Stopped by the Police-5

Rebecca was allowed to go back to her room and take a shower. She
bathed her whipped breasts and managed to brush her teeth enough times to
finally get the taste of sperm out of her mouth. Her throat was still hoarse
from the brutal mouth and throat fucking they had inflicted on her.

She heard the sound of feet coming down the hall again just as she
finished getting dressed again. Another new "schoolgirl outfit" was provided
for her. The skirts were getting shorter and the tops were getting tighter.

The deputy inserted the key into the jail cell and opened the door. He
saw Rebecca standing there, finishing buttoning up her top. The sneakers and
white socks highlighted her long legs, accented by the short, plaid skirt she
was wearing. Her top was a white, cashmere button-down sweater, seemingly one
size too small. Her breasts were definitely flattered by the tight sweater
pulled tightly over her bra.

"Well, Rebecca, you are gorgeous enough to fuck, but I guess that is
where I am to take you, to get fucked. The Committee has a special treat for
you. They want to make you losing your virginity a memorable occasion and I
think what they have planned will accomplish that." The deputy eyed Rebecca,
his cock hard. "Come over her for a minute, we have time for a little grab ass
before we leave," he ordered her.

Rebecca cringed when she heard what the deputy said. She knew that she
would be further humiliated when they ****d her. And now the deputy was going
to m***** her again before they left. Last time she earned a punishment for
being late, all because she had to blow the deputy. "Please, don't make me late
again," she begged. She walked over to the deputy, watching as he grabbed his
crotch, feeling his cock.

The deputy reached out for Rebecca as she got close, he pulled her arm
bringing her close, her back to him pushed up against his stomach. His hands
circled her waist, touching the cashmere sweater. He always loved a pair of
tits in a cashmere sweater. The feel of youthful breasts, hugged tightly by the
soft fabric, hands gripping them tightly, there was nothing better. He moved
his hands up, grasping the soft breasts of Rebecca. His hands molded the firm
breasts, urgently squeezing them, drawing a gasp from her lips.

Rebecca felt the deputy pushed against her back, his hard cock digging
into her ass. His hands reached for her breasts and grabbed them tightly, a
sharp gasp of pain escaping from her lips as he mauled her young breasts, still
sore from the whipping she had received. "Please, that hurts, they whipped my
breasts so hard today, your hands hurt them, please, no."

"Shut up, I don't care what you feel. You have such lovely tits and
they feel so great in that sweater, not stand still." His fingers kept
squeezing and pinching her breasts as his cock began to push and rub against her
ass. She could feel it getting bigger and harder. The deputy searched out and
found her nipples, forcing them to get hard and erect, his fingers pinching
them. He could seem that poking out her sweater, her tits pushed out, her
nipples pointed and hard. "No, you can't be late today, they are expecting you
to be on time, but tonight, I am going to get a piece of your hot pussy. When
this is all over, I am coming back to visit and you're going to fuck me with
that tight little pussy until I drop a load of cum deep inside you. Now,
straighten up your clothes and let's go. Put you hand behind your back, they
want you with handcuffs on. Makes you look so much more fuckable."

Rebecca straightened out her sweater and felt the cold steel slap on her
wrists, binding her arms behind her back. The cuffs pushed her breasts out
further, the buttons just barely able to contain them. The deputy pushed her
out of the cell and down the hall. Rebecca thought it strange when they did not
go into the library, but stopped the next door down. She could hear voices
inside the room, many voices.

"Inside, time for your party." The deputy opened the door and pushed
Rebecca inside.

"What is this," Rebecca exclaimed when she was pushed into the room. It
was a large room and it was filled with about 30 people. The Committee for
c***d Services were there, as was the Sheriff, the three teens that had ****d
her mouth, Mr. Johnson, the one who had ****d her asshole and an assortment of
other strangers, both men and women. All were at least 40 years old, many had
younger women with them, most of them teenagers. They were all seated in
comfortable chairs around the center of the room. The humiliation of what was
about to happen was confirmed when she saw what was in the center of the room.
It was a large four poster bed, raised up high off the floor and it was slowly
rotating. Attached to the corners were various leather straps. They intended
to **** her in front of everyone. She looked around the room for any sign of
help but she was disappointed. Most of the men were already having their cocks
stroked by the teenage girls sitting next to them. They were eagerly awaiting
her degradation.

Dr. Smith stood up from his chair, one of the four large overstuffed
chairs in the front of the room, befitting of the power of the Committee of
c***d Services. "Attention everyone, Rebecca is here to entertain us, so please
have a seat and let's get on with the show for tonight. My, you certainly do
look positively good enough to eat tonight, Rebecca, but that's another time,"
he joked, the crowd laughing loudly.

"Please, not in front of all these people," her eyes looking desperate,
searching out anyone to help her. All she saw were laughing faces, all except
the teenage girls. She could see sympathy in their faces, as if they had
suffered the same fate, but their hands continued to rub the cocks of the men
next to them, their eyes diverted from hers.

"But, Rebecca, this is a special occasion, you are to lose your
virginity and we thought that it should be a celebration and what's a
celebration without a lot of people. You have met a lot of us, or at least our
cocks. You have taken them in your mouth and up your tight little ass. The
rest of the people paid a lot of money to see your virgin pussy get ****d and
even more money to fuck it. The girls with them all are like you, they're under
the direction of the Committee of c***d Services, though they have been here
longer and as you can see by their busy little hands, have learned their place
in life, to pleasure any person we order them to. Deputy, bring Rebecca up to
the front."

Rebecca was pushed forward by the deputy until she reached the center of
the room where the bed was. The deputy released her cuffs and Rebecca rubbed
her wrists. She looked around the room, everyone was staring at her in
anticipation of stripping her naked and r****g her.

"As the head of the committee, I got the honors of taking your
virginity, but before the night is over, your tight little pussy is going to be
used by almost everyone in this room, except the girls, that will be another
occasion," the room laughing again. "I think the audience would like to see
your body, while it looks very enticing in that outfit, I think they would
rather see it naked. But, we would like to make it as enjoyable for everyone,
so we would like to prolong it as long as possible and make it enticing as you
can. Now, I know you want to cooperate as much as possible because if you do
not, your mother will be punished for your reluctance. The judge would love to
visit her tonight since he got himself a new whip today. It is a very special
whip, with metal stars at the end of each strand. They would tear into your
mothers tender flesh very painfully, especially if she was bound with her legs
spread and the whip was used on her open pussy. Now, Rebecca, will you
cooperate with us?"

Rebecca looked at Dr. Smith and knew she would cooperate, no matter what
they did to her. She did not want her mother punished for her reluctance.
"Yes, sir, I will do whatever you want, just leave my mother alone." She
lowered her head and looked at the floor. She knew that they had won. She
would do anything and everything, including degrading herself to spare her

"Yes, I thought you might cooperate. Now, why don't you be a good
little girl and kneel down in the center of the bed facing us." He watched
Rebecca as she climbed on the bed. The bed was high so as she climbed up, her
skirt rode up in the back and she flashed the audience a look at her panty-clad
tight ass.

"Great ass, she heard from the audience, blushing as she realized that
they were already getting a glimpse of her body. She turned around in the
center and kneeled on the bed, facing the audience, her head down.

"Look up at the audience, you are always to have your eyes open, looking
at the audience. We enjoy watching your expressions as you proceed under our
direction. That's good. Now rise up a little, doesn't sit down, just on your
knees. Yes, that's good, now spread your legs open, yes, wider, yes, that's
good, Rebecca. Back straight, arch a little, stick your tits out, they are so
lovely, yes, that's good."

Rebecca felt like a trained dog as Dr. Smith gave her instructions,
requiring her to move her body until he was satisfied with her position. She
was now perched up on her knees, her legs spread wide, her short skirt not even
touching the bed. Her breasts were strained against the tight blouse, her back
arched, thrusting them forward. She never felt so humiliated, performing,
showing off her body for their enjoyment.

"Very good, remember that position, I want you in it again, but first, I
want you on your hands and knees, facing the audience, head up, staring straight

Rebecca bent forward until her hands hit the bed. She raised her head,
facing the audience. She heard Dr. Smith tell her to spread her legs more and
she complied, her knees pushing further out. More, he told her and she again
moved them outward, now over three feet between her knees, her thighs straining.

"Your head higher," he ordered her. He watched as she complied giving
the audience a look at her young breasts now hanging down, the cashmere sweater
confining them. "Unbutton the top button," he ordered. The audience watched as
her ample cleavage began to show. "Another." The cashmere sweater began to
open, revealing more of her lacey bra, her breasts attempting to spill out of
the top. "Such lovely tits you have, Rebecca, don't you think so?"

"Yes, sir," her face turning red. She looked down for a second and she
could see how exposed her breasts were already. They hung down, gravity pulling
them toward the bed, the bra just barely able to contain her large breasts. She
looked up and saw all of the faces staring down at her breasts.

"Now stay still, I am going to turn the bed." Dr. Smith pushed the
button and the bed began to slowly rotate until Rebecca's back was to the

Rebecca could feel the bed turning, at least she would not have to face
the audience. As she was almost turned all the way around, she noticed the
large mirror covering the wall behind her.

"Yes, I still want you looking at the audience, this time through the
mirror. Now look at that lovely ass on Rebecca. Mr. Johnson was privileged
enough to have the opportunity to fuck Rebecca up her tight asshole and he has a
fifteen-inch cock. Mr. Johnson told me that it was the tightest ass he had ever
fucked, but anything being fucked by a fifteen-inch cock would be tight." The
audience laughed again. "There will be opportunities later for others to also
fuck Rebecca's asshole."

Rebecca cringed when she heard the crude comments and that they would be
r****g her ass again. Mr. Johnson's cock had hurt her bad, she could just
barely walk after he finally had cum deep inside her colon. She heard Dr. Smith
ordering her to lower her head onto her arms, and stick her ass up higher in the
air. She bent forward, her ass rising higher, the cool air blowing on her upper
legs, her skirt riding higher up, uncovering her panty-clad ass cheeks.

"Higher, Rebecca, yes, we want to see that tight ass, yes, that's good.
Look at those ass cheeks with her tightly drawn panties. Just imagine what she
will look like when those panties are gone. Now back in the kneeling position,

Rebecca obeyed, getting back in the kneeling position, facing the
audience. Her face was flush from the bent over position. She looked at the
audience and caught the eye of one of the young girls. She smiled back, her
hand busily stroking the cock of a man three times her age.

"Please take off your sweater, as much as we like it, the audience is
getting a little impatient and want to see you naked. Dr. Smith watched as
Rebecca unbuttoned the last two remaining buttons and pushed the sweater off of
her shoulders and down her arms. She threw it on the floor next to the bed.
"That's good, Rebecca, now lace your arms behind your neck and stick your tits
out. Look at those beauties. I bet the audience can't wait to see them naked.
Now, Rebecca, scoot over closer to the edge of the bed and take off your bra and
get back into position with your tits out," Dr. Smith ordered her.

Rebecca moved over to the edge of the bed. She was now very close to
Dr. Smith and she knew that he wanted to be able to reach her body as soon as
she bared her breasts. She reached back and unsnapped her bra, letting the
tension release. She hesitated.

" Show us your tits, Rebecca, throw your bra on the floor and eyes
forward." He watched Rebecca obeying his command. She let the bra slip to the
floor, her breasts now naked for all to see. She put her arms behind her head,
her youthful breasts standing high, her nipples already hard and erect. "Yes,
that's a good girl. Dr. Smith looked at the audience, all eyes on the large
pair of teenage tits displayed before them. Some of them grabbed the hands of
the girls next to them, forcing them to stroke their cock faster.

Rebecca watched Dr. Smith's hand come slowly over to her naked breast.
She felt the cold hand heft her right breast, weighing its mass in his hand,
slowly raising and lowering it. His finger sought out her nipple, running his
nail around her areola, small goose bumps forming on her dark brown flesh before
grasping the large, light colored nipple. His fingers grasped her tightly. She
could feel her nipple growing in size, the pain and pleasure of his pinching,
stimulating her. She hated her body for betraying herself. "Look at the size of
her nipples," his fingers squeezing one tightly. "Imagine sucking it in your
mouth, biting it, you could really make her squirm." He moved behind her,
reaching around in front of her, grabbing both of her breasts with his hands,
hefting them up in the air, offering them to the audience. "These babies would
love to have a hard cock slipped between them, fucking them." He released her
breasts and moved back to the side. "Remove your skirt, show everyone the nice
panties you are wearing."

Rebecca's hands slowly unbuttoned the skirt, pulled down the zipper and
let if fall to the bed. She stood kneeling on the bed, her breasts naked, her
panties the only clothing covering her body. "Please, don't make me do that,"
she begged. Dr. Smith had ordered her to put her hand in her panties and begin
to play with her pussy.

"I wouldn't tell you again, Rebecca, now obey, or it's the punishment
for your mother." Dr. Smith watched as Rebecca's hand pushed into her panties
and he could see the outline of her fingers caressing her pussy. "That's a good
girl, I want your pussy wet when I **** you. Remove the panties, we all want to
see that virgin pussy one last time."

Rebecca cringed when she heard the order. She would now be naked and
vulnerable. She let her panties slide down her tanned thighs until she reached
her bent knees.

"Stand on the bed and remove your panties."

Rebecca stood up, towering over the audience and slid her panties down
her legs and kicked them to the floor. She stood there, standing high above the
audience, their heads looking up at her naked pussy.

"Kneel back down, this time make sure your legs are spread open. Arms
behind your head, show us your tits."

Tears began to form in Rebecca's eyes as she got into the position that
Dr. Smith ordered her. She was now kneeling on the bed, naked except her socks
and sneakers. She parted her knees, knowing that they wanted her to spread her
pussy open for them. She arched her back, her large, firm breasts pushed high
in the air, her hands clasped behind her back, forcing them out even further.
She watched as Dr. Smith's moved back over her body.

"Lean back, I want your tits aimed for the ceiling and your pussy pushed

Rebecca leaned backwards until she was staring at the ceiling, her back
aching from the position, her pussy pushed forward, her thighs aching from the
stretched position. She felt Dr. Smith's hands grab her breasts, pinching her
nipples hard again. She twisted her body, trying to escape the cruel, pinching
fingers but it looked like she was trying to encourage the fingers. She felt
his hand slide lower, over her stomach, to her abdomen until finally reaching
her pussy, the fingers sliding through her silky pussy hair. She cringed as she
felt the palm of his hand run through her bush.

"You have a very beautiful pussy, Rebecca. I think you should be the
one to show it to our audience, not me. Straighten up. Yes, that's a good
girl. Now, I want you to use your two hands and spread your pussy lips open so
everyone can see your pink pussy."

"Don't make me do that," she begged Dr. Smith, but her hands already
began to move down her stomach. Rebecca had masturbated before, often, but only
in the confines of her own bedroom, with the lights out. Her fingers fanned out
over her bush and each hand sought out her pussy lips. She grabbed her pussy
lips gently and began to pull them apart. She looked out in the audience, one
of them men grabbed the girl next to him and pushed her mouth down onto his
naked cock when Rebecca spread her pink pussy to him.

"Further open, no, more, Rebecca. Yes, that's better. Look at that
nice pink pussy. When we are finished today, it will no longer be a virgin
pussy and it wouldn't be pink, it will be a bright red. It's going to feel a
lot of hard cock pushed in and fucked with. Now, Rebecca, run a finger up and
down your pussy slit from your clit all the way to your asshole, get your pussy
wet. When I **** you, I want you wet."

Rebecca ran her finger along her pussy slit, her finger running over the
hard nub of her clit, pushing her pussy juice down until she came to her anus,
her finger spreading her wetness over her swollen and inflamed anus. Mr.
Johnson's **** of her anus had hurt her bad and she was still sore from the
fifteen-inch cock f***ed deep into her colon. Her eyes began to close as her
pussy began to get wetter, trying to forget the crowd of people watching her so

"Eyes open, see everyone watching you masturbate yourself. Now, push a
finger in your pussy until you reach your hymen. I want you to start finger
fucking yourself and take your other hand and rub your clit. I want you wet and
horny when I fuck you." Mr. Smith ran his hand over Rebecca's as she stroked
herself, "yes, that's so good, feel how wet your pussy is getting. You're
getting wet from masturbating yourself in front of them, you're becoming a real

Rebecca cringed in embarrassment when Dr. Smith called her a slut. She
was being f***ed to play with her own pussy in front of them and she was getting
wet from it.

"That's good, Rebecca, very good. Now I want you to get on your hands
and knees, your ass to the audience and spread your legs wide. I want you to
give them a good show of your pussy and also your asshole. That's a good girl,
now reach between your legs and spread your pussy lips open. Wider, they want
to see that tiny pussy that my hard cock is going to ****."

Rebecca got into the "doggie" position, her head down, her ass pushed up
into the air. She reached between her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart, she
had a hard time holding them open, they were so wet with her pussy juice.

"Now, spread your ass cheeks more and play with your asshole, I want you
to wet your finger from your pussy and push it into your asshole. Show everyone
how it is still tight after Mr. Johnson r****g it."

"Oww," Rebecca pushed her finger into her anus, still sore from the anal
**** until it entered her rectum. She could feel her sphincter trying to push
it out, reacting after the brutal **** Mr. Johnson had inflicted on her. "Oww,
that still hurts," she cried.

"Very good, my cock really needs to fuck you now. I want you to lie
down on the bed and bend your knees and put your feet flat on the bed. Hands
over your head and grab the headboard and do not let go of it. And than I want
you to slowly spread your legs open until I tell you to stop. Let everyone see
your pussy open up for its ****." Mr. Smith watched as Rebecca got into
position, her teenage body positioning itself for its own ****.

"Please, let me suck your cock, I'm a virgin and want to stay that way.
I will do a good job, just don't **** me."

"I'm going to let you help me **** you. Now first, slowly spread your
legs until I tell you to stop."

Everyone watched as Rebecca revealed her virgin pussy, her legs
spreading wider and wider.

"Raise up a little, we want to see your asshole open also."

Rebecca raised her ass up from the bed, her body arching up, revealing
not only her pussy, but also her anus. Her thighs began to ache as her legs
were spread over three feet, but she continued. She could feel her pussy lips
parting, the cool air rushing over her pussy and her exposed anus.

"That's good, now hold that position. Look at that teenage pussy and
asshole, open and ready for a good hard cock. You gentlemen will have to wait
your turn, I get to take her cherry. I will love to hear her gasp of pain when
my cock breaks through her hymen and she forever looses her virginity, knowing
that she is being taken against her own will. Now lower your ass to the bed,
its time to fuck."

Rebecca watched as Mr. Smith undressed. While he was almost 60, a
terribly old age to a teenager, he was still in remarkable shape. Rebecca saw
his cock, over eight-inches of hard cock displayed when he removed his shorts.
She saw his hand stroking it, making it harder as he walked closer to the bed.
She started to close her legs when she felt Mr. Smith get on the bed.

"Legs open, Rebecca. Don't try to hide that pretty little pussy from
everyone." Mr. Smith watched as Rebecca reluctantly spread her legs wider, her
pussy opening up again, her pink pussy begging for a hard cock.

Rebecca felt Mr. Smith grab her legs and lower them to the bed, his
hands urging her thighs further apart, the ache beginning. He kneeled between
her legs, his cock standing out erect as his hands caressed her thighs, working
towards up her toned thighs, seeking out her pussy. He was too old. She had
romantic thoughts of how she would lose her virginity, a strong, handsome boy
her old age would take her gently. It was not suppose to be by a sixty-year-old
man in front of thirty strangers. Mr. Smith grabbed her hands and pulled them
toward his cock.

"Feel my cock, soon it is going to be in your tight little pussy." He
made her hands caress his cock, twitching in anticipation of the warm, tight
place it would soon be. Mr. Smith slid down, lying on top of Rebecca, his knees
spreading her legs out further as he situated his body so that his hard cock
rested on her spread pussy. His cock jerked as it rubbed against her silky
pussy. His hands moved up to grab her breasts and squeeze them tightly,
pinching the nipples as they moved to the tips. "What a set of tits you have,
Rebecca. I can't wait to see them bounce around when I fuck you."

Oh God, she thought, he wants me to kiss him. She felt his lips press
against hers, his fingers still abusing her nipples as his tongue sought out her
mouth. Never, I am not going to let his tongue in my mouth. His tongue became
more insistent, trying to push between her tightly grasped lips. "OOOWWW," she
yelled, her mouth opening in pain as Mr. Smith's fingers brutally pinched her
tender nipples, forcing her mouth open in pain. His tongue entered quickly,
moving around inside her mouth, seeking out her tongue. "AAAGGG," she cried
again, her scream muffled by his mouth, as her nipples were again brutalized.
She began to move her tongue over his, she did not want to feel the pain again.
She could feel his hard cock moving against her pussy, sliding up and down her
pussy slit. She tried to move away, but only succeeding in giving him more
pleasure as her pussy rubbed against the hard cock. She felt him remove his
mouth from hers and his body pull up, supported by his arms.

"Yes, you must obey, or it will be more painful for you. I will do
whatever I want with your teenage body and you are not to try to stop me, is
that understood," his hands again reaching out for her hard nipples, his
fingernails digging into the tender flesh, a gasp of pain coming from her lips.

"Yes, sir, please, don't hurt me, I will do what you say."

"That's a good girl, now it is time for you to lose your virginity. I
want you to do it. Reach down for my cock and rub it over your pussy, get it
wet, it will make it go easier and less painful if you get it wet."

Reluctantly Rebecca reached down and grasped the hard cock. Dear God,
this will split me open, she thought as she began to rub the head of his cock up
and down her spread pussy lips, soaking it with her pussy juice. She felt it
twitch as she continued to rub it.

"Now, put it inside your pussy and raise your hips, pushing it in. I
want you to begin to fuck yourself on my cock."

"Please, don't make me do this, fuck my mouth, anything, but don't take
my virginity," she cried out. She saw the look on his face and knew that we was
going to fuck her no matter what. She pulled his cock up until it reached her
pussy and pushed her hips up to gently push the head in. She felt her pussy
begin to stretch open to allow the large head of his cock to enter her. "No,
its too big," her hips still pushing up, slowly forcing her own pussy to accept
the cruel instrument in her virgin pussy. She pulled back and then back in
again, slowly opening her pussy, the cock entering her about and inch, back out,
then back in again. Each time her pussy stretched open wider and hurt less.

"Your pussy feels like a tight glove, it's squeezing the head of my
cock. This is going to be a good fuck." Dr. Smith reached one hand down and
slid it under her ass, forcing her to push up, his cock pushing further into her
unused pussy, spreading the walls of her pussy to expand to take the big cock.
"That's a good girl, take my cock." His hand grabbed the cheek of her ass hard,
forcing her up at the same time he pushed down, his cock now bumping against her

"Oh, God, please, that hurts," she cried, tears forming in her eyes as
her pussy was spread open further than it ever was. She could feel the hot
flesh, now hard as steel, slowly pushing into her virgin pussy, spreading her
flesh open to accept the **** of her body. She felt his hand under her ass,
searching for her sore anus, pushing her body up, forcing her to fuck herself on
his cock. "AAGGHH," the cock now bumping against her hymen, "no don't take my
virginity," she begged. She felt the cock retreat from her pussy, than push
back in again, this time more urgent and more powerful. She knew that he would
soon rip through her body's only defense and take her virginity from her

"It's time for you to learn to fuck, the next time I am going to tear
through your hymen and forever take your virginity." Dr. Smith's mouth sought
out hers, wanting to smother her scream as he took her brutally. His tongue
pushed into her mouth, his finger squeezing her nipple painfully, reminding her
of her position. He felt her respond to his tongue fucking of her mouth as he
pulled back his hips, ready for the final plunge into her virgin body. He
grunted as he pushed in with all of his strength as his hard cock tore into her
virgin pussy, tearing her hymen as he f***ed four inches of hard cock into her
teenage body. His finger sought out her anus, pushing the fingertip into her
reluctant anus until it was buried up to the first joint, her sphincter
struggling to expel the fat digit. Her hips bucked up, hoping to escape the
cruel fingering of her sore anus, only succeeding to help with the **** of her

"AGGGHHH, GGGRRR," Rebecca mumbled, her cries of distress and pain
smothered by Dr. Smith's mouth and tongue fucking of her oral cavity. The pain
tore through her body, unbelievable pain as her hymen was torn brutally by Dr.
Smith's fat cock as it pushed relentless into her unused vagina, tearing her
flesh as it stretched her open. She pushed her hips deep into the mattress to
escape the cruel ****, only to buck up as Dr. Smith's finger violated her sore
anus and plunged ruthlessly into her anal tract. She bounced around, driving
his cock deeper into her torn vagina, fucking him back like a whore in heat.
Her hands clenched tightly on the headboard as the pain traveled through her
innocent body, her body trembling as she felt Dr. Smith's body covering hers,
his hips pulling back for another cruel thrust into her pussy. She could feel
the wetness down there, not sure if it was bl**d from her torn hymen or it was
her pussy becoming wet from being aroused by the cock penetrating her body.
Please, don't let him make me cum, she thought. Not while I am being ****d.

Dr. Smith pulled his lips from her face after he wrenched the screams
from her lips as he tore her hymen. He felt her body jerk up, his finger in her
asshole driving her to fuck back on his rampaging cock. He saw the pain on her
face as he readied his cock for another plunge into her super tight pussy. He
saw her fists clench tightly on the headboard, readying herself for another
plunge of his cock. She was willingly bracing herself for the **** of her
pussy, subjecting her body to his will. He pushed his hips down again, his
finger pushing harder into her dry anal tract again, his cock pushing deeper
into her pussy, pushing her flesh apart to accept the hard instrument of his
lust. He felt her sphincter grasp his finger, trying to expel it from her body,
as her pussy grabbed his cock in reflex. His cock pushed brutally into her
unused pussy slowly, forcing the flesh to push aside.

"OOOOWWW, you're tearing me up, please take it out, please, I will do
anything," she begged. Her hips bucked up and down, not sure what direction to
take. The cock pushed them down, the finger forcing her hips up, her body
jerking about in abandonment. She felt the cock pushing deeper into her body,
now over six inches of hard cock entering her. Her pussy clamped tightly onto
his cock, milking it, trying to expel the intruder but only succeeding to entice
Dr. Smith to fuck her harder and deeper.

"Fuck me back, Rebecca, drive your pussy up on my cock. Take it deep
inside of you. I know you want it, you want my cock to tear deep inside of you
until it is buried deep inside your tight teenage pussy." Dr. Smith's cock tore
out of her pussy just as brutally as he tore in, her pussy squeezing it tightly
as it was withdrawn. He had never felt anything as tight as a teenage virgin
pussy. Rebecca was the best he ever had, and he had many. His position had
allowed him to have his way with many reluctant females, forcing them to allow
him access to their defenseless bodies. And he relished this power and took
advantage as often as he could.

"No, please don't fuck me, I don't want you," she cried, anything to
stop the pain radiating from between her legs. She tried to close her legs, Mr.
Smith's knees holding them spread open. She pushed her legs out wider, hoping
to ease the pain, but it only allowed Dr. Smith greater access to her spread
pussy, allowing his cock to push in deeper. Her hips pumped up again, the
finger entering her rectum, pushing slowly along her dry anal tract, adding to
the pain between her legs. She arched her back and hips up, over three inches
off of the bed as his fingers continued the **** of her backside. She felt the
cock pushing deeper inside her pussy, hitting new, untouched places as her own
actions contributed to the cruel **** of her pussy.

The audience watched Rebecca bounce around on the bed, her teenage body
jerking one way then the other as Dr. Smith laid on top of her, his cock pushing
into her virgin pussy. They could see Dr. Smith's hand under her, plunging into
her sore anus, forcing her legs open and close, hoping to escape the pain of the
****. All could hardly wait until they had the chance to feel her tight pussy
pulling their cocks deep inside her body, sucking the cum from their balls as
they filled her body with their hot cum.

"Your pussy is so tight, Rebecca, can you feel my hard cock pushing
inside you." Dr. Smith made his cock jerk inside her body, feeling her jump
from the pain. He pulled his cock out until only the head of his cock was
gripped so tightly by her pussy then plunged back in again, his cock beating its
way into her body, pushing over seven inches of hard cock into her abused pussy.
He jerked his finger around in her rectum, making her arch up to escape the
thick digit scratching her tender anal tract. "Yes, that's it, fuck back," his
finger jerking around again, her body arched over four inches from the bed, her
pussy seeking the plundering cock trying to bury itself in her virgin pussy. He
pulled his finger from her anus, her body going back onto the mattress to escape
his cock. He pulled his cock again from her body, this time pulling it all the
way out, her pussy gripping it tightly as it left her body, seemingly begging it
not to leave.

"Are you finished," she cried as she felt the hard cock leave her pussy.
She could feel the relief as her pain filled body relaxed. His finger left her
anus and just lay under her body, gripping her ass cheeks. "Please, no more, it
hurts so much down there."

Dr. Smith pushed up on her body, watching her face as she begged him not
to fuck her anymore. He knew that was impossible, her pussy was just too good
not to plunder. "Just one more push and you will have all eight inches of my
cock in your pussy, then we will get down to some serious fucking. Now spread
your legs real wide, and relax your pussy. It will be much easier if you let me
fuck you then trying to fight it."

"Oh, God, not again, please don't again." But she reluctantly spread
her legs wider, bringing them up higher, opening her crotch open to him,
allowing him full access to her pussy. "Hurts so baaadd," she cried, tears
running down her face as her pussy was again spread open by the head of his
large cock, forcing her pussy tract to expand to allow the large cock sink
deeper into her body. The f***e of his **** knocked the breath out of her lungs
as she felt the head of his cock beat hard down against her cervix. "OOOOWWWW,"
her pussy clamping down hard on the, a natural reaction to the pain being
inflicted on her. She felt his finger again push up into her anus, painfully
stretching her anal tract open. Her rectum was dry and the finger rasped inside
of her body, cruelly tearing along her flesh. She arched her body under higher,
trying to escape the thick digit, pushing her ass up into the air over five
inches, fucking her pussy onto the r****g cock. "Take your finger out of my
backside, please, it hurts, its too dry." She humped up higher, feeling the
cock push painfully against her cervix, not knowing which was worse, the cock or
the finger.

Dr. Smith pulled his finger from her anus. He pushed it against her
mouth. "Get it wet, or else it goes back in again dry," he ordered her.
Rebecca reluctantly opened her mouth, the finger entering as her tongue began to
run over it. The taste was awful, but she had to make it wet to ease the pain.
Her tongue bathed it, hoping to get it very wet. "That's a good girl. Now back
inside your asshole." His finger, now wet entered her anus easier, but he used
two fingers this time, her anus having to spread wider to accept the fingers,
now twice as wide to spear into her body.

"Not more, please no," but she tried to relax her sphincter to allow the
fingers to plunder her anal tract. Her body fought the invasion, trying to
squeeze them out as they continued to plunge deeper into her rectum. Again she
bucked up, raising her hips up from the bed, her legs spreading wide, allowing
him access to her body as the cock ripped through her body again, plunging all
eight inches of hard cock into her body in one bone jarring thrust.

"Fuck back, that's it, grip my cock and fingers with your body." He
began to ride her body hard. His cock beginning to thrust in and out, the speed
of her **** increasing as he plundered her body. He watched her face contoured
in pain, her tits bouncing on her chest, her legs thrashing about the bed as her
hips bucked up and down, fucking her asshole and pussy on the r****g
instruments. He now gave her the full eight inches of cock inside her pussy
with each thrust, bruising her cervix as it plunged deep inside of her body. He
could see the bl**d on his cock as it tore into her body, her pussy gripping it
as it pulled from her body, her legs spreading wider when he pushed back in,
accepting the **** of her body. Her fingers were clamped tightly by her
sphincter as they cruelly twisted in her rectum, opening and closing, spreading
her anal tract, eliciting groans of pain from her lips as she was fucked.

Rebecca felt her body being turned on her side, the cock still tightly
embedded in her pussy. Mr. Smith pulled one leg up high, forcing her muscles to
strain as it was aimed straight up in the air, her pussy now spread defenseless
as his cock ****d deep into her pussy again. At least his fingers were pulled
from her asshole. The fingers moved toward her pussy and began to play with her
clit. Please, don't make me cum, she thought. She felt the bud like clit
pulled from its protective hood, the fingers gripping it tightly, rubbing over
the nub as the cock continued to plunder her ****d pussy.

"Can you cum for me, Rebecca?" Dr. Smith began to pump his cock into
Rebecca's pussy, her juices flowing freely, his cock sliding along inside her
pussy, lubricated by her bl**d and pussy juice. "You're pussy is so hot and
tight, I don't know if I can go much longer. I am going to cum deep inside your
pussy, the first to deposit a load of cum in you." He began to pump his cock
into Rebecca faster and faster, stroking all eight inches of cock into her
pussy. He watched her body bounce, her tits rolling on her chest as she was
buffeted by his fucking. "Now you know what it feels like to get fucked."

"Don't cum in me, I don't want to get pregnant." Her body was jerked
back and forth, her once virgin pussy now stretched wide, receiving his hard
cock, each time harder and faster. "That hurts, not so fast, not so hard, your
tearing my vagina." His fingers continued their f***ed masturbation. She felt
her pussy juice running down her leg, her clit now hard and erect, her body
beginning to disobey her.

"On your hands and knees, I want to fuck you like a dog, your ass in the
air, spread open and waiting."

His hand slapped her ass, forcing her to turn over, propping herself up
on her knees, her head down, buried in the mattress, her ass sticking up high in
the air. She felt another slap on her inner thigh, "spread wider, I want your
pussy open for my cock," followed by another slap on her other thigh. She
spread her legs wider, the pain returning to her thighs as they were spread
obscenely, her pussy and anus now exposed and open.

"That's a good little bitch. Now beg me to fuck you. Beg me to stick my
hard cock in your tight little pussy until I fill you with my hot cum." Mr.
Smith grabbed Rebecca by the hair, hauling her head up for all to see. "Ask me
to fuck you and make you cum."

Rebecca arched up high, her hair pulling her back, her ass pushed against
his hard cock. She could feel it pushed against her spread pussy. Oh, God,
please get this over with, she thought. She felt him slap her ass again, the
pain radiating over her ass cheeks. He wanted her to beg him to fuck her. She
resisted, another slap to her ass, the pain now worse. "No more, please, no
more." She pushed her ass against his cock and felt the head of his cock slip
inside her spread pussy. "Fuck me and make me cum," she begged. She pushed
back again, his cock beginning to fill her pussy again.

"That's a good girl," he pushed, his cock entering her pussy with one
quick and powerful stroke, feeding all eight inches of hard cock into her, a
groan of pain escaping from her lips as he bruised her insides with his cock.
He pulled back on her hair, riding her like a horse, fucking his cock into her
defenseless pussy, slapping her ass to get her to fuck back. He reached under
her and grabbed her clit again. He tugged and pulled on it, feeling her pussy
squeezing tightly on his cock as he abused her clit. "You like that don't you
Rebecca, you like when I hurt your clit." He grabbed her clit hard.

Rebecca raised her head and screamed as it felt like Dr. Smith was
tearing off her clit. She pushed back on his cock, pumping her pussy up and
down his steely rod as he abused her body. She could feel an orgasm coming on.
She rode his cock harder, impaling her pussy on his strong cock, coaxing a cum
from her body, her clit over twice its size, pinched and prodded. She moaned as
she felt the cock inside her get bigger, increasing in size. She knew that he
must be getting ready to cum. "Fuck me," she yelled, her hips pumping, her
pussy grabbing at the hard cock inside her, squeezing it, trying to suck his cum
from his balls. "AAAAAHHHH," she screamed in ecstasy when she felt Dr. Smith
pump his cock deep inside of her, feeling like it was going to come out her
mouth and held it there. She felt it tremble and twitch inside her until a
powerful blast of cum shot out, filling her pussy with her first load of cum.
It felt strange, so hot, filling her as she began to cum. Her pussy milked his
cock as Dr. Smith again slapped her ass, forcing her to tighten on the cock,
cumming deep inside of her again, another blast of cum filling her up. Her body
trembled and she moaned as a powerful orgasm overcame her, her pussy grabbing
the cock inside her, milking the cum out of him. His hands reached for her
hanging breasts, squeezing them tightly, milking her nipples hard as he pumped a
third and final load of cum inside her. The tit torture dragged another cum out
of her, her body shaking as his cock began to slowly pump inside of her again.
Her pussy made slurping sounds as it was pulled from her body, the suction from
his cock sounding like a fart as his cock retreated from her body, his cum,
mixed with hers running down her thighs into a puddle on the bed.

He slapped her ass one last time. "That was a great fuck, Rebecca, for a
virgin, you sure learned how to fuck fast." He watched her humiliation on her
face as she slumped to the bed, ****d and f***ed to cum.

Rebecca felt Dr. Smith got off the bed and she slumped to the mattress,
her body shaking, weak from the orgasm and the hard **** of her pussy.

"On your back, Rebecca, spread your legs wide." One of the girls had
stepped up to the bed, a towel and washcloth in her hands. Rebecca obeyed, the
girl moving between her legs, the washcloth rubbing over her cum filled pussy.
"You like that," she said, taking the washcloth and rubbing it between her pussy
lips, making Rebecca jerk in pain.

"Please, not hard." Rebecca reluctantly raised her legs up, opening her
pussy to the manual ministration of her pussy by the young girl. She felt her
pussy wiped clean of the cum that was deposited deep inside her. It felt
strange to have a female slip her fingers inside her pussy, but she allowed it,
staying spread and open before all of the people.

"It seems our virgin Rebecca likes girls. We will have to arrange some
girl sex in the near future. Would you like that, Rebecca, would you like to
eat a girl's pussy while she is eating yours? Or would you rather have her
strap on a dildo and fuck your pussy? Everyone laughed as Rebecca turned red in
shame, the young girl between her legs, washing her pussy, while Rebecca spread
herself open for her.

"That's enough, sit back down. It wouldn't be long before Rebecca's
pussy is full of cum again. Rebecca, I want you to grab your legs and pull them
up and keep them spread. I want them around your head."

Rebecca looked up, surprised by the new voice. It was Mr. Jones and he
was naked, his cock erect. "Not again, please I can't take it again." She
looked at his face and grabbed her legs and pulled them up, her pussy and
asshole spread open for their pleasure. She knew that he would not be denied.
Rebecca cried out as she was entered brutally again, his cock forcing itself
into her tight pussy. He pumped his cock into her tight, teenage pussy, forcing
her body into various positions, making it easier to enter her deeper and f***e
more groans of pain from her before he filled her pussy full of his cum.

The next one took her face down, her legs spread wide, his cock forcing
itself into her pussy from behind. The one after, with her standing, her legs
spread wide, everyone watching as her ass was grabbed from behind to f***e her
to fuck herself on the hard cock embedded in her once virgin pussy. Rebecca's
movements began to slow down, her body wracked by another cum from the **** of
her pussy. She was made to bend over and grab her ankles, her legs spread wide
as she was fucked from behind again. They tied her legs to the posts at the top
of the bed, spread wide over her head and used her pussy as a depository for
their cum. When she failed to fuck back, fat fingers were f***ed into her sore
anus and they stretched her anal tract until she fucked back, trying to escape
the finger fucking of her rectum. They laughed as she bucked on the bed, a fat
cock fucking her deep, fingers punishing her asshole.

"Only one more," said Dr. Smith.

Rebecca cringed when she saw who it was, Mr. Johnson, the one who ****d
her asshole with his fifteen-inch cock. He lay down on the bed and fisted his
cock until it stood up, all fifteen glorious inches of hard cock meat waiting
for Rebecca's teenage body. "Come over and sit on my cock and take it inside
that sweet little pussy. Then I want you to fuck me up and down until I fill
your little pussy with a load of my hot cum."

A hand slapped Rebecca's ass hard, forcing her to straddle Mr. Johnson.
She sat up tall, the large head of his cock just barely entering and spreading
her pussy wide. It already hurt and it was only the head.

"Now," she was ordered, "take that cock all the way into your cunt."

Hands gripped her shoulders, pushing her down on the massive cock as it
brutally tore into her already abused pussy, stretching and tearing her flesh as
it pushed aside her insides to make room the mammoth organ. She screamed as it
bore into her body, but they continued to f***e her down on the organ until it
was fully embedded in her tiny pussy. A whip hit her ass.

"Now fuck it until both of you cum. If he cums before you do, I am going
to let him fuck you in the ass again."

Rebecca pulled up, the cock pulling from her pussy and then pushed back
down again. The whip hit her ass again, instructing her to fuck faster. She
continued to fuck herself on the mammoth cock as Mr. Johnson played with her
tits and nipples before finally abusing her erect clit. The whip hitting her
ass sent her over the edge, sinking down on the large cock, her clit pulled and
twisted, an orgasm hitting her like a freight train. His cock exploding inside
her pussy, shooting it full of cum, running down her legs, sent another
explosive cum, her body trembling in ecstasy. She collapsed on top of Mr.
Johnson, her pussy sore and abuse, cum running down her body, exhausted from the
****s and the cums she suffered.

"Take her back to her cell," Dr. Smith ordered. The deputy helped her
get up and walk toward her cell. He unlocked her cell and pushed her to the
bed. "I know your pussy must be sore now so I wouldn't fuck it."

"Thank you, I hurt so bad. They ****d me so many times, I don't think I
could take another cock in my pussy." She cried, her body racked in pain and
exhaustion. She felt the deputy turn her over onto her stomach and spread her
legs wide. She felt his knees between hers, forcing her legs out to the side,
spreading her open again. He body sank down on top of her, squeezing the air
from her lungs. She managed, "I thought you said you weren't going to fuck me,
my pussy hurts so bad."

"I wouldn't break my word," he laughed, "I wouldn't fuck your pussy, I
know you are sore." He laughed again as he fisted his cock and placed it at the
entrance to her anus, slowly forcing her to take his cock up her ass, until he
was fully embedded in her anal tract. "But you do have a very tight asshole,
now squeeze down on my cock as I fuck you. Make me cum." His cock began to
fuck her fully, taking her in long and brutal strokes, sending his erect member
deep inside of her colon until she squeezed the cum out of his balls, filling
her colon with his hot cum. "There, I told you I wouldn't break my word,"
laughing as he left the room, Rebecca laying on her stomach on the bed, legs
spread, cum dripping from her recently ****d asshole, unable to even stand to
clean herself up.
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