Stopped by the Police -2

"Push you ass into the air and keep your ass spread open for the
whip". Sally raised herself onto her knees, pushing her ass into the air,
her hands still spreading her cheeks open. The whip crashed down into
her waiting ass, tearing into her anus, with one knot reaching down into
her pussy, forcing a scream from Sally's lips. The final two stokes
continued to beat into her spread open anus and Sally gasped from the
pain. Her body sank back down into the bed; her legs still spread open.

A pillow was f***ed under her ass, thrusting her ass into the air.
Sally knew that it would be painful when his cock was f***ed into her
anus. Her sphincter would be f***ed to open to accept the anal ****.

Again, she felt the Judge move onto her body, igniting the pain of
the whipping on her. His cock f***ed them between her cheeks, opening
up the wounds of the whipping.

Sally felt the head of his cock push against her anus and she
braced herself for the brutal pain she would be f***ed to endure. "No,
AAAAGGGG, not there, it hurts so bad, please don't, AAAAGGGHHHH",
she cried as his cock began the painful journey up her ass. It felt like a
bar of steel was being f***ed into her ass.

The Judge ignored her cries of pain and f***ed his cock into her
defenseless asshole, forcing it to open. As her muscles relaxed to accept
the **** and her sphincter opened, his cock pushed deeper and deeper
into her rectum, forcing cries of pain from Sally's lips as she endured
brutal thrusts of his cock into her anal tract. Her tight asshole squeezed
his cock in ecstasy as he pushed his cock for a final deep thrust into her
ass, forcing her to accept his cock. Her head shot up in pain as she
screamed and she instinctively arched her back up, opening her buttocks
to him more completely. Her anus was stretched wide around his cock
and was expanded to its maximum. He began to penetrate her again and
again, opening the wounds of yesterday's anal ****, forcing groans of
pain from Sally.

Sally was continually driven into the bed by the brutal **** of her
ass. Her most intimate opening was savagely beaten and now was being
****d against her will. The cock gave Sally cramps when it was buried
deep into her ass and tore her anus as it was withdrawn.

"Milk my cock with your ass now, or I will beat you again", he

Sally grabbed his cock with her ass muscles as he withdrew it from
her ass. The pain was worse as her ass tightened on the cock but she
knew she must get it over quickly. The cramps and the terrible stretching
of her anal track was quickly overcoming Sally with too much pain. Sally
again tightened on his cock, milking it.

The Judge was in ecstasy. This hot and tight ass was massaging
his cock as he f***ed screams from her lips after a brutal thrust into her
ass. She was f***ed to pleasure him even when he inflicted pain on her.
He pushed his cock deep into her ass and began injecting his hot cum
deep into her rectum. Her ass milked the come from his cock as he shot
load after load deep into her body.

Sally collapsed as the Judge withdrew his cock from her asshole.
He watched, as her asshole stayed open from the brutal **** and his
come dripped out. The Judge left Sally in the cell, spread open on the
bed, naked and vulnerable.

Forcing Rebecca to take it in the Ass

Rebecca took a shower and cleaned up. She put on the clothes
they brought her. A button down blouse, schoolgirl skirt and 3 inch heels.
The skirt was very short and if she did not stand up tall, her panties would
show. She entered the library again. They were seated in their large
overstuffed chairs, but there was now five of them. In the center of the
chairs, stood an odd contraption. It consisted of two railings, one about
waist high that was padded and the other about one foot in front and one
foot from the floor. It was highly polished.

"I am glad you could join us again, Rebecca. It was a pleasure to
see you last time, not so much for you, but for us. You will be taught
obedience while you are with us. After years of study and testing, we find
someone as young as you best learns obedience when the punishment is
sexual in nature. At your age, you have a mature body, but the innocence
of a c***d. Submitting to various unnatural sexual abuses of your body
reinf***es the lesson of complete and absolute obedience", said Dr.

"I will do what you say, just don't hurt me", Rebecca said.

"Unfortunately, pain is how you will associate to our commands. In
addition, we enjoy seeing a young girl scream in pain as punishment is
inflicted on her body. You must submit to our every command, and place
your body in whatever position we require of you. We strive to make your
punishment as embarrassing and humiliating as possible. Others will be
brought in to see you and to abuse you at various times. You may scream
as loud as you want. In fact, we encourage it".

"This is Mr. Johnson. He is our guest tonight. He has requested
that he is allowed to perform a specific sexual act upon your body and we
have granted him that wish. I will explain what it is a little later, but no
matter you will submit to his wished. First, Mr. Johnson would like to see
you better", said Dr. Smith.

Mr. Johnson was about the same age as the others. To a 13-year
old, 60 was senile, and she cringed when she thought of his hands all over
her body. He came to her side and pushed her toward the center.

"Stand up tall", he ordered. "Your young body looks lovely in that
outfit. The high heels make your legs stand out even more and that short
skirt makes my cock hard". He stood behind her and pushed his cock
against her ass. It felt like he had a baseball bat in his pants. It must be

"Turn your head toward me and kiss me with your mouth open".
She obeyed and cringed when he stuck his tongue in her mouth and
moved it around, "Put your tongue in my mouth" forcing her to kiss back.
His hands went around her waist as he continued to tongue fuck her
mouth. His hands slid up to her breasts. "Face forward again, arms
behind your head and push your breasts into my hands. Eyes open,
everyone wants to see your humiliation", he said.

Rebecca obeyed, standing tall, her breasts straining her blouse as
her breasts were groped. He squeezed her breasts hard, forcing a groan
from Rebecca. "These are magnificent breasts, I can't wait until they are
naked". He continued to fondle her breasts, and than began to unbutton
her blouse. She knew she would soon be stripped naked in front of them

"Slip your blouse off", he ordered and Rebecca let it fall to the floor.
She felt him unsnap her bra in the back. His hands slipped under her
arms to her breasts and pushed her bra out of the way. He now had his
hands on her naked breasts. He cupped them and f***ed them out,
showing the others their beauty.

"I am going to abuse your nipples now. They are very big so I can
grip them tightly. Push them out and hold very still. Tears formed in
Rebecca's eyes are he brutalized her nipples. He was pulling and twisting
them. He pulled them so far, they stretched her breasts into a cone. He
released the nipples and began to slap her breasts. First underneath,
than the top and finally he slapped them directly on the nipple.

"OWWW, that hurts, please leave them alone", she cried, but she
knew that they would continue abusing her. She could see the looks on
their faces, they were enjoying her pain.

"Take off your skirt, while I play with your breasts, Rebecca", he
ordered. Rebecca unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor, standing
naked except for her panties. She knew that soon they would also be
stripped from her body.

"The panties now", releasing her breasts from his grip. Her nipples
hurt from the pain he had inflicted on them. She slid them to the floor,
now naked in front of them.

"Spread your legs wide, I want to play with that sweet pussy".
Rebecca cringed, knowing that he intended to hurt her. She spread her
legs wide, revealing her pussy to all of them again.

She felt his hands slide from her breasts, over her tight stomach
and down to her pussy. "I'm going to spread your pussy lips so everyone
can see the inside of your pink pussy. Stand very still and keep your legs
spread wide". Each hand grabbed a pussy lip and he began to pull them
to the side, opening her pussy.

"Not so wide, it hurts", Rebecca cried.

"You must accept your punishment" and he spread them further.
He moved his fingers to between her lips and began to run them up and
down her lips. Rebecca instantly became wet from the stimulation. Her
pussy had never been touched, only spanked before. She did not know
what to become of the feelings. She began to move her hips.

He quickly removed his fingers from her slit and slapped her pussy
as hard as he could.

"SSSLLLLAAAAPPPP" his hand beat her pussy.

"OOOOOOWWWWW, please, that hurts so much", Rebecca

"I will not have you enjoying yourself, you are here to be punished,
not have an orgasm".

"I think it is time to get to the main event. As I told you Mr. Johnson
had a request that he wanted you to fulfill and we agreed to allow him. Mr.
Johnson would like to pleasure himself in your ass. Do you understand
what I mean, Rebecca"?

"You mean he wants to put his fingers up my butt, like you did
before? I did not like that, it hurt and felt strange".

"No, this time he would like to put his cock into your asshole and
fuck your ass until he is ready to cum in your virgin asshole", said Dr.

"No, he can't do that, it would hurt so bad, Your fingers hurt
enough, not his penis", begged Rebecca.

"As I said, we have already granted Mr. Johnson his wish, so you
must obey and submit to the **** of your ass. If you do not, you will suffer
even more, as well as your Mother. Will you allow Mr. Johnson access to
your ass, so he may **** it?

Rebecca cringed knowing that they intended to inflict pain on her,
but nodded her head. She had no choice, submit or her Mother would

"That is very good, you obey well. Mr. Johnson is lucky to be able
to **** your ass. It is hot and tight and when you milk his cock with your
ass, he will be enjoying it very much".

"That device next to you is where you submit. I want you to bend
over the first bar, rest your stomach on it and grasp the lower bar with your
hands. Spread your legs wide and give him access to your anus. You are
not to move at any time during the ****. Do not let go of the bar. Get
into position and I will tell you about Mr. Johnson and his request".

Rebecca moved over to the bar. She bent down, resting her
stomach on the bar and lowered her hands to the bottom rail. It was
smooth and shiny, It looked like it had considerable use before. The
position pushed her ass up and out. When she spread her legs, her anus
and pussy were spread wide. Rebecca knew that the position she was in
was obscene. A 13-year old should not have to put them in such an
embarrassing position. She had now submitted her body to her own ass

"Mr. Johnson would like to have tried anal sex before, but he never
had the chance before. You see, Mr. Johnson has a deformity. His cock
is not very big around, but it is long. It is over 15 inches long and he has
not been able to convince any women to allow him to stick it in their ass. I
told him how submissive you weòe and you would allow him to pleasure
himself in your ass".

"No, don't let him do that, it will kill me. I am just a little girl."

"Yes, it will hurt very much. It will stretch your anus when he first
puts the head in, but the worse part is later. When he starts to feed your
asshole all 15 inches of hard cock it will feel like a lead pipe put up your
butt. We expect you to scream all your want. Mr. Johnson also has the
ability to hold his erection for a long period of time. He expects to fuck
your ass for over 20 minutes. His strokes will f***e your colon to
straighten out to accept his cock and will be quite painful, but we expect
you to continue to hold the lower bar until he is finished. Enough talk

Mr. Johnson stood in front of Rebecca and began to remove his
clothes so she could see his cock. As he slipped down his shorts,
Rebecca gasped at the size of it. It was true; it was over 15 inches long.
She knew that it would inflict considerable pain on her, but they did not

He moved behind her and began to fondle her ass. "What a
beautiful ass you have Rebecca" he complemented her. His hand moved
to the crack and pushed lower to her anus. It was small and pink. When
he got finished with her, it would be swollen and red. He rubbed some
Vaseline on his finger and pushed it into her anus.

"AAAAHHHH' cried Rebecca, surprised at the sudden invasion of
her anus. His finger moved deep into her rectum, lubricating her anal
passage for his long cock.

"They said you were good at grasping with your ass. Grab my
fingers with your ass and don't let go until I tell you to". Rebecca
submitted and clenched her ass muscles onto the fingers, squeezing
them. "Release them, that was good. When I am ready to cum, I want you
to milk my cock with your ass. It will cause you more pain, but this is for
my pleasure. Grab my fingers again". Rebecca felt like a sex slave,
f***ed to submit to these depravities, but she obeyed and clenched her
ass onto the fingers again.

She could feel him grab her hips and place his cock on her anus.
"It is now time for your anal ****. Are you ready? Ask me to please ****
your ass."

"Please **** my ass and get it over quickly" she said.

He began to push his cock into her virgin ass. The Vaseline helped
the head push in. "OOOOOWWWWWW" her anus ripping to allow the
cock entry. He pulled his cock completely out of her anus and allowed it
to go back to its normal size. He than thrust the head back in again, the
pain just as bad the second time. He was forcing her to relieve the ****
over again. "OOOOOOWWW" she cried again. "Please get it over

"You just got the head, you still have 14 more inches of cock to go".
With that he began to push in another inch, than out. The next thrust in
gained 2 inches, the next 3. As more and more cock was f***ed into her
rectum, Rebecca's screams became louder. He was gripping her hips
hard and pounding his cock into her ass, forcing her to accept his
punishing cock. Her hands gripped the bar tightly, bent over being ass
fucked. Sweat began to pour on her body from the cruel ****.

Rebecca screamed from a particularly cruel push that f***ed over 7
inches of hard cock into her rectum. His cock began to move into her
colon, stretching her where one should not be stretched. The strokes out
were almost as painful as the in. Each stroke went further than the last,
bringing fresh screams of pain.

The others began to move toward her, wanting to watch her
screams of pain. They had pulled out their cocks and were stroking them
in front of her face. They wanted to see when she would finally be f***ed
to accept all 15 inches of cock up her ass.

Ten inches of cock was now being f***ed into her colon. One of
them in front of her began to run his cock over lips as she screamed.
Someone at her side grabbed her nipple and began to pinch and pull it
from her body.

Eleven inches and the cramps began to be unbearable. Her colon
was being f***ed to straighten out and there was still more to come.

"How do you like my cock now, little girl? You still have 4 more
inches to go and than I will really start to fuck you hard and cruel. You will
be f***ed to take all 15 inches every time".

f******n inches of cock was in her ass and her ass was on fire.
Cramps were constantly. The last inch finally came with a deep thrust
from all the way in that knocked the breath out of Rebecca. He pushed up
against her ass, feeling like he was trying to drive his cock through her.

Rebecca's was now screaming in pain all of the time. It felt like a
huge unyielding pipe was pushed up her ass and twisted in her guts. He
began to pull his cock out, creating suction. He brought his cock until
only her anus grasped the head.

"Now the fucking starts" and he pushed his cock f***efully into her
ass, making sure she felt all 15 inches of cock fill her virgin ass. Rebecca
screamed as he beat a painful tattoo up her ass. Each time he would feed
her all 15 inches, no mercy was given.

Rebecca was in constant pain. In addition, one of the men pushed
his cock into her mouth. "Suck it and bathe my cock with your tongue".
Her nipples were being abused, scratched and pinched, but it was nothing
compared to the pain in her ass.

Her anal **** when on for long minutes. Someone had already
come in her mouth and she was f***ed to swallow it. Another cock soon
replaced it and she was again sucking it. Her anus was bleeding from the
**** and she could feel where her insides were torn from the brutal ****.
Fifteen minutes and he was still fucking her hard.

She continued to hold the bar tightly, submitting to this awful ****.
Twenty minutes and he said, "Now show me how good you are at milking
my cock". Grasp my cock with your ass. If you don't I will fuck you for
another twenty minutes".

In a state of constant pain, Rebecca began to grab his cock with
her ass muscles, milking it as it was withdrawn each time. The pain
increased, but she knew it would be soon over. He began to push harder
and harder into her ass, trying to drive his cock as deep as it could go.
The cock in her mouth began to come and she was again f***e to swallow
a load of come. Another cock replaced that last one, this one larger,
forcing her tired jaw to expand to allow it to enter.

He began to come into her ass, shooting a jet of hot come deep
into her body. Her ass clamped on his cock, forcing another load of come.
Two more filled her colon with the hot come. His cock began to soften,
but with fifteen inches of cock, it would not come out until pulled out.

"Would you like me to fuck your ass again, I think I could go for an
hour this time". He pulled his cock out of her ass and Rebecca slumped
over the bar, exhausted from the anal ****. Her anus was bleeding and
come was running out. Her pink anus was now bright red and swollen.

Rebecca was led back to her room to clean up again. She knew
that she would again be f***ed to submit to their obscene pleasures upon
her innocent body. She had already taken a cock in her mouth and in her
ass. It would be soon that they would want to stick their cocks into her
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interesting hot
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the only thing is the mother gets the punishmebnt then the daughter gets exactly the same includingg the same 20 minutes of brutal ass fucking
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deck Mescht