Sammy pulled back violently, breaking Ken’s hold on her chain.
“No, stop it!” she wept, struggling to get to her feet, her once-proud face a mask of terror and fury. “You bastards, leave me alone!”
Ken grinned as he swung himself off the sofa. Almost effortlessly he took the chain and yanked Sammy back to the floor.
“You’ll pay for that, you little shit!”
“No, leave me!” Sammy shrieked. She clutched her hand to her face, trying to claw his cum off it. She didn’t get the chance. Ken was across the floor and had her arms behind her back instantly.
“Come on,” he said to Amanda, holding Sammy on her knees, one arm holding her wrists at the small of her back, the other holding her blonde hair.
Amanda moaned. The vibrator still churned away in her pussy. “Please, can I take this out?”
“No,” said Jack and casually lashed the cane across Amanda’s heaving nipples.
She wept, clutching her tits as she turned and crawled across the floor to her s****r, who was held in Ken’s merciless grip.
“Lick her clean,” Ken said. His cock thrust at Sammy between her shoulder blades, and she could feel that he was already getting hard again.
White and trembling, Amanda looked deep into her s****r’s eyes. She could see the fear surging there, but there was nothing she could do. Any refusal and she would be whipped again. Amanda flicked her tongue out and licked a glob of white jism from Sammy’s cheek. Sammy gasped and her chest heaved at the touch.
“Go on!” Ken twisted Sammy’s arms harder and she moaned and her head dropped forward.
Amanda licked up more of the cum, taking the long strings of it from her s****r’s face and mouth. The salty taste now seemed familiar, almost welcome, and the thick gobs ran easily over her tongue and down her throat.
“Now kiss each other!”
Sammy burst into tears and struggled again. “Don’t! Don’t!”
“Shit!” snarled Ken, “I’ve had it with this little whore. You, get the cum off her tits. And bring me some rope, Jack, will ya?”
Jack opened one of the drawers in the large wardrobe. He took out a long length of rope and came back.
Amanda gasped as she looked down and saw that a lot of Ken’s cum had fallen across Sammy’s tits. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she knew that the whip would beat her for any refusal, so she bent even farther and licked at the drops running slowly down the smooth curve of her s****r’s tit-mounds.
“Oh stop it, stop it!” Sammy groaned in horror as she saw her younger s****r licking at her soft, inflamed tit-flesh.
Amanda closed her eyes and licked at the white sperm, getting closer to Sammy’s nipples as she went.
“All of it!” said Ken.
Then Jack wound the rope around Sammy’s arms, pulling it in until her elbows touched behind her back and she wept with pain. This thrust her tits out until they presented the most perfect target for Jack and Ken.
“Now suck her nipples,” Ken ordered.
He gave Sammy to Jack, and went back to survey the rows of whips.
Sammy shook from head to toe as her s****r sucked on her stretched nipples. The swirling of her s****r’s tongue sent shudders of fear and awful lust through the kneeling woman. She moaned and struggled, but Jack held her tightly.
“Now lick lower,” Jack said. “You’ve cleaned her tits.”
Tears poured out of Amanda’s eyes as she slowly licked across Sammy’s fiat stomach. Some cum had landed there, and she licked it up.
Sammy’s body heaved as she gasped, weeping with terrible frustration and rage. Her legs trembled, her knees almost bouncing on the carpet as she tried to hide her desperate arousal.
Jack’s cock got harder by the second. “Now lick lower!”
Amanda sobbed. She knew what was coming, and a terrible lust grew in her. Her pussy dampened and rolled around the vibrator as her muscles clutched and heaved at it. Amanda had always had a deep, hidden, desperate desire to kiss and suck her s****r’s tits and pussy. Now she was ordered to, and she choked and gasped.
Slowly her mouth slid down the soft skin of Sammy’s belly, on and on, until she touched the top of Sammy’s furry pussy-mound. There she paused, moaning, waiting for the order that would take away any lingering doubt as to what she had to do.
“Lie on your back,” Ken said.
He stood by the s****rs, another whip in his hand. It was actually the thinnest birch they had been able to find. It trembled in his hands.
Amanda found herself on her back, looking up at Sammy’s pussy, and the two men beside her.
“Open your legs, Amanda, and play with yourself,” Ken said.
Amanda found it was very hard to disguise her lust as she obediently slid her knees apart and ran her hands aver the smooth flesh or her thighs. She still had her stockings on, and she ran her fingers over the wet crack of her cunt and deeper, onto her clit. She gasped and bit her lip as desire pulsed through her.
“Don’t make yourself come,” Ken warned, “if you come without permission, you’ll get whipped.”
Amanda moaned. She slowed the speed of her fingers, trying to keep the level of pleasure down.
“Now, bitch,” said Ken to Sammy. “I’ve had it. You’ve asked far everything you’ve got, and I’m about to up the ante. I’m gonna whip the shit outa you until I get what I want. Hold her, Jack.”
“No!” Sammy shrieked, but the thin cane swung back and cracked across her thrusting tits.
The terrible sound echoed from the walls of the dungeon as Sammy heaved and arched her back at the eruption of pain from her nipples. The whip lashed, and her flesh jiggled as it beat a thin red line across her heaving tit-mounds.
“Open your legs, your s****r is going to suck you off!” ordered Ken.
“No, don’t, I won’t I — aaaggghhh!” Sammy screamed as her body contorted again under the dreadful power of the whip.
The thin wood bounced off her tits, leaving another tight line of pain behind. Sammy sobbed and pushed back at Jack as it swished in again, but she couldn’t get away. Once more, her tits erupted in agony and her helpless scream rang round the room.
“Open your legs, whore!” said Ken, flicking the whip over her heaving tit-jugs, his cock hard again as the woman twisted and writhed in agony. “You deserve this, cunt, and don’t forget it! I’m gonna get you for every man you tortured!”
“They were fucking wimps!” Sammy shrieked as the whip landed again. Her tits were crimson with pain and her breath heaved as Jack bent her head even farther back and laughed at her.
“I bet they were.” He grinned. “You didn’t want to risk it with real men, did you?”
Sammy sobbed, then screamed again as the whip cut across her nipples, bouncing her tits over her chest. She found it hard to see now as tears filled her eyes, but she could make out the cane ant swung up and across her chest, exploding more unbearable agony through her.
“Open your fuckin’ legs!” Jack roared. He bent down and picked up his whip from the floor, and Sammy almost fainted in desperation. Still holding Sammy by the hair, Jack stepped to one side and lined the whip up on her ass.
“Ohhhh, do as they say!” Amanda pleaded. She moaned as the rising passion of her fingers over her wet pussy-flesh threatened to send her into a helpless climax.
Sammy screeched in utter agony as Jack whipped her across her ass. Ken lashed her tits and her body contorted as she tried with to escape the terrible beatings.
Jack f***ed her higher so that he could get a better shot at her ass.
“Open your legs, whore!” Jack snarled. “If you don’t do it in a moment, I’m gonna string you up so I can get a real shot in at you!”
Sammy screamed as the two whips beat her exposed flesh. She panted and heaved. She was utterly disgusted that this pain, inflicted by men she despised, should make her come with more power than anything she had got from humiliating them. She screamed, her body contorting as the thin canes lashed her to a frenzy of uninhibited passion.
“Open!” Jack roared and, suddenly unaware of what she was doing, Sammy’s knees slid apart a little on the carpet.
“Farther!” Jack shouted, and screaming and sobbing, Sammy let her legs open wider and wider until they were spread enough for Amanda to get between them.
“Now crawl forward, over Amanda’s face!” Jack yelled, giving Sammy a last lash of the whip.
He head spinning, her mind a crawling mass of conflicting desires, Sammy wriggled forward until her pussy was right over Amanda’s face. She bucked and heaved as Ken lashed her tits, and then both the girls heard the command they knew was coming.
“Down!” ordered Ken. “Open until she can suck you!”
Sammy couldn’t even scream. Sobbing and weeping, she felt the first touch of Amanda’s lips on her pussy. The cane lashed across her tits, forcing another helpless scream from her. Slowly, she spread her legs farther, and felt Amanda’s warm mouth sucking her hot pussy. The terrible climaxes surged up in her until she shook and gasped, trying to stop them.
“Suck her good, bitch!” Ken whipped Sammy’s tits, watching them bounce up and down to the slashing drive of the thin cane. His cock stuck out, hard and ready. He stroked it slowly as he watched them.
Amanda felt Sammy giving in to the surging lust crashing over her. Sammy’s legs opened wider and her hot pussy slid over Amanda’s mouth, spuming and jerking with lust. Neither of them wanted to admit what was happening. Amanda felt the flood of Sammy’s pussy-juices running down into her mouth and knew that all the repression’s were breaking down in both of them.
Amanda groaned and her legs stretched apart as her lingers f***ed the vibrator deeper into her wet pussy, ramming the huge imitation cock into her guts.
For Sammy, the twin pressures of Amanda’s mouth on her cunt and the whip on her tits were driving her totally out of her mind. All her pent up emotion was spilling helplessly out of her as the pain and deep sensual sucking combined to drive her into a climbing series of orgasms.
“Go on, you cunts!” roared Ken. “Go on, bring her off! Come, you bitches, then we can really have some fun!”
His hand swept up and slashed the whip across Sammy’s tits, leaving another line of agony in the crimson mass of pulped flesh. Sammy didn’t care any longer. Her mouth opened and her guttural screams of release beat out across the room.
“Aaaaggg, ohhh, fuuuckkkk!” she screamed, “Oohhhh, fuuuuckkk, fuucckkk!”
Her tits heaved up to meet the whip, and her legs spasmed as they rammed down on Amanda’s face.
Jack pulled her hair back, leaned down and kissed the helplessly climaxing woman.
It was a shock to both of them. For a split second, Sammy thought she would vomit at the feel of a man’s mouth on hers. Then all the disgust exploded into raging lust. Her groan, as she kissed Jack, almost made him shoot cum over her tits again, it was so depraved. He held her there, letting her frantic little tongue flick out, trying to get deep into his mouth.
On and on, Sammy climaxed, heaving and screaming at the terrible explosions of lust ripping her body apart.
“Fuck!” yelled Jack. “I can’t let this go!”
He swung one leg over Sammy’s shoulder. His huge cock stood out, inches from her mouth. Ken held the whip for a few seconds as Jack grabbed Sammy’s hair in both hands and rammed his cock into her mouth.
“Uuurrrrgggg!” Sammy screamed as his prick rammed between her teeth.
The feel of the huge, male cock made the bile rise in her throat and almost choke her.
Then, once again, Jack raised the pressure on her. He moved forward, thrusting Sammy’s head back and down until her tits were thrust up, clear of his legs, and Ken could get the whip on them again.
The thin cutting edge of the cane lashed across Sammy’s nipples and her body heaved as her mouth opened wide and Jack rammed his cock into her throat. Amanda’s mouth on her cunt, the whip on her tits and Jack’s huge cock ramming into her throat, were just one great male fuck-weapon ramming into her, forcing, r****g her with the terrible demands of men. And to her eternal shame and disgust, it made her orgasms deeper and even more explosive.
As she felt her s****r thrashing and heaving in undisguised lust above her, Amanda went into her own terrible series of climaxes. Her fingers blurred over her clit as shudders ran right over her body, driving deep into her guts. Desperately she rammed the vibrator into her cunt, feeling the hard humming cock drive more and more spasms of lust out of her heaving pussy-walls. Her moans of desire were muffled in the wet hot flesh of her s****r’s cunt, while her legs spread wider and wider as she tried to ram a finger up her cunt, alongside the great heaving vibrator.
“Shit!” yelled Jack as he fucked his cock deeper and harder into Sammy’s mouth. “Don’t stop whipping her, Ken, she needs it!”
He bent further, forcing Sammy’s face down, ramming his cock in until her throat muscles opened wide enough to take him all. Then he pulled his cock right out.
“Aaaaaghhhhh!” Sammy screamed.
She gasped as the whip cut into her tits. Holding her hair, Jack turned himself so that he could f***e his cock in from above her head and thereby watch the whip cutting into her helpless tits. It also improved the angle for him, and his cock rammed right back into Sammy’s throat, sliding deeper than it had ever gone before.
Sammy moaned and screamed as her helpless lust burst over her in still-growing waves, and there was nothing she could do to stop the f***e of the cock diving deeper into her mouth. She twisted, and her tits heaved as the whip beat into them. Her thighs trembled as gushes of her pussy-juices rolled down over Amanda’s chin and into her mouth. The s****rs were climaxing in deep screaming heaves, and the two men watched and took in the growing surrender.
“Ohhhh, shit, I’m gonna shoot!” yelled Jack. “Suck, bitch, it’s your first cum!”
His cock pistoned in and out of Sammy’s mouth as he held her hair and f***ed his cock deeper and harder into her mouth.
Below Sammy, Amanda gave a great heave and screamed as she fell back to the floor, working her pussy over as she came down from the terrible explosion of her climax. She kept her tongue working on Sammy’s clit as her s****r climbed the last peak and shattered into her own final waves of orgasm.
The jets of Jack’s cum burst into Sammy’s mouth. As the huge gushes of jism fined her cheeks, Ken whipped her tits to the heave of the massive releases of Jack’s fuck-cream.
“Yeahhhhh!” Jack roared. “Take it all down, bitch! That’s what you really want, isn’t it?”
His cock poured out thick creamy cum until Sammy gagged, and gobs of it escaped from her lips and ran over her face.
“Oh shit! Shit! Shit!” Jack gasped as his spurting fuckrod filled Sammy’s mouth, and he pulled back a bit to watch his jerking piss-slit shoot more of it over the heaving blonde’s luscious lips.
Ken lashed her tits harder and faster until she screamed and collapsed back against Jack, her mouth still licking at the cum now dripping and oozing from his cock. Jack held her until his cock was finished, and then he let her down to the floor, turning her onto her stomach and untying the ropes. Sammy lay panting and sobbing, her world in shreds.
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