"The bitch must pay, Matt. Her bible thumping has gone on far enough. We've got to do it, there's no other choice."

"I don't know, Mike, couldn't we get in trouble?"

"Matt, trust me. I got it all set up, man. Let's teach her the truth -- There is no god."

"OK, Mike, I guess you're right..."

As long as I could remember I'd been able to make Matt agree with me. This was no different than any other plan, but this one could have HUGE rewards or losses. The bitch was going to pay. This particular bitch, Candace, had annoyed the hell out of our entire class since kindergarten. She was a holy roller, a member of the Pentecostal Holiness church and took every chance to tell us all we were going to HELL. However, if all went right, she would learn the true meaning of hell.

Me and Matt rented a sky lodge deep in the mountains. Being over 18, there was nothing anyone could do to stop us. Candace, a mere 16 year old genius, was invited under the guise of it being "A Christian Retreat." She was a little leery of riding with me, Matt and Amy (my dominatrix bitch of a girlfriend) but she came anyway. I almost got a hard on when I saw her tight little body slide into the car. Her 5' 8 112 pound frame was accentuated by the tightest ass not on a ten year old boy. Her light brown hair framed that angelic face. I looked over at Amy, dressed in all leather and with a body to die for. Where Candace was barely a B, Amy stretched her 38c bra. Her frame is stretched a little farther, 5'10 and barely 120 pounds. I often told her all of her weight was tits and ass. I knew she would have fun with Candace.

On the way to the cabin we made small-talk, telling Candace how we had all recently "discovered Christ." She was thrilled and said, "I just know this will be the greatest weekend ever. " It was all I could do to stay on the road after that.

We got to the cabin around 9:30 Friday morning. Amy and I had come up a week earlier to prepare it, and the three of us, Matt, Amy, and I, had practiced our take down until it was perfect. I gave Candace the key's, saying I needed to get the bags. Matt walked off with Candace. The snow was coming down nicely, and I knew it was going to be a perfect weekend.

Candace unlocked the door. She turned the light on, and her jaw dropped. I knew she had seen the "toys". She started to speak, and Matt slipped an expert sl**per hold on her. She dropped cold. Me and Amy went to work undressing and strapping her down. Once she was on the rack, Amy hit her in the face with her open palm. Candace woke up, still looking pissed. Before she could say a word, Matt hit her left nipple with a cat'o'nine tails. She screamed in a most delightful way. Before she could stop screaming, I hit her left cunt lip with a well placed shot from a bullwhip. She jumped and screamed again. Amy stepped up now, and took Candace's face in her hands. "Look, bitch, from now on you only speak when we ask you to. And then you call us Sir or Ma'am. Guess who gets what title?"

"You must be si..."

Before Candace finished the sentence Amy popped her across the face with a hard right. "Your smart mouth won't help. Let me explain. We spent over fifteen thousand of my dad's money on getting this place set up. I ain't getting grounded and not having some fun in the process, ok?" With that, Amy kissed Candace hard on the mouth. From the movements, I knew Amy was slipping her tongue in. I was hard as a rock watching this lesbianism, and I knew that was Amy's point. I saw it before it happened. Candace bit down hard on Amy's tongue. Amy stepped back, bleeding. I took her in my arms, and told Matt to take care of it.

He stepped forward and unstrapped Candace. He ordered her to stand and wait. He went into the equipment room and came out with the cane and a candle. He ordered Candace to lay down on her back. He then made her place her breasts in her hands. When she was cupping her little tits, he placed the candle between them. He explained, "I'm going to light this candle. You are going to hold it right there. I'm going to hit your stomach with this cane. While I do this, you will eat Amy out. She's been hurt and deserves some help. If you bite her again, I WILL kill you. And it will be painful."

Amy walked over and stripped. She then sat unceremoniously on Candace's face. Candace started to squirm. "Lick, bitch!" we all three said at once. Matt lit the candle. He waited for Amy to start squirming and for the wax to start dripping on Candace's tits before laying into her with the first hit. Candace screamed and put both hands on her stomach. The candle fell over and hit Amy on the ass. Amy jumped up, her juices flowing over Candace's face and a look of anger on her face. Amy stalked off towards the equipment room.

Since she was away, I decided to see how good of a cocksucker the little God whore was. I undressed and lifted her head up. Without saying a word I stuck my dick in her face. When she didn't do anything, Matt laid a hard shot down on her left nipple. Candace screamed in agony. While her mouth was open, I stuck my rock solid 9 inches in. "If you bite me, you'll be even sorrier, bitch. Matts gonna hit you *only* 10 more times. Your gonna suck my dick while he does. AND you WILL swallow anything that comes out." As I finished the sentence Matt laid a lick on the top of her pubic mound. Candace's back arched, but she began sucking. Her mouth was not very talented, but she could be taught. Matt laid the next shot on the outside of Candace's left tit. He followed that up with a quick double shot to her right nipple. His next four shots all landed on her navel. Candace frantically sucked my cock the whole time. Matt slapped her face with the cane, and then prepared for the final hit. Candace sucked and sucked, and I was about to cum. I could tell Matt was holding for my signal. I nodded and Matt let a really hard shot out right into her cunt. Candace arched her back, giving me a clear shot down her throat. I almost passed out from the intensity of the orgasm, but managed to control myself. That's when I noticed Amy was back.

Amy doesn't like to be hurt by anyone she considers inferior to herself. She had obviously decided Candace was going to pay dearly. She came out ass-naked, a knock out sight. She quickly explained to me and Matt what she wanted done. We got the "Wooden Pony" and positioned it under the hanging chains. Amy explained she wanted to do a little "pain enhancement" first. She came out with her medicine bag. She held up a syringe. "Bitch, this has a name I can't pronounce, but the effect is simple. It increases the sensitivity of nerves." Amy then plunged the needle deep into Candace's breast. Candace jumped, but held still. Luckily, her will broke fairly quickly. Amy bent Candace over and handcuffed her wrists to her ankles. Amy plugged Candace's ass with a truly huge plug, and inserted an enema hose into the middle of it. Amy had prepared a full three quart bag with steaming hot baby oil. That would burn and also fill Candace up to the point of exploding. Candace was screaming quite loudly by the time Amy inserted the plug, and I was sure it would be great to hear her reaction to the oil. Amy started the flow, and I sat down to watch the show. Candace's mouth dropped open as the first drops of oil flowed in. I knew she had to be getting full.

At this point, while Candace fills up, let me describe the wooden pony. A medieval torture device, the wooden pony is a board shaped like a triangle, with the pointy side up. It is set up on a pair of sawhorses. The wide base keeps the victims legs spread. The victim's hands are chained together keeping continual stress on the arms. The sawhorses are positioned high enough so the victim can keep their weight off the board only by standing on tiptoes. As the strain in the calves gets more intense, the victim must get relief. This is brought by lowering their weight onto the board. As that pain gets too intense, the victim must stand on their tiptoes again. The longer this goes on, the less time the victim can keep the stress on either part. This causes the victim to almost hop, making the victim appear to be "riding" the pony. To be even more of an asshole, Matt had smeared the board with "Atomic Heat", a very powerful muscle ointment. I suggested putting a large dildo on their, but then remembered Candace was a virgin. No use wasting fresh pussy.

As I was describing the pony, Candace's ass had filled up. This caused her stomach to swell, making her look pregnant. Amy released her handcuffs and f***ed Candace over to the pony. With the swollen stomach, Candace looked nothing like herself. Amy slapped her stomach, VERY HARD. Candace was beyond screaming now.

Amy sat Candace on the pony. The process began. I'd say she lasted five minutes before the strain in her calves caused her to slouch. She could only take the board for 15 seconds. Another three minutes in the air, followed by a full minute on the board. Two minutes in the air, one on the board. Candace was visibly shaking now. It had been less than half an hour and she was about to start the ride. We had determined to keep her on the horse for an hour. She managed to hold herself up for only 30 seconds this time, and jumped up as soon as her cunt touched the board. She held herself for probably a minute, and then bounced again. She couldn't hold herself up anymore, and began "riding".

Amy decided Candace wasn't going through enough. Amy slowly walked over and began slapping Candace on the stomach. She had been holding that enema for almost 45 minutes now and had to be ready to bust. Amy continued hitting Candace every time she went up or down for the rest of Candace's ride. Finally, an hour had passed. Candace was basically u*********s now. Amy let her down and was getting ready to let her relieve herself when Matt told her to stop. He walked over and shoved Candace to the ground.

Candace was just lying there like a rag, and Matt used her like a rag. He rolled her over, grabbed her little tits, and began fucking her virgin cunt. She began to bleed. Matt continued humping and pulling on Candace's tits. This was making me rather horny. I looked at Amy, and she was fingering herself. I called her over. While watching Matt nail Candace like a whore, I took Amy in the ass. I knew how much she hated anal sex, but also new she would let me have it whenever I wanted it. I decided now was a good time. I was ready to blow another load when Amy leaned back and gave me a great soul kiss. I could feel her tongue in the back of my throat. Matt pulled out of Candace and sprayed cum all over her. I pulled out of Amy and shot my load over Candace too. Amy kneeled down and licked all the cum off Candace's battered body. Is there any wonder why I loved the girl?

It had been a long day and I needed rest. I retired to a bedroom and left Amy to let Candace clean herself off and put her down for the night. That was my mistake. Somehow, Candace overpowered Amy while Amy was making Candace clean herself up. I awoke to find myself tied to the bed. Amy was tied in a ball on the floor and Matt was on the rack. Candace, still naked, was tying a rubber cord around the base of my cock. I noticed there were clothespins on my nipples. This was VERY not good.

I slowly began moving my hands around, trying to get a little freedom. I knew Candace did not know I was awake, and used that to my advantage. I freed my wrists and quickly hit Candace over the back of the head with a closed fist. She went down quick. I wasted no time tying her ass up.

Since she needed something special, I stretched her until her ankles touched the back of her head. They were tied in this position, leaving her VERY exposed. I left her there to wake up and think about what she had done. I then freed Matt. Amy, however, would have to be punished now. Without mercy.

I sent Matt to the store to buy some food, and told Amy how upset I was.

She begged me to forgive her. I tried to remember what she hated the most. I then remembered the only other time I had punished her. It had been almost a year ago. I hoped she still hated breast bondage as much. I took the rubber cord off the base of my cock and tied it around the base of Amy's breasts. She was screaming and yelling, and I let her. I took a pen and put it in the cord. I twisted the cord around and around on the pen until there was no slack left. I then took a pin cushion out of our box of toys. I took one of the pins and ran it through the base of Amy's right nipple. I redid the process on her left nipple. Then I crossed each pin with another. For the final touch I pushed one pin straight down the middle of each nipple, leaving the end about 1/8 of an inch from the skin.

I reached into the box again, this time looking for the transformer. Once I found it, I hooked it up to the car battery in the corner. This would let me control the amount of electricity used. I turned the knob all the way up and hooked the pins up. I tapped the button once to send a quick jolt of all the juice into Amy. She screamed, pissed and shat all at the same time. Then she passed out. I took this opportunity to unhook the wires and spray Amy off. I got all the shit and piss down the floor drains we'd put in for this exact type of situation. I rinsed Amy's ass out, hosed off her cunt, then made sure she was nice and wet when I woke her up. I reconnected the wires and turned the juice down as low as it would go. I pushed the button to start the power and set a weight on it to keep a low pulse going through Amy's tits. I picked up the strap and said "Amy, I'm disappointed. You have to be disciplined. Let's get this phase over with as soon as possible, ok? I'll hit you, you'll apologize and ask for another hit. When I believe your apology, I'll stop. Ready?" Before she had a chance to answer I laid a shot down across the top of her swollen and aching breasts.

"I'm so sorry!! Please hit me again!"

For someone who hated breast pain as much as Amy I was amazed she could do it. I hit her again.

"I'm sssssoorryyy..uhhughhhhhhuughghhhhhh, Puuuuuuuuulllesssse hit mmmmeee aaagggain..."

Wow, she was in pain. I loved it and hit her even harder this time. Her response was an unintelligible mumble. I turned off the electric and hit her five more times. I then pulled all the pins out and hit her three more times. She finally collapsed from the pain.

I was having none of that. I grabbed her ear and bit down. That has got to be the quickest way to wake someone up. Amy bolted upright, her hands and ankles still bound. Before she could fall I grabbed her and laid her face down. I then had a sudden inspiration. It was a punishment I had read about from one of the world's most underappreciated authors, the great Alebeard. I decided to give it my own twist though.

"Amy, this will all be over as soon as I cum. Now, should I fuck your ass or your pussy?"

"My pussy! Please not my ass, I hate it when you cum in my ass!"

"Well, Amy, I would have listened to the second part if I was you, but oh well. You made your choice." I then quickly slipped a dildo gag into her. It had a hollow opening so the wearer could be made to drink things. I filled an enema bag with baby oil mixed with salt and dehydrated milk and set it up so it would flow into her mouth for about an hour. I then heated up a little more of the oil to a boil. I found the hollow dildo and greased it with some KY. I slowly slid the massive hollowed out dildo as deep as it would go. Before Amy could look around, I explained. "If you had listened to me I would have told you. Your other choice was to suck it and have a dildo in your ass and cunt, since every opening needs to be filled. So, I've put the gag into your mouth that will come for about an hour, and I recommend swallowing it all if you want to live. And since you didn't want my dick in your precious ass, I decided to make you sorry. I will do the meanest thing I think I've ever done, Amy. Have a good time, and feel special!"

I then slowly poured the boiling baby oil into the hollow dildo, taking care to not spill any on her skin. Then I began fucking her hot little cunt. I could actually feel the heat baking through her cunt walls as I fucked her. She began to bump and grind around as her ass was seared. She was also f***ed to swallow huge amounts of the "cum" as the rapid movements had shaken the bag and made the mixture flow quicker. I pumped and ground and fucked poor Amy until she had to be close to passing out. I came deep inside her, screaming out in pleasure. I then pulled the hot dildo out of her ass and squeezed the rest of the bag into her. She swallowed quickly, most likely out of self defense. I then untied Amy and told her to go take a shower. She walked a little bowlegged, no doubt her ass was causing her incredible pain. Oh well.

Candace was still in her uncomfortable and compromising situation. I suddenly had a really evil idea. I called for Amy to come back. I then gave her a hit of nitrous oxide I had "liberated" from my dentist and did the same to Candace. While they were passed out I took the inflatable dildos out. These dildos had one modification. The pump went to the other dildo, while a splitter sent half the air to a tube.

I slipped one inch of one of the dildos into Amy's ass and the tube connected to it into her urinary tract. My first S&M girlfriend had taught me this. Her evil father, a gynecologist, had used it on her. It caused extreme pain but did no lasting damage, and the pain disappeared soon after the air stopped. I then repeated the process with Candace. Then I got a drink and waited for them to come to.

When they woke up I explained what was happening. "Ok girls, we're going to play a game. The winner will get to punish the loser. Both of you have an inch of a 13 inch dildo up your ass. The first to get the whole thing up there wins. Unfortunately, each of you will be given a hand pump, right now. Each squeeze will cause the dildo up the other girls ass to expand. There IS a downside, but you'll find that out. Ready? No? Tough shit, because my pump activates every control, so if you go too slow, I make it go faster. Now START!!!"

With that I gave my pump three hard squeezes. Candace and Amy both Screamed from the dual pain of the swelling dildo and the air in the urinary tract. Candace but her lip and began trying to work the dildo a little farther in. Amy, seeing this squeezed the bulb. Candace shrieked, but only a little louder than Amy's pained yell from the air. Now they were seeing it. They were punishing each other and themselves. Candace squeezed her bulb and I thought Amy had died from the scream and noticed the bl**d running freely from her asshole. She had had more ass punishment in the last hour than anyone I could ever imagine. However, Amy was tough and desperately did not want to lose. She bit down and began squeezing and sliding the dildo farther in. She kept pumping, obviously in extreme pain and still sliding it in. Candace's ass was amazingly distended, the dildo at about twice it's normal size. Then, the worst thing that could have happened to Candace did. She dropped her pump. Amy quit squeezing and worked feverishly to get the dildo the rest of the way in. However, I didn't want the contest to end yet. I hit the air release and deflated both dildos. I then gave my pump a quick pull. Amy was obviously surprised by the quick air burst and inflation. However, it seemed to wake up Candace who grabbed her bulb and squeezed it rapidly. She began pushing the dildo in until it hit about the ten inch mark. Then Amy began pumping and neither one of them was able to move. I watched them pump the bulbs for about half an hour until both were covered in sweat and crying profusely. I declared the contest a draw. "It's over girls, you both lose. However, you also both win. I'm going to let you punish yourselves, but I pick what it is. "I pulled out my 9mm. "If you don't do it, I'll kill you both."

"Amy, my dear sweet Amy. I want you to simply ground out these cigarettes on your left nipple." I held out my ashtray with 15 lit cigarettes in it. Amy began to shake. She slowly picked up the first cigarette. She quickly slammed it into her nipple. She screamed, but picked up another cigarette. While she did that, I turned to Candace. "My dear Candace, you little GodWhore, I'm going to let you off easy. All you have to do is masturbate and repeat the lords prayer at the same time. Oh wait, I changed my mind. I also want you to sodomize yourself with this." I held out a silver cross. "That way, both hands will be busy." I laid her down and waited until she put a finger over her vagina. Then I handed her the cross. She meekly took it and put the end a little into her ass. "Start praying, bitch."

"Our father, who art in heaven..." Candace was praying and lightly rubbing her pussy with her right hand, but I noticed her left hand was not fucking her with the cross. I looked over at Amy.

"Amy, you can stop that if you will lick Candace's pussy."

Amy did, gladly. I took Candace's hands and moved them to the cross sticking out of her ass. I began to slip it in and out. When I moved my hands, she kept going. She did quit praying though. I put the gun to her head. She started praying again. I saw how deeply this affected her and loved it. She was a broken girl. She was my toy. Too bad I was bored with her. She came, under Amy's wonderful oral stimulation. I picked Candace up and took her to a bedroom. She was in desperate need of a shower and rest, and I had decided to let her have it.

About that time I heard Matt come in the door. I heard some feminine moaning and looked out. I couldn't believe my eyes! Matt had grabbed Beth, another girl in our class, and one who truly enjoyed teasing guy's cocks. She was always wearing short, skimpy shorts and tops, revealing much of her large, 38D tits and tight ass. But she turned down any guy who asked her out, and was very proud of the fact she was a virgin. She was the most limber person I knew, from a constant schedule of dancing and cheering. But she was a bitch. I was VERY glad Matt had grabbed her to come and play.

I walked over and noticed Matt had handcuffed and gagged her. He had also obviously been playing with her tits, as her nipples were sticking straight out. I sent Amy in to wash Candace, and decided me and Matt could have some fun with Beth. Matt stripped her and took off her gag. She quickly looked like she wanted to talk. Matt shoved his dick in her mouth the second she opened it. I quickly explained to her the rules, same as for Candace. Matt started to fuck her mouth, but she bit down on his dick. He drew it out and a slight ring of bl**d was showing. Matt cussed and screamed. I walked over and got the threesome cuffs. I attached two of the cuffs over her ankles and the third one over the chain for the other two.

"Beth, that's a bad girl. For that, you will be punished. You have a choice. You can let me punish you, Matt punish you, or have a mystery guest do it."

Beth quickly said she'd like the mystery guest. I had to inform her of the terrible news- The mystery guest was actually three people- Matt, Myself, and Amy. Poor Beth. Amy had finished with Candace and was ogling Beth's nude body, obviously ready to get some. We had a quick huddle and decided self inflicted pain would be the best way. I sent Matt out to get the alligator clips and some chain. I then conferred with Amy and turned to talk to Beth.

"Beth, it's time for a game. In fact, it's a race. You versus Amy. If you win, you're free. If not, you get punished. Severely. And for a long time. Ready?"

Matt got back and attached an alligator clip to Beth's clit and each nipple. He then ran the chain between them, leaving a little extra hanging off. I then clipped Amy up in the same manner and connected them to each other.

"The rules are simple- The first one of you to reach the wall wins. Easy as that. GO!"
I slapped them both on their ass to start them off. They both started to run, and Beth had an early lead. Amy, willing to kill to win, grabbed the chain and yanked. It was obvious by the scream she let out it hurt her, but it made Beth grab her chest and cry. Amy took this chance to sprint by and tag the wall. Beth, seeing this, laid down and cried. She looked incredibly hot with the tears running down her face. Amy removed the clips and slapped Beth on the left tit.

Matt brought me my gym bag and a pair of latex gloves. I slipped the gloves on and pulled a tube out of my gym bag. "Beth, this is Jesus Cream, I know you've heard the jocks talk about it, haven't you?" She nodded slowly. "It is good stuff, just thought you'd like to know."

Jesus Cream was a high powered Icy Hot, very much stronger. As in, it would leave big red burns on your skin if it was in contact for too long. It would definitely end any cramps in a heartbeat. I couldn't wait till I saw what happened to Beth.

I put some on my gloved hands and walked over to Beth. Amy had gone ahead and tied her up and blindfolded her, so she had no idea what was happening. I reached down and began to massage her tits. I made sure to work the cream in under her tits and all around the nipples. Then I got up and took off the gloves. It was time to sit back and watch.

Beth didn't seem to notice anything at first. I could tell she had sensitive boobs by the way she wriggled when I was massaging, and by the way she kept trying to rub her legs together. I hoped they were very sensitive.

It only took a minute before she started to try and flop around. She moved very violently, but she was tied down securely. I watched her suffer and got very hard. Amy started sucking me off, but I stopped her. I wanted a little fun with her first. I told Beth that if she didn't stay still I was going to make her hurt for real. Of course, she had no way of preventing the flopping. So I thought of a good way to hurt her.

I had Matt take the twelve inch dildo and grease it with Jesus Cream. Then we had Amy strap it on. I told her to position for entrance into Beth's cunt, then had a better idea. I took an 8 inch hat pin and taped it to the end of the dildo. With every thrust it would easily enter Beth's cervix. This was going to hurt her.

Amy got into position. Poor girl. She didn't realize it wasn't going to be that easy. I put on two condoms and greased them with Jesus Cream. I put my cock right at the entrance of Amy's battered asshole. With one violent thrust I put it all into her. While I thrust into her ass, Matt shoved his prick down Amy's throat. Not wanting Candace to feel left out, Matt set her to work licking Beth's asshole. Poor girls. Amy was probably in the best position, and her ass was going to be dying in a minute.

Beth was screaming and crying, unable to stop. The pin was drilling deep inside her, the Jesus cream was hurting her tits, and her cunt as well. The only good thing for her was Candace licking her asshole.

Candace had the least pain physically, but the most emotionally. Eating ass is the worst punishment she could receive.

Amy was racked with pain and pleasure.
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lethal injection, electric chair, gas chamber, hanging, firing squad no insanity here
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yea, like this would ever happer , can you say prison time ????