Chapter One.

I checked the cameras one last time and opened a fresh pack
of videotape. Glancing around the room, I satisfied myself
that all the lights were in position, the powerful lamps
casting a wave of heat over the set. The tapes of three
completed sessions were safely packed away in an airtight
box and I was well on my way to completing another red hot
production of the popular porno series 'Pussy Heat'.
However, I still felt dissatisfied with my life. I wanted
to make my own films. Amateur porno had grown into a
major sub-category of the porno film industry over recent
years. Despite having low budgets, no sets and no music
scores, they had proved surprisingly popular, making their
'hosts' into minor celebrities. Soon, everyone wanted to
get into the act, each series introducing it's own gimmick
or twist. Some have resident starlets, some specialise in
anal sex or oral sex or female ejaculators. One
enterprising series even features naked vomiting women. By
the time that I had decided to enter the market, just about
every possible niche had been taken, used and re-used to
the point of nausea. However, there was one area of amateur
porno that was not very well covered which was, and still
is, films dealing with sadism.

At this point, all my friends smugly reminded me of the
piles of 'fetish' films that line every adult video store.
BDSM, rubber, enema, S&M, FemDom, s**t and a million other
fetishes stretch as far as the jaded eye can see. Equally
smugly, I point out that these are either faked, very mild
or feature masochists who are actually having a good time.
The closest things to 'pure' sadism are the 'English' style
films that depict corporal punishment. Fortunately for me,
CP films concentrate primarily on girls' buttocks. A nice
rounded bottom is a thing of beauty, but on the other side
is something with which almost all red bl**ded men have an
absolute obsession. That's right, Pussy! In a flash of pure
genius (as compared to my usual level of thought) I
realised that by combining amateurs, CP style sadism
and a focus on pussy shots, I had a potential winner in the
porno fetish market.

After I had stopped dancing around the room in my
underwear, I spotted the flaw in my master plan. One major
reason why real CP films are comparatively rare is the
shortage of good looking amateurs who are willing to
perform for less than stellar fees. The solution naturally,
was creative advertising. I needed to make performing in my
videos attractive to the would be 'stars' as well as the

There is a healthy traffic in Eastern European porno
actresses. Streams of young attractive ladies are being
hired by the porn masters of the West and groomed into
short lived stars who blaze brightly on our TV screens and
then are quickly replaced by the next wave of newcomers.
After making the rounds and buying enough drinks to cater a
wedding reception, I finally got in touch with a producer
who had a list of new talent waiting for their turn at
stardom. I did not have too many qualms about explaining my
concept to him as his studio did not produce fetish films.
I offered to pay the travel costs of any girl who agreed to
feature in my first video on the strict understanding that
I would only release my film one month after the girl's
mainstream porno video release. This actually made
commercial sense for me, as I would then be able to claim
that a number of the girls who had made their 'amateur'
debuts in my video had gone on to join a major studio. This
would be my selling point to the girls.

To my amazement, this convoluted scheme actually worked,
and my first release was moderately successful. Although I
made a small loss in terms of financial profit, I was
established as a 'real' producer. I even received a
few calls from other studios inviting me to introduce
suitable 'talent' to them.

My meager working capital was rapidly becoming depleted so
I had to make my next video a commercial success, which
meant finding true amateurs to work for me. I called up
every talent agency that I could find, placed ads in
various magazines and even printed pamphlets which I paid
runners to distribute at the local College and anywhere
else that had a likely population of young women who might
possibly want to get into the porno industry. Then I

Chapter Two.

Letters, email and calls started to come in response to my
ads. Most of them quickly lost interest when I described
the kind of film that I intended to make. Some were willing
but were too ugly, too old, too high on something, too
tattooed or all of the above. A few were young and
attractive but were also heavy duty masochists with enough
scars and piercings to frighten a biker gang. Finally,
after six weeks, I managed to find four girls who met all
my requirements. I was fairly sure that I could get enough
quality footage from them to make up the bulk of a video
release. Unfortunately I still did not have my hook. I
needed a face, body and personality that would sell my

The girls would not wait around forever, so I started
filming even though I was missing my leading lady. A
donation to the favorite charity of a real-estate agent
friend of mine gained me the temporary use of a fully
furnished mansion on the outskirts of town. With the
assistance of my partner Jessie, I set up my equipment in
the living room.

Jessie had completed one year of a degree course in
cinematography before she had dropped out due to a lack of
funds. We had met outside of Adam's office, one of my porno
producer friends. He had invited me to stop by for a drink
in celebration of my first successful video and when I
arrived, I saw Jessie sitting dejectedly in the lobby. I
said 'Hi', she smiled back, and we had started talking.

When she realised that I was a real live film maker, Jessie
looked ready to burst with excitement. It turned out that
she still wanted to get into the movie making business and
had hoped that Adam would hire her as an assistant camera
person. Despite how it may look, filming porno is a
specialised skill and Adam had no time for enthusiastic
beginners. Jessie complained indignantly that Adam had
added insult to injury by offering her a bit part in one of
his films on the condition that she had a boob job done.

Jessie is a tall blonde with small, well formed breasts,
a nice curvy figure and a cheerful grin. She is cute rather
than fashion model beautiful which I found a refreshing
change from the standardised silicone beauties that lined
the hallways of every agency. At the time however, I barely
noticed how she looked as I was more interested in her
other abilities. I needed a second cameraman, but I could
not afford to pay for a pro. Jessie possessed the right
training, and the fact that she was a woman was a bonus, as
it would help to put the girls at ease. At first she was
wary when I offered her a partnership, especially when I
described the kind of films that I made. However after I
assured her that all my 'actresses' performed of their own
free will and showed her a sample of my previous tape, she
agreed to sign on. By the time we had finished interviewing
the applicants and finalised the outline 'script' I had
come to regard her as a friend.

Chapter Three.

We started the first day shooting interviews of each of the
girls. These would serve as the introduction to each of
their segments as well as giving them a chance to get used
being in front of the cameras. I always enjoy this part of
the filming. Chatting with a pretty young woman about the
way her body looks and her sexual tastes always turns me

As a standard setup we use three cameras, with one set up
for a full body shot, one zoomed in on the girl's face and
one more hand-held by Jessie. The room had a small bar with
tall leather and chrome stools. I moved all but one of the
stools away from the bar and placed the remaining seat in
the centre. This gave us a suitable backdrop for the

The first girl was Debbie. Small and slim with short dark
brown hair, she was dressed in a pleated skirt and white
blouse which gave her a school girlish look. Debbie stared
into the camera with a serious expression, as if she were
about to take her exams, her hands neatly folded in her

'This is Debbie. Say hello Debbie' I said, waving at her
from behind the cameras.

'Hello' she said, giving me a small, uncertain smile.

'You look really young Debbie. Just so that we don't end up
in jail, tell the viewers your age' I said, only half
joking. The way she was dressed she looked about fifteen.

'I'm twenty, but everyone always thinks that I'm a k**' she
replied, grimacing.

The view up her skirt from where I was standing was almost
enough to make me a convert to pedophilia and Jessie waved
at me from across the room when I paused for too long,
distracted by the scenery.

'Ahem. Er, yes. Well, you are certainly a very pretty girl.
Have you ever done any thing like this before?'

'Nope' said Debbie.

'And you do know what kind of video we are making don't
you?' I asked. I was interested to hear what her answer
would be. The girls in my last film had spoken very little
English and so the dialogue had, of necessity, been very

'Yes' said Debbie, nodding.

I made stretching motions with my hands and mouthed the
words 'Go on'. I saw Jessie moving around to get a shot of
Debbie's face from the side.

Debbie frowned for a moment and then she realised what it
was that I wanted. 'Oh. Ah, yes I know that you make sort
of spanking stuff'.

'And have you ever been spanked?' I prompted.

'Never' she replied. 'No one has ever laid a hand on me'.

'But you agreed to do this video knowing that you might be
spanked or even tortured' I said, pressing her.

'This is different' said Debbie, tossing her hair
nervously. 'I want to act in adult films'

'So as long as it is acting you don't mind a little
punishment?' I asked.

Debbie shrugged and smiled. 'Whatever it takes'.

'How about the cane? If we want to sell to the UK they will
expect to see some good cane marks'. Actually I was pretty
sure that they would lap up just about anything, but it was
fun to see what it would take to scare Debbie. We could
always edit the tape if she panicked.

'Do they?' said Debbie innocently. 'I guess having my
bottom caned is ok'

'I like your attitude Debbie' I said, smiling at her in
approval. Then I put on a worried frown. 'The trouble is,
caned bottoms vids are everywhere. I really want to help
you make a splash in the business' I said, looking at
Debbie pleadingly as if searching for inspiration.

After a moment of deep thought, Debbie suddenly brightened.
'Hey, I know! Why don't you cane me somewhere else' she
said happily.

Jessie grinned behind her camera and stuck her tongue out
at me.

'Well, I suppose that might work,' I said reluctantly 'but
where else could we cane you that would look really
impressive?' I held my breath as I waited for Debbie to say
the right thing.

'My tits!' squealed Debbie.

'Yes you have nice tits. What about them?' I asked, acting

'You could cane my tits, silly' declared Debbie.

'Are you sure?'

Debbie nodded enthusiastically.

'O.K.' I said and put on my TV announcer voice. 'For the
first time anywhere, a world exclusive video feature.
Beautiful video virgin Debbie will have her breasts caned
right in front of your eyes. Stay tuned' I waved my hand in
a chopping motion and Jessie stopped filming. 'Great work

'Did I do good?' asked Debbie anxiously.

'You are going to be a star' I declared reassuringly.

Just then, my mobile phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled
it out and held it to my ear, ignoring the deadly
microwaves that were frying my brain cells.

It was Eddie, an agent who knew that I was still looking
for a girl. He said that he had found just the person for
me, a girl named Paula. New, young, pretty and smart. She
was willing to do heavy s&m work and best of all, she was
available immediately. I grinned and showed Jessie a
thumbs-up. We were in business.

After Eddie hung up I called the printers and told them to
expect a portfolio shot of Paula from Eddie. We did not
have the time to do a proper stills shoot for the video
jacket so I had to trust in Eddie's judgement. I told the
printers to go ahead and start making the covers. Then I
called the video studios to book duplication time. Finally
I called Mac, my personal 'venture capitalist'. He would
advance me the money to pay for the video covers, tape
reproduction, advertising and distribution in exchange for
a hefty fee and a cut of the earnings. Once I started
everything in motion, we had two days to wind up the actual
filming and to deliver the finished goods.

Chapter Four.

With everything in place, I went on to do the other
interviews. One of the girls turned out to have a terrible
camera presence, looking dull and vague during the
interview. I sent her home with two hundred dollars for her
time. This left me with Angela and Mary, who were nineteen
and eighteen respectively, and blonde haired in a typical
cheerleader kind of way. Both possessed firm, nicely
rounded bottoms, so I decided to do a double caning scene
with them as a warm up for the video, followed by Debbie
and climaxing (heh!) with Paula.

Jessie and I spent an hour moving the gear up to the
bedroom and setting up the lighting again, while the three
girls had a late lunch in the kitchen. Since Paula would
not arrive until late in the evening, I decided to do
her interview in the bedroom.

With everything set up, I asked Angela and Mary to come up
to the bedroom, leaving Debbie to watch television
downstairs until it was her turn.

I sat the girls on the edge of the bed and signaled Jessie
to start filming. Jessie had wanted to do the 'Action!' and
'Cut!' thing, but since there were only the two of us and
we were using video and not film, I told her that I felt
silly doing the clapboard routine and that regular English
would serve.

'Here we are again with Angela and Mary. Wave to the folks
girls'. The two of them dutifully waved. I made faces at
them from behind the cameras and got them to grin and
giggle. In a scene where there was no real script or even
lines to read, the first moments were always the most
awkward before the conversation and action built up a
momentum of their own.

Both girls were dressed in jeans and T-shirts. Angela's
shirt was pink with a picture of a small Teddy bear wearing
a diaper. Mary's shirt was green and covered with 'Save the
Earth' messages.

'Are you ready for some action?' I asked.

Nods from both girls. I picked up the cane and tossed it to
Angela. It was about the length of my arm and the springy
tan coloured wood gleamed under the lights. Mary giggled
and rubbed the seat of her jeans as Angela swished the cane
through the air, making a threatening sound.

'Well girls, what do you think of that?'

'Its a big one' replied Mary suggestively.

'I bet it hurts' said Angela, her blue eyes wide.

I waited a moment for Jessie to get into position and then
turned back to the girls. 'All right. Why don't you both
get undressed and let everyone have a look at your bodies.
Mary, you go first' I said.

Mary nodded, blew a kiss at Jessie's camera and then
started pulling her T-shirt up over her head. Neither of
the girls were wearing a bra, so Mary's breasts quickly
bounced into view, her nipples already stiff and quivering.

'Mmm, those look very nice Mary. Are they real?' I asked
just to keep the soundtrack going.

'Yup' said Mary as she tossed her shirt aside. She cupped
her breasts in her palms and bounced the fleshy globes
proudly. 'All natural with no added preservatives'.

I motioned for Angela to start undressing while I continued
talking to Mary. 'Play with your nipples Mary. Lets see if
you can get them even harder'.

Mary crossed her arms across her chest and brushed the
palms of her hands over the points of her breasts in slow
circular motions. I could see her aureoles crinkle up
around her nipples in reaction to her touch. I motioned
Jessie to zoom in on Mary's hands while I turned my
attention to Angela, who was now also naked from the waist

Stretching out my hand, I gently brushed Angela's tits with
my fingers. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Mary's.
When combined with her trim athletic figure, her smaller
bust made her look like a teenager. I made a 'Wow' motion
with my lips and showed her a thumbs up. She smiled and
stuck out her tongue at my obvious flattery. I grinned back
and indicated that she should remove the rest of her
clothes. Her jeans and panties slid to the floor as I
directed a camera towards her. Placing my eye to the
viewfinder, I panned the camera up and down her naked body,
lingering over her breasts and her pubic triangle.

'Do a twirl Angela. Lets see the rest of that fabulous
body. Slowly, that's right' I said, zooming out to a three
quarter shot from head to knees. As I worked I could hear
Jessie getting Mary undressed. We made a good team.

'Hold it right there Angela. Good, let me get a look at
that lovely bum' I said. Zooming in on her buttocks, I
locked the tripod and moved forward to run my hand over the
firm, lightly furred cheeks that she thrust out at me. I
drew a line across both cheeks with my finger and I felt
her quiver slightly in anticipation of the burning kiss of
the rod. After another few seconds, I stopped shooting and
turned the camera towards Mary to repeat the visual
examination that I had just given her companion.

I signaled a halt and we shut down the cameras and
repositioned the girls and the lights for the next scene. A
few minutes later, we were shooting again with the girls
standing to either side of a tall wooden stool.

'Hello everybody,' I said, speaking to the invisible
audience 'as you can see, the girls are back and ready for
some real butt whacking action. Right girls?'

The girls waggled their hips and blew kisses at the camera.

'Right, this is what we are going to do. You are going to
cane each other in turns, three strokes each time. The er,
recipient will bend over with her forearms resting on the
stool, legs straight and apart. I want to see those bums
thrust up high and tight'. I paused for a moment and then
threw in the twist. 'Just to make things interesting, if
the girl being caned jumps up or otherwise fails to hold
still for the full three strokes, she will have to take one
of the other girl's three strokes each time she moves'

Mary and Angela glanced thoughtfully at each other,
realising that I had just given them an incentive to really
hit each other hard.

'One last thing' I added. 'I want to see nice red weals on
those bums. If I or Jessie think that a stroke is just a
love tap, I will give both of you an additional stroke'.

The girls groaned dramatically and tossed a coin to see who
would go first. The coin came up tails and Angela wiped
pretend tears from her eyes as she d****d her slim body
over the stool. Jessie went down on her knees with her
camera as Angela spread her legs apart, catching the bulge
of her pussy as it swung into view.

Mary stood at the left of the upthrust buttocks and swung
the long flexible rod through the air, testing it's heft.
After a quick glance to ensure that all the cameras were
running, I waved at Mary to begin.

Mary tapped the cane against Angela's bottom taking careful
aim. Under the harsh video lighting I saw a faint sheen of
sweat break out across the curving expanse of Angela's
tautly stretched skin. Mary's wrist bent back a final time
and with a faint 'whoosh' the cane swept back in a blurred
brown arc to impact against its target with a sharp
'smack'. Later, the during the editing of the video I
slowed and extended that moment so that the viewer would
see Angela's flesh ripple away from the impact and the cane
bounce off of her skin accompanied by a mist-fine spray of

'Ahh' gasped Angela as the burning sting of the cane
radiated throughout her body, forcing her to toss her head
and curl her toes. Jessie zoomed in tighter, and in the
monitor I could see the trademark parallel red lines of a
caning start to form, rising into angry crimson ridges
across Angela's ass. The close-in view let me see her
muscles of her buttocks and thighs tighten into quivering
tension as she fought the pain. Even the puffy pink lips of
her pussy and the small brownish rose of her asshole
visibly contracted, as if trying to hide from the deadly
kiss of the rod.

I signaled Mary to pause and for Jessie to keep her camera
zoomed in on Angela's ass.

'Are you all right Angela?' I asked.

'I'm O.K.' she replied.

'Did that hurt?' I said, deliberately asking a stupid

'Fuck yes, that hurt' replied Angela vehemently. 'It feels
like my ass has been cut in half with a blunt knife' she
groaned. 'I hope you guys are enjoying this'

I nodded at Mary, who grinned and slashed the cane down
again without warning. It was obvious that she hoped to
catch Angela by surprise and to make her jump. A second set
of red bars blossomed into being as the impact rocked
Angela forward over her hands.

The moist, fleshy sound of wood striking flesh filled the
room as Mary struck for the third time in quick succession.

Angela threw back her head, her teeth bared in a rictus of
agony, her panting breath loud and quick. Her hips writhed
like an exotic dancer, weaving a pattern of sex and pain in
front of our eyes. Even Jessie seemed fascinated by the
scene as she ran the electronic eye of her camera over and
around Angela's body in an attempt to capture the intense
and heady mixture of feelings being expressed by the
punished girl.

I stopped the cameras at that point in order to give Angela
a chance to rub her bum and to express herself.

'Fuck! Ow! Shit that hurts..." muttered Angela as she
applied some body lotion to her bright red posterior. While
she was thus occupied, I retrieved the cane from Mary and
instructed her to get into position for her scene.

I took a moment to consult with Jessie and to review the
footage that we had just captured. Watching the caning on
the monitor we both agreed that it had gone very well so
far. Jessie decided to adjust some of the lighting in
order to make the weals and ridges show up more clearly on
the video.

Angela finally finished consoling her wounded bottom and
came back to the set, taking the cane from my hand with a
determined look in her eyes.

'Are you ready Mary?' I asked.

'Go ahead' Mary replied, giving her bottom a rub of her

I signaled Jessie and triggered the rest of the cameras.

'And here we are again, this time with the lovely Mary in
the hot spot' I announced. I reached out with my hand and
ran a finger up and down the crevice between her plump
cheeks. 'Doesn't that just look good enough to eat? In
fact, after we get done with the filming...'

'In your dreams' shouted Mary, her voice muffled, coming
from the other side of her bum.

Just then, Angela whipped the cane across Mary's buttocks,
barely missing my hand. Evidently she had decided to repay
Mary for the attempt to catch her by surprise.

'Yeow!' screeched Mary, flapping her elbows like a startled
sea gull. I winced at the solid "thunk" of the cane as it
sunk into Mary's flesh. Despite her shock, Mary managed to
keep her buttocks upthrust and taut, although she planted
her feet flat on the ground as if bracing against a gale.
She turned her head to glare at Angela, who smiled sweetly
before sending the cane whizzing through the air again to
paint a second fluorescent red line an inch away from the
first. This time Mary absorbed the blow stoically, with
only the flicker of her eyelids to indicate the terrible
pain she was feeling.

Angela cocked her head to one side and the tip of her
tongue stuck out from the corner of her mouth as she took
aim. The cane cut through the air once more with terrific
speed and I almost expected to see the wood burst into
flames from the friction. Her aim was deadly accurate,
cutting diagonally across the first two marks to form a
ragged 'Z'. Tiny spots of bl**d formed almost immediately
where the tip of the cane met the topmost welt.

Mary screeched and jerked upright, her hands reaching back
to cup her buttocks protectively. Angela grinned
triumphantly as she pointed her finger at the other girl.

'And Mary earns herself the honour of taking one of
Angela's strokes. So it's four for Mary and two for Angela'
I declared in my best sports announcer voice.

Angela did a little victory dance while Mary glumly rubbed
cream into her bum. I did not stop recording this time as
the sight of Angela's tits bouncing up and down as she
danced was too good to miss.

Angela meekly thrust her behind out for her final two
strokes. Despite the fact that Mary was obviously trying to
make two blows do the work of three, her victim managed to
infuriate her by taking both heavy cuts without so much as
a twitch. She straightened up gracefully and took the cane
from Mary's hand without a single rub of her swelling ass

Since there was nothing to be gained by being stoic, Mary
yelled, wriggled and cursed her way through her final four
strokes. This actually worked out quite well, as her antics
were more entertaining than if she had just stayed still,
especially as she turned out to have an amazing vocabulary
of four letter words for someone her age.

I closed the scene with a side-by-side shot of their
glowing red bottoms twitching under my hand as I felt the
hot ridges of their cane marks.

Chapter Five.

It was Debbie's turn next and I decided to start with her
sitting on floor at the end of the bed. This necessitated
more adjustments to the lights. Mary and Angela wandered
off to soak their swollen behinds in the bathroom while
Jessie went downstairs to fetch Debbie.

I took the opportunity to call Eddie, who confirmed that
Paula was in her car and on her way to my location.
Comforted by this news, I put away the phone and tidied up
the bed. The light was starting to fade outside, so I drew
the curtains. The last thing I needed was for some Peeping
Tom of a neighbour to report our activities to the police.

The sound of footsteps on the stairs announced the arrival
of my next performer and I turned to the door with a
welcoming smile on my face hoping that Debbie had not been
frightened by the sounds that must have drifted downstairs.

Jessie tossed me a packet of juice and then guided Debbie
into position in front of the cameras. She had already
inserted a straw into the carton, so when I grabbed it I
received a stream of yellow liquid up my nose which made me
stagger backwards, flinging the offending container back
out into the hallway. Since this made Debbie laugh I
decided not to throw Jessie out of the window in revenge
for half choking me to death. I wiped the sticky concoction
off of my face with as much dignity as I could muster, not
helped at all by the sniggers of the two women. Mentally
promising my rebellious partner a fiendish fate worthy of
Fu Manchu, I made a final check of the lights and cameras
before turning my attention to Debbie.

'All right you disrespectful lot, back to work' I ordered
sternly. Jessie stuck out her tongue at me before picking
up her camera and taking her place. Debbie sat cross legged
on the end of the bed and looked at me expectantly.

'Ready?' I asked.

Debbie nodded and bounced on the mattress. I signaled to
Jessie and started my own cameras.

'Here we have the Delicious Debbie. Isn't she nice?' I
said. Jessie moved her camera up and down in a nodding

'Today we are going to do nasty things with Debbie's
titties' I said, trying to sound like the presenter in one
of those shows that the television people seem to think
appeal to c***dren.

'Very nathty' lisped Debbie in a little girl voice. My
opinion of her acting ability went up several notches,
which boded well for the marketability of the final
product. I decided to let Debbie ad lib for a bit.

'Debbie has been naughty and needs to be punished doesn't
she?' I prompted.

'I've been baaad' said Debbie, playing with the ends of her
hair. 'Naughty girls get spanked on their bottoms. But
baaad girls get extra special punishment' she said with
wide eyed seriousness.

'That's right' I said approvingly. 'Really naughty girls
get their titties punished'. I pointed at the buttons of
Debbie's blouse and Jessie zoomed in on Debbie's hands as
the girl started to undo the pearl coloured fasteners. As
if by magic, the front of the blouse parted under the
ministrations of Debbie's slim, delicate fingers revealing
the shallow valley of her cleavage. When she reached the
waistband of her skirt I held up my hand.

'Stop right there Debbie. That will do for now' I said.
'Now spread the sides of your blouse apart and show us your

Debbie brushed the translucent white fabric aside, sliding
it across the pale mounds of her breasts. Like the
unveiling of a cream coloured marble statue the curtains
parted to reveal the smooth firm curves of her youthful
tits. Then suddenly two stiff, rose coloured nipples
blazed in my viewfinder, a shocking contrast to the
alabaster background of her bosom. Jennifer zoomed in on
the miniature monoliths. Glancing at the monitor I was
startled to see a pink and white landscape of valleys and
hills capped by twin russet towers, glistening with the
occasional golden stalks of grass.

Booting my artistic muse firmly into the little store room
in the back of my mind, I turned my attention back to the
work at hand.

'My, those are really pretty nipples you have Debbie' I

'Thank you' replied Debbie. She moistened a fingertip by
sliding it into her mouth and then circled it over her
aureoles, making her nipples rise into even greater

'But they need to punished, don't they?' I prompted.

'Uh huh' agreed Debbie, slowly licking her lips. Bending
her index fingers and thumbs into pincers she took a firm
grip on both nipples. The smooth glossy finish of her
nail polish gave her fingers a mechanical gleam and on the
screen it looked as if her teats had been trapped by
plastic coated clamps.

'Now squeeze. Pinch those nipples as hard as you can' I

Debbie obediently crushed her trapped nipples, her knuckles
whitening with the f***e of her grip. As the pain grew her
lips opened in a silent gasp but she did not waver and
continued to squeeze until her nipples were almost flat.

'That's it, now lets see a real titty twister'

Her hands swivelled at my command, twisting her flesh into
taut reddened spirals before releasing them with an almost
audible 'snap'. Debbie winced and silently mouthed an
'ouch' at the camera.

It was time to get serious and to give the viewers what
they had (hopefully) bought the video to see. Rummaging in
my kit bag I found my special whip. It was a true work of
art and had cost me a bundle. The business end consisted of
five supple black leather strands each of which were twelve
inches in length with a square cross-section, mounted on a
mahogany handle. The handle was inlaid with silver wire and
capped at the end with a sterling silver fitting made up of
sharp edged ridges that flowed together to form a slightly
rounded point. None of this actually made the whip any more
efficient or painful, but it looked very impressive in the
close-up shots and I hoped to make it into a kind of trade
mark for my future videos.

I handed the whip to Debbie, who slowly and sensuously ran
her fingers over the instrument of her punishment as if it
were a pet or her lover's body. I was pleased to see that
Jessie had moved in to capture the sight of Debbie's slim
fingers sliding over the polished wood and through the
leather strands.

Debbie brought the whip to her mouth and kissed the handle
with full, pouting lips before whispering 'Whip me. Whip my
breasts hard'. Watching her face tightly framed in the
monitor as she said her lines made my crotch tingle.

I took the whip back and stepped aside, allowing Jessie to
take over the main cameras. Placing myself in front of
Debbie and to her right, I made several swinging motions
with my arm as well as with the whip while Jessie watched
on the monitor. This allowed us to determine the range of
motion available to me while still not bringing my face
into the shot or blocking the cameras with my body. I stuck
a piece of masking tape on the floor to mark the spot and
then sat down on the bed next to Debbie.

'Are you ready for this?' I asked, putting my arm around
her shoulder.

Debbie turned her head to meet my eyes. 'Don't worry' she
replied. 'I know that I am not terrifically beautiful and I
am never going to be a great actress, but I really want to
make it in this business and I'll do whatever it takes to
get there. There are loads of girls who will let you fuck
them in the ass and then suck your dick afterwards or drink
cum from another girl's pussy. Unless they are really
gorgeous or get chosen for star treatment by a producer,
they just do one fuck scene after another until every one
gets bored and then they kinda fade away'.

I nodded encouragingly and waited for her to continue.

'Most of the good looking actresses who do s&m videos will
only accept the light stuff. You know, big floppy whips,
lots of leather gear and fake screaming' said Debbie,
looking down at her lap.

'Yeah, I know what you mean' I said 'but I think that you
are wrong about one thing'.

'What's that?'

'You are as pretty as any of the other girls around' I

Debbie grinned 'Gee, thanks Mister' she said in her little
girl voice. Switching back to her normal voice she
continued 'Anyway, I figure that if I do the real stuff and
if I can find a real film maker and not some wacko doing a
home movie, I can get myself noticed'.

'I'm not sure whether I qualify as a "real" film maker, but
I can promise that as long as you do your part, Jessie and
I will try to make you look as good as we can in this
video' I said.

Debbie took a deep breath, let it go with a sigh and said
'O.K then, lets do it'.

I repositioned Debbie so that her legs hung off the end of
the bed with her knees spread wide. This would give the
camera a nice peek of her pink panties as well as help her
to balance. I nodded to Jessie who started filming.

'Debbie, I want you to pull your blouse off of your
shoulders and then put your hands on top of your head' I
said for the soundtrack. 'That's it, good. Now pull your
shoulders back a little and stick out your breasts a bit
more. Perfect'.

Debbie's tits did in fact look good enough to eat in that
position. I gave the camera a moment more to capture her
tits in their unmarked condition and then I started using
the whip.

The first strokes fell across both breasts and were no more
than gentle slaps, producing more noise than impact. They
made her tits visibly jiggle and bounce, showing the
viewers that I was really hitting her. I knew that these
slower strokes would in fact look more impressive on tape
than the faster, harder ones where the whip would be moving
too fast to clearly see. During editing I would have to add
in some slow motion bits to increase the visual impact.
Debbie began to sway her body in rhythm to the steady slaps
of the whip and I had to warn her to stay still.

Her smooth delicate skin began to flush a gentle pink as it
heated under the firm smacking of the leather strands.

'Enough of that' I said, dropping the whip to hang at my
side. 'You want to see some real whip marks, right?' I
asked my electronic audience rhetorically. 'Of course you

'Yes. Stop being a wimp, really whip my tits. Put some
stripes on them. Punish them.' said Debbie arching her back

Taking a careful grip on the whip, I swing it back and
forth a few times to correct my aim. Then I swept it
forward in a smooth horizontal arc, for the first time
putting some real f***e into my wrist action.

The leather lashes struck home with a much sharper sound
this time and I could feel the impact of the whip as it met
Debbie's skin. Debbie gasped out loud, her whole body
stiffening with the shock. The first five crimson ridges
started to form, rising out of the reddened skin.

'That's better' I exclaimed heartily. 'Just look at those
marks'. Jessie's eye was glued to her viewfinder and I knew
that she was carefully recording the puffy red swellings
that streaked Debbie's breasts. Like the spraying cum of
regular porno films, these whip marks were the 'money
shots' of an S&M film, proof that the blows were not faked.

I now concentrated on one breast at a time, whipping first
the left and then the right breast. The sound of the whip
and the strained hissing of Debbie's breath seemed to form
a kind of musical rhythm as her breasts were painfully
covered with horizontal streaks of red. The contrast
between the cool white of her blouse and the glowing heat
of her swelling breasts was shocking.

Debbie was moaning steadily, going 'Oh' and 'Ow' in
counterpoint to the snap of the whip and shaking her head
from side to side as if to deny the stinging pain in her
breasts. By the time I counted forty strokes, her arms were
quivering with the strain and there were damp strands of
hair plastered to her forehead. I decided that it was time
to finish the scene as I did not want to whip Debbie beyond

'All right Debbie, big finish now. I want you to put your
hands on the bed behind your back and arch you back. Stick
those tits right up in the air and get your face well
clear. I am going to give you one more across each nipple,
but really hard this time'

Debbie glanced at me with panic and desperation in her
eyes. I realised that she was on the verge of breaking. Her
whole body quivered as she struggled with the fear and
pain. Suddenly she flung her hands down and arched her
back. 'Do it!' she cried, her fingers digging into the
bedding like claws.

I folded four strands of the whip back, gripping them under
my fingers, leaving a single leather thong. Flipping the
whip over Debbie's upthrust breasts I measured the distance
carefully. I wanted to hit her nipples with the tip of the
whip on each stroke for maximum effect.

I raised my hand over my shoulder and brought the whip down
hard, the leather hissing through the air like a striking
snake. I snapped my wrist upwards just as the tip of the
whip reached Debbie's left nipple and the leather struck
the swollen, quivering bud with a sharp 'crack'. Debbie
shrieked in agony as tiny flecks of bl**d welled up from
the torn skin of her areola. Her screams continued as I
quickly drew back my arm, took aim and let fly with another
hard stroke, this time striking her right nipple with
similar results.

Tears welled up out of Debbie's eyes as her screams faded
into agonised sobs. Slowly and stiffly, she straightened up
and wiped the tears away with the back of her hand.
Gingerly, she ran her hands over her bruised and battered
breasts. Lifting her gaze to look directly into the camera
lens, Debbie gave a tight smile.

'Was that good for you?' she said huskily. 'There's lots
more of me to whip and torture, so come back and see me
again soon'. Cupping her breasts in her hands, she blew a
kiss at the camera.

I swept my hand across my throat, signaling Jessie to stop

I bent over Debbie and kissed her on the forehead. 'That
was fantastic' I said. 'You'll have them knocking down your
door with offers'.

'I fucking hope so' replied Debbie with a grin 'but not
right away' she said, looking down ruefully at her breasts.

Chapter Six.

The sun had set while we were filming. Jessie went off to
the bathroom to help Debbie apply soothing salve on her
breasts while I carefully unloaded the day's tapes, which
we would edit and duplicate over the next few days.

I heard some movement downstairs and then Angela's voice
shouting 'Paula's here'.

This was great news and I shouted back 'Tell her to come on
up'. Since the equipment was still set up I decided to
shoot a few minutes of tape with Paula just to get a feel
of how she looked and acted.

I heard footsteps and then a woman's voice say 'Hello?'.

'Over here in the master bedroom' I called.

Suddenly, I heard a scream and a series of muffled thumps.
Jessie ran out of the bathroom and I joined her at the head
of the stairs. Half way down the stairs lay the crumpled
form of Paula. She appeared to be out cold. At our feet was
the flattened juice carton that I had flung away earlier.
Paula must have stepped on it, slipped and fallen back down
the stairs. Jessie ran off to call an ambulance while I
went down to render any first aid that I could.

I got in my car and followed the ambulance to the hospital.
Fortunately, Paula had not broken any bones, but had a
twisted ankle and a badly bruised face.

As I drove back to the house with the immediate concerns
about Paula's condition behind me, I was able to consider
the more serious problem that I now faced. I had just lost
the star of my video unless I was willing to wait several
weeks for Paula to recover. Unfortunately, I had already
committed myself to the printers, video distributors and
advertisers. I could re-schedule all of them, but they
would expect to be paid for any lost time and revenue. This
brought me to my main problem, Mac. It was his money that I
had spent, and his 'financial institution' did not re-
schedule loans. With all the extra cost and delay, my video
would be a loss maker unless it sold like the latest
Hollywood blockbuster. I had expected to repay Mac with the
proceeds of the first month's sales. Mac would be
disappointed. Mac would express his disappointment in very
unpleasant ways. Maybe even fatal ways.

When I reached the house I explained the problem to Jessie.
She suggested we call Eddie to see if we could get a
replacement for Paula.

When I told Eddie about my difficulties he laughed and said
'If you wanted one of the BDSM crowd or an S&M vid regular,
no problem. But a "virgin" and good looking too? You don't
need Eddie, you need a miracle. Sorry.". I could almost see
him shaking his head as he hung up. He was right. Once Mac
heard about this fiasco I would need a priest.

I put down the phone and turned to Jessie. 'Look' I said
'this whole deal was my idea and Mac will be satisfied with
me, so you better go home, pack up and get out of town for
a while. It should be safe to come back in a couple of

Jessie shook her head and tried to argue.

I stopped her and said 'There is nothing that you could do
here to help, so you might as well get clear of ground

Suddenly Jessie grabbed my arm. 'You're wrong. You do have
a solution. You have me' she said, striking a pose.

'No' I said firmly.

'Yes' she replied equally firmly. 'I don't run out on my
friends. Besides, I threw that juice packet at you. If I
had not been fooling around none of this would have

I tried my best to talk her out of it, but I must admit
that in the end, the thought of Mac's wrath made me less
noble than I should have been.

Chapter Seven.

My conscience would not let me sl**p and I spent the night
making plans to get Jessie and myself out of town. I
figured that in the light of the morning I could convince
her to do the sensible thing and run away.

I tried the sneaky approach and discussed Paula's scene
with Jessie over breakfast. I hoped that the combination of
greasy eggs and a detailed description of the scene might
put her off. Unfortunately Jessie only seemed to get more
involved in the technicalities of the day's proposed shoot.

'Give it up' said Jessie.

'What do you mean' I asked innocently.

'I know what you are up to, and it won't work' she replied.

'But you will have to suck me off' I protested.

'Fine' said Jessie, biting savagely into a sausage.

I winced and added 'And swallow'.

'Yummy' retorted Jessie, slurping up her runny eggs.

I gave it one last try. 'It will hurt really bad'.

'I've made up my mind' Jessie said stubbornly. 'I am not
going to let you get trashed by Mac's goons and I am not
running away. Anyway, I have always wanted to try S&M'.

I held up my hands in surrender. 'O.K. I give up'

I took a sip of cold coffee. 'Jessie' I said.



'What are partners for' said Jessie with a grin.

I called the hospital to check up on Paula, who was now
sporting a cast on her ankle after the x-rays had revealed
a hairline fracture. She seemed in good spirits and did not
seem inclined to sue me for her mishap. I told her to take
care and to call me if she needed anything.

Unable to think of any more excuses for delay, I went up
the stairs to join Jessie who had set up the equipment and
was putting on her makeup.

One of the rooms on this level had been set up as a study
and had contained a pair of those high tech adjustable
chairs, all black leather and chrome, which we had decided
would make an ideal prop for Paula's scene. I kicked at the
power cables that festooned the bedroom floor and then
dragged one of the chairs into the bedroom, placing it in
the centre of the space that Jessie had surrounded with the
lights and cameras. Once again I drew the curtains over all
the windows, both for privacy and to darken the room as I
wanted the focus of the scene to be the chair and it's
occupant. In the background was a mirror and dressing table
with a few empty cosmetic bottles on it's surface. With the
right lighting they would glisten and gleam mysteriously in
the darkened room.

Finally all was ready and I waited for my star with a
mixture of reluctance and anticipation. I stood in the
darkness surrounding the island of light, staring at the
image of the set in the monitor and listening to the faint
sounds of movement coming from the bathroom.

Then the latch clicked and the bathroom door swung open,
emitting a faint cloud of steam. Jessie stood in the
doorway, her figure a dramatic silhouette outlined by the
bright light of the bathroom. It was all so cinematic that
I expected to hear an orchestra start playing 'Blue
Velvet'. Her naked form was wrapped in a dark blue towel,
and her short golden hair clung in damp strands around her
face. I had never allowed myself to admit any sexual
interest in Jessie for fear that it would interfere with
our comfortable working relationship. Now I felt those
mental walls coming down and a definite stirring in my

'Well, do you think the punters will pay to see this?' she
said, holding her out her arms. Despite her casual tone, I
could hear the uncertainty in her voice.

'Jessie, you look terrific. If I took some stills right now
I know that I could sell them to half a dozen mags in a
minute' I said. Suddenly I remembered that we would need a
new cover shot for the packaging. I told Jessie to stay
where she was and reached for my trusty Nikon. Slapping a
heavy diffuser on the flash I ran off a roll of film. With
a little luck at least one of the shots would be suitable
for the box cover and posters.

Threading her way carefully through the forest of light
stands and tripods, Jessie made her way to the waiting
chair. Perching herself on one of the arms of the chair
with her legs crossed at the ankles, she waited for me to
start. This time I would only be using the static cameras.
This would necessitate more stopping and positioning than
normal as I was lacking an assistant cameraman.

I took a final glance at the monitor to check the lighting
and then counted down from three with my fingers for
Jessie's benefit.

'Hello, hello. And who are you, lovely lady?' I said in a
suggestive voice.

'Hi. My name is Jessie' she replied.

I was surprised that she had given her real name and I
raised an eyebrow at her, my hand poised to stop filming.
She gave a smile that indicated that she knew what she had
done and that it was deliberate.

'It looks like you are naked under that towel' I commented.

'Absolutely nothing' said Jessie, sliding her hand slowly
up and down her thigh.

'So if that towel were to slip we would see everything' I
said, zooming in on the creamy skin of her thigh.

'Almost everything' said Jessie teasingly.


Jessie uncrossed her legs and spread her knees wide apart,
pushing the towel down between her thighs modestly. 'I
would have to do something like this if you wanted to see
everything' she replied, her voice falling low and husky as
she said the word 'everything'.

'That sounds good' I said. 'Why don't you take that towel
off then'

Jessie brought her legs together and stood up. Standing on
the balls of her feet and one leg slightly behind the
other, she loosened the knot that held the towel around her
chest. Holding on to one corner Jessie let the towel fall.
The fabric flowed around her body like a torrent of water
moving in slow motion, sliding across her back, down her
buttocks and over her thighs. Her breasts now stood proudly
revealed, two shining hemispheres of white surmounting the
giant blue exclamation mark formed by the hanging towel.
She held the pose for a long, frozen moment. Then suddenly
time re-started again and the towel fell to the ground,
unveiling her naked body. The golden curls of her pubic
hair shone like polished metal under the harsh studio

Jessie spent a lot of her time in the gym and although she
was not anorexically slim, all of that effort had given her
a superbly sleek figure with just the right amount of
softness where it mattered the most. Holding her hands
slightly away from her sides she slowly turned on the spot,
showing off the firm opposing curves of her breasts and her
buttocks, the swooping slopes of her shoulders and back,
then her profile again, before squarely facing the cameras
once more.

'Boy oh boy, that is a sight to behold' I said. I had never
before seen Jessie in anything more revealing than tight
jeans and I had kept a careful rein on my fantasies as far
as she was concerned. The admiration must have come through
in my voice and Jessie gave a little smile of satisfaction
at my sincere and horny reaction.

'The best is yet to come' said Jessie teasingly as she slid
into the waiting leather clad embrace of the chair. Bracing
herself with both hands flat on the seat between her
thighs, she lifted her legs slowly up into the air, spread
them apart in a 'V' and finally d****d her bent knees over
the armrests in the classic pose of the pornographic model.

'Show me your pussy' I rasped, my throat suddenly growing

'You mean you want to see my cunt?' said Jessie, being
deliberately crude.

'Yes, flash that cunt' I said, playing along.

Keeping one hand on top of the other, Jessie slid then
upwards like theater curtains rising to reveal the cast.
The fleshy pink petals of her inner labia flared apart as
she slid one fingertip upwards along the fold of her sex.

I signaled Jessie to freeze as I adjusted one camera for a
close up of the area between her legs. Several seconds
later I gave her the go-ahead to continue.

'Can you see it?' said Jessie as she stroked her sex with
the tip of her finger. 'Do you like to watch me make my
pussy lips wet and my clit stand up?'. She carefully drew
her lips apart, spreading her cunt wide and taut. The mouth
of her vagina gaped in welcome, and as she continued to
play with herself I saw the pearly drops of her excitement
start to well up from the depths of her passage.

'Put some fingers in your hole' I said.

'How many?' she asked, sliding one finger into her clinging
flesh. She moved the finger in and out slowly, liberally
coating the digit with her sex juices. She lifted her
finger to her face and sniffed daintily as if sampling a
fine wine.

'Nothing smells quite like hot wet pussy' declared Jessie,
holding out her finger toward the cameras. Suddenly she
brought her outstretched hand down sharply and slapped
herself squarely on her spread pussy with a loud wet

'Ow,' exclaimed Jessie with an exaggerated pout. 'Now
that's what everyone is waiting for isn't it?' she said.

I made some appreciative sounds and said 'That's right
Jessie. Some real, shocking pussy torture is what we are

Jessie took hold of her labia and spread them wide. 'My
pussy is all yours. Hit me, hurt me, do anything you want'

'Lets have a look at the inside of your hole' I said.
'Stick some fingers in and open it out wide'

Obediently Jessie placed the tips of her index fingers at
the mouth of her vagina and worked them into the tight
slippery opening. She pushed them deep, worked them around
and then slid them out again. Adding two more fingers she
pushed them in again, all the way up to her knuckles.
Keeping her fingers straight and rigid, she pulled her
hands apart, stretching her passage out until the camera
was able to peer right inside her body.

'Harder,' I said 'until it hurts'

Fighting against the strength of her own pussy muscles,
Jessie applied more f***e, dilating her vaginal so wide
that her hand would almost have fit into the opening.

'That's as far as it will go' said Jessie.

'Are you sure?' I asked. Reaching out with my arm I hooked
a finger into her widespread pussy at the point just above
her asshole and tugged downwards hard.

'Ow, that hurts' exclaimed Jessie in surprise. I kept
pulling until the circle of skin around her opening felt as
taut as a violin string and almost ready to tear under the
pressure. With my other hand I reached into the container
that I had brought from the kitchen and produced my little
surprise, a large piece of ice which I had hacked from a
block that I had made the previous day.

The ice was roughly rectangular and about a foot long and
three inches wide. I had made no attempt to smooth it out
and despite some degree of melting it was still a jagged
and almost spiky object.

'Say ahh' I said, pressing the tip of the miniature iceberg
into Jessie's wide stretched pussy.

Jessie gasped as I f***ed the jagged icicle into her cunt.
The sharp corners and points that studded it's surface
ripped at her shrinking flesh, and the natural reaction of
her muscles to resist the intrusion by contracting only
made the pain worse. However, unlike a wooden or metal
dildo, the ice melted sufficiently on contact with the
warmth of her flesh to provide a small amount of
lubrication, saving the insides of her cunt from being cut
and ripped.

Jessie moaned as I shoved the ice dildo deeper,burying it
firmly inside her body. Her vagina began to adjust to the
size of the icy intruder as it ground it's way into the
depths of her sex and I felt Jessie push her hips upwards
against the frigid shaft, eager to escape the pain by
completing her impalement. Finally I felt the shaft touch
bottom, grinding against her cervix.

Jessie sighed with relief as her pussy wrapped itself
around the glistening spike. She soon realised that her
relief was premature. As I twisted and thrust the frozen
phallus into her cunt the sub-zero temperature of the ice
began to bite into the delicate nerve lined walls of her
vagina. Sharp fangs of pain dug deep into the flesh of her
groin as the lining of her cunt started to freeze.

In the monitor I could see Jessie's body visibly quiver and
tremble from the throbbing ache that bit at her cunt. Her
moans grew louder as the pain steadily increased. Of
course, I had no intention of allowing her flesh to
actually freeze or get frost bitten, so I kindly pulled the
icicle out with one quick twisting motion, duplicating the
ripping inward journey, only in reverse. For a long moment
the opening of Jessie's cunt remained wide open, with an
icy mixture of water and vaginal secretions dripping out
onto the shiny leather of the seat.

'God that hurt!' groaned Jessie, glaring at her dripping
r****t as I dumped it back into its container. From another
container I extracted a hand towel which I had immersed in
boiling water. The water had cooled enough for me to touch
and I wrung out the hot towel and folded it into a pad
which I pressed between Jessie's legs. This soaked up most
of the water and helped to relieve the numbness in her
flesh that had been inflicted by the ice.

In order to give Jessie some time to recover from the ice
****, I started whipping her thighs and pussy with my
special whip, striking only hard enough to redden her skin
without cutting or bruising her. Jessie played up to the
whip with great skill and flair, exaggerating her reactions
to the whip just enough to make them clearly visible to the
cameras, but without appearing to be acting.

After about twenty strokes she looked sufficiently
recovered, so I proceeded to the final act. I produced a
thick white candle from my bag of tricks and lit it with a
match. Using a lighter would have been easier but I thought
that the match added a touch of style. I held the candle
and burning match in front of the closest camera filling
the monitor with the flickering blue and gold of the
flames. When I was sure that the wick was burning steadily,
I carefully inserted the other end of the candle into
Jessie's pussy. The candle was made of a firm, hard wax
which melted at a fairly high temperature, unlike the soft,
almost creamy wax normally used in 'wax play' videos. The
drops from this candle were hot enough to do more that just
sting. This also meant that the drops formed more slowly
and would not rapidly coat the victim's skin with a
dramatic but protective layer of wax.

Having made sure that the candle was seated deeply enough
not to pop out when Jessie's vaginal muscles contracted, I
moved over to stand beside her head.

'Suck my cock' I said, taking a grip on Jessie's hair.

Jessie unzipped my pants and carefully extracted my cock
from the tangle of my underpants, shirt tails and fly. I
had done this routine numerous times with professional
actresses as well as amateurs, but this time I felt oddly
embarrassed. Jessie must have realised the reason for my
hesitation and gave me a wink before taking the head of my
dick between her lips. She began sucking and licking with
gusto, spurred on by the burning drops of wax trickling
down the shaft of the candle to scald the sensitive skin of
her pussy and perineum. The bobbing motion of her head also
served to jiggle the candle, causing some of the drops of
molten wax to splatter her inner thighs, buttocks and even
her asshole.

I used my grip on Jessie's hair to guide her head as I
roughly fucked her mouth, driving my cock deep into her
throat. I pumped my cock rapidly in and out of her mouth,
making her gag and almost choking her. The desperate
motions of her throat felt like a gripping hand around my
shaft and I felt my orgasm approaching. I warned Jessie by
patting the back of her head with my fingers and then
withdrew my cock from her mouth.

Pumping my dick with my right hand I said 'Stick out your
clit. Pull your pussy lips back. Spread it wide, that's it'

Jessie's clit rested on the top side of the candle's shaft
but had been spared the sting of the molten wax. With my
free hand I prepared for the finale. Jessie continued to
kiss and lick at the head of my cock as I masturbated.

I continued to jerk my hand up and down the shaft of my
cock as I leaned over to pluck the candle from its fleshy
socket. As the first tremors of my climax began I flipped
the candle over and jammed the flaming tip against Jessie's

Jessie's clitoris was bathed in flame for only a split
second before it was snuffed out by her flesh, but the tiny
puddle of boiling wax at the base of the wick was almost as
hot. Jessie screamed in pain as her sensitive clit was
seared by the wax, her mouth opening wide. With perfect
timing my cum spurted out in a creamy jet, spraying into
Jessie's waiting mouth. Grabbing her head with both hands I
f***ed her to endure the agony of her singed clit while I
plunged my throbbing organ back into the depths of her
throat. Pulling back slightly, I milked the last few drops
of sperm onto her lips and face. Sobbing in pain, Jessie
managed to lick my cock clean and to give it a final kiss
before I pulled away. I hopped across to the camera and
zoomed in on her clit, filling the screen with the sight of
her sore and reddened bud as I faded the image to

'Done!' I cried, reaching for the ice bucket. I soaked the
hand towel with the icy water that filled the container and
gently pressed it over Jessie's pussy. Wiping a drop of cum
from the tip of her nose, I gently kissed her lips.

'You were fantastic' I said.

'I know' replied Jessie w
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