Mediaeval Justice.

The count looked at the beautiful young girl that sat opposite of him at the

well loaded table. He smiled to the girl, trying to be as nice to her as

possible under the given situation.

He had some mixed feelings about this and tried to explain his point of


"It is just bad luck for you, dear", he argued, "but there is a law to


"But that law is inhuman", the girl protested. Her name was Ruby and she was

only s*******n years old. She was so scared, that her voice quivered. But

she realized that her only chance was to behave as normally as she could.

Even in this horrid situation. She had to keep her wits together.

"May be so. By the way, I already did abandon this law", the count shrugged,

"but at the time of your offence it still was a law. So it has to be

enf***ed. Even if I had quite forgot-ten about it. It was all about my

little handicapped daughter, Mary. The other c***dren dared to tease her. So

that's why I put my foot down and promised a severe an painful death

penal-ty to anybody who would say or do anything that would harm my little

girl. And it worked. The rule was properly written down as an official law

and deposi-ted. It was confirmed with my signature. It put an end to the

problem directly. And my little girl was happy again".

"But nobody was ever executed because of that law. And no one knew about it

any more. Why me....", the girl wined

"Well as I said, just bad luck", the count said shifting in his seat. Ruby

was a very attractive peasant girl, a servant at the palace now for almost a

year. With her fair complexion, her smooth skin and her thick waving blond

hair. Her large blue eyes were now filled with tears.

Part of the the count did really pity her. That's why he invited her. He

would try to explain things to her, try to convince her, that he had no

other way. And also, as a sort of apology, treat her to a nice meal.....

"Vaughn is the one who caught you, teasing Mary. He knew about this law and

he demands that justice is done. You know how straightforward he is. As he

demands it, and there is a law by which even I have to abide, I can't do

anything else but condemn you to the registered punishment, which happens to

be a slow and painfull death by public execution, however sorry I am.....",

he explained.

"But this is not some sort of a mild punishment, sire, this is a torture and

death sentence. It means the end of my life. Death for an attractive young

girl, like me. Sure you will reconsider, sire, please".

"I am so sorry, dear, but it has been written all down. Even I can't change

that now", the count said concerned.

"Do you realize, sire, that maybe the executioner will strip me stark naked

on the scaffold, so that everbody can see my breasts and my buttocks.....",

the girl sobbed.

The count had realized that. He shrugged his shoulders.

"That man could hardly give you your proper punishment if you were not

naked, dear. All victims are always naked on the scaffold. Man or

woman.....", he answered lightly.

The girl sat with her hands in front of her face. Her shoul-ders shook in


"But stop crying, my dear. There is still some time. Look what they have

prepared for you. Isn't this delicious".

"It is, sire, it is, and I am gratefull for your kindness", looking up and

she even tried to smile, "It is only difficult for me to eat since my throat

is lumpy because of fear. I can only think of that horrible moment that I

have to go to the scaffold and that the hangman will torture me...."

"Of course, my little girl, I understand that. But nothing is going to

change that. That's what's going to happen. I can't help it. The only thing

I can and will do, is please you to this treat and be nice to you now. The

king serving the maid, but tomorrow will definitly be your last day...".

"Then at least", the girl begged, "Let them kill me quickly. Let the

humiliating and the torturing be".

"Well dear, I am so sorry for you, but it is impossible. It has been noted

in the law, that the punishment rule is specific about this way of

execution. Otherwise you could have been strangled or hanged or any other

painless way to die, but the culprit's death must be a slow, painfull and

humiliating spectacle".

"Even if that means that my intimate parts must be exposed in public,

sire...", she begged.

"How else could it be done, my dear. Your young and beautiful body will

bound and spread. Vulnerable and naked of course. High on the scaffold, for

everybody to see. I am sure the executioner will spread your legs wide


"But you will forbid him to touch my sexual parts", she protested, pressing

her delicate hands in her lap, "that would be so indecent.....".

"Why no, certainly not, my dear", the count applogized, "You are very

sensitive there. Your delicate parts will be his aim. We all know his

specialities. He is an expert on girls. Certainly their sensitive parts.

That's were he can apply his irons and whips. On your soft belly, your

breasts and all the other delicate female parts. That is were it will hurt

the most and that is his assignment. Because that is to be your punishment.

To be hurt and killed, to make you scream in agony, before you die. I am

sorry for you, but torturing your female parts is very effective. I always

give the executioner a free hand, to treat those delicate parts specially,

inside and outside...".

"But the pain and the humliation.....", she protested.

"Well, that's just the point. Is not your love button the most sensitive

part of your body. So let him torture you there. Your labia are very

delicate. How will a burning iron make you scream. Your vagina is an opening

to your sensitive belly. An real invitation for torture, dear. If the

hangman must torture you, as is his assignment, I can't forbid him to use

your sensitive spots. I would contradict myself, wouldn't I.....?".

"It is so inhuman. Look at me, sire, my beauty, even you must see it, please

reconsider, I ought to be protected. Not is so indecent.....".

"Well, sorry dear, but it is seen as an essential part in the proceedings.

People will look up to you and realize that neither womanhood, youth or

beauty can influence my feeling for justice So they are warned".

The count looked very serious. He did not really hate this beautiful

creature, but did not really mind her fate. And certainly he knew that

Vaughn, who was just waiting to find him at fault would not forgive him.

That awfull man might even trie to raise a revolt against him, just showing

how the count did not even abide with his own laws. Of course he was a

little bit sorry for the girl, but on the other hand he was secretly a bit

curious over the spectacle that the execution of this beauty would be.

Executions always were quite a spectacle, a break in monotonous daily live

and in this case.... In general he loved executions....

It would of course mean the death of the girl, but she certainly could be

missed since a score of other peasant girls would love to take her place at

the castle.

Light filtered in througd the high leadpaned windows. A ray of red just

touching her blond hairs. A drama it was, that was for sure.....

She tried to eat a few things from the overloaded table. She looked out of

the window and than asked for the last time...

"Sire, I beg you", Ruby looked pleadingly at him, "Why can't you show mercy

on me. I am only s*******n years old. I am so young. I want to live...".

"Of course dear, I understand, but there is a problem. You were quite nasty

to Mary and you made her cry. Vaughn happened to hear that. He was really

upset seeing what you had done to my girl, so he says. And then he

remembered the law. I know it is silly now, but still. What would justice be

if the count himself would not live by the laws he laid down himself. Vaughn

saw it as his duty to turn you in. What can I do.....".

She did not answer. Then she looked up at him and smiled her beautiful


"I will do whatever you want, sire", she said bending her head.

The count swallowed. It was clear that she meant to offer him her body.

"Oh no, dear, that's not what I made you come here for", he protested.

"I don't mind sire", she said, rising up from her seat. She started

unbuttoning her blouse.

"I just don't want to die. When I show you how nice my body is, you will get

other ideas then sending me to a scaffold. I don’t know what will happen on

the scaffold, but I am so scared after what you told me about the hangman. I

can can imagine what he will do to me...... Look at me sire.....".

By now she was stark naked. Her blouse and hem lay behind her and she had

stepped out of her skirts.

Th count didn't know were to look. His eyes darted over her naked body. From

her face to her breasts to the soft blond patch of hair under her belly.

What a fine girl that was. So marvellous a body.

She cupped her firm young breasts in her slim hands and said:

"Surely you would not want all my beauty to be wasted, sire".

"", the count stammered.

"And all this, sire".

She spread her albaster legs and showed him her soft pink genitals. With her

left hand she ran down her belly and spread the firmly closed petals of her

sex apart, introducing him to her most intimate and attractive parts.

The count could not help to get very excited, because he was a healthy


Ruby came over to him and sat on his lap. She noticed the bulge in his

pants. She d****d her slender body against his.

"But, but...", the count protested, but at the same time he put his arm

around her soft curves and carressed her lovely breasts.

"I'll do what you want, sire", she whispered.

"I see", he replied, "but it will not help you. You have to die Ruby.....ah,

ah AAAH".

The young girl pretended not to hear him. She opened his pants and took his

penis in her girly hands.

"Come...", she whispered, "You are such a strong man...".

He sure looked strong. His penis was very stiff. He did not want it, but

she really turned him on. And at the same time he felt guilty. Of course she

would get her hopes up. But he already had ordered her execution. He had no

intention to stop that.

Ruby worked him over. She put her mouth around his dick and licked him. He

groaned for lust. The drama in this spectacle excited him even more.

Ruby straddled his lap, splitting her supple body so that he could enter her

sex. His excitement mounted so sudden that the brush of her clitoris over

his penis made him grab her haunches an he pulled her violently down.

Deeply he pushed his male organ into her, spearing the girl like a pig on

the grill. She shouted in sudden pain, becaused she been a virgin maiden.

Her ruptured hymnen was pain as hell, but she did not care. She was sure

that he would not have her executed after this. He humped her up and down,

not able to control himself, feeling his lust quickly rising to a peak....

He raged as a bull when he came, inside the unlucky little girl...

Spent she slipped to the floor. She looked up at him. The sun playing over

her her blond hairs and her lively face open and beautiful.....

"Please.....", she was so lovely.

The count tried to regain his breath. Panting with his eyes closed. Then he

shook his head.....

"No way, dear, you will have to die......".

The girl collasped on the floor. The count looked down on her vulnerable

naked body. In her misery she asumed a foetal pose, her knees al the way up

her chin. Then could not help seeing her perfect round buttocks, between

which her girlisch sexlips gleamed soft and still wet from his come.

He tried to get her up and social again, but she would not move. So he left

the room.

After some time she got up got dressed again and sat down on the floor in a

corner of the room. There the guards found her and brought her back to her


The execution took place at the marketplace on the market day and was every

much the spectacle it had promised to be. A big crowd gathered. People were

discussing all over the fate of the unlucky girl. All sort of arguments were

heard. From pure anger over a silly law that long before should have been

lifted to more stern people who shared the view of the count that laws

should be enf***ed, whatever the consequences. Everybody was there to


Ruby was f***ed upon the scaffold by two layman. The executioner was

waiting for her. His upperbody bare en only dressed in shorts, a black hood

over his head. He did not intend to have any pity with the soft and

vulnerable girl since he saw her pure and alone as a culprit that was to

meet her proper punishment.

Ruby had her bare arms bound on her back with rough rope and was dressed

only in a single rough garment made of dark jute.

But not long did she have that last protection. The first thing the hangman

did was rip the garment from her body, leaving her stark naked to the gaze

of the public.

She screamed of hurt indignity, but the crowd cheered. All the people

looked at the perfect globes of her breasts with the dark nipples. Several

pointed al the blond bush under her belly. Ruby cried for shame. The

executioner proceeded with his ghastly duties.

She was bound with her arms above her head and lifted from the scaffold,

dangling about with her feet half a meter of the floor from the gallows


Everybody could now see the white female body in all her feminin detail.

The first hiss of the whip. The terrible scream over the court. Her body

danced about, her legs flying about. She turned around. The whip hit her

back, her front, her belly, breasts and buttocks. Ruby sufferd terrible. The

hangman swayed the whip very skilfully. Never doing her serious bodily harm

yet, but making her suffering almost inendurable. First he aimed for her

bottom, flicking the whip a those moments her round crimson cheeks were in

the best position.

The count sat on a balcony overseeing the spectacle. His feelings were

mixed. On one side he did really pity the girl, but the darker side of him

got secretly aroused.....

Now the executioner went for the soft breasts of the girl, trying to land

the whip on the exact spot of her nipples. Drops of red bl**d showed after

he succeeded to hit both her nipples will all the f***e he had in his


Finally he aimed for her soft white belly, not even sparing her intimate

parts, the crowd cheering when the whip cracked between her legs, touching

her viciously at her most intimate spot. Again and again he flicked the whip

up, preciscely at the moment that her legs were spread and the tip of the

whip landed between the soft lips of the girls sex...

After this cruel and indignant whipping Ruby got a moment of rest, in which

time a charcoal brazier was put on the scaffold.

Several irons where sticking out of the mean little flames.

Ruby was taken down from the gallows only to be bound at woodens bars. Her

arms and legs spread wide, to make her body available for the next torment.

The spectators strechted their necks to glimps at the her intimate parts now

freely to be seen between her wide open thighs.

Ruby's screams reverberated from the facades of the houses around the

marketplace as her tormentor touched her body all over with the glowing hot

irons. Her female body jumped and contorted when the iron burned her skin.

Her armpits, her haunches, her thighs everywhere the hot iron burned his

mark right into her sensitive flesh. She almost had no screams left, but

when the iron came home at her right nipple, burning it completely away, she

screamed up, her bouncing body even moving the wooden bars that held her


The executioner put the last iron back in the flames, wanting it to be

glowing right hot, before he used it on the most sensitive spot of the

female body. While waiting he carressed the body, playing with her sexual

parts, pinching her sexlips and pummeling her clitoris.....

Ruby recollected her wits just enough to realize where this last iron should

go. She started screaming even before she saw the iron, the executioner held

up before her eyes, showing how little red sparks fell from the tip.

Then slowly he lowered it between her wide open legs. The red glow of the

iron illuminated the female lips of her sex. Closer and closer it came,

within only an inch of her lovebutton.

A second the man waited in anticipation then he landed the red hot iron on

her clitoris.

The body of Ruby just flew right up in the air, forming a white tormented

bow on the cross that held her arms and legs. The scream that tore out of

her throat had nothing human anymore........

Wild with pain she tossed up and down, her haunches making a raffle on the

wooden bars. Then the torturer pushed down her hips, opened with his left

thumb and forefinger her labia and then with a great hhoeish sent the

glowing hot steel bar deep in her vagina.....

Ruby hips bounced up and a last cry tore from her throat. This was too much.

Het body went limp and she fainted away.

The excutioner stood back, looking satisfied down at his handwork. Then he

looked at the count and knodded. The count said it was enough. She could put

an end to her now.

In the meantime the two layman had removed the steel bar from Ruby's vagina.

The slapped her cheeks and finally her eyes fluttered to life again. Only to

realise that now she was going to be killed.

She saw it in the eyes of the hangman. She also realised how she was to die.

The word suddenly got through to her and stuck in her mind. She saw a

cleaver in his hand. She was going to be quartered alive.......

She was mounted upside down to the cross. Her two legs up in the air in a

big V. The executioner swung up the axe and brought in down between her

legs, precisely in between her little labia. With a sickening sound her

buttocks parted. The cleaver stuck in the soft part of her belly.

Ruby high pitched screams were weakening now. The axe came down again

splitting the body of the girl in two halves.

The hangman was red with the bl**d of the dying girl. He opened her chest

and ripped out her hart. It was still beating the moment he ripped it out.

He held it up and showed it to the crowd......

Ruby was beyond any human torture. She was dead. Her sentence done. The

executioner split the two halves of her body, hanging the four parts at the

four corners of the scaffold. His work was done.....

The people who had not missed a single moment went home satsisfied. This

was justice done. The count smiled. He still felt a bit sorry for the girl

but he took himself together....

Her execution had amused him.....
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A litle to much violent in the hand, but well writen.
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wow that was cold