Public Whipping

In my mind I go to places that may seem quite unwelcoming and harsh there to be subjected to degrading and painful treatment. Why on earth would you like to experience that? I know this is not problematic for most people but it is for me and one reason for me to blog is to share with others some of those fantasies that are exciting and interesting for me but seem strange and maybe even horrible at the same time.

A setting for fantasies is a town square in a medieval town. The square is lined with tall buildings and covered in cobble stones. There is a market going on and the space is full of people going about their business or waiting for the entertainment. At one end of the square there is a scaffold and this will be the scene for the ensuing entertainment. That is the place where the women of the town are punished in public. Depending on the punishment of the day different horrible devices may be found on top of it. This day there will be a whipping so the platform will have a sturdy pole standing in the middle.

Of course I am part of the entertainment, you could even say that I am the main character, at least one of the main characters. I am to be punished this day and people have gathered on the square to see me being whipped. They are in a great mood.

I was ushered towards the platform by two armed guard. It must have look strange with these two men pushing a tiny figure towards her punishment. My knees were weak and my body was trembling. The crowd shouted and cheered and welcomed me, although they were not there to show me any mercy. They were there to see me punished, to see me suffer.

I was pushed onto the the creaking stairs and soon I could be seen by the multitude of people who were there for the entertainment. They could see me ascend the platform, walking towards my punishment. I was clad only in a thin, partly torn, dress that fell off my shoulder. My hands were tied behind my back so I could do nothing to adjust my simple clothing. I felt exposed as I entered the platform.

What I saw there made me want to turn around and flee, to escape what awaited me there. There was no escape for me, however, the guards held me and I could not but walk towards my doom.

In the middle of the platform there was a sturdy wooden pole fastened in the floor. An iron ring and some rope made the device complete. What caught my eyes was not the pole but the man standing beside it. He was gigantic. He was the most powerful man I had ever laid my eyes on. He was muscular and taller than the guards that held me. I must have looked like a c***d at his side.

He was dressed in black boots and red trousers. He had a black mask covering his face and his upper body was exposed. His muscular body glistened in the sun Around his hips hung a broad leather belt and in that belt he had put his tool of trade, the whip.

I stared at the whip, I stared at the man. My gaze was transfixed at his body, his muscles, his strength and the vicious whip that hung by his side. He was a man that could make any girl weak in her knees but the thought of that man using his strength to punish me made my head swirl and I almost fainted. I was held upright by the guards and they had to almost drag me towards the menacing looking pole and the gigantic man.

'Welcome my lady,' the masked man said politely but with an evil smile on his face. I was standing between the guards, shivering, unaware of anything but the man standing in front of me.
'Greet your lover!' he said and made a gesture towards the pole, 'you are soon about to embrace him.'
I felt the bl**d disappear from my face at that. Fear grew in me and I almost began to beg him to spare me. I knew it would be to no avail but fear makes people weak and I was weak.

'Prepare her!' the man said sharply turning to my guards.
The guards took hold of my thin dress and with one powerful movement ripped it open. They smiled at me and looked content as they brutally stripped me. They tore my dress from my body, down from my shoulders and I had to take a step to the side not to fall over. Soon my upper body was free and the crowd cheered as they could see my small breast shivering in their new and unwelcome freedom. Soon the guards ripped the rest of my dress from my hips and after some tearing and ripping I was completely naked.

The guards looked at me with lust in their eyes and one of them roughly and eagerly fondled my breasts as he stripped me. The crowd was in uproar, laughing and cheering them on. The gigantic man turned towards me.

'That's better, my lady,' he said, 'now you are ready for me.'
He stared at my body and I could do nothing to protect me, my hands being tied behind me. Everyone could see me. I was given no mercy. I was naked and exposed and everyone on the square could see me.

The masked man made a gesture and the guards pushed me towards the pole. Brutally and ruthlessly they pushed my body against the rough surface of the wooden pole. They held me in place, pressing my breasts and belly against the pole while they untied my hands and pulled them forward. The man with he whip took hold of my hands and tied a rope around them binding them together. When he was satisfied the guards let me go. I could not move far since my arms now almost embraced the pole and I was tied to it, facing it.

The rope around my bound hands ran through the iron ring at the top of the pole and soon the masked man pulled my hands upwards forcing my body against the pole once more. He pulled and pulled and I had to stretch my body and stand on my toes but he kept on pulling at the rope. Soon I was almost hanging from my hands, my belly pressed to the pole, the soft skin on my breasts rubbing against its rough surface.

Now I was ready for my punishment. Now I was ready to receive the whip. I tried to look over my shoulder at the masked man as he walked round me. I saw him move to the edge of the platform bowing to the audience. He made a show of this. I saw him take out his whip and holding it above his head. Fear overcame me and I had to close my eyes. I heard the roar from the crowd.

Suddenly they fell silent. I sensed that the man was standing close to me. My heart stopped beating. It was time.

I heard the menacing sound of the whip sweeping through the air. It was followed by a sharp, resounding and evil sound. It was the sound of its leather against my soft skin. Then came the pain. It felt like someone pressed a hot iron bar against my body. Words cannot describe the excruciating pain that my body had to suffer.

I held my breath, tensed my body. The first lash had hit me across my buttocks. The second followed immediately after, this time a little lower, on my thighs, almost. I felt how I lifted my feet and hung in my bonds. The crowd roared at that and laughed without mercy. I was, really, a spectacle to watch and they enjoyed it mercilessly.

The gigantic man proceeded to lash my body without mercy and I lost track of everything. The only thing that existed was his whip and the unbearable, excruciating pain that it caused. I almost fainted and my head was dizzy.

The whip wrapped around my body stinging my soft belly and my poor bosom at times. The man was ruthless and whipped me with vigour. I had to endure, I had to go trough it. There was no escape for me. I was only a naked and bound girl being punished at the square.

I didn't notice that he had stopped. It took me some time to realise that he had stopped whipping me. I was exhausted, hanging from my bound hands, my body on fire, my breasts and belly and thighs scratched from their contact with the pole.

My ordeal was over. I had been punished.
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2 years ago
Hmmm... I have a fantasy about being whipped in public!
3 years ago
4 years ago
interesting to tell it like it was even into the 20th century in some places
4 years ago
very nice... If more women were punished this way then less of them would get out of line..