Stopped by the Police-4

They had told her that the committee for c***dren Services wanted to see
her again. She was to get dressed in the clothes they supplied her and someone
would get her within one hour. She was to take a shower and be ready on time.
Failure to be on time would be punished. She thought back to the last time.
They had f***ed her to strip and bend over the bar and let Mr. Alec stick his
fifteen- inch penis in her bottom. It had hurt so bad when they let him do
that. He had ripped her bottom and it was still sore. She wondered what they
would do to her this time.

As she stepped out of the shower, a towel around her, someone entered
the room. It was the deputy. He stared at her half-naked body, the towel just
barely covering her vagina.

"You were told to be ready in an hour, why aren't you ready?" His voice
boomed in the tiny room that she was locked in.

"I thought I had enough time, I don't have a clock," she stammered.

"You are going to make the committee very mad for being late. Now get
dressed and let's go. Don't make it any worse."

"Can you leave and come back in five minutes?" her voice begging.

"We don't have time, now take off the towel. I have seen your mother
naked and she has a great body. Does her daughter also possess the same type of

Rebecca heard the mention of her mother's name. "Is my mother alright?

"She is doing just fine. The Sheriff and I visited her last night and
she did an excellent job of cooperating with us. You will both be taken care of
as long as you obey. As you will soon find out, the Committee believes in
corporal punishment. Now stand facing me and remove the towel." The deputy sat
in the chair, watching and waiting for Rebecca to strip off the towel.

Rebecca stood facing the Deputy and let the towel fall to the floor.
She closed her eyes, not wanting to see the Deputies eyes as they feasted on her
young naked body. She could feel the cool air in the room blow on her body, her
nipples becoming hard and erect.

"Open your eyes and look at me. Yes, that's a good girl. You have a
very beautiful body, so young and ripe. Put you hands behind your head, stick
out your tits for me," the Deputy wishing he had time to fuck her before they

Rebecca cringed every time the Deputy spoke. She could see the evil in
his eyes as he looked at her naked body. She was being f***ed to perform like
she was a street whore. She raised her arms and laced them behind her head.
Her breasts stood out, her nipples hard. She heard his voice again.

"Spread you legs open wide, I want to see that young pussy. Nobody
fucked your pussy yet, but I have a feeling it will be soon.

She knew he was right, they had already f***ed her to suck a penis and
someone had put his penis up her bottom. It was just a matter of time before
someone would have her vagina. Her legs spread, she could feel the cool air on
her pussy as her pussy lips as began to open.

The deputy couldn't believe that this eighteen-year old had such a great
body. Her mother was a great fuck, Rebecca would be even better. He had to get
the Sheriff to let him fuck her later.

"We have to get going, but first I want you to come over here and get on
your knees. We still have a few minutes."

Rebecca knew what he wanted. He was going to f***e her to suck his
penis. She moved towards him and got to her knees before the chair. He stood
up, his crotch level with her head.

"Unzip my pants and take my cock out. Get acquainted with it," he
ordered her.

Rebecca did as she was ordered. She pulled his zipper down and
unsnapped his pants. His pants opened and she could see his hard cock straining
his shorts. He helped her, sliding his pants down to the floor. He stepped out
of them.

"Come on bitch, grab my cock and put it into your mouth. It wants to
feel your hot breath and you tongue on it."

Rebecca pulled his shorts down and he stepped out of them. His cock
sprung out in front of her face, already she could see precum on its tip. She
grabbed it with her hand and felt his body shudder. She began to run her hand
up and down it, masturbating it for his pleasure.

"In you go baby, put it in your mouth and lick it up and down. I want
to feel those hot lips wrapped around my cock." He watched as her head moved
forward and her mouth opened. He could feel her hot breath as she moved closer
to his cock. He felt as her wet lips closed on the head of his cock and her
tongue began to run over it. He had his own eighteen-year cocksucker, kneeling
before him, her lips wrapped around his cock. "Oh, Yeah, you are a natural born
cocksucker, you're better than your mother is."

Her mother had also being degraded, f***ed to suck a penis, just like
she was. Rebecca began to push her mouth deeper onto the cock, her tongue
running over it as she masturbated it with her mouth. She felt the deputy's
hands on the side of her head, instructing her on how to take it deeper. He
pulled her onto his cock, forcing her to take it to the back of her mouth. The
next time he pulled her, it pushed into her throat. "GGGGHHHH, AAAWWWW," she
began to gag and choke on it. "GGGHHHH."

"Yeah, bitch, suck my cock down your throat my little cocksucker. Come
on, you can do it, swallow my cock." He let her pull away from his cock and
than pushed her back onto it. He could feel her trying to stop him, but he was
more powerful and he pushed her onto it until he heard her gag on it again.
This time she began to swallow it, her throat grasping his cock tightly.

Rebecca tried to stop him from pulling her face onto his cock but he was
too strong. The cock began to enter her throat. She gagged as the fat cock
pushed down, her throat f***ed to accept it. "AAAGGGHHH," she cried, tears
running down her cheeks as her throat burned as his cock pushed in. She could
not breathe, the cock blocking her throat. She sucked in air through her nose.
She felt a hand reach down to her neck, feeling his cock.

"I knew you could deep throat it. It's not like you had a choice. You
are going to swallow my cock or anyone else's cock we want you to. You are
nothing but a receptacle for our cum. We will fill your mouth, your pussy and
your asshole with it. And there is nothing you can do about it. You are going
to become our cum slut. Now suck my cock. I'm almost ready to cum and you are
going to swallow every drop of it. If you spill any of it, I will beat your ass
until you can't sit down for a week." He allowed her a brief respite than
pulled her mouth back down, forcing his cock back down her throat.

"GGGGHHHHWWW," the cock again blocking her throat. She felt it go even
deeper, feeling like a sword was pushed into her throat. She licked the cock,
hoping to make him cum. She knew he was going to shoot her mouth full of his
vile, hot cum, but she had to get this over with. She felt him ease off on her
head. His cock came out of her throat and she could tell that he was ready to
cum. She ran her tongue over the head of his cock, tasting his cum.

"Here it comes, cunt, let it run over your tongue, I want you to taste
my cum."

Rebecca felt it begin to shoot, running from his balls, along his cock,
to shoot out the head. She ran her tongue over it as it began to shoot. She
almost choked from the first blast of the vile cum filled her mouth. She
swallowed the load as fast as she could, the cum feeling heavy and salty. By
time she got the first load down, a second more powerful load shot out. Rebecca
gagged, some of the cum shooting out her nose as her mouth was again filled with
his cum. Oh God, when is he going to finish, she thought. I can't take much
more. She swallowed, trying not to get sick as the thick cum ran down her
throat. Her stomach was beginning to fill with his cum.

"That's it bitch, swallow all of my cum. Oh, Yeah, what a cocksucker.
Here comes another load, swallow it." He pushed his cock in her mouth deeper
one last time, his last load of cum filling her mouth again. He could see her
cheeks swell up, filling with his cum. "Swallow cunt."

Rebecca swallowed the last load of cum and fell over onto her side, cum
on her lips. Her stomach turned over, wrenching from all of the cum she was
f***ed to swallow.

"That's enough break time, cunt. Get dressed, you are already late.
The Committee will punish you for that. If you make any mention of what we did,
you will never get out of here in one piece. Now move it."

Rebecca stood up and put on the clothes she was given. It was the
schoolgirl outfit again, short skirt, button down blouse and three-inch heels.
Her bra was low cut and her panties were thongs. Not that it mattered. She
knew that they would f***e her to strip naked soon after she arrived.

The deputy took Rebecca down the hall. They entered the last room at
the end of the hall. This was the same room that she was in before. When
Rebecca entered she saw the same four men sitting in their overstuffed chairs as
before. The chairs faced Rebecca.

"You're late, Rebecca. We are very strict on regulations around here.
You are going to be punished for that. I told you we believe in corporal
punishment and you are about to find out what I meant." Dr. Smith had an evil
grin on his face as he said that. He was going to enjoy her punishment. The
committee enjoyed punishing their charges and found every excuse to do it.

Dr. Smith picked up the phone and spoke into it. In less than a minute,
the side door opened and three men came in carrying various pieces of furniture.
They were all in their late teens, not much older than Rebecca. They looked
Rebecca over as they carried the furniture in. Rebecca knew she was not going
to like what they were going to do to her. She only hoped that they were here
only to bring the furniture in. In was bad enough to strip naked in front of
the committee, they were all over 60 years old, the others were just like her,
her own age.

Rebecca cringed in humiliation when she heard Dr. Smith say, "you
gentlemen may stay if you like, we could use some help. Rebecca has been bad
and must be punished. I think you will enjoy it."

"Yeah, we'd love to. She is fine looking."

"Push that one piece into the center of the room," Dr. Smith asked.

Rebecca watched as a wooden frame was pulled toward the center of the
room. It was about waist high, a bolster, about four-inches wide covered the
center. In front, almost floor height were two large hinged rings. At the
other end, the same types of rings were attached. She knew she was going to be
bound to it, but she did not know why or how.

"Thank you, now if you will just be patient, we will take care of
Rebecca's punishment. Rebecca, you must learn to obey. We are going to make it
very painful so you will remember next time. We are going to whip your breasts.
You have very large breasts so it will require ten strokes to each breast,
paying close attention to whipping your nipples. Please go over to that cabinet
and take out the leather whip that has twelve strands. I want you to bring it
over to me." Dr. Smith motioned over to the other side of the room to the

"No, please don't Sir," Rebecca begged. "Don't whip my breasts!!!!!"

"Behave, Rebecca, or we can make it worse for you and your mother. If
you do not cooperate, your mother will have to substitute for you. Now go get
the whip immediately," Dr. Smith's voice raised.

Rebecca looked around the room, all eyes on her as she moved toward the
cabinet. She opened it and was shocked. It was full of whips, straps, belts,
paddles and other punishment devices. She looked around and found the one Dr.
Smith mentioned. It was an evil looking piece. At the end were twelve separate
strands were knots. They would tear into her flesh when they hit her. She
picked it up and carefully carried it over to Dr. Smith. She could see the
others watching her as she did.

"Here, Sir, please, I will be good, I will do anything you say, just
please don't whip my breasts." She begged Dr. Smith, but she knew it would do
no good. They wanted to see her suffer.

"You will be good after we punish you. You will not forget this. Now
stand over next to the bench. I want you to remove your blouse and bra and
stand with your hands linked behind your neck. You know the position. We want
to see your breasts."

"Please, not with them here. It is too humiliating." She hoped at
least it would be only the four of them, not the other three.

"You will now receive fifteen strokes on each breast, would you like
more, or will you cooperate?"

Tears ran down Rebecca's face as walked over to the bench. She faced
them and began to open her blouse one button at a time until she reached the
bottom. She pulled it open, her low cut bra uplifting her large breasts. She
pulled it off her shoulders and down her arms, it falling to the floor.

"The bra now, Rebecca. Let us see those lovely breasts. I remember you
have very large nipples. The whip will love to seek them out."

Rebecca reached behind her back. She noticed that when she did this,
her breasts almost pushed out the low cut bra. She unsnapped the snap and
pulled the straps off her shoulders. She held the bra in front of her, holding
out baring her breasts until the last moment.

"NOOOOW, that's twenty strokes on each breast now," the Doctor getting

Rebecca let the bra fall to the floor, put her hands behind her head and
thrust her breasts out. She did not know if she could take twenty strokes to
each breast. She looked around the room, all eyes were staring at her naked

"Now gentlemen, if you would assist me with Rebecca, we need to get her
situated. I am afraid she is not going to like this so I think she will have to
be bound." Dr. Smith motioned them to move toward the bench.

"Rebecca, will you please put your back to the bench and sit on the edge
of the bolster.

Rebecca moved to the bench and she sat on the edge.

"Would two of you each grab a wrist and the other hold Rebecca's feet to
keep her from falling and slowly lower her wrists to the rings in the front of
the bench. Bend her back slowly, let her back slide onto the bolster. I want
her bent backward, the bolster supported under her back. When you get her
wrists down, put them in the rings and shut them down and snap them."

Rebecca felt the hands grab her wrists. She was slowly lowered to the
floor. A pair of hands grabbed her ankles, her legs rising as her head and arms
were lowered to the front. She could feel her skirt sliding up her legs as her
arms were brought to the floor. "Please, no, please don't do this," she cried.
Her arms were now at the floor level, the rings snapped shut, trapping her
wrists in them. She was now bent over the bench, her head and arms almost
touching the ground, her back arched high, supported by the bolster.

"Her legs now, lower them and lock them in the other rings. Carefully
now, I don't want her back broken. Dr. Smith watched as they bent Rebecca over
the bolster.

Rebecca was almost upside down, bent over the bench. She felt the hands
grab her ankles and they began to spread her legs. They moved them down toward
the floor. Her back began to strain, bending in a bow. She felt them grasp her
ankles harder, pulling them until it reached the rings. She could hear the
clank as the rings were locked, her ankles now trapped. She felt a hand run up
her leg, running under her skirt.

"She does a beautiful body doesn't she, especially bent over like she
is," Dr. Smith noticing that one of the boys were rubbing her leg. Rebecca was
bent over the bench, her back supported by the bolster, her arms and legs spread
to the corner, close to the floor. The position arched her high on the bench.
Her naked breasts were now thrust up toward the ceiling. She was in the perfect
position for her breasts to be whipped. The bolster would prevent any movement,
allowing the whip unfettered access to all parts of her breasts.

"PLLLeeasse, don't, it feels like my back is breaking, don't whip me, I
will do anything you want," her begging falling on deaf ears.

"Now, now Rebecca, you must pay for your disobedience. Would one of you
gentlemen play with Rebecca's tits and get them ready for the whip, pay
particular attention to her nipples, I want them hard and erect, a big target
for the whip."

The others almost fell over themselves to get at Rebecca's tits. They
cocks had grown hard and erect at seeing such a beautiful, young girl submit to
stripping naked in front of them. Two of them reached Rebecca first, each
grabbing one of her large breasts, now thrust prominently up into the air, her
nipples pointing toward the ceiling. They cruelly grabbed them, squeezing them
hard, their massive hands almost completely encircling them. Fingers sought out
her nipples, pinching and pulling them until them pointed out toward the ceiling
hardening under the large fingers tightening on them.

The men watched Rebecca's face cringed in pain as the young strangers
mauled her tits. She would grimace in pain as they pinched her nipples
painfully, stretching her nipples, fingernails digging into her tender flesh.

"I think Rebecca is ready gentlemen, if you would have a seat we can
continue. I see that her nipples are very hard and erect. They will make very
good targets for the whip. Her screams will be music to our ears. If you like,
you may use her mouth later to satisfy you. Rebecca is a very skilled
cocksucker and would love to drink your cum."

"Please, don't whip me sir, I will be good," she begged. She could see
the lust in the eyes of the three young men. She would be f***ed to suck their
cocks and swallow their cum. She watched as Dr. Smith men got up and walked
over to her bound body. He picked up the whip and his hand caressed the leather
straps and the hard knots at the end. She could not believe the cruelty of
these men, whipping her tender breasts.

"You may scream as loud as you want Rebecca, we enjoy that," Dr. Smith
raising the whip over his head.

It felt like slow motion as Rebecca watched as the whip rose high in the
air and moved down toward her bound body. She saw the whip hit her right tit,
the knots tearing into her flesh, beating painfully into her hard nipple. The
pain did not initially register, than all of a sudden the pain hit her brain and
her scream rang out in the room. Her body jerked hard as it tried to escape but
the wooden frame kept her securely bound. It was only the first, she was to
receive twenty on each breast. She did not know how she would survive. The
pain was excruciating. "OOOOHHH, GGGOOODD, AAAWWWW, no more, hurtsss so bad,"
she screamed.

Dr. Smith ran his hand over her right breast, he could feel her body
cringe as his hand caressed the smooth skin, now beginning to turn red from the
whip. He sought out her nipple with his fingers, feeling her body jump as he
tightened onto the delicate flesh now slightly torn from the whip. "You have
such lovely breasts, Rebecca. When we are finished they will be so tender. It
will make you move around trying to escape the hands that m***** you. It makes
you so much more exciting."

His hand moved up into the air again, the whip again moving to slap into
her flesh again. It moved down with a sudden f***e, this time slapping hard
onto her left breast. All watched Rebecca as tears formed in her eyes and a
scream was torn from her lips as the excruciating pain bore into her body. Her
body bounced on the wooden frame. "Yes, it hurts doesn't it Rebecca, we enjoy
the pain we are inflicting on you." The whip again tore into her flesh, her
screams beginning to weaken in intensity.

"OOOOOOWWWW, Oh God, why are you doing this to me, you are tearing up my
breasts," she cried out. She jerked around on the wooden frame, trying to
escape their punishment. "No, more, I will be good and do anything you say, I
will suck your cocks, anything, but please don't whip me anymore."

"Yes, Rebecca, you will suck our cocks and anything else we want you to
do, but first you must receive your punishment. You will receive all forty
strokes of the whip on your tits. Next time you will remember to be on time and
to obey all of our commands. We would love to whip your pussy next time. I
have a single strand whip that would tear between your pussy lips and beat your
tender pink pussy. It would be so enjoyable to see your legs spread, the whip
beating between them."

Rebecca continued to scream as Dr. Smith beat her with the whip. The
knots tore into her delicate nipples, the intense pain shooting into her brain,
wrenching another scream from her lips, her body glistening from the sweat
pouring from her body as she endured the cruel whip. She could see the evil
smile on Dr. Smith's lips as the whip bore down on her tit flesh again and
again. She saw the others rubbing their cocks through their pants as the
whipping excited them, her screams making their cocks hard. She faintly heard
Dr. Smith tell her that she was halfway finished before the whip started again.
Her breasts were now red and small traces of bl**d could be seen on her nipples
as the whipping continued. The pain seemed to be distant from her as her body
began to refuse to feel anymore. She could hear the slap of the leather on her
flesh but the pain was now remote, seemingly detached from her, as if it was
happening to someone else. She felt her nipples, hard, seemingly searching out
for the whip, waiting for their cruel caress. She came back to reality when she
heard Dr.Smith's voice again.

"Two more, Rebecca, and it will all be over. Than it will be time to
suck some cock." Dr. Smith swung the whip again, this time with all of his
strength, slapping down on her whipped left breast, at least six of the knots
beating into her pained nipple. He swung one last time, this time catching her
right breast and nipple, a final scream torn from her lips.

Rebecca screamed once again as she felt the whip tear into her breasts,
the knots more painful than before. "No more, please, ooooww," she begged, her
breasts now red and painful, her nipples tender and beaten. She watched as Dr.
Smith put down the whip and returned to his chair.

"Would you like to suck these gentlemen's cock now, Rebecca? Ask them
nicely and maybe I wouldn't have to whip you anymore today." Dr. Smith watched
as the three young men got up and walked over to Rebecca, their cocks already

"Please, may I suck your cocks and drink you cum," she begged, anything
would be better than the whip. She feared the whip between her legs, the whip
on her breasts was bad enough, she did not think she could survive a pussy

One of the young men watched as Rebecca opened her mouth wide as he
straddled her head. He grabbed her head on the sides as his big cock f***ed its
way into her mouth, feeling her lips close around the mushroom shaped head.

Rebecca's tongue beginning to lash out on the sensitive tip, soaking it
with her saliva mixed with his precum. She hated being f***ed to degrade
herself like this, f***ed to suck a cock, but she feared the whipping more. She
felt more it enter her mouth forcing her tongue to the side as it filled her
mouth with the large tool. Hands held her head as it began to fuck her mouth,
just like it was a cunt, r****g in and out, moving to the back of her mouth.
She knew that they would enjoy forcing her to choke and gag on the cock, making
her take it deep into her throat, her gagging forcing their cum up from their
balls until it would shoot into her moth, filling it with the thick, salty cum.

His cock hardened as he looked down at her innocent face, her mouth
stretched wide to accept the large cock f***ed into her mouth. He watched tears
run down her cheeks as she gagged and choked as his cock pushed in and out of
her throat. He pushed harder, holding her head tightly, not allowing her to
escape the **** of her mouth and throat. He could feel the cum building in his
balls, ready to shoot into her mouth, making this sweet, innocent young girl
swallow his hot cum. He pulled back from her throat, ready to shoot. "Use your
tongue on my cock, cunt, suck my cum out," he roared as he pumped his cock into
her mouth, his cum shooting into her mouth, filling it to overflow, making her
swallow to keep from choking on the hot, pasty cum filling her oral cavity.

"AAAGGGHH, gggguugggghh," her mouth filling with the hot cum. She
swallowed as fast as she could but the cock shot another load into her mouth
before she could finish swallowing, making her choke and gag. The taste was
vile, she could still not get used to the thick, salty fluid f***ed into her
mouth. She continued to suck and swallow, trying not to choke to death. She
knew that this was only the first, she did not know how many she would have to
suck before they let her loose.

One of the men pulled his softening cock from her mouth, wiping his cum
on her lips and face before another moved into his place.

Rebecca opened her mouth as another cock was pushed in, a body
straddling her face, hands gripping her head. This cock was not as big around,
but was much longer. It immediately sought out her throat, entering it
abruptly, forcing it deep inside. Her throat muscles reluctantly grabbed at it,
her gagging massaging the cock as it fucked her throat. She could not breathe
as she was continually fucked deep in her throat. It pulled out, her lungs
sucking in deep breaths of air before it plunged back in again, fucking her
senseless. The cock fucked her face for long minutes before it too began to
shoot it's cum into her mouth, filling her stomach with even more.

The third cock began its **** of her mouth, her lips and tongue now numb
from the brutal fucking that she had endured so far. Her tongue reluctantly
sought out the cock, hoping to get it over with. She did not think she could
continue much more. They were using her mouth as a cum receptacle, fucking it
as it was a cunt. He continued to fuck her until he began to cum. He pulled
his cock from her mouth and stroked it as he began to cum, shooting it all over
her face and eyes. She could feel the hot fluid sitting on her skin, seemingly
burning a hole in her flesh.

"You are a very good cocksucker, Rebecca, I bet you did not think you
had so much talent," Dr. Smith's voice bringing the humiliation of what they had
f***ed her to perform back to reality. "Release her from the frame and bring
her back to her room. Let her clean up," he ordered the deputy.

"We will join you in your room in an hour, Rebecca. I know you are a
virgin and I intend to fuck you first, than the others will have your pussy."
They got up and left the room as the deputy help pull Rebecca's pain filled body
up from the wooden frame, having to help her stand.
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This is good but how did she get to be from 13 to 18 years old??
4 years ago
this is just so intence