Stopped by the Police-6

ebecca was allowed to stay in her cell for almost a day before the
deputy returned. Her pussy did not hurt anymore from the multiple ****s she had
experienced. She knew that her time alone was short-lived, they were planning
on taking advantage of her body again, they always did.

"Take a shower and get dressed. You are to see the Judge in one hour
and you do not want to be late for the Judge," the deputy warned her, throwing
her some clothes to wear.

"Is he going to let my mother and me go?" Rebecca looked to the deputy,
hoping for a positive sign that they would be allowed to leave and this whole
horrible ordeal was over.

"The Judge is the most powerful man in this county, so I would do
whatever he says and try not to displease him. The future of you and your
mother depend on how well you please him, now get ready."

The deputy left her cell, allowing her some privacy to get ready. She
took a quick shower, never knowing whether they had cameras in her cell. She
dried off and picked up the clothes that were left for her. It consisted of a
pair of thong panties, a cut-off tee shirt with "little girl" embossed in it.
She put it on and it just barely covered her breasts. Although she had large
breasts, there was no sag at all in them. Her youthful age coupled with an
athletic lifestyle made sure of that. She put on the pair of shorts, hip
huggers that definitely hung on her hips. They were fairly tight, clinging to
her shapely ass. A pair of white socks and sneakers completed the outfit. She
looked in the mirror and a very young girl with a woman's body reflected back.

The deputy returned and e****ted Rebecca to the room where the Judge
was. This was a special room as it contained the bondage equipment. A female
could be hung or bound in an almost limitless variety of positions, most leaving
her intimately exposed. It contained chains and pulleys hanging from the
ceiling, various stools, benches and table for females to be bound over and very
elaborate stocks where the head, arms and legs were secured in heavy wooden

Rebecca knew she was in trouble as soon as she saw the room and its
contents. The main purpose for all of the contents was to secure a vulnerable
female in tight bondage, open for whatever they desired. She saw the Judge,
another sixty-year-old man. Although he looked in good condition, it seemed
like all of the men that abused her were over 40 years older then she was. She
knew that they delighted in taking advantage of her young body as no one her age
would willingly submit to their strange and perverse desires.

The Judge sat in an upholstered high back chair watching as Rebecca
entered. He had already fucked her mother, Sally numerous times and he knew
where she got her looks from. She had a body like her mothers, only 20 years
younger and tighter. The Committee had already fucked her in all of her holes,
her mouth, cunt and asshole, numerous times, but all said that she was still the
tightest cunt they had ever had. Even as many times as she had cocks in her, it
would be a few more years before she got loose. "Come in, Rebecca, come over
here, my dear."

Rebecca cringed when she heard his voice ordering her over to him. It
was about to begin again and this time with a room full of bondage equipment.
"Yes, Sir." She walked over to where he sat with open arms, his hands soon to
be all over her young body.

The Judge's cock was already hard at the sight of this young beauty. He
could see the nicest pair of perky tits that he had ever seen. Even without a
bra they stood high on her chest, her nipples pressed tightly against the tee
shirt, already hard and erect. Her body clung to the pair of shorts, her ass
tightly pressed into them, the front of the too tight shorts clinging to every
curve in her body. He could almost make out the outline of her pussy through
the shorts. His hands instantly moved over her body as she moved closer,
grabbing her tightly at her waist, feeling her supple skin as his fingers moved
over her. They moved down over her naked hips, the shorts hanging low on her
body. "Such a lovely little girl you are, Rebecca. And the body of a women.
You look just like your mother."

Rebecca reacted quickly when she heard her mother's name. "How is my
mother, have you seen here?

"Yes, in fact I fucked your mother. Nice piece of ass, she is. Now if
you both intend to get out of here, I suggest you follow your mother's lead and
follow my orders." The Judge smiled, he didn't want a simple fuck from this
young beauty, he was going to do so many things to her body before he was
finished. And he was going to make her enjoy them, make her cum. There was
nothing better then training a young cunt to enjoy being taken against her will
and bondage was the best way. That way they did not feel guilty about what was
happening to them, they had no control, their tight bodies tied and spread,
unable to prevent the perversion he would inflict on her.

"Please, let us go, they already fucked me. Don't do any more to me,"
Rebecca begged, but she already knew his answer. She knew because his hands
were already sliding down over her ass, grabbing her ass cheeks tightly in his
fingers. His hand moved around to the front, moving over her naked stomach,
making her pull in her stomach as she cringed at the dirty old hands mauling her

"Stand still, you have such a lovely body, Rebecca, so smooth and
supple." His hands moved up higher, pushing her tee shirt up until he could see
the soft swell of her naked breasts. "Put your arms up, I want to see your
naked tits," he ordered her. He watched as she obeyed, her tee shirt riding up
higher, the bottom of her breasts now revealed. He ran his fingers up until
they touched her breasts. It had been a long time since he had touched a pair
of tits as young as hers. They would only be this way for a few years until
nature took over and they would gradually start to droop. Especially with a
pair of tits this big. "Remove your tee shirt, Rebecca, I cannot wait, I must
see your tits."

Rebecca raised her arms allowing him free access to her breasts as her
tee shirt slowly raised up. She felt the fingers moving over her naked breasts
and then she obeyed his next order, pulling her tee shirt over her head and
letting it drop to the floor. She stood, naked from the waist up, her breasts
standing out so firmly, nipples jutting out, his fingers beginning to search
them out.

"Yes, very beautiful, Rebecca, do you like showing your tits to me?
Raise your arms again, higher, behind your head and arch your back. I want your
tits sticking out. Yes, good girl," his fingers moving over her breasts,
circling her nipples, his fingernail pressing tightly against her areola, seeing
small goose bumps appearing, her nipples now large pebbles capping her breasts.

Rebecca braced herself when the fingers would grab her nipples. She had
already found out that when men grabbed her nipples, they were often cruel,
inflicting pain on the delicate nubs, fingernails often dug into them into she
cried in pain. She felt his fat fingers grabbing her nipples, fingers
tightening on her delicate tips. They were already hard, making them easy
targets as he pinched them between his fingers, pulling them out and twisting
them, her face grimacing in pain as she stood straight, subjecting herself to
his abuse. "Please, not so hard," she begged.

The Judge loved nipples of little girls. They were so sensitive and not
used to rough treatment. He pulled and twisted her tit flesh, pulling on her
nipples, stretching them out, pulling them from her body. He released his grip,
but snapped his fingers against them, hearing Rebecca cry out in pain at the
sharp bite of his fingers as they hit her hard nipples. "So many wonderful
things to do to such a delicious pair of tits like yours Rebecca, I will enjoy
them immensely." His fingers moved over her flat stomach, slowly inching down
to the top of her shorts. He pulled the zipper down on the short pair of hip
hugger shorts, slowing revealing a pair of white panties, thongs he was sure.
He tugged the zipper all the way down and pulled her pants to the side. His
fingers returned, rubbing over her panty covered abdomen, feeling her suck in
her gut as he began to caress her. His other hand reached around to the back,
slowly lowering her shorts in the back so his hand could continue to run over
her ass, this time, naked.

Rebecca stood there as her body was pawed by the Judge, her shorts now
half off, his hand on her ass continuing the process. She felt his cold, clammy
hand on her naked ass, her shorts being pushed down, slowly revealing her body
to his gaze.

"Such a lovely ass you have Rebecca," his hand pushing her shorts down,
one in front, the other in the back pushing the tight shorts down, revealing her
young flesh, her naked ass. "Let's get these out of the way, Rebecca, please
step out of your shorts, yes, that's a good girl, they said you obeyed well,
just like your mother."

Rebecca kicked the shorts off of her feet, standing before the Judge in
just a pair of thong panties, feeling the hands returning, this time not much
between them and her naked flesh. She felt one hand on her naked ass, clenching
and unclenching his fingers on her ass cheeks. The other one returned to the
front, fingers tracing over her panties, searching out her pussy, two fingers
moving over her sparsely covered bush, rubbing along the edge of her panties.

The Judge teased her flesh, feeling her suck in her stomach as he
lightly traced his fingers over her mound, feeling her shiver in fear as he
continued to abuse her young body. His hand moved up and slowly inserted it
into the top of her panties, his hand now moving over the flat plane of her
stomach, naked hand on naked flesh. "You don't mind if I play with your pussy,
do you Rebecca?" His fingers traced down lower, going through her silky pussy
hair, one fingers pushing down harder, pushing between her pussy lips. He could
feel her wetness. "Spread your legs open, Rebecca. It seems that your pussy is
already wet. Could it be that Rebecca is a slut and likes this?"

Rebecca blushed when his fingers sought out her pussy, slipping inside
her panties. She knew that she was already wet, she could feel it. She did not
know why this happened, she just knew whenever they f***ed her to strip for them
her pussy began to get wet. Now he was calling her a slut. She slowly let her
legs part, knowing that she was giving him greater access to her pussy, feeling
her pussy lips begin to spread open, feeling his finger pushing apart her pussy
lips, his finger sliding down her wet slit. "Please," her legs parting more,
his finger sliding up and down her slit.

"I don't think we need these, now do we Rebecca," his hand pushing down
her thong panties to the floor. He looked at her, such a beautiful, young body
and it was all his to do what he wanted to. And he had so many things to do to
her. First he was going to make her dance, but not the way she would think, no
she would dance his way. "Legs apart further, Rebecca, I want to feel inside
your pussy to see if you are still tight. Just a little bit more, yes, such a
good girl," his fingers now running up and down her thighs, feeling the taut
flesh under his fingers.

Rebecca felt her panties fall to the floor and spread her legs open
wider, his hands running over her flesh, pushing out on her thighs, forcing her
to open wider, giving him unencumbered access to her spread pussy.

The Judge moved closer to her pussy, "you smell good, Rebecca, I just
love the smell of young pussy, especially when they are wet. And you are wet,
Rebecca, your pussy is just waiting for my fingers." He moved his finger up,
one finger pushing into her vagina, feeling her suck in her breath as he wormed
it into her tight vagina. "Yes, they might have fucked you, Rebecca, but your
pussy is still tight," his finger shooting up into her defenseless vagina,
feeling her arch up onto her toes as he pulled her body upward on his finger.
"Let's try two fingers up that tight cunt, Rebecca," his finger pulled from her
vagina, but replaced with two thick fingers, sliding along her wet vagina,
feeling her body clamped onto his digits.

Rebecca stretched up on her toes as her pussy was speared by first one
finger, then two, twisting and turning inside her body. She could feel them
slide along on her pussy juice as they began to fuck in and out of her body.
She clamped down on them, grabbing them with her pussy, moaning, hoping that the
Judge did not hear her. She felt the fingers leave her body, her feet now back
on the floor, her pussy disappointed and deserted.

"Time to step over here, Rebecca, be a good girl and I will make you
cum. I will make you cum many times.

Rebecca moved to under a harness coming down from the ceiling. It
consisted of two padded leather cuffs with a wood spreader bar between them.
The unusual feature of it was that above each cuff was a heavy-duty metal

"Raise your arms up, Rebecca. Higher, yes, that's good." The Judge
watched as Rebecca's arms moved up, her breasts arching up from the strain. He
put her right arm in the cuff, latching it tightly. Then it was the left, her
arms now raised above her head.

Rebecca felt a motor turn on and her arms start to pull up. "Please, no
higher," having to almost stretch up on her toes to maintain her position. She
felt the Judge's fingers return to her nipples, now defenseless to stop him as
they began to pull and twist on the hard nubs again.

"Such nice tits you have, Rebecca. Do you like it when I play with
them, they get so nice and hard? Just a little higher now, don't worry about
your feet, they wouldn't be on the ground for long," the motor pulling her arms
up higher, her feet dangling inches from the floor.

"Now your legs, Rebecca, I want your legs spread really wide. I want
your pussy and asshole spread open before me. You'd like that, wouldn't you
Rebecca, you'd like me to play with your pussy again?" The Judge brought out a
similar apparatus for her legs. He fitted each ankle in a padded cuff and this
time the wood spreader bar was almost five feet wide.

"No, please, that's too far," she cried as the Judge attached the left
ankle to the spreader bar and then moved it over to the other side. He grabbed
her right ankle and slowly spread it wider and wider. It felt like he was
trying to split her up the middle. Four feet wide was already hurting, but he
continued, holding her ankle firmly as he pulled on it.

"A little pain is worth it, Rebecca, look how your pussy lips spread
open." He continued pulling, watching as her body spread before him. He pulled
one last time, clamping the cuff onto the other end. He looked up at her, his
cock bulging in his pants as he saw her. Her body glistened in the light, sweat
already forming on her skin. Her legs were spread so far, he almost expected to
see bl**d between her legs where she was split up the middle. Her pussy lips
were pulled back revealing her pink insides, glistening with her pussy juice.
He moved around behind her, his hands on her ass, her cheeks spread wide, her
tiny asshole now exposed. He moved his fingers between her legs, sliding along
her pussy slit from the back, his fingers picking up her pussy juice as it slid
along. "Your pussy is so nice and wet for me. You like this, don't you, you
like being spread open for me," his fingers running over her clit, exposed, her
clit hood pulled back. He felt her body shudder as his fingers played over the
hard clit.

His fingers played over her body and all she could do is shudder in
pleasure. Her legs hurt from the spread, but her pussy was only feeling
pleasure as his fingers masturbated her. She felt her arms pulling up higher,
raising her body up. Higher and higher she went, his face now level with her
knees as she was pulled up, her feet dangling down.

She watched as he moved out of view and then came back in, this time
dragging a metal stand with a screw attachment on the top. He let it sit in
front of her. She shuddered in fear, not knowing what he would do with it, but
having ideas that it would be used to place something between her legs. He came
back from the table carrying a large, rubber dildo. It must have been over ten
inches long, at least two inches in diameter. She could see small holes in the
surface and out the end of it hung a tube. It went over to the table, connected
to various items attached to the table.

"You're going to dance for me, Rebecca. I love the site of young girls
dancing, especially when they are naked." He stroked the artificial penis as if
it was his own cock, watching her face as he did. "Yes, Rebecca, this is going
up your cunt. It is rather big, but you can handle it. Then you are going to
fuck yourself on it." He moved the artificial penis over to the stand and began
to screw it on the top of it, over ten inches of hard, rubber cock. He moved
the cord down to the ground. "It is a secret, but you will soon find out. It
will make you cum. Cum hard. Now, let's go up a little higher," Rebecca felt
herself pulled up again until she was higher then the stand.

"That's too big for my pussy, don't put it inside me," she cried out as
she saw him move it between her legs. She could now longer see it, but she knew
it was there. She felt his hands move between her legs, pulling her pussy lips
back even further. She felt something hard nudge against her pussy, her cuffs
lowering her slowly down toward the ground.

"You should see your pussy spreading open for this big cock," lowering
her, his fingers guiding it to her vagina, watching as it began to spread her
open, her pussy spreading over the head as it f***efully began to insert itself
into her most intimate opening. The head of the cock had a crown, just like a
real cock. Except this one was a little different. The sides would slide in
easily, but when withdrawn, they would expand outward, dragging painfully along
her pussy walls, scr****g as they moved.

"OH, God, it's too big, it hurts," the bondage holding her tightly in
place as she felt herself being lowered, impaling her pussy on the hard, rubber
cock between her legs. "AAGGH," the head of the cock now pushed in, her pussy
lips tightly around it, holding it in place.

The Judge ran his fingers over her stretched pussy, the rubber cock
trapped between her legs. His fingers moved up to her clit and began to rub his
finger over the hard bud. He felt her body quiver as he stoked it, allowing her
cuffs to lower, the rubber cock slowly forcing itself into her young pussy.
"Can you feel it starting to fill you up, Rebecca? It's very big, over ten
inches. Imagine what it will feel like once it gets snuggly inside you. Then
we will start to make you dance."

Rebecca moaned in pain as her little pussy was spread open again. They
had fucked her with their hard cock, but her pussy had shrunk back down. Now it
was being f***ed open again, this time with a giant rubber cock. It was
starting to fill her up. She could feel in travelling slowly inside her,
stretching her open as her own weight impaled her on the hard cock.

The Judge watched as over three inches of rubber cock was slowly tearing
into her young pussy, filling her, stretching her. He stopped her movements
down, holding her in place. He pressed another button and the springs were
released. It suspended her wrists from the springs now, not the ropes. The
Judge moved his hands to her ass and slowly rolled her hips, forcing her to move
round and round, the rubber cock pushed inside her now spreading her open in
circles, stretching her more. He pushed up on her body and then allowed it to
fall, watching as she moved down on the rubber cock and then the springs pulled
her back up again, her pussy pulled away from the fixed rubber cock.

"OOOW, it's tearing my pussy up," her body bouncing up, her pussy slowly
pulling itself off the rubber cock, the crown spreading out, scr****g painfully
along her vagina, scr****g, tearing and stretching as it moved. "Don't move me,
please, don't move, it hurts too bad," her body rigid, trying to stop the
motion. But she felt the Judge's hands move her up and down, impaling her up
and down on the hard rubber cock.

"Now, isn't that nice, Rebecca, you can fuck yourself on the nice big
cock." He allowed her cuffs to lower, her pussy impaled on the rubber cock,
over five inches of pussy splitting cock f***ed inside her pussy. "Do you want
more cock, do you want another two inches of rubber cock inside your pussy,

"No more, nnnoo more, hurts," unable to stop the rubber cock from
spearing deep inside her. Over seven inches of rubber cock was forcing her
pussy open and she could not stop it from going any farther. "Take it out, I
will do anything."

He bounced her up and down, hearing her tiny screams of pain as two
inches of cock pulled out and then three more inches bounced back in. Now eight
inches of cock was buried in her pussy. His fingers moved to the front of her,
rubbing over her clit again. "You're going to cum for me, but not until you
dance on the rubber cock." The cuffs released again, sending the last two
inches of rubber cock to slowly push inside her pussy. He watched as it
disappeared as he heard her huffing and puffing as she was filled. "How does it
feel, how does it feel to have ten inches of rubber cock inside you?"

She never felt so full as she did now. She had ten inches of fake cock
inside her and her own weight was keeping it firmly embedded inside her. Her
legs still ached from the spread. She cringed as she felt his hands move back
to her ass. She knew he was going to make her bounce on the cock. He pulled up
on her body, up two inches then allowed her to fall quickly back down. The
springs stopped her descent, but not until ten inches of rubber cock was f***ed
back inside her pussy in one quick brutal plunge. "OOOOMMMPPP," she groaned in
pain as her pussy was rapidly filled again. When it hit bottom, she began to
rise back up again, the springs pulling her back up. The crown of the rubber
cock pulled along her pussy, scr****g the tender flesh as it pulled from her
body. "OOOHHH, OOOOWWW, tearing me up!"

The Judge moved over to the table and picked up a short riding crop. He
walked in front of her, slapping the crop against his palm of his hand, the
noise ringing out in the room. "Time to dance, Rebecca, fuck real good and I
will let you cum."

"No, please don't hit me with that," the Judge moving behind her out of
her range of vision. She braced for the pain. She did not have to wait for
very long. The crop moved quickly hitting her sharply onto her naked ass cheek.

"OOOWW," her body jerking forward, trying to escape the pain of the crop
as it beat her tender ass. It was a searing pain that shot up to her brain, her
ass moving to escape it. The rubber cock was f***ed in and out as her hips
swayed back and forth, tearing along her pussy as she fucked herself on the fake
dick. "AAAGGHH," another searing pain as her other cheek was struck, her hips
moving faster this time. Over four inches of rubber cock moved in and out of
her pussy as she tried to avoid the pain of the crop, only to fuck herself
painfully on the rubber cock.

"That's the way, fuck yourself," the crop moving over her body, making
her jerk around on the rubber cock. He slapped her stomach with the crop,
forcing her to move back, the rubber cock pulled painfully from her pussy. He
slashed her tits, watching them bounce around on her chest as he ignited pain in
her nipples. The crop slapped hard on her tit flesh. Another quick slap on her
ass sent her moving back and forth. On the front again, barely missing her
exposed clit, the rubber cock moving in and out of her pussy. He watched as the
rubber cock became soaked in her pussy juice as her pussy was fucked hard. He
continued to beat her body with the crop, her body jerking around in pain and
pleasure. Her screams of pain turned to moans of pleasure as the rubber cock
began to do its work, fucking her hard and fast.

"Oh, God, that hurts so good," her hips jerking back and forth, over
seven inches of rubber cock moving in and out of her pussy. Bouncing up and
down, back and forth, her pussy stretched by the rubber cock. She could feel
her pussy juice running down her thighs as she fucked herself harder and harder.
She was getting hot, ready to cum.

The Judge continued to slap her flesh with the crop, making her bounce
more and more. He could see the change in her fucking, she was going to cum
soon. "You like that, Rebecca, you like fucking yourself on that big rubber
cock? You going to cum soon?"

The scream tore from her lips, the sound echoing throughout the room.
She had never felt so much pain. Her pussy felt like it was being torn by the
rubber cock.

The Judge had hit one of the buttons on the desk. The tube running up
to the rubber cock was connected to a pressurized tank next to the desk. In it
was stored ice cold water. When he pushed the button, it shot out and f***ed
the freezing water along the tube and out small little holes on the rubber cock.
The freezing water hit her heated pussy flesh. Her pussy reacted, shrinking to
escape the freezing cold. Unfortunately the rubber cock was unyielding, forcing
itself along the shrinking walls of her pussy relentlessly. It felt like a four
inch wide cock was fucking her. He continued to beat her with the crop, forcing
her to continue fucking herself, forcing her to fuck the hard rubber cock. He
watched as the water dripped from her pussy, now warm water from her overheated
pussy. "You'll cum when I tell you to, not before. Now fuck yourself again,"
his crop beating her tender flesh, watching as she painfully rode the rubber

"Don't do that again, it hurts," she cried, but continued to fuck
herself, back and forth on the rubber cock.

"I bet your pussy is nice and tight now, Rebecca. Did the cold water
shrink your pussy? I bet the big rubber cock is fucking your pussy real hard
now, just the way I like it." He moved behind her, the crop at the ready.
"You're going to cum now, Rebecca, you're going to cum hard." He began to hit
her ass with the crop, increasingly harder each time. With her legs spread so
wide, her asshole was left defenseless, open and exposed. He was going to take
advantage of that.

"OOOWWW, not there, not on my asshole, please that hurts too much, it
feels like you are tearing it apart," Rebecca screamed, her hips bouncing harder
and harder, fucking herself on the thick rubber cock, back and forth. Her pussy
now swallowed over nine inches of fake cock with each stroke. "OOWW," she
screamed again, the tip of the crop seemed to search out her asshole, tearing at
her tender flesh. It almost felt like it was going to push inside her asshole.

"I'm going to beat your asshole until you cum. Now fuck yourself." He
slapped her ass with the crop, every other stroke hitting her fully on her
asshole. It was already turning red and began to get swollen. He was going to
fuck her asshole next and he loved it when a young girl's asshole was already
sore from a whipping. It made them scream that much more when he fucked his
large cock in their assholes. He watched as she groaned in pain as the crop
beat her asshole, pushing her hips forward, thrusting the rubber cock into her
pussy, fucking her. She moved back off of it, pushing her ass out again, the
crop again beating her young flesh. Her hips moved faster and faster, her
groans of pain changing to moans of ecstasy.

It hurt so much. Her asshole felt like it was being torn from her body
as he kept beating her with the crop. She moved forward each time, pushing the
large rubber cock deep inside her pussy, stretching her open. Her hips kept
going, in and out, her pussy beginning to squeeze down on the rubber cock as it
speared her young pussy. It still hurt, but now the fucking of the rubber cock
was beginning to bring pleasure to her body. They always seemed to know what to
do to her inexperienced body to make her cum, no matter how much they hurt her.
"Please, let me cum, I have to cum," she moaned, fucking harder and faster.

"You like that big rubber cock in your pussy? You like it when it fucks
you?" He hit her asshole again with the crop, swinging back again as her hips
returned back, her asshole exposed to him. He hit lower this time, catching not
only her asshole, but also grazing over her pussy. He moved his fingers over to
her clit and began to squeeze it tightly, feeling the rubber cock stretching her
pussy lips open wide, in and out the rubber cock moving. "Cum for me now,
Rebecca, show me what a good little girl you are, cum on the big rubber cock
inside you."

"GGGODDD, it feels so good, harder, pinch my clit harder, yeeeeess," she
cried, her clit held tightly by his fingers, twisting and pulling on the swollen
nub. "You bastard, I'm cuummming," her hips pumping up and down, the rubber
cock now covered in her pussy juice as she came all over it. You could hear the
sound of the sloshing as her hips continued to fuck the rubber cock, her cum
dripping down her thighs, the rubber cock covered with a heavy sheen of her cum.

The Judge loved watching young girls f***ed to cum. He loved the sheen
that covered her body, sweat glistening on her naked tits, her hips fucking back
and forth, cum pouring out of her spread pussy as she came. He continued to
beat her asshole as she screamed in pain and pleasure, her hips unable and
unwilling to stop fucking the rubber cock. "Such a good slut you are Rebecca,
cumming for me. Now you are going to have to please me. My cock is very hard
and I am going to use your young body to pleasure myself with." The Judge
pulled on the harness, pulling Rebecca up and off of the rubber cock. He
watched as her pussy continued to cling to it as it pulled from her body until
it finally popped out of her pussy noisily.

Rebecca's pussy felt suddenly empty as the big rubber cock pulled out of
her. "Please don't fuck me," she begged. She did not think she could take
another fucking like that she just went through. Her body ached, especially her
asshole. It burned from the whipping it received and her pussy felt like it had
been torn.

The Judge brought down another apparatus from the ceiling, a small
control panel in his hand controlling it. Part of it was already connected to
her arms holding her up high. He brought the other end down and connected it to
her spread ankle, the spreader bar still keeping her legs spread widely. He
pushed some buttons and her legs started rising towards the ceiling, higher and
higher. "I want your asshole, Rebecca, your whipped asshole. And you're going
to fuck me." He continued raising her legs up until they were at the same
height as her arms. Her ass hung down now, her whole groin area now the lowest
part of her body. The Judge undressed, his cock standing out proudly in front
of him. He stroked it, watching it as it grew.

"Not my asshole, it already hurt and when they did it before, it really
hurt. It was not made for cocks, please fuck my pussy instead," hoping that she
could bargain with the Judge. When they fucked her asshole before, her stomach
cramped terribly as they put their big cocks into her tiny hole. The pain was
piercing as they fucked her.

"That's no way to be, Rebecca. I make you cum and you don't want to do
the same thing for me. You don't have any choice in this matter." The Judge
lay down on a mat on the floor, holding his cock up into the air. He spread a
little oil on it, making it slick. He pushed a button and Rebecca slowly began
lowering down to the floor, her ass moving closer and closer to the Judge's
cock. When she was only an inch above his cock he stopped her movement. He
grabbed her ass and swung her close to him. His finger, still oiled moved
quickly inside her asshole, pushing it open f***efully, impaling her on his
digit. He moved his finger around inside her, feeling her clenching on it,
trying to expel it from her body. She was tight. Tighter then her mother.
"You like my finger in your asshole, Rebecca. You're nice and tight. And so
hot. Do you want my cock in your asshole, Rebecca? Tell me to fuck your
asshole, Rebecca?"

Rebecca tried to squirm away when the finger entered her asshole. It
plundered into her, seeking deeper and deeper inside her until she felt his
knuckles against her ass cheeks. She felt it twisting around inside her, unable
to stop the ravishment of her backside. He pushed inside her cruelly, forcing
her to say it. "Fuck my asshole, please," saying as she was ordered.

"If you like, Rebecca, I only want to do what pleases you." He pulled
his finger from her asshole. She would be tight, but her own weight would fuck
his cock inside her. He pushed the buttons again and lowered her again until
his cock was fitted snuggly against her asshole. He watched it, straining to
keep his cock out, but her own weight was her worst enemy. He pushed a button
and Rebecca began to slowly turn in a circle, her asshole the center of her
being as her asshole slowly circled around the head of his cock. He pushed
another button and Rebecca began to lower, but only by millimeters. He watched
the head of his cock slowly begin to get swallowed up by his cock. "Yes, your
asshole is so tight, Rebecca, can you feel it swirling around my cock, like a
corkscrew going into your tight asshole?"

Rebecca felt her asshole straining to keep his huge member out. She
began to feel a little dizzy, slowly turning around in a circle. She could feel
the head of his cock pushed up against her asshole, it spreading slowly as she
spun around, slowly sinking further and further down. Her tiny asshole began to
strain to open as the head of his cock bore into her. He had said it, it felt
like a corkscrew going into her body. "Fuck my pussy, please, not my asshole,"
begging for him to stop.

"A little farther down, Rebecca, yes, that's good, I can see your tiny
asshole spreading open. Can you feel it, Rebecca, your own weight is fucking
your asshole onto my cock?" He pushed the button again, speeding up her
downward movement. "You are spreading open real wide. Almost their, Rebecca,
your asshole has almost swallowed the head of my cock. Can you feel that?" He
felt her body jerk and a gasp come from her lips. The head of his cock was
firmly embedded in her rectum. He stopped her downward movement, but continued
the spinning of her body. He watched as her asshole clung to the cock inside
her, spinning around and around it. Her sphincter grabbed it tightly, trying to
expel the huge member from inside her.

Her asshole tugged on the cock inside her, trying to expel it from her
body. It felt strange, her asshole opened, spread wide, but it still did not
try to enter her body yet. She knew that it would be soon, his cock would
corkscrew into her asshole, drilling deep inside her body until it was buried in
her colon. She felt her body being lowered, it was time for him to begin to
fuck her. "Slow, please go slow, your cock is so big."

"I'm not doing anything, Rebecca, it is all you. Your weight is pushing
you down, I'm am just lying underneath you. You want my cock inside your
asshole, I can feel your sphincter massaging the head of my cock." Now another
inch of cock was buried inside her asshole. He could feel the heat and
tightness of her anal tract. He loved to fuck little girls with tight assholes.
He delighted in their gasps of pain as his cock slowly buried itself in the
backside. He loved the way her body tried to push out the cock, but only
succeeding in making it harder and longer. Slowly, inch by inch, his cock sank
into her asshole. Three inches and more to go. He began to make her spin
faster, her asshole clenching on the cock inside her.

"Ahhggh, it's too big, please take it out," she begged as her asshole
was slowly impaled on the cock. Four inches of hard cock was buried inside her,
her body turning faster, gripping the cock as she spun around.

"Of course, Rebecca, if you insist," her body pulling up instead, her
asshole pulled from his cock.

It felt strange, the cock pulling out of her asshole, feeling like her
insides were being yanked out with it. She felt it pull out until only the head
was grabbed by her sphincter again. Then it began again, the downward movement,
fucking her down onto the rampaging instrument buried in her asshole. Her body
was corkscrewed down as over five inches of cock was buried inside her asshole,
twisting inside her asshole. She could feel the spasms inside her as it sucked
on the hot meat inside her. "No more," she begged, as six inches of cock was
pushed inside. She could feel her stomach begin to cramp. She had seen the
Judges cock. It must be at least eight inches. She could not feel his body
against her ass cheeks yet, so she would still have to take more cock inside her
before he would stop.

He felt her body jerk, his cock now entering her colon. "Can you feel
it deep inside you, Rebecca? Yes, and you still have two more inches to go."
He pulled her body up again until her asshole gripped the head of his cock and
then lowered her down again, this time quicker. Before she even made one
revolution around his cock, he had buried seven inches of cock inside her. Her
felt her jerk again in pain as the friction of her asshole slowly spinning
around his cock and the depth of his cock inside her shot pain straight up her
spine. "Last inch, Rebecca, then we start fucking, her it comes," watching as
her ass sank down lower until her cheeks rested on him, her asshole swallowing
all eight inches of his cock.

It hurt, her stomach cramping from the hard cock buried inside her. She
was bound so tight, she could not relieve the pain, only submissively hang down
onto his cock. She was still spinning, the cock bending inside her asshole, new
bursts of pain as it hit new spots inside her. "Hurry, it hurts, cum inside me,

"Do you want to fuck me with your asshole, Rebecca? Do you like my hard
cock inside you? I can feel how hot and tight you are. I love to fuck little
girls like you in the ass." He set the button on automatic. It would pull up
slowly until only the head was grasped by her asshole before returning back down
again. But when it lowered, it would speed up, driving all eight inches of cock
inside her in one very painful, corkscrew motion. "Now grab my cock with your
asshole as you fuck it. Make me cum or I will fuck you all day."

"OOOWWW," the cock tearing down inside her on the downward stroke,
burying inside of her in one long continuous painful insertion. It pulled out
slowly, her asshole gripping it like it wanted it to stay, dragging her insides
out when withdrawn. She did as she was told, squeezing down on the cock as it
was withdrawn. She had to make him cum. She had to stop the terrible pain of
the cock burning up her asshole.

"That's a good girl, Rebecca, your asshole is squeezing my cock. You
like getting ass fucked, don't you?" He speeded up her spinning, adding some
oil to his cock when it was almost out of her body. "I greased your asshole up
a little, now we can fuck faster." He watched as her body spun around and
around and up and down. His cock felt liked it was getting sucked into a drain.
The friction would make him cum, her asshole clinging to his cock, getting ready
to pull the cum from his balls.

Rebecca felt her body spinning faster, her head dizzy from the spinning,
her asshole burning from the ass fucking the Judge was subjecting her to. She
squeezed the cock even though it was painful as she did. She had to get him to
cum. Her asshole was stretched and torn, as she was brutally ass fucked. Her
body was pulled up and down, each time all eight inches of cock was buried deep
inside her colon. She felt the cock hit new parts of her asshole each time she
would revolve around his cock, the head rubbing harshly against her inner walls.
"Please, hurry up and cum, it hurts too much," she cried out, squeezing her
inner muscles so that her asshole would massage his cock into cumming inside

"Yes, good girl, Rebecca," shoving his cock up into her brutally,
letting her feel the large cock tearing up her backside. He watched as she
quickly sank back down on his cock again, burying it into her asshole as she
spun around and around. "Squeeze hard now, I'm going to cum," he shouted,
plunging her asshole down on his cock to rest there, making her spin faster. He
felt her squeeze his cock as his balls began to unload his cum inside her. He
shout a full load of cum deep inside her asshole, giving her a cum enema.

Rebecca squeezed his cock tightly as she felt it get bigger and stretch
her asshole wider apart. She could feel his cum racing up the length of his
cock as it was buried inside her asshole until she felt it shoot and fill her
asshole with the first of many loads of hot cum. She felt the wetness inside
her as a second and then a third load of cum filled her asshole up. She could
feel it all buried deep inside her colon, filling her up.

The Judge shot his last load of cum in her asshole before he raised her
body from his cock. He watched as it popped out, her asshole staying open for
long seconds, a gaping hole replacing the tiny asshole that was there when they
started. He rose up from underneath her, his cum dripping from her asshole onto
the floor beneath her. He dropped her down onto the floor, her ass falling into
the small puddle of cum that dripped from her asshole. He released her from her
cuffs. "You're a good fuck, Rebecca. You have the tightest asshole I ever
felt. It just sucked the cum straight out of my balls." He walked out as the
deputy walked in to take her back to her cell.
66% (13/6)
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very very good
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A fantastic serial! Really hope it continues!