A Slave's Diary – Part 9

Susan was shaking with fury. She wasn't used to having her orders
disobeyed, and the sight of me and Margo lying entwined nude on my bed
enraged her. She came at us with a ferocity that shocked and frightened
me. I was physically bigger and stronger than she was, but the anger
and adrenaline gave her strength she wouldn't normally have. She pulled
Margo to the floor by the hair, and began slapping her wildly. Her
open-palmed blows fell on Margo's face and neck and tits. The sound of
flesh striking flesh was startlingly loud in the confined bedroom. I
should have gone to her aid, but I was intimidated. I huddled on the
bed, with the sheets clutched to my chin, and watched in wild-eyed
horror as Susan vented her rage. Susan's behavior recalled Mary Ellen's
irrational rages. Suddenly, I was no longer a grown woman of thirty. I
was once again the frightened, insecure c***d I'd been at thirteen.
Margo screamed, and tried to ward off Susan, but it was no use. Susan
wouldn't be denied. I thought Susan would tire, but her energy seemed
inexhaustible. After she'd reduced Margo to a cowering, sniveling
shell, she came after me. I scooted across the bed, and tried to flee
the bedroom, but she was as quick as a striking snake. She caught me by
my hair, and brought me up short. I tried to turn around, but she
pulled me to the ground, and straddled my chest before I realized what
was happening. Her muscular thighs dug into my ribs while her hands
slapped my face. I was crying like a little girl, and had stopped
resisting. I was guilty of disobedience, and some secret part of my
heart acknowledged that, and told me to accept my punishment.
After a while, Susan's fury abated. She released me, and got to her
feet. Lydia had returned, and was standing in the doorway, watching.
There was a sardonic smile on her face, and in that instant, I hated
her. She'd taken a moment of incredible beauty and gentleness, and
turned it into an object of shame and remorse. In the short time that
I'd known her, I'd come to realize that Lydia could be hard and cruel,
but I never thought she'd turn that cruelty upon me. I now knew better.
Susan's hair and clothing were dishelved. Breathing hard through her
mouth, she straightened herself as best she could. Margo and I were
still huddled on the floor. I was filled with remorse. Susan had
accepted me into her life, and I'd betrayed her trust by disobeying her.
I wanted to make amends, but knew that it was too soon to make an
overture. "Lydia, take them to the dungeon," Susan said. "I'll be along
I had no idea what Susan meant, but both Lydia and Margo did. Lydia's
smile widened, and Margo gave a gasp of shock.
Lydia herded us through the house, and out the back door. Behind the
house stood an unattached garage. I'd seen it before, but hadn't taken
much notice of it. Provincetown is small, geographically, and Susan
walked everywhere she wanted to go. I assumed she housed a car in the
garage, but I'd not taken the time to look. The moment Lydia led us
through the door, I saw that my assumption was mistaken. I also
discovered why Susan referred to it as the dungeon.
The entire interior had been made over so that it could serve as a
bondage and discipline training center. Benches and racks and stockades
were s**ttered about. There were devices I'd never seen before, and
some whose use I couldn't begin to guess at.
Lydia took Margo over to a device that resembled a squat rack. It was
about seven or eight feet tall, and about three feet across. Along the
length of both vertical beams were steel hooks.
Margo seemed to know what to do. I could see that she was afraid, but
she dutifully positioned herself within the frame's structure, and
waited while Lydia got wrist and ankle restraints from a box near the
door. Lydia put the cuffs on Margo, and used lengths of short, stout
chain to attach her wrists and ankles to the hooks in the supporting
beams. When she was done, Margo was secured with her legs spread, and
her hands upraised, as though in supplication.
Lydia took a length of thin white rope, and bound Margo's breasts. It
was a more complicated binding than I'd seen before, with the rope
winding around her throat. Margo was crying silently. The tears
splashed down on her out-thrust breasts. Her lower lips quivered.
When Margo was completely secured, Lydia turned to me. She took me
over to a straight-baked wooden chair that had a hole carved in the
seat. I was made to sit while Lydia tied my legs to the chair legs, and
bound my hands behind me. She fit a ball gag into my mouth, and secured
it with the Velcro fasteners. It was made of hard rubber, and stretched
my jaw uncomfortably. I found that I couldn't stop myself from
drooling, and soon, my lower face, and upper chest were slick with spit.
Satisfied that we were both ready, Lydia left the garage, leaving us
Susan was a master psychologist. She kept us waiting, knowing that
our imaginations would be working overtime. I kept looking at Margo,
but she avoided my eyes. She was more terrified than I'd ever seen her.
Her limbs trembled violently in her shackles. Her breasts turned pink,
then mauve, and then finally red as the ropes around her tits cut into
the bl**d flow. They were swollen, and when she moved, they bounced and
jiggled like water balloons about to burst from the pressure of too much
water. By the time Susan entered the garage, we were both on
Susan wore a black mask that covered the upper portion of her face.
Around her neck, she wore a satin choker with a cameo at its center.
Her breasts were bare, and she'd inserted a large gold ring through her
left nipple. Below that was a tightly-cinched black corset trimmed with
red. Garters held up black mesh stockings. Spike-heeled shoes covered
her feet. Lydia, who trailed in her wake, wore a similar outfit. Both
women carried whips.
Susan walked languidly up to Margo, and fondled her breast. Margo
shuddered at the touch. A low moan escaped her lips.
"Was it your idea?" Susan asked.
They both knew what she meant. Had it been her idea to make love to
me? I wanted to say that the idea had been mutual, but I couldn't talk.
All I could do was make incoherent sounds in my throat and mouth. Lydia
glanced over, but Susan ignored me.
"Yes," Margo admitted. Her voice quavered on the word.
"I thought so." She turned to look at me. "These are what Margo is
most proud of," she said, reaching out to touch her breasts again. Her
fingers lazily trailed across the upper curvature of Margo's tit, then
dipped, and captured the ring that penetrated the nipple. She tugged at
it, watching Margo's pain-filled reaction. "When she first came to me,
she was ashamed of them. She walked hunched over, like she was trying
to hide them. She wore baggy clothing, and she even tried binding them
to keep them hidden. Such a waste."
Susan walked slowly up and down in front of Margo. I watched her
buttocks undulate with the motion of her hips. She wasn't as full-
figured as either Lydia or Margo, but she managed to project a
sensuality neither of them could match. Sex oozed from every pore of
her body, and underlying it all was a sense of danger so palpable, you
could almost touch it. The mask she wore only added to the aura. I was
affected by it, and so was Margo. She was shaking like a leaf in the
wind, and her chest rose and fell with the intensity of her breathing.
"I taught her how to take pride in her body," Susan continued. "But
it was on my terms. Never hers. Margo had trouble with that at first,
but she learned." Susan paused, and then said softly, "Or so I
"I'm sorry, Mistress," Margo said. She was crying brokenly now, and
made no attempt to stop her weeping. "I'm sorry, Mistress."
"Sorry doesn't cut it," Susan said, in a voice that was cold as ice.
"You know my rules."
Margo's head fell forward, then snapped abruptly up. The rope around
her neck cut into her windpipe, forcing her to hold herself erect. I
saw now the genius of Lydia's binding. Not only did it f***e Margo to
look at Susan, but it f***ed her to arch her back so that her breasts
were displayed as though on a shelf. They were naked and defenseless
against whatever punishment Susan decided to administer.
"Are you ready?"
Margo, choking, nodded her head slowly. I wondered why she didn't ask
Susan to stop, and then remembered the cardinal rule. If she asked
Susan to stop, her life as a slave would come to an end. For Margo, it
was worth suffering any indignity to continue in the lifestyle she'd
willingly chosen.
Susan and Lydia worked in tandem. It was obvious they'd done this
before, so practiced was their beating. In the confines of the garage,
the sound of the whips rising and falling, and Margo's cries of pain and
humiliation echoed hollowly. It was a scene I was destined to never
Susan worked methodically. She whipped Margo's breasts with a slow,
deliberate motion designed to prolong the agony. She used a modified
cat o'nine tails. Each tendril of the whip ended in a knot that left a
pea-sized welt on Margo's skin. It cut through the air with a sound
like fabric being torn in two, and ended with a sharp, smacking report.
Margo tried to suppress her screams, but it was humanly impossible. She
cried at the top of her lungs, and shook and danced in the confines of
her bounds while she tried, futilely, to dodge Susan's uncannily
accurate blows.
Simultaneously, Lydia whipped Margo's back and buttocks. She worked
less methodically than Susan did, but it was still in perfect
counterpoint to her partner. Each lash across Margo's back caused her
to lunge forward at precisely the moment that Susan applied the whip to
her breasts. The blows to her chest caused her to cringe backward,
right into the path of Lydia's subsequent lashing. So it went, with
Lydia and Susan whipping, and Margo caught between them like a helpless
fly caught in a spider's web.
It seemed to me at the time that the whipping lasted forever, but it
couldn't have been more than five minutes in duration. After twenty
lashes, Susan signaled a stop. Margo hung limply from her restraints.
She tried to keep her head up, but the exertion was too much for her.
With a sigh, she let her head slump forward. Lydia came up to her from
behind, and cut the rope around her neck with a knife she'd secreted in
the bosom of her corset. Margo drew breath in through her mouth with a
harsh and ragged sound.
Susan unlocked the ankle restraints first, and then released the wrist
cuffs. Margo crumpled to the ground without a sound. She lay curled in
a fetal ball, her hands grasping her red and tortured tits. Her butt
was as red as a cooked beet. She trembled and shook and cried
"Take her inside," Susan said to Lydia.
I was surprised at how easily Lydia picked Margo up from the floor.
She was stronger than she looked. Cradling Margo in her arms like a
sl**ping c***d, Lydia left the garage.
When she had gone, Susan came over to stand in front of the chair
where I was bound. She tapped the handle of the cat o'nine tails
against her opened palm. Behind the mask, her eyes were dark and
"Now then," she said. "It's your turn."

End of Part Nine
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