Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club


It was Friday night and there was a break in the action. Bill sat
in a large leather chair, gazing at the three naked women he had
bound in various positions in his basement "game" room, reflecting
over the changes that had occurred in his life the past month. When
Connie had confessed that she had been unfaithful and had discovered
her need to be dominated and abused, he had felt his life was over.
Confused, angry, and hurt, he had confided in his next door
neighbor, Rosie, who seized the moment to both educate Bill and
fulfill her own needs at the same time. He still got an erection
when he remembered that afternoon and evening.

It had started innocently enough. He had left the house in anger.
Connie had just destroyed almost twenty years of marriage with her
confession. He was shocked and disgusted. How could he have lived
with such a sick woman all these years and never realized it? Pain
was not something he associated with sexual pleasure. The idea that
someone would enjoy being beaten and abused was completely foreign
to him.

Rosie was working in her yard and noticed how upset he was. She
invited him in for a drink and provided a sympathetic ear as he
related the story Connie had just told him. Rosie was a nurse who
had originally come from England. She had a sixteen-year old
daughter and was unmarried, Bill assumed she was divorced. After he
had related his story he listened in amazement as his neighbor told
him about her early years in England. She had been a slave, one of
many who had made the same choice, in the harem of her Master. He
had thrown her out when she got pregnant with Kim. They had immigrated
to the United States to start a new life when Kim was very young.

He might not have believed her and would have thought she was just
trying to make him think more kindly toward Connie except that she
had goaded and teased him into attacking her. Bill tied her and
spanked her with various objects he found in her kitchen. He abused
her tits unmercifully. It was obvious that Rosie enjoyed the pain,
since she came almost constantly, and kept urging the man to do
more. Bill realized he had never enjoyed sex more, although he
thought it was a little perverse.

Rosie could tell from their afternoon of debauchery that Bill was a
natural Master who just needed some experience to unleash his
imagination and gain confidence in his ability to dominate. The man
also needed some help coming to grips with the fact that many women
craved the domination and used the pain to reach heights of sexual
fulfillment impossible by any other means.

Rosie knew from Bill's story that Connie had discovered this, just
as she had been lucky enough to find out for herself several years
ago. A plan began forming in the back of her mind. If she could
help Connie by turning Bill into the type of husband that could
satisfy her strange new desires then maybe Connie would not mind
sharing him. This way they could both have what they wanted and
needed so badly.

Kim had helped her by walking in on them. Rosie was tied
spreadeagled on the kitchen table showing obvious signs of the
beating she had taken. Her ass was beet red, her tits were tied
tightly and still crisscrossed with red stripes from her tit
whipping. Bill was slamming his hips into her while she moaned and
cried, screaming for him to hurt her some more. Bill was mortified
at being discovered, but Rosie saw it as fate.

She and Kim had a very close relationship. Rosie had seen to her
daughter's education, especially concerning sex. She had wanted to
make sure that Kim grew up with a healthy attitude toward her body
and knew how to get the most pleasure from it. Kim was technically
a virgin. She had not yet had sex with a man, but was well aware of
the pleasures a woman could give another woman. The young girl also
knew how bondage and discipline could serve to heighten the already
intense orgasms she could coax from her firm young body.

After Kim went to her room, Rosie told Bill about her relationship
with her daughter. This greatly eased his conscience. When Kim
became a teenager they came to an agreement. Rosie did not want to
be constantly disciplining her daughter for every minor broken rule
or indiscretion, and Kim did not want her mother hassling her every
day. They decided to initiate a punishment night. All the rules
and expectations were written down and values were assigned
according to the severity of the misbehavior. Each time Kim was
guilty of breaking a rule or was caught in some impropriety Rosie
recorded it but overlooked it at the time. At the end of each week,
usually Friday night, they brought out the list and added the
values. The total decided the penalty, which ranged from assigning
extra chores or withdrawing privileges to more severe punishment
such as spanking, whipping, or caning. Being from England, Rosie
had no qualms about the virtues of corporal punishment.

This system had worked out well for them both and was still in
place although it had evolved over the last two years. Rosie
noticed that Kim was reaching the major punishment stages more
often. At first she had assumed this was natural. Most
f******n-year old k**s tried to stretch their boundaries as much as
possible. As it continued, she realized that Kim seemed to
purposely do something at the end of the week that would ensure her
going over the limit. That was when it finally hit her. She, of
all people, should have seen it. Kim liked the corporal punishment!

After discovering this, she began to watch Kim more closely during
the punishment sessions. What she had surmised was correct. The
young girl usually worked herself around so some blows landed right
on her pussy lips. Rosie had felt guilty when this happened because
she knew how painful it was and had assumed it was her fault. Rosie
thought Kim's gyrations and screams were a result of the pain. Now
she realized that it was because the girl was having an orgasm!

Once Rosie became aware of what was happening she began slowly
expanding Kim's horizons. She added bondage, much to her daughter's
delight, and applied the discipline with more sexual overtones. The
sessions were now blatantly sexual and no longer depended upon the
list of infractions. The truth of the matter was, Kim was so happy
and satisfied with her life that she rarely, if ever, got into
trouble. They had even turned the tables a few times so Kim could
see how her mother reacted to various forms of pain and abuse,
although Kim was not strong enough or f***eful enough to really get
Rosie going.

Rosie always made sure her daughter enjoyed several orgasms during
each session. She stopped short of having oral sex with the girl
but brought her off several times with her hands, although most of
Kim's orgasms were a direct result of the pain and bondage.

As she was telling him this story Bill had a hard time keeping his
mind from drifting. He kept seeing the young girl and her mother
tied up and waiting, willing to do anything their Master commanded,
and he was the Master!

The man was so lost in his reverie he almost missed it when Rosie
said, "Tomorrow is her punishment night. Since she spied on the two
of us I think it appropriate that we both administer the punishment.
Actually, I probably deserve some punishment as well, since I
practically f***ed you into such a compromising position. Would you
honor us by taking the job of judge, jury, and chief executioner for
the evening? If you agree, I can promise that what we did this
afternoon will pale by comparison to what you will experience
tomorrow. It is time for Kim to see how much a man can add to her
enjoyment. I have given her about all that I can. I am, after all,
submissive like her, and there are limits to what I can do. She
needs the firm hand of a man, a Master, to continue her education.
Will you be our Master?"

Bill's answer changed his life. The instant he said yes he became
a Master. The man may have lacked experience, but he more than
compensated for it with eagerness. He went immediately to an adult
bookstore and purchased several books and magazines dealing with the
subject of bondage and discipline. He also spent a small fortune on
various pieces of equipment that sparked his interest and imagination.
After studying the material for most of the night, he
knew he could use his wood-working and carpentry skills to build
more elaborate devices as the need arose.

Connie was confused. She had expected her husband to be angry.
She was prepared for him to ask for a divorce, to be insulting, or
to walk out, but she was not ready for him to go to his basement
workshop and spend the day working at his hobby. Bill had even been
almost pleasant at lunch, although she knew he was thinking about
what she had told him because of the conversation. He asked her
several embarrassing questions about her recent activities, focusing
primarily on what had been done to her and what she had enjoyed
most. She answered truthfully although she was afraid of how the
information might affect him. Her husband seemed much more
interested in what she had done and how it made her feel than with
whom she had been doing these things. Bill never even questioned
her about how she got involved or who she had been with during those
evenings she hadn't been at home. It was very unlike Bill and it
worried Connie.

Bill wasn't the least bit curious about whom Connie had found to
indulge her whims and fantasies, but he was extremely interested in
what she had found the most satisfying. He wanted to know what he
could do to get the best response from a woman and how he should act
to turn them into his total sex slave. Her answers and his
intuition formed the basis for how he began to style himself as a master.
He knew his personality as a master would evolve as he gained
more knowledge and experience but he was looking for a starting

Bill had spent the morning in his basement thinking about how he
would handle the coming evening's activities, and mentally setting
up a few situations he thought would interest the three of them.
The afternoon was devoted to building a few small items he intended
to use that evening and to start on some blueprints for some larger
and more complex devices to use in the future. Connie had as much
as told him that she intended to continue with her new life, and his
experience with Rosie had shown him that he wanted to be a part of
the activity.

By 6:30 Bill had showered, shaved, and packed what he needed for
the evening. He still had a half hour before he was to be at
Rosie's house. Connie had spent most of the day in her room and was
unaware of what her husband had been doing. She was surprised when
he told her through the door that he was going out and would
probably be gone most of the evening. Although she knew she had no
right, it made her angry and she stomped to the door to give him a
piece of her mind. She yanked the door open and walked right into
his waiting arms. Bill had anticipated her reaction and was
prepared . He quickly twisted her around and snapped a pair of
handcuffs on her wrists. He half-pulled and half-dragged her down
the stairs into his basement while she tried to get away and
protested angrily.

"What in the Hell do you think you are doing? Let me go this
instant. You can't do this. I'll call the police and have you
arrested. LET ME GO! LET ME GO, RIGHT NOW!!!"

"Shut-up, Bitch!" he snapped while he slapped her twice across the
face. The blows were not hard, but were enough to split Connie's
lip. A trickle of bl**d ran down her chin. She was stunned. In
almost twenty years of marriage Bill had never raised a hand to her,
in fact, he had hardly ever raised his voice, and he had just done
both. Connie was afraid she had pushed him too far. If he could
hit her, there was no telling what else he might do. The handcuffs,
the face slapping, and the fear all combined to make Connie tingle
all over. She was truly afraid, but she was also excited.

It was a possibility, remote, for sure, but still possible, that her
straight and boring husband might turn out to be exactly the type
she had been looking for when she sought out the company of other
men. She had found men willing to dominate her. There had been
several who were eager to use and abuse her, but there had always
been something missing.

Connie knew what it was. There had been sex, wonderful, mind
numbing, sex, but there was no relationship. None of the men, or
women, for that matter, had been able to conquer her mind. She had
given her body, but never her soul. Connie had been their toy but
she had never truly been their slave. She was still desperately
seeking the person who would take her and make her their own.
Connie needed a Master. Bill interrupted her thoughts.

"I've got someplace to go tonight. After all you have told me, I'm
not sure I can trust you to stay here, so I've decided to make sure
you can't go anywhere while I'm gone." While he was talking, Bill
had been busy getting his wife situated on one of the devices he had
built that afternoon. It was a large wooden "X" with wrist and
ankle cuffs fastened at each end. He had seen it in a magazine he
had bought. It was called a St. Andrew's Cross and had many
possibilities. The victim could be easily placed on the cross while
it was it was laying flat, then, depending upon which end was raised,
would wind up with their head either up or down. Bill chose
to position her with her head up, since he would not be there to
monitor the situation, and upside down suspensions could be dangerous.
This was also the reason he decided not to gag the woman.
Besides, the basement was so well insulated that she would not be
heard, no matter how loud she screamed. He did decide, however, that
it would be okay to provide her a little distraction and give her
some choice in deciding her fate.

The cross had been built so that a two-inch thick dowel rod could
be inserted right at the crotch area. When Connie relaxed her arms,
her entire weight would be supported by the dowel rod, which would
split her pussy lips. This would become very painful in just a few
minutes. She would have to hold herself up with her arms to avoid
it. Of course, her arms would tire eventually, leaving her no
choice but to bear the pain in her cunt. Before leaving he attached
alligator clips to each nipple with a small cord running from the
clips to the end of the dowel rod. When Connie raised herself up to
relieve the pressure on her pussy, the cord would pull taut, causing
the clips to bite harder into her nipples.

"Poor Connie" he said, chuckling to himself. "She can't win.
She'll have to choose between pain in her tits or pain in her pussy.
I almost wish I could stay here to watch her."

He completed his work on his wayward wife by pulling a hood over
her head. This would disable her visual senses and dull her sense of
hearing. She would only be left with her sense of touch. The effect
of the pain would be exaggerated.


Excitement was running high at Rosie's house. It was getting very
close to the time Bill was supposed to arrive. Rosie and Kim were
ready. They had primped and preened most of the afternoon. Make-up
was important. It had to be just right. Enough to accent but not
so much as to appear slutty. Most of the time had been spent
deciding how to dress. Both wanted to make sure they gave Bill just
the right signal.

Rosie had decided how the evening would begin. She would give Bill
a small demonstration of what she had been doing with her daughter.
This would give them all a warmup period where Kim could calm down
and Bill could see some of what was expected of him without any
pressure to perform. She wanted this to be a good experience for
all of them, but was especially concerned for Kim, since it would be
her first time with a man. Loss of virginity was a big event for
every woman and she wanted to make sure that Kim would remember hers
with fondness for the rest of her life.

Bill knocked on the back door of his neighbor's house. He held a
gym bag full of the equipment he had bought at the sex shop. His
clothes had also been chosen carefully. A loose fitting running suit
covered the leather bikini briefs he had purchased at the same
shop. High quality deck shoes with no socks completed his outfit.

He had thought long and hard about bringing condoms with him, but
decided that he would leave that up to Rosie. She had said nothing
about them during their session the day before and he really had no
idea if he would be fucking Kim or just administering punishment to
her. He had mixed feelings about it. It excited him to imagine
having sex with two women at once, especially a mother and her
daughter, but Kim was just a year older than his son and he still
thought of Jimmy as a c***d.

All thought of picturing Kim as a c***d vanished when she opened the
door. She was beautiful. Her long black hair fell loosely to the
middle of her back. It accented her long, flowing white dress
perfectly. The garment was really more of a toga than a dress. It
was fastened over one shoulder with a gold broach and fell in loose
folds almost to the floor. A gold rope chain served as a belt ,
which was cinched tightly enough to show a slight flair in her hips
and at least defined her tits, although it did little to show them
off. Bill could tell that the girl had inherited many of her
Mother's features. She already had a very nicely developed figure
even at her young age. Her lips were full, almost pouting and her
smoke gray eyes were penetrating. Bill felt his cock beginning to
surge against the leather briefs.

"Come in" the girl said.

Her eyes held his with a probing stare. He felt self-conscious.
She was looking right into his soul. For that brief instant they
became one. Bill suddenly felt he knew all there was to know about
this c***d, who was wise way beyond her years, and he knew she had
the same feeling. It was then that he realized this girl was
submissive because it pleased her and it was something she wanted at
this time of her life. She was not like her mother in this respect.
Like him, she was a dominant, but she was choosing to play the
submissive role. If he did his job well, Kim would be his slave and
his alone. To everyone else she would become the Mistress. Bill
knew that some day soon the two of them would own Rosie and Connie.
That was in the future though, and there was a lot of ground to
cover before then.

As Bill stepped inside, he saw Rosie. If Kim was the image of the
vestal virgin ready for sacrifice, Rosie had chosen the opposite
look. Her thick black hair was piled loosely on top of her head. A
black leather collar accented her shapely neck and kept her head
held high. Her cantaloupe sized tits were almost totally exposed,
pushed up and out by the bra portion of a leather corset that also
cinched in her waist tightly. The corset ended just below her
navel, right above the bushy patch of pubic hair in front and the
generous swell of her ample ass cheeks in back. The four inch heel s
gave her legs a wonderful shape. Her thighs, slightly heavy,
jiggled deliciously as she walked seductively toward him. The
signal that she was hot, ready, and available, was very clear to

"Come in, come in. We've been waiting for you," she said.

"Kim, honey. Go into my bedroom and get prepared. I'm going to
talk to Bill for a few minutes then we'll be along to begin. We're
going to start out like a normal night just as if Bill was not joining us.
You know what to do."

"Yes Ma'am." Kim turned to leave the room but hesitated at the

"Mother, could I ask a favor? Would you please keep me tied up
tonight. I want to show Bill how much I can take and I wouldn't
want to embarrass myself by moving too much or trying to get away
from the whip."

"Of course, dear. Run along now and make your selections."

Rosie explained the procedure to Bill after Kim had left the room.
Kim was usually allowed to choose the instrument that would start
her punishment. Rosie took clues from her daughter's choice about
how the evening should progress. Some of their tools were for light
but titillating punishment, more stimulating than painful, others
gave definite pain but little lasting damage. Still others were not
only very painful, but left deep bruises and vivid welts. These
would stay with the young girl for several days as a reminder of
what she had endured. Rosie knew what kind of evening Kim wanted by
the type of "toy" that the girl chose.

"She's very excited about tonight and, I must confess, I am too.
This is her first time with a man and I want it to be memorable.
Once you get an idea of how things usually go between us, feel free
to jump in and take over. You are the Master and I would not
presume to place any restrictions on you, but please keep in mind
that Kim is young and is still very new to the bondage and
discipline game. She wants, very much, to please you and show how
mature she is. I trust you completely or would not have included
you. She will accept any form of punishment you choose to give her,
just remember to take it a little easy with her until she gets more
used to it. She expects to lose her virginity tonight. I will
leave that totally in your hands. Any form of sex you wish to
engage in, with either of us, is okay. You may decide that making
her wait for another session or two would suit your purposes more.
As you can tell, I am not expecting this to be the only time we all
get together. If things go as I hope and expect, I believe this
will become a regular event."

Bill listened carefully and believed he understood. Rosie was not
aware of what had passed between him and Kim at the door, and
clearly, Rosie had no clue about her daughter's true sexual
orientation. He was smart enough, though, to keep this to himself
and let things progress as it would.

"You mentioned that any type of sex I wanted with either of you was
okay, but you didn't say anything about what else you expected. Are
you to be punished? If so, what are the limits and what do you

"I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I have been looking
forward to this as much as Kim, and I hope you choose to include me
in any punishment. As far as what I like, I have never found anything
that I didn't enjoy. Much of the pleasure is in having new
things done to you, so whatever you decide to do will be fine with
me. When I give myself to a Master, I put myself totally in his hands.
There are no restrictions on you. I want you to find my limit
and expand it. I do ask that you do nothing to either of us that
would cause permanent damage or scarring."

Rosie had been making them both a drink while she had been talking.
She handed Bill his and nodded to the table. They sat and talked
while finishing the drink.

"I always like to make her wait a while," she said. "The
anticipation helps make the activity more intense. Right now, she
is trying to envision exactly what will happen tonight and imagine
how it will feel and how she will react. As you probably know, the
mind is, by far, the most sensitive of all the sex organs. With the
submissive, the pain they actually experience is never as severe as
what they have already suffered in their mind."

"Yes, I do realize it." Bill responded. "I spent all last night
and most of today thinking about what we did yesterday. I read a
great deal of material on the subject, and while I know I have a lot
to learn, I learned enough to know that the real thrill for the
submissive is the feeling of being under the control and at the
mercy of someone else. Not knowing what is going to happen and
being unable to control the situation seems to free the mind and allow
the body to simply respond. When you have control, you also have
responsibility. At least a small part of your mind will try to
exercise restraint and conform to what society considers acceptable
behavior. Bondage and discipline are considered deviant, and, as
such, are considered unacceptable patterns of sexual expression. If
you have no control over what is happening, you no longer have the
responsibility to behave correctly, so your body is free to react as
it wishes with no fear of repercussions."

"It's hard to believe you are a beginner at this. You have already
discovered the essence of what makes this so attractive to so many
people. We have forgotten that pain has been the driving f***e in
sexual relations since the dawn of time. You only have to watch
a****ls mate to realize that biting, scratching, clawing, and the
domination of the male over the female is the true way of nature .
Our society has made us all feel ashamed of how our bodies react to
pain and has dictated that males and females should be equals. It
is unnatural, and, given a chance, I think we would all return to a
society where the dominant rule and the submissive comply."

"All this talk is making me horny," she continued. "I think Kim
has had enough time to think things over and I'm ready to get
started. Fix yourself another drink and bring it along."

Bill decided against the drink. He wanted to make sure he stayed in
control of himself and he certainly didn't want anything to dull his
senses or make him forget anything that was about to happen. His eyes
were glued to Rosie's bouncing ass cheeks as she led the way to her
bedroom and their waiting victim. He could still remember how they
looked after he had spanked her yesterday and could hardly wait to
see what the paddles and whips he had bought would do to them. Bill
was a little surprised that she was not still bruised. He
remembered her being bright red in most places, and purple in some.
Instead of her tits being cut and bleeding in a few places, they
were creamy white again. Bill made a note to himself to ask her
about that.

Rosie's manner changed when she entered the bedroom. She became
stern with a no nonsense air about her. She gave orders in a sharp
tone that demanded respect and compliance.

Kim changed as well. She became timid, with eyes downcast and
shoulders slumping. The girl hurried to do everything her mother
commanded and spoke only in answer to direct questions, and even
then , her voice was soft, almost pleading. It was easy to see that
they knew their roles and had practiced playing them often. Bill
was fascinated as he watched, especially since he knew they were
both unsuited for the roles they were playing. Rosie should have
been subservient while Kim played the dominant character.

"I see you have chosen the whip. You must think you have been
especially bad this week, or you are trying to impress our company.
You know how it always makes you scream and cry after just a few

"Yes, I know, but I walked in on you and Bill and then stayed to
watch when you didn't see me right away. I deserve to be punished
severely, and," she added with a shy grin, "I do want Bill to think
I'm mature enough to handle whatever he decides to do to me."

"Very well then. Take off your robe and get into position. I will
have to tie you because you can never stay still when I use the
whip. Should I gag you or do you think you can control your

"I would like to try to control myself. Maybe there should be
additional punishment if I fail."

"There most certainly will be and I assure you it will not be

Kim was busy during the entire discussion. She disrobed without the
slightest hint of embarrassment. In fact, she turned toward Bill
and posed so he could get a good look at her naked body. She was
young but her body was already maturing. Her tits were beginning to
show the fullness they would develop later, just like her mother.
Her areolae were a dark brown color and puckered. The nipples stood
out hard and proud, and were obviously already excited. Her waist
was small and flared out to wide hips. She had long tapered thighs
and calves that were nicely muscled but not so much to distract.
These gorgeous legs ended in ankles so small he could almost circle
them with his thumb and forefinger. Bill's eyes were drawn to the
dark vee where her legs came together. She had pubic hair that was
full and curly but parted to frame the delicate folds of her labia.
The girl's flat stomach accented the way her pussy protruded.
Bill's leather briefs had suddenly become very confining!

Kim obviously knew her position and crossed the room to the foot of
the bed. Rosie lashed one ankle to each leg of the bed, spreading
Kim's legs apart as far as possible. Bill had not seen either of
them get the rope and assumed it stayed in place permanently, or Kim
had arranged it as part of her preparation time. As Rosie fumbled
at the head of her bed, Bill noticed wrist cuffs attached to a pulley
being lowered from the ceiling. He was impressed. They had gone to
some trouble to make their punishment sessions into an elaborate

Once Kim's wrists were secured, Rosie pulled on the rope. Bill
watched the girl stretch upward until just her toes were touching
the floor. He could see the muscles standing out in her calves as
they tried to support her weight. Kim's back and stomach were
stretched as tight as a drum and her firm tits stood out like
softballs from her chest. It was a flattering position. Any girl
would look beautiful trussed up this way and one as young and pretty
as Kim was absolutely gorgeous.

Kim's position was perfect, a fact that Bill appreciated. She was
totally accessible. The whip could bite into any area on her body,
especially the more sensitive ones. It had the added advantage of
keeping the girl rigidly immobile. There would be no escaping the
lashes as they fell, no matter how much pain the poor girl felt.

Bill was surprised at the f***e of the first blow that Rosie landed
on the slender, unblemished form of the younger girl, although he
had no clear idea of what to expect. The crack of the whip echoed
through the room followed by a sharp hiss as Kim sucked air through
her clenched teeth trying to control the scream that rose in her
throat and threatened to tear out into the open. A thin, angry red
line running from the left side of her waist to her right shoulder
blade appeared almost immediately. Another quick flick of the whip
completed the "X" on the girl's back. Kim controlled her screams
but moaned and cried almost convulsively as her mother cut her eight
more times with the vicious instrument. Her back was marked in a
waffle pattern from the tops of her ass cheeks to her neck. The
skin had been broken slightly in a couple of areas and small
trickles of bl**d ran down the deep hollow of her back made even
deeper by her stretched position.


Bill watched the scene unfold before him. By the fourth or fifth
cut of the whip Rosie's tits had worked free of their confinement.
Her areolae had become dark, almost purple, in color, and her nipples
had hardened into inch-long nubbins that quivered with her every
movement. He saw her free hand racing from globe to globe,
pinching, squeezing, and twisting the sensitive buds, as the other
hand prepared to snap the whip onto her daughter's trembling back.
Occasionally, her hand would plunge downward, fingers twining through
the coarse pubic hair, mauling the rubbery lips of her hot, damp,
pussy, and tweaking the erect clitoris peeking out from its fleshy

Kim's body vibrated like a plucked violin string. Her moans had
changed to the harsh guttural sounds of an a****l in heat. Teardrops
streamed down her face as her head whipped from side to side while
she tried to maintain control.

"Owwww! It hurrttssss. Oh God! It hurts sooo muuuuuchhhh! More,
Mother. Please give me some more!!"

"She's just on the edge. Right now she only feels the pain, but she
knows that with just a little more, it will turn into the pleasure
she wants" Rosie explained to Bill. "This is how you stretch
people's limits. I won't give her any more just yet. By the time I
change her position and choose a new instrument she will hurt a
little less. It will take even more pain just to get her back to
this level. If done gradually, over time, it is amazing how much
pain the body can stand, especially if a mind-blowing orgasm is the
reward for doing so."

Rosie released the rope that was holding Kim's arms while she
talked. Kim slumped, falling forward on the bed, her legs unable to
support her. Her ankles were still tied to the legs of the bed,
which kept her thighs spread wide apart. Her wrists remained cuffed
together over her head. After a few quick adjustments, Kim was
again stretched out tightly. This time she was spread-eagled, facing
down, on the bed.

Rosie struck the bed several times with a thin cane, apparently
testing the feel and springiness of her new torture device. Each
time the cane landed there was a loud popping sound, and Kim fought
frantically against the ropes, although only a little movement was
possible. There was some fear evident in her voice. She still
didn't speak or scream, but made little, high-pitched yelps, like a
hurt puppy.

"Kim has a love-hate relationship with the cane" Rosie explained.
"The whip explodes against the skin and ignites a quick, sharp pain
that subsides almost immediately. The cane burrows into the muscle,
producing a type of pain that lingers and seems to build in intensity
over time. If the strokes are properly timed, a victim can be
feeling the effects of several marks at the same time. The slow,
gradually increasing, effect of the cane usually brings the victim to
the brink, but does not provide the spark to send them over the

"It's when the body gets more stimulation than it can handle at once
that it responds with an orgasm. It's length and intensity is
controlled by the amount of pent up sexual energy that needs to be
released. If a person can be kept in a state of extreme excitation
for a long time, the resulting orgasm will last longer and be more
intense. Kim hates the pain the cane gives her, but loves the
result. Ordinary, sucking and fucking, type sex is pleasant, but for
those of us who have discovered that pain is the best form of
foreplay, it is much too mild and short-lived to be really

She punctuated this last sentence with two quick, hard cuts of the
cane that landed across the meatiest portion of Kim's twin globes.
Bill watched as Kim went completely rigid, a shriek caught in her
throat. The young girl's buttocks began to tremble, then twitch.
Soon, they were jerking spasmodically, seemingly on their own, and
independently of each other, as they reacted to the full impact of
the pain. Vivid red welts sprang up almost immediately. Kim began
whining. She was in agony and wanted it to stop, but she was also in
heat and wanted more!

A few more cuts of the cane left her ass well marked from the tops
of her thighs to her waistline. Her whines changed to shrieks, then
to screams. Her promise to control herself was forgotten as her ass
burned from the branding it had received from the cane. Kim was in
constant motion, at least, as much as her limited mobility would
allow. The motion, Bill noticed, was not aimed at trying to escape
the cuts of the cane, but was more akin to the rapid, up and down,
fucking motion of a person close to cumming and trying desperately to
go over the top.

Rosie saw it too and stopped abruptly, leaving Kim frustrated and
unsatisfied. The girl stopped screaming as the pain diminished but
continued moaning and sobbing, probably as much from disappointment
as anything.

Bill had been a spectator long enough. "I've seen enough" he said.
"Kim, earlier tonight your mother told me I could be the Master,
with no limitations. I need to know if you agree with her. Think
carefully before you answer. If you say yes, I am prepared to put
you and your Mother through a night of pain and torture neither of
you will soon forget. I may or may not fuck you, but I will make you
both my personal sex slaves. You will do anything and everything I
want. This is for tonight only. There is no commitment beyond that.
Later, the three of us will decide to continue or not, based on how
we all feel things have gone. If you both agree, call me Master and
ask me to do something to you when I ask for your answer. Rosie,
since you set the rules, it is only right that you go first."

Rosie's eyes sparkled as she realized she was about to be included
and become the focus of attention. "Please, Master, I need a hard

Bill released Kim and ordered her to open his bag and dump it on the
floor. "Find the wrist and ankle cuffs. Fasten her left wrist and
ankle to the spreader bar then do the same with the right side."

Rosie was quickly bent in half with her legs spread almost as wide
as possible as Kim hurried to follow Bill's orders. She was stable
from side to side in this position, but could still fall forward or
backward quite easily. Bill corrected this by placing a wide leather
belt around her waist. This was attached to the rope dangling from
the ceiling. Once he pulled it tight, the woman was secure and
unable to move, except for a slight back and forth rocking motion.
Her ass and thighs were exposed and vulnerable, and her pussy peeked
out just enough to catch the whip or paddle if it was aimed just

"Kim, it's time to choose."

"Master, I am yours to do as you choose. Please make me your slave.
I will do anything you ask."

"That's fine. We'll begin. Pick out one of those paddles for me to
try out on your Mother."

Bill smiled to himself as he watched the young girl handle each
device he had bought at the sex shop. She picked one and swung it to
test it's weight. She carefully examined it, trying to evaluate it's
pain potential. It took several minutes before she finally handed
him the one she had chosen. It was a flexible paddle, covered with
leather, and embedded with metal studs. If pain was what her mother
was looking for, then Kim had chosen well. This device was designed
to produce intense pain and deep bruising. There would be a quick
flash of pain as the paddle slapped against her skin. This would be
followed by a dull throbbing ache produced by the metal studs digging
deep into her flesh.

In the few times they had switched places, Kim had gotten to know
her mother's sexual proclivities fairly well. She also had the
advantage of eavesdropping on the scene with Bill and had learned
even more. Kim was aware that it took a great deal of pain to get
Rosie's juices flowing, so she knew her choice would please her

Bill walked around Rosie slapping the paddle gently against his
thigh. He saw her eyes widen when she got a glimpse of the
instrument that he was about to use on her exposed and waiting ass.
Bill saw from her expression that the woman knew how painful the
spanking was going to be. He could also tell that she wanted it!

As he continued circling the woman, the anxiety began to mount. He
switched from slapping his own thigh with the paddle to very gently
tapping the woman. The paddle landed softly on her ass, her thighs,
and even on her tits. In her bent over position, Rosie's tits swung
free and exposed, having fallen out of the stiff bra cups of her
corset. Even as lightly as he was hitting, the metal studs left
small red spots where they dug into her smooth skin.

Punishing Kim had made Rosie hot. She had gotten even more flushed
with excitement when she realized it was about to be her turn. The
light tapping of her most sensitive parts with the paddle was driving
her up the wall. The woman wanted it to begin. She needed the pain
and she needed it now!

"Please, Master. Don't tease me anymore. Give it to me hard.
Please hurt me."

"Quiet, Bitch. Kim, tell this worthless slut what happens to a
slave who speaks when they're not supposed to."

"Yes, Master. A slave may only answer direct questions from the
Master or someone the Master puts in charge. Slaves are not allowed
to ask for favors or cry out, unless they have been given permission
to do so. A slave who breaks the rule is usually gagged and given a
more severe punishment, usually one they don't like."

"Excellent. I have not forgotten that you broke the rules earlier
and I will decide your punishment later. For now, what would you
suggest as a suitable thing to do to your mother?"

"She seems to enjoy everything. Maybe you should get her as close
to cumming as possible then leave her unsatisfied while she watches
you and me. That may make her suffer enough."

"Good idea. It will be even better if I make her bring us both off
before I let her have her own cum. Get me the penis gag. I want her
to be used to having a cock in her mouth when I'm ready to be sucked

Rosie's tongue began to swirl around the plastic cock, almost
instinctively, when it was put in place. She liked sucking cock,
although she would have preferred a real one, and didn't really mind
that this one was very large and f***ed her jaws so far apart that
they ached. She knew, from experience, that she would soon adjust
and get more comfortable with it.

"Umphfff!" With the gag in place Rosie didn't have to be quite so
careful about making noise. She was reacting to the last of a series
of blows that Bill had directed against her ass. They had come hard
and fast, each overlapping the one before. Her meaty ass cheeks
quivered and jumped as they tried to throw off the stinging feeling,
like a horse trying to dislodge a biting fly. On the last blow, the
one that caused her to scream into the gag, the tip of the paddle had
landed in the crack of her ass, snapping painfully against the lips
of her pussy. The pain was so sharp and unexpected it almost pushed
her into an orgasm. It would have if Bill had followed with another
shot to the same area. He saw her freeze momentarily, then watched
as her pussy lips started pulsating. He knew what was happening and
stopped immediately.

Bill exchanged the paddle for a small leather quirt. It had a flat
leather loop at the end of a flexible handle. This type of whip
would inflict a lot of pain but would not leave any lasting marks or
break the skin. Rosie's eyes widened and she shook her upper body,
knowing that her precious tits were going to be the targets for this
new weapon.

Rosie didn't have long to wait to see that she was right. Bill
flicked his wrist, snapping the leather loop against the outer edge
of the woman's left breast. The blow sounded as if it did more
damage than it actually did because the sides of the loop snapped
against themselves as well as the soft flesh of her naked, hanging
tit. Even so, the loud crack was quickly followed by a sharp pain
lancing all the way through Rosie's tit. The boob swung hard to the
right, crashing into the other one, making them both gyrate. It
reminded Bill of a topless dancer trying to get her tits and tassels
circling in opposite directions.

Another flick of his wrist sent the whip snapping into the side of
the woman's other, yet unblemished, globe. Rosie was still reeling
from the effects of the first. This second, harder, shot made her
struggle frantically, trying to move her sensitive orbs out of the
way. Bill went to work with enthusiasm. He snapped the whip
sharply, hitting first one bouncing tit, then the other. If Rosie
could have screamed, she would have. As it was, she was only able to
make muffled, unintelligible sounds around the huge plastic penis in
her mouth. A real cock would have been in grave danger when Bill
snapped the leather loop against each hard nipple. The pain took
control. Rosie went rigid, her eyes rolled back in her head, and her
jaws clenched, with her teeth embedded into the fake phallus.

Bill and Kim watched, with fascination, as Rosie's already erect
nipples stiffened even more, and grew another inch in length. They
seemed like they were reaching out for another kiss from the whip.
Standing behind her bound and suffering mother, Kim could see the
older woman's cunt begin to palpitate. Thick juice began to ooze
out and run slowly down her inner thighs.

"Master, I believe she's ready. I think any more would send her into
a cum."

Bill was on a roll and hated to stop, but he knew the younger girl
was right. If he wanted to prolong this evening he needed to stop

"Take her down and move her to the chair" he ordered, indicating a
large chair in the corner of the room. While Kim busied herself
releasing her mother, Bill went to work getting the chair ready for
what he had in mind.

Kim led Rosie across the room. The woman moved gingerly, because
each step made her boobs swing against each other. They were sore
from the beating they had received and this intensified the pain she
already felt. When she sat, the rough fabric sc****d against her
bruised ass, causing her even more discomfort.

Bill went to work tying the woman in the position he had chosen
while Rosie's mind cleared.

"This is perfect" she thought to herself. "He brought me right to
the brink of an orgasm and was sharp enough to know exactly when to
stop. He has my mind and body focused totally on my tits and ass.
They hurt, but only enough to whet my appetite, not so much to make
me concentrate just on the pain, but enough to make me vividly aware
of every sensitive nerve ending. My tits feel huge, and my ass
feels like it's being caressed by thousands of magic fingers. I'm
horny enough to fuck an elephant and he hasn't even touched my pussy
except that one pop with the paddle!"

Rosie was happy, not only because she had found what she had been
looking for, but also because she knew her daughter was about to
experience sex in it's most exciting form.

While Rosie had been lost in her thoughts, Bill had finished. He
stepped back to examine his victim. Her corset had been stripped
away, leaving the woman naked except for the wide leather collar she
had chosen to wear. Her head was held high by the stiff, leather,
collar, making it impossible for her to see the vivid red marks,
some already beginning to turn purple, on her tits. Rosie had her
arms pulled up and back, with her elbows resting on either side of
her head, and her wrists tied together. There were two ropes
running from her tied wrists, under the chair, to each ankle. He had
placed each leg over an arm of the chair. Rosie was wide open and
exposed. Her tits and pussy were available for anything he had in
mind. Rosie hoped he had a lot in mind!

The woman tested her new position and found she could rock from side
to side, enough to help her shake off some minor effects of pain, but
not nearly enough to escape any of the blows that may be coming her
way. She didn't wish to avoid them, but the body sometimes failed to
listen to the mind and acted on it's own, especially when it decided
it was being threatened.

Bill was pleased with Rosie's new position. It allowed her to watch
him work on Kim, while remaining completely open and vulnerable to
anything he might wish to do to her. She was also unable to use her
hands to help herself cum. He had control over her and he would
dictate when and how she could orgasm.


With the mother properly situated, Bill turned his attention to her
daughter. Kim, was delighted. She had gotten much hornier watching
Bill torture her mother and she could hardly wait to see what he had
in mind for her. Her back and ass were still smarting from the
whipping she had received but her wet, virgin, pussy showed that she
was ready for more. Her front hadn't even been touched yet and her
firm titties were aching for some attention. As Kim had been
watching Bill lash her mother's huge tits with the crop, her hands
had been busy pinching her own nipples and squeezing her smaller
mounds of soft, and sensitive, breast flesh. She wished the crop
had been landing on her tits instead of her mother's. The girl
could almost feel the exquisite pain when the leather cracked loudly
against her mother's nipples.

Bill removed his running suit. His hard cock was plainly outlined
through the tight leather briefs he wore. He stroked it
absent-mindedly while he decided what to do to his young, innocent
neighbor. He was no longer thinking about her age or the fact that
she was almost the same age as his son. She was just a slave, his
to do with as he wished.

"Let me see you play with yourself. Show me how you make yourself
cum when you get hot," he said, his voice heavy with lust, "but
don't cum. That is a privilege and you must have my permission

He sat in a chair next to Rosie while they watched the show. His
right hand continued stroking his cock through his briefs while his
left hand roamed over the older woman's tits, occasionally dipping
lower to strum her clit or squeeze her meaty thigh, often giving one
of her nipples a hard pinch.

Kim put all her inhibitions aside while performing for the older
couple. Her hands went to her tits, squeezing and kneading the
soft, pliant mounds. The girl closed her eyes and lost herself in
her own lustful fantasy world. She gripped one tit tightly around
its base, making it appear even larger than it was. The fingers of
her other hand pinched and twisted her own nipple cruelly. Bill and
Rosie heard her sharp intake of breath as the self induced pain
raced around the distorted mass of sensitive breast flesh.

After thoroughly mauling her tits, Kim's hands slipped down across
her stomach into her pubic area. She twined her fingers through her
coarse pubic hair, smoothing and separating it so that the damp slit
was visible and accessible. Her left hand parted the slick, bl**d
engorged, lips, exposing her moist inner labia and the hooded core
of her being. The tiny nubbin of her clit was just beginning to
peek through its protective covering. Kim dipped the middle finger
of her right hand into her pussy, scooping up some of the thick
moisture that was beginning to flow. She swirled this around her
clit, causing it to become even more erect. There was a sharp
intake of breath and she moaned softly as the sensations overpowered
her. She would have to be very careful. The slightest touch could
send her crashing into an orgasm.

Bill slipped off the leather briefs, freeing his hard cock.
Pre-cum oozed from the large purple head of his stiff rod as he ran
his hand rapidly up and down the length of the steel shaft. He
plunged two fingers of his other hand deep into Rosie's wet pussy.
She humped frantically against his hand, as much as her bound
position would allow. They had both been brought to a fever pitch
by the exhibition put on by her daughter, Kim.

Kim followed Bill's lead by pushing her middle finger as far as
possible into her hot, virgin, hole. The pain, caused by stretching
her hymen, felt good to the young girl. She fantasized how good it
would feel to have Bill's hard cock forcing its way through her
maidenhead, making her into a real woman at last.

While her finger sawed back and forth in the slick tube of her
pussy, her other hand moved back, parting her sore, whip marked,
buttocks, finding the brown, puckered entrance to her ass. Kim had
always been very sensitive in her anal area. Some of her best cums
had happened when her mother had snapped a whip or paddle deep into
the cavity of her ass cheeks. When she inserted her index finger
into her asshole, she almost lost control. Her stomach muscles
rippled convulsively and her thighs snapped shut, trapping both her
hands. Her fingers bumped each other through the thin wall that
separated her two cavities. The only thing that kept her from
dissolving into a long overdue orgasm was her tremendous will power.

"Stop" Bill commanded. "It's time for Rosie to pay for talking
without permission." He released Rosie, whose hands immediately
found and massaged her sore, throbbing, tits, trying to relive the
ache that she still felt there. Bill quickly stopped that by
clipping her wrist cuffs together behind her back. He f***ed the
woman to kneel in the center of the room and ordered Kim to sit on
the floor beside her mother.

"I want you to watch carefully" he said to Kim. "Your mother is
an expert at sucking cock. Learn from her, and, with practice, you
can be good, too. It is an art every good slave must know.
Remember, as a slave, you exist only to please your Master or
Mistress. You must learn to use every part of your body, including
your mouth, to bring them pleasure."

With that said, Bill gave Rosie her instructions. "You have
exactly five minutes to make me cum. If I cum sooner than that, you
will have to wait another hour before I let you cum. If it takes
longer than five minutes to bring me off, I will turn you over to
Kim and she will become your Mistress. You will be her slave for
the next thirty minutes. This is a lesson in cocksucking. Tell Kim
exactly what you are doing at all times. The real test will come
later, when I have Kim show me what she has learned. If she doesn't
do a good job you will be punished for being a poor teacher." Bill
glanced at his watch and noted the time. "Your time starts now" he
said, moving close to the kneeling woman and pushing his groin into
her face.

"Kim, darling. Please pay close attention. I don't want to be
punished later because you missed something I told you. The most
important thing to remember is to always cover your teeth with your
lips. Most Masters will punish you if you bite their cock. It's
called cocksucking, but you don't really suck very much. You try to
use your lips, tongue, and cheeks, to give your Master as much
pleasure as possible. The head is the most sensitive part of the
cock, just like the clit is the most sensitive part of a pussy."

Rosie moved slightly forward and took the huge purple head of
Bill's cock inside her mouth. Kim could tell that her mother was
swirling her tongue all around the head of Bill's stiff rod. She
heard his sharp intake of breath and knew he was enjoying the

"Make your lips firm and round, then flatten your tongue while you
run all the way down the length of the prick until your nose bumps
against his pelvis. You control the amount of pressure. If you
squeeze your lips tighter around his cock, you can generate more
excitement. It can feel just like a very tight pussy to him. This
will give maximum pleasure because your tongue is running along the
big vein under his cock while the head lodges in the soft part of
your throat, way at the back. This takes practice to keep from
gagging. When the cock head is in the back of your throat,
swallowing causes your muscles to give him a massage that is most
intense at the head, but runs the entire length of the shaft. Most
men will cum after just a few seconds of this kind of action."

It was almost as exciting for Bill to hear Rosie's description of
what to do as it was to have her do it. When the talented woman
demonstrated what she had just told her daughter, Bill almost came.
His muscles tensed and he let out a loud moan of pleasure. His hips
slammed forward, almost knocking the woman over backwards.

Rosie knew she had used only a couple of minutes. She desperately
wanted Bill to last long enough so that he would not keep her from
cumming for another hour. She was almost beside herself now because
she was so hot. Rosie took her cocksucking very seriously. She
enjoyed it immensely, and could sometimes cum herself while doing
it. This was a secret she would share with Kim later, but thought
it best to keep it to herself for now.

Bill was right on the verge of cumming. He didn't really want to
yet, because he would much prefer to watch Kim become the Mistress
and dominate her own mother than keep Rosie from enjoying her own
climax. He decided to give the woman a hint.

"I'm about to shoot, Bitch" he grunted. "You'd better try to make
it last at least two more minutes."

Rosie acted quickly. She bit down hard on the base of his hot cock
with her covered teeth, then ran up the shaft to the area just below
the ring of his spongy, purple, head. When she bit him there, Bill
felt a little relaxing of the tension built up in his balls, and
knew he could hold off a little longer.

Rosie told Kim what she had just done and then commented, "If you
have the use of your hands, you can use them to put pressure on
those two areas. By squeezing and relaxing while you continue
licking and sucking, you can keep the man on the verge of cumming
almost indefinitely. I have had men give me a steady stream of cum
for almost an hour before they finally exploded. They said they
felt like they were cumming the whole time."

Bill was sorry he had left her hands tied behind her, and made
himself a promise to make her back up what she had just said
sometime soon. He knew that what she was doing to him felt terrific
and couldn't imagine it lasting an hour!

Meanwhile, Rosie had taken one of his balls in her mouth and was
softly humming to herself. The vibrations were driving him out of
his mind. She switched from one to the other then licked up and
down the pulsing vein several times.

"Be sure you look into their eyes. Most men like to see that you
are enjoying yourself and they can tell by how you look at them. It
is especially important when they cum. Speaking of cumming, men
will usually take over at that point and do what they want. Some of
them like you to keep their cock in your mouth while you drink their
cum, others prefer to pull it out and shoot it into your open mouth,
on your face, or on your tits. I like it everywhere, but I
especially like the taste. All men taste a little different. Some
have a sweet, syrupy cum, others are more salty or acid tasting, but
it is all good."

With that, Rosie took Bill all the way in, deep-throating him. He
started humping against her face, making low, guttural, a****l
noises. In seconds he felt his balls convulse. His jism worked its
way up the length of his hard cock and exploded into the back of her
throat. The f***e sent her backwards, and she almost lost her grip
on the pulsating length of hard male meat. Her lips formed a tight
"O" around the head of his cock, which had now expanded so much
that she could hardly open her jaws wide enough to accept it. The
woman swallowed frantically, trying to keep the copious flow from
leaking out around her lips, but it was a losing battle. Bill could
never remember cumming so much before. He felt like he was pumping
quarts of the thick liquid into her warm, sucking mouth. Small
amounts dribbled from the corners of her lips and hung in thick,
white ropes from her chin, before dropping slowly, puddling on the
floor below.

Kim was busy. She had thrust two fingers deep into her hot virgin
pussy and was working them rapidly in and out. Her other hand was
moving from tit to tit, squeezing, pinching, and twisting her
nipples. She knew she was risking getting more punishment but she
really didn't care. The only thing on her mind right now was
cumming. She needed it and she needed it now!

Rosie was beside herself. The woman had been brought right to the
edge of cumming several times only to be left hanging and
frustrated. Having Bill cum so furiously in her mouth and watching
her daughter busily finger fucking herself was more than she could
stand. If she didn't get to cum soon she knew she would explode!

When he recovered, Bill surveyed the situation and decided how to
act. "Stop it, slut" he barked at Kim, popping her lightly on the
back and ass with the riding crop. "I told you I would let you know
when it was time for you to cum."

He moved her over to the chair her mother had recently occupied.
Kim was quickly tied with her arms pulled over her head and down the
back of the chair. Bill positioned her legs up on top of the chair
arms with her ankles tied to the back legs of the chair, leaving her
legs spread wide, with all her sexual parts open and available.
Bill used the crop to goad Rosie into position on her knees between
her daughters wide spread legs. It was clear what he had in mind.
Rosie was going to be f***ed into eating her own daughter's pussy!

Kim was excited. Juice leaked from her young pussy in
anticipation. She had never had her pussy eaten before and she was
definitely looking forward to the experience.

"Kim is going to do the same thing to you a little later so be sure
you teach her how to do it correctly."

Rosie was almost as excited as her daughter. She had always
preferred men, but found great satisfaction in making love to women
as well. She had refrained from involving Kim because of the taboos
against i****t, but now, she had no choice, she was being f***ed to
do this by her Master!

The woman began at her daughter's knee, softly kissing the inside
of her thigh all the way to the vee that was the center of the young
girl's sex. Rosie could smell the heady scent of Kim's arousal.
The girl's red, puffy, pussy lips also betrayed her extreme
excitation. The woman carefully avoided Kim's cunt for now, and
kissed her way down the inside of the other thigh to the knee. She
started the process over, but this time Rosie took small gentle nips
in the soft flesh as she worked her way back to Kim's sex. The
third time around Rosie bit quite hard, leaving red spots and tooth
marks on the smooth inner thigh of her daughter. By the time she
had reached Kim's cunt this time, the younger girl was moaning and
thrashing in the chair. Bill and Rosie both knew it wasn't because
of the pain.

"Eat me. Lick my pussy. Bite my cunt . . . Suuuuuck meeeee . . .
" Kim screamed at her mother, hunching against the woman's mouth as
much as her confinement would allow.

Rosie attacked Kim s pussy in earnest. She chewed on the girl's
outer labia, slurped in long, slow licks from the girl's asshole to
her clit, then nibbled on the hard, protruding nubbin of Kim's clit.
Occasionally, she made her tongue hard and stabbed repeatedly into
her daughter's cunt, fucking her with it as a man might do with his

Kim soared to heights she had only imagined before tonight. Her
body convulsed in a series of orgasms, each of them taking her to a
pinnacle higher than the one before. Just when she thought she
could stand no more, her nipples exploded in pain as Bill lashed at
her tender tits with the crop. The combination was too
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