddenly heaving hips, pushed harder, scratching the
inside of Angela's slick tube with his fingernail, and mashing her clit against her pubic
bone. This new sensation of pain sparked an even bigger orgasm, probably the best
she had ever had. The young couple ended by fucking in the back seat of his
parent's car, but that had been anticlimactic to Angela, who found that without the
accompanying pain she was unresponsive.

One night at a slumber party, Kim had brought some bondage magazines and
a couple of pornographic novels that had several passages describing women being
tied up and beaten. All the other girls giggled nervously at the pictures. They
wondered how the women could let someone do that to them, and thought it was even
stranger that they appeared to be enjoying it. Reading parts of the novels aloud, they
were horrified when the female characters were tortured and expressed disbelief that
the pain and humiliation could actually cause an orgasm.

Although she had kept it to herself, Angela had a different reaction.
She was fascinated by the photographs, and had to tear her eyes away before the
other girls got suspicious. The novels had made her horny. When the passages were
read, she pictured herself as the suffering victim. She borrowed the books from Kim
and read them so frequently the pages were dog-eared and the books finally fell apart.

When they were making out and the boy had hurt her, the pictures flashed back
into Angela's mind. Later, when they were fucking, she tried recalling the parts in the
novel that had turned her on so much, hoping it would help her cum. It hadn't worked
but it had stuck in her mind and she made the connection between the pleasure and the pain.

Seeing the stripes on Kim's backside made it all rush back to her.
Remembering that it had been Kim who had provided the magazines and books, she
decided to ask the girl about it.


Kim had tried to wait until the locker room was clear before taking her shower.
She knew her back and ass were still plainly marked because she could still feel the
soreness, especially when she sat in the hard desks in class. Angela had walked in
on her unexpectedly leaving no escape and no way to conceal her condition. Kim
tried avoiding Angela, which was difficult since they were the only ones in the room.

Since Kim was reluctant to talk about her marks, Angela decided to try a
different approach. She hastily told Kim about her recent date then reminded the
younger girl about the slumber party and the magazines and books that Kim had brought.

"I was totally uninterested in doing anything with him until he hurt me." Angela
said. "He didn't mean to and I never mentioned it to him, but it made me so hot I
even let him fuck me." She continued. "I felt just like I did when I was reading those
books you gave me and looking at the pictures of the naked, tied-up women. Those
always made me so hot I couldn't keep my hands off myself. It sounds weird, but I
think I like getting hurt. I keep seeing myself tied in all kinds of positions just waiting
for someone to do awful things to me. Is it really possible to like being tied and
helpless? Do some people really want to be whipped? I can't get it out of my mind
since that date. Are there people who actually do those things?"

Angela was so confused and pitiful that Kim decided to talk to her.
"Yes, there are people who like that type of thing, and as you can probably tell from
the way I look, I'm one of them." Kim knew she had to be careful. She didn't want
to give Angela too much information. "All someone has to do is fasten my wrists
together. From then on I'm their's to do with as they wish. Once I'm bound and
defenseless I change. I am free to do anything I'm told because I'm no longer in control
of the situation. There is no worry about what people will think of me or if what
I'm doing is right or wrong. It's terribly exciting, because you never know what to
expect except that you know it will probably be pretty kinky. You're not the only one
who is free. The person in charge can let their imagination run wild as well, because
you will do whatever they want. If you don't do it willingly, they can torture you
until you do."

Kim could see Angela's nipples stiffen while she talked. The way Angela
shifted her weight from side to side showed Kim that the girl was feeling it in her
pussy too. "Isn't it dangerous?" Angela asked a little breathlessly. "Couldn't you be
terribly hurt or even killed?"

"Yes." Kim answered truthfully. "It's part of the thrill. No matter how well you
know the person, there is always the chance they will go too far. It's like going sailing.
You know you're going to come back to the dock, but if your boat is solid enough
there is always the possibility that you could just sail on forever. You're right to be
concerned. It's important to completely trust the person if you are going to put
yourself at their mercy."

When Kim didn't say anything more Angela knew she had to f***e the issue or
lose her chance. "How do you get started?" She asked. "I don't know if I'd like it or
not, but I'd like to try it at least once."

Kim looked at the girl pointedly as if trying to make up her mind. Finally she
said, "You've already started. You got turned on by the pictures, the books made you
horny and you had an orgasm when the boy hurt you. All you really want to know is if
your cumming was coincidental or if it was the pain that actually made you cum. I
imagine you also want to find out if enduring the pain is worth the result and if being
f***ed to do things is exciting."

Just talking about it had made Angela horny. Kim was right about everything
she had just said. Angela did want to see if she could cum by being hurt and her
mind was filled with bizarre things she might be f***ed to do.

Angela's heart skipped a beat when Kim said, "If you really want to try it, I'd be
willing to help you. I usually like to be the submissive one but I'll make an exception
since you're a friend. When do you want to do it and where can we go that we won't
be disturbed for a couple of hours?"

Angela's critical test had arrived. She had to put up or shut up. Hesitating only
briefly, she haltingly said, "I have cheerleader practice after school. They let us use
the gym and it's my responsibility to lock up when we're done. When the other girls
leave, there's never anyone around. Sometimes I work out for a while after practice
so no one would be suspicious about me staying."

"Fine." Kim said. "I'll meet you here at five. Make sure your folks don't expect
you home until at least seven."

There was nothing more to say. The girls finished their showers in silence but
Angela was in a state of turmoil. She had committed herself and she wasn't going to
back out, but she was afraid. Kim was her friend and Angela knew the girl wouldn't
really hurt her, but the livid welts and dark bruises on Kim's back and ass frightened
her. Angela didn't know if she could take that much punishment. She was torn
between wanting to see how real pain would affect her and hoping that Kim would
take it easy on her. Thinking back over what Kim had said, she finally realized that it
wasn't going to be her choice. Once Kim took control, Angela would have to endure
whatever the girl chose to put her through.

Although she had tried to appear calm and aloof, Kim was also excited,
because she had been wanting to share her experiences with some of her friends.
Knowing that there were people from outside their club with similar thoughts was a
comforting feeling to the teenager. She couldn't keep her mind on her school work so
she spent the rest of the day planning her tryst with Angela. By the time she was to
meet the girl, she knew exactly how she was going to handle things.

The other girls had already left when Kim walked into the deserted gym. She
found Angela by the gymnastic equipment to one side of the room. Angela was
wearing a skin-tight leotard that was cut high on her hips showing her exquisitely long
and shapely legs. Kim noticed the absence of any bra or other undergarments and
nodded her approval. Angela nervously eyed the duffel bag that Kim had brought with her.

Opening the bag and going briskly to work, Kim said, "We don't have a lot of
time. If you haven't changed your mind, we should get started."

"I'm ready." Angela replied, her voice quivering slightly. "What do
you want me to do?"

"Come here." The tone of Kim's voice changed. Angela had made her choice
and now Kim was giving orders. She was no longer just making conversation or
giving Angela any options. "Bend over this bar." Kim directed, indicating a padded
rail that was about as high as Angela's waist.

Taking Angela's left wrist, Kim used a piece of soft cotton line to secure the
girl's wrist to her left ankle then ran the tail of the line to the support beam of the rail,
making Angela move her leg out toward the beam. Satisfied that this was going to
work, Kim completed Angela's bondage by tying off her right wrist and leg. Angela's
feet were spread apart as far as possible. Kim's target, Angela's nicely rounded ass,
was totally accessible and held rigidly in place. Angela would not be able to escape
the paddle when Kim started spanking her.

The thoroughly bound teenager silently surveyed her situation. The long
muscles that ran up the backs of her legs, her hamstrings, were stretched. This was
not an unpleasant feeling. She always did stretching exercises before practice to
make sure she was limber and to keep from getting a strained tendon or ligament.
Pulling against the ropes, Angela tested her mobility and found that she had none.
She could move no more than an inch in any direction. A shiver ran up her spine as
she realized how confined and vulnerable she was.

There was an almost undefinable feeling that started in the pit of her stomach
and spread throughout her pelvic region. It was fear, excitement and uncertainty all
mixed together. Angela felt her nipples begin to harden and push against the tight
fabric of her Spandex gym suit. At the same time there was the unmistakable feeling
of her pussy discharging lubrication, flooding with slick love juice. That was when she
identified the unusual feeling the bondage was creating. Angela was getting aroused!

Kim took her time, wanting to allow Angela enough time to get used to her
situation. Given a choice, Kim preferred sex with men, but she was not
unaccustomed to lesbian sex or unappreciative of the pleasures that women
could give to each other. Consequently, a quick flash of desire ran through her
as she admired Angela's lean firm figure. She felt a twinge of jealousy as she eyed the other
girl's tight ass and long slender thighs. Angela's buttocks were full and prominent,
with no hint of flabbiness or sagging. They were, Kim noted, deliciously spankable,
which was just what the girl intended to do.

Grabbing Angela's gym suit right above her ass, Kim jerked up forcibly, giving
the older girl what is commonly known as a "wedgie." Angela let out a short
"Ummmpphh" as her ass cheeks parted and the material dug into her crack,
separating her cheeks and digging into her asshole and pussy. Kim was pleased with
the effect. Angela's ass cheeks were now totally exposed and were even more
pronounced than before.

Kim had chosen her tools wisely. During the day, when she should have been
doing her school work, she decided that what Angela needed was an introduction to
bondage and discipline. She would not try to beat the girl into submission or take a
chance on scaring her so badly that she would want no part of it ever again.

Digging into her bag, Kim selected the ping pong shaped paddle first Being
wide, it would give maximum coverage, warming up a large area with each blow. It
would sound as if Angela was receiving a very hard spanking but there would be very
little actual pain. The older girl's cheeks would be left a rosy pink color and she would
feel the heat as the bl**d rushed into the area. Kim even liked this paddle used on
her as a warmup. It toned the muscles in her ass and prepared them for the more
violent abuses that usually followed.

"Ten should be enough. I'll give her five on each cheek." The neophyte
dominatrix thought to herself. She reached out and ran her hand lightly up Angela's
thigh and over her left globe, delighting at the way it twitched in response to her touch.
Angela was unprepared for the first blow. The loud crack of the paddle startled the
girl as it flattened her buttock and she let out a small yelp. Kim quickly followed the
first hit with three more, two on each bouncing cheek.

Kim stood back to examine the effect. Angela's cheeks had taken on a flushed
pink color. Kim could tell that her friend was feeling the effect of the paddle because
her hips were slowly swishing from side to side as much as her bound position
allowed. Angela had taken the other blows in silence after the first cry of surprise.

Moving back to the girl, Kim placed her hand in the small of Angela's back and
rained three hard fast blows on her left ass cheek. Hardly pausing, she directed the
next three to the right one, finally getting a reaction from the girl.

"Ooohhhh! It burns!" Angela moaned softly. "My ass is so hot!"

She hadn't been hurt. The paddle had stung her and she knew she was red
because of the tingling she felt in her ass. Angela felt her pussy leaking and knew
she was soaking the thin strip of material that covered her snatch. She could also feel
her pussy lips swelling as her excitement rose. The crotch strap of her gym suit was
slowly disappearing, being engulfed by her inflamed labia. The thin wet band of
stretched material was now pushing up against the tiny hooded appendage of her clit,
arousing her even more.

Kim saw the signs and knew what her blond friend was feeling. Taking enough
time to allow the girl to cool down, she selected the next paddle that she intended to
use. This one was a fraternity paddle, the kind used to initiate pledges into the social
clubs on college campuses. It was wooden, about two inches wide, and had rounded
edges so that it wouldn't break the skin. Kim knew from experience that this paddle
could hurt. It concentrated the f***e of the blow into a much smaller area than the
other one. It would sting like fire and could leave bruises if used energetically enough.

Having decided on an additional ten whacks, Kim went to work. The thinner
width of this paddle let her expand her target area, so she was going to let Angela
know how it felt when the paddling included the backs of her thighs.

The first blow landed right at the base of Angela's left ass cheek, just on the
crease where her thigh swelled into her meatier buttock. A red stripe sprung up
immediately and Angela let out a howl. She was still trying to cope with the stinging
when Kim matched the first blow with one to her right side. The next two cuts landed
lower, overlapping the first ones but catching the crying girl on the fleshiest portions of
her thighs.

Kim switched from cheek to cheek and thigh to thigh as she gave the helpless
cheerleader the next six hits. When she finished, Angela was sobbing openly with
tears streaming down her face. Streaks of purple showed on her ass and thighs
where bruises were beginning to form. Kim had noticed though, that for the last few
swipes, Angela had seemed to be pushing her ass out, raising it up as much as
possible as if inviting the paddle to crash against her tender hemispheres. Her voice
had also changed, becoming huskier and betraying a sense of urgency.

"Don't stop, Kim." Angela rasped, disappointed when her friend quit pounding
her with the paddle. "I want more. It hurts, but it feels so good too. I'm on fire back
there. Please don't stop." She begged.

Kim wasn't going to waver from her plan. She untied Angela and told her to
strip. The last punishment would be given while she was completely naked.
Angela couldn't move fast enough. She ripped off her gym suit and stood with
her back to the full length mirror on the wall. Peering over her shoulder she looked at
her battered ass, and thrilled to the throbbing in her heated hillocks. A shudder ran
through her as she felt the soreness when she ran her hands gently over the welts that had formed.

Kim saw that the girl's long golden pussy hair was wet and matted with love
juice. The musky aroma of sex permeated the air. Kim was wet herself and knew
that she was contributing some of that a****l scent. Suddenly her clothes were too
confining and Kim stripped as well. If someone came into the gym there would be no
way to cover up what was going on, but neither Kim nor Angela cared. They were
both so immersed in lust that nothing else mattered.

After looping the rope around each of Angela's wrists, Kim led the girl to the set
of rings used by the men's gymnastics class. She had Angela stand on a low stool
while she used a taller one. The rings were about eight feet above the floor, much too
high for what Kim had in mind, so she tied the free ends of the ropes to the rings,
leaving enough slack so that Angela would hang with her feet almost touching the
floor. She kicked the stool out from under the girl and stood back to admire her

Angela was truly gorgeous. Kim wished she had a camera because she would
like to share this with the club. Angela's smooth armpits were deeply hollowed
showing the strain in her arms as they held her entire weight. Her breasts, smaller
than Kim's, jutted out proudly from her chest. The large pink areolae were smooth
and puffy, with stiff, inch long nipples protruding from their centers. Her stomach was
concave, rising slightly to her navel which was stretched into an oblong slit. The
triangle of light silky pubic hair was split by the mound of her vulva. Thick, puffy labia
betrayed the girl's arousal as did the quivering nub of her clitoris, now totally emerged
from its protective hood and glistening with the dew from her heated vagina.

Although she had seen it often, this was the first time that Kim had really
studied someone in suspension. It was no wonder, she reflected, that Bill and Jimmy
always seemed to find an occasion to hang at least one of the women in the club,
either by her wrists or ankles. Angela, of course, was beautiful anyway, but the
suspension brought out all the lines and curves of her body. That, with the
subservient attitude it created and the air of vulnerability, was stunning. "If I look half
that good, I'd be willing to hang for hours." Kim thought to herself.

Angela wasn't aware of how desirable she was. She only knew that her ass
and thighs were throbbing, pounding in synchronization with her heartbeat, and that
was causing a similar reaction in her pussy. Hanging like she was, the tops of her
thighs, the plumpest portion, rubbed together. Angela felt the wetness there and knew
her crotch was a mess. No make-out session she had ever had with any boy had
caused her to have this kind of response. She was extremely horny and wanted Kim
to continue. If the next part was as good as the first two, she knew she would cum.
She was close enough now that it would have taken very little stimulation to send her
crashing over the edge.

For the last demonstration, Kim had chosen a small, light six-stranded whip. It
was the little b*****r of the dreaded cat'o'nine tails so feared by its victims of the past.
Where the more vicious whip could rip the flesh right from the bones, this version
provided tentacles of pain that exploded against the skin. Angela would feel a severe
stinging from each of the six strands as they dug into her, but she would not be cut.
She would be left with several welts to remind her of their session but they would
vanish in a day or two.

Knowing what her answer would be, Kim gave Angela a chance to quit.
"Angela, we can stop now if you wish, but if we go on I'm going to give you
five hard cuts with this whip. Your front will be as marked as your back and it will
hurt a lot. You'll undoubtedly cry and probably scream. It may hurt you so badly that
it turns you off, in which case you will have found out what you wanted to know. On the
other hand, it may make you cum harder than you ever have."

Kim paused, letting her words sink in, then continued. "If that happens then
you, like me, will spend your time seeking out people who are willing to play bondage
and discipline games with you. You will discover that the pleasure you get from sex is
directly proportional to the amount of pain you have endured. The longest lasting and
most intense orgasms will come after you have suffered the most pain. In just a little
while you will find yourself wanting to stretch your limits. Knowing that greater pain
will bring greater pleasure, you'll ask for more. It will probably even reach the point
where you know that you can't stand any more willingly. When that happens, you will
have to find someone who will f***e you to go beyond your limits. It's a very
dangerous way to live and you might prefer to stop right now."

"No!" Angela cried. The urgency in her voice was evident. "Don't stop now. I
have to see . . . I have to know. I want you to whip me. Please do it now." Angela
was almost whining and it was clear to Kim that the girl was desperate Angela was a
definite candidate to join their club.

Almost before the other girl's voice had died away, Kim ripped her with the first
slash of the whip. The six leather fingers fanned out, covering Angela's smooth white
skin from her navel down to the line where her golden pubic hair began.

Angela thought she was prepared but she was wrong! The pain was
indescribable. Lines of fire burned the lower part of her abdomen. She jerked on her
ropes, dancing like a puppet as the pain seemed to increase rather than diminish with
time. She let out a pitiful moan, one of despair more than agony, because the poor
girl knew she had to endure this awful torment at least four more times and she didn't
think she could do it.

Kim drew back her arm and sent the whip crashing into her suffering friend
again, this time aiming for hollow of her stomach. Unashamedly, Angela screamed.
One of the lashes had found its way into her navel, snapping against the delicate skin
that was rarely even touched, much less hurt. Angela was still feeling the effects of
the first blow as this new agony took command of her body. She was fascinated by
the fact that, while her body reacted to the new set of lashes, her mind focused on the
first ones. The pain had dulled into what could only be described as sensuous
throbbing. It felt as if some giant hand was giving her a deep massage that sent
tingles right into the depths of her womb. The fiery lines left by the lashes had started
an inferno in her pussy.

The third and fourth blows landed on her tits, covering them with angry red
stripes. Angela screamed maniacally and swung violently on the ropes. She had
never been in such abject misery. Angela felt as if her mammaries, which had seldom
even been touched by anyone else, had been ripped away from her body. It hurt so
badly that Angela was afraid that she may pass out.

Almost as quickly as it came, the pain vanished, leaving the sobbing girl
quivering and acutely aware of each individual lash mark. It was highly erotic. Angela
twisted slowly on the ropes, pulling herself up, then relaxing to let herself hang limply
as the incredible feelings of a****l lust sprung from the deepest part of her being.
The whip had brought her to the brink of orgasm and held her there. Every nerve
ending in her body was raw and tingling, ready to explode and send the girl into that
blissful state of euphoria. Instinctively, Angela knew where the last blow was coming.
Seemingly with a mind of its own, her pelvis pushed forward, poised and ready to
accept the caress of the horrible leather fingers of pain.

Kim did not disappoint her friend. Using all her strength, she directed the final
blow to Angela's pussy, snapping her wrist at the last moment to guarantee that
Angela would feel the awesome power of the whip.

Angela froze as the terrible tentacles sought out her most private parts. One
strand wrapped around her thigh, the tip digging cruelly into the most sensitive area,
the smooth inner part right below her sex. Two more snapped against her labia which
were already red and puffy from arousal. One even wormed its way inside her
pouting pussy, lacerating the pink scalloped inner lips and sending up a shower of the
juice that had collected there. The last two strands found their mark with the precision
of a laser beam and almost as much power. One hit her right above her clit, peeling
back the hood and exposing the tiny organ so that the other could strike it with full
f***e as it shimmered, naked and vulnerable.


Angela never even felt the pain, although it should have been exquisite. Her
shriek died in her throat as every muscle in her body contracted violently. Her orgasm
swept through her, coming in wave after wave of pleasure so intense it was almost a
form of torture itself. She didn't know if she was experiencing one long orgasm or a
series of rapid-fire cums, but she knew she was in ecstasy.

"Yes!" She shrieked. "Yes . . . YES . . . YEEESSSSS! I'M CUUUMMINNGGG!"
Angela was totally out of control. Her body jerked spasmodically as she hung
from the rings. Strands of long blond hair lashed her arms as her head whipped from
side to side, her mouth hung slack, and her eyes were rolled to the back of her head.

Just as Angela's wild movements and ravings were beginning to calm down,
Kim tossed the whip aside and knelt before the twitching girl. She reached between
Angela's legs and cupped the blond's abused ass bringing a moan from the girl as the
pain caused another small cum to flash through her. When Kim pulled her forward,
Angela automatically spread her legs, putting them on Kim's shoulders and trapping
her friend's head between her soft thighs.

Angela had never had sex with another girl. She had only had her pussy licked
once, and that time was by a young and inexperienced boy who knew nothing about
how to please a girl. He had licked up and down her pussy lips much like a cat might
do when grooming himself. The boy had never found her clit or even put his tongue
inside her. It had been pleasant enough for Angela but she had known that
something was missing. The dirty books she had read and a few of the more
experienced girls had told her about the joys of having your pussy eaten, but Angela
had not found that to be the case.

The moment she felt Kim's tongue she knew what they meant! Kim swirled the
tip of her tongue around Angela's clit, sending sparks of pure energy through the girl.
Kim continued, separating the cheerleader's thick outer lips with the sides of her
tongue while tickling the delicate inner ones with the tip. Making her tongue round
and hard, Kim buried it into Angela's moist cave, sending the girl into raptures.

"Oh . . . God . . . Yes, Kim!" Angela sighed. "Eat me. Lick my hot wet pussy.
Fuck me with your tongue." She squealed, her hips pumping rapidly against Kim's face.

All the pent-up energy was suddenly released. Angela came again, flooding
Kim's tongue with thick liquid. Kim swallowed repeatedly but was unable to keep up
with the volume of honey that flowed from her friend's pussy. Kim felt the contractions
as Angela's cunt spasmed again and again. She withdrew her tongue and sucked
Angela's hard bouncing clit into her mouth, beating the tip of her tongue against it and
chewing on it gently with her lips.

Angela exploded again. This time it was so violent that she lost contact with
reality. Angela didn't know where she was or what was happening. All she knew was
that her pussy was giving her pleasure far beyond anything she had ever felt, and she
wanted it to go on forever. Her hips beat a staccato against her friend's face, crushing
Kim's nose against her pubic bone. Every time Kim bit on her clit, a new orgasm was
spawned, one that was even better than the one before. Finally Kim bared her teeth.
She gripped Angela's clit between her teeth and bit hard.

A flash of white-hot pain gripped the lust-crazed cheerleader and she shrieked
again. Her muscles contracted and tremors ran up her spine. The pain spread like a
wildfire. It raged through her pelvis, into the pit of her stomach, licked at her tits, and
finally blossomed in her brain where it transformed into pleasure so exquisite that her
body was not able to handle the sensation. The last thing Angela remembered before
losing consciousness was that she had found heaven and she never wanted to leave.

Angela was so weak from cumming that her legs refused to support her when
Kim let her down. She crumbled into a heap on the mat below. Kim was so hot that
she didn't let Angela's condition stop her. She rolled the older girl onto her back and
straddled her face, lowering her pussy over Angela's nose and mouth.

Angela was suffocating, smothered in Kim's hot wet pussy. Tentatively at first,
then with more conviction, she snaked her tongue out, tasting her friend's juice.
Finding that it was not unpleasant, she continued. Remembering what Kim had done,
Angela copied the more experienced girl. She lapped at Kim's clit and fucked into her
steaming pussy with her tongue. Kim's hips rotated wildly as she ground her cunt into
her friend's face. Suddenly the younger girl froze. Angela felt Kim's pussy grip her
tongue, threatening to tear it out by the roots as it undulated and exuded gobs of thick
goo that coated her tongue and smeared all over her face.

Kim collapsed on the mat beside her friend. It took them both several minutes
to recuperate. When they came to their senses, Angela gushed about her experience,
telling Kim how much she loved and appreciated her friend for introducing her to sex
with pain and bondage. "I've never felt anything like it." She marveled. "How could
anybody enjoy plain old fucking and sucking once they've been tied up and whipped?"

"Because most people have never experienced it." Kim answered. "Just the
thought of being tied up is enough to turn most women off, and even men usually
don't understand how exciting it can be to whip someone, exciting for themselves and
their partner. We're conditioned to recoil from pain and regard anyone who enjoys it
as degenerate, disgusting, and sick."

"Well, it may be sick, but I don't care!" Angela said, obviously getting aroused
again. "I wanted to see stars and feel skyrockets going off when I came. I did that
and more. No boy has ever gotten me as hot as you just did, and I have certainly
never cum like that."

"It's even better when a man is doing the whipping." Kim explained. "Once he
has you so worked up that your juices are leaking out all over the place and your body
burns from his whipping, he can fuck you until you think you'll die of the pleasure. A
man is also stronger and can hurt you more. They seem to have a fascination for all
your private parts and can really give you a time that you won't forget."

"God, I don't know if I could stand it if it got any better, but I'd like to try!"
Angela said, her eyes shining with excitement. "Do you know a man who would be
willing to do it to me?" She asked.

Kim was silent for a moment, then answered slowly, "I just might be able to
help you. Let me talk to some people and I'll get back to you soon."
"I hope so, and the sooner the better." The cheerleader said. "Now that I've
discovered this I want to learn more about it."

Kim told the other club members about Angela. After listening to her account,
they all readily agreed that Angela sounded like a perfect candidate to join their club,
and instructed Kim to set up the initial meeting for the weekend.

Standing naked and trembling in front of the group, Angela's heart pounded.
She trusted Kim, and knew Jimmy from school, although he was a couple of years
behind her, but the three adults were unknown and frightening. She had gone too far
to turn back and hoped she hadn't made a terrible mistake that she would regret.

Jimmy had retied her wrists behind her back and had added a blindfold.
Angela was led to another part of the house they had called the dungeon. After
managing to negotiate the flight of stairs without falling, Jimmy tied her to a straight
backed chair in the center of the room. Her ankles were tied to the legs of the chair
while her arms were securely tied behind her and fastened to the chair back. Shifting
slightly, Angela discovered she could barely move. Jimmy completed her bondage by
running a rope around her waist and the chair, pulling it tight and making her
breathing difficult. The final rope secured her knees to the chair seat. Testing again,
the blond girl found that the only thing she could move was her head.

Angela was left alone to consider her situation while Bill and Jimmy prepared
the other ladies for the evening's entertainment. All three had stripped while Jimmy
was finishing with Angela. Naked, they now stood in the center of the room awaiting
their orders.

Earlier, Kim requested an extra special session for herself because she was still
extremely horny after her session with Angela. She also thought it might make the
other girl more comfortable to see someone her own age undergoing the rigors of
sexual torture before she was called upon to partake of it herself. Bill agreed and left
Jimmy to take care of Rosie and Connie while he led Kim to the new device that he
and his son had built especially for the initiation ceremonies.

It looked like an old-fashioned set of stocks to Kim, except that there were two
holes instead of the customary three. As they drew closer, the girl realized the holes
were positioned too closely for the wrists and were not large enough for the neck.
Kim stood behind the device while Bill adjusted the center post. Once this was done,
it was obvious that her breasts were intended to fit through the holes. Bill reached
through the holes and grabbed Kim by both her nipples, pulling on them and guiding
her tits through the snug holes. Once positioned, he pressed on the small of her
back, forcing her chest up against the device and trapping as much of her tit-flesh as

When Bill turned the knobs around the holes, Kim felt something pressing into
her soft globes. Although she couldn't see what was happening, she could tell that
something was digging into the base of both her tits. They felt like round disks, about
the size of quarters and they came from all around her generous mounds, top, bottom
and sides. As Bill kept twisting, Kim became decidedly more uncomfortable.
The disks were compressing the base of her tits causing them to bulge like inflated
balloons. She tried pulling back, but was held too tightly by the disks and her own
swollen flesh which had expanded too much to fit back through the holes.

Bill fitted Kim's wrists into handcuffs which he snapped behind her, and her
ankles into manacles attached to rings in the floor. The young girl was effectively
immobilized with her taut, swollen mammaries the focal point of attention. Placing his
palms on her nipples and moving them in a rapid circular motion brought a hiss of
approval as Kim sucked in her breath sharply in response to this stimulation. Her tits
were amazingly sensitive. She felt them pounding in time with her heart beat, which
was forcing even more bl**d into the already engorged flesh. As her luscious boobs
became even more distended, Kim felt the skin become so tight she was afraid it
might split. Her nipples had become rock hard and elongated.

While his dad had been busy with Kim, Jimmy had attended Kim's mom, Rosie,
and his mother, Connie. Rosie had been strapped into one of their favorite restraining
devices, a padded T-Bar. Her wrists were placed into cuffs at the end of each bar of
the "T" while her legs were secured at the knees and ankles with wide leather straps.
The bar was jointed in the middle, allowing the bound victim to be bent backwards at
the waist. Two more straps, a thin one above the breasts and a wider one below,
kept Rosie pinned to the center post with her massive tits jutting out prominently. It
was a perfect position for one of Rosie's favorite activities, having her tits whipped and

Connie, on the other hand, preferred more stringent bondage and discipline.
For her, more was better. More pain meant more pleasure. She enjoyed long
sessions of being tied in very severe positions followed by a harsh whipping and other
tortures. Consequently, Jimmy placed her in suspension. She hung by her wrists with
her legs spread wide, pulled apart with her cuffed ankles attached to rings in the floor.
Her entire weight was supported by her arms. The strain was already showing on her

Bill signaled for Jimmy to remove Angela's blindfold. When her eyes got used
to the light and she was finally able to focus, she was stunned by what she saw. Her
head swivelled from side to side, taking in all the gadgets and implements of torture
hanging on hooks along one wall. The pieces of bondage equipment Bill had built
were s**ttered throughout the room, their purpose was unclear, for the most part, to
the boggled girl. But what held her attention most, were the three women in bondage.
Angela's mouth gaped open when she saw her friend Kim, with her bloated tits
sticking through the holes in the stocks. Connie looked wonderfully miserable as she
hung by her wrists while her friend, Rosie, looked like she was nothing but tits in her
strained position.

Bill removed Angela's gag. "Since this is the first step in your initiation, I am
also relaxing the rule that slaves must remain quiet. You may not ask for sexual
favors or protest the treatment given to the others. If there are any questions about
what we are doing or why, you can ask either Jimmy or me. When you do, address us
as Master Bill or Master Jimmy. If you have a question to ask a slave, it must come
through us, as they are not allowed to speak without permission. You may, of course,
ask to leave any time if you feel you have seen enough and want no part of what we
do." He said this last part more for the benefit of the camera than for Angela because
her heavy breathing, firm, hard tits, and damp pussy showed the girl had no intention
of leaving.

Bill chose a small whippy switch. It was about half the diameter of a pencil,
tapering at the tip, and less than two feet in length. It was frayed at the end, showing
that it had been well used before. Angela saw her friend's eyes widen and her nostrils
flare with fear when Bill approached her with the switch in his hand.

The older man spoke softly but menacingly. "Kim, my dear. You've never had a
switch used on your tits before have you? I know we have put clamps on your nipples
and have used a leather whip on your tits but tonight will be your first taste of the
cane. When it's over, I'm quite sure you will agree that it is a new high in increasing
your pain threshold. Of course, you know your mother loves it. That slut starts
cumming with the first stroke and keeps cumming until I stop."

Kim twisted frantically trying to free herself from the stocks. She knew how
painful the switch would be when applied to her highly sensitized breasts. The most
excruciating session she had ever endured was when Bill had caned her ass and
thighs for the first time. It was a much larger and heavier piece of equipment, but it
was also used on a meatier and less vulnerable part of her body. Kim was still
ashamed that she had screamed after only the first cut and had begged for mercy and
pleaded for him to stop before she had taken half her ten blows.

She didn't want to disgrace herself in front of Angela on her very first night, but
she didn't know if she could handle the switch cutting into her precious melons. She
wished Bill would at least take time to warm her up by paddling her bottom first.

It was not necessary because Bill knew exactly what he was doing. He traced
around the entire surface of both her swollen globes, touching her as lightly as
possible with the frayed bushy end of the switch. Kim openly relaxed as the tiny fibers
tickled her turgid flesh.

On his second trip around, Bill used a light tapping motion. This time he paid
particular attention to Kim's pulsing nipples and puffy areolae. The young girl's nipples
stiffened and grew even more, and turned a fiery red color from the insistent
stimulation. Kim was going insane. Her nipples itched furiously from being so hot and
engorged with bl**d.

She couldn't contain a moan when Bill placed the switch between her aching
mounds and rapidly flicked his wrist back and f
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