Plantation Slave

The beautiful naked blonde hung by her chained wrists from the whipping post on the auction block, her body still bearing the scars of her vicious bullwhipping at the hands of the disciplinarian. She had received 100 lashes with the « special » bullwhip which was only used on incorrigible slaves who dared to try to escape. She was easily identified by the numbers which had been branded deeply into her breasts. « X53 » on the right breast and « 211 » on the left. The intense tropical sun beat down on her naked flesh adding to her agony. The auctioner shouted:

"This slave tried to escape from the plantation of her owner, Madame B. She is to be sold as horseflesh only, orders of Madame B. She has been branded and as you can see she has been tit-ringed and cunt-lip ringed. She is ready to be harnessed to your plows, waterwheels, carts, etc. I will start the bidding at a 1000 dollars."

The bidding went quickly since there were many buyers who would love to own this beauty. Finally X53211 was sold to Madame L, a sadistic lesbian who hated beautiful women such as X53211. The slave was thrown on the back of a horse and taken to the plantation of Madame L. The next morning she was chained to a plow alongside a real pony. The pony was chained to the plow by her leather harness but X53211 was chained by her tit-rings. Both ponies wore steel bits to which their reins were fastened. Reins were also attached to the cuntrings of X53211. This was to encourage her lest she should not keep the pace.

The pace set by the slavedriver was merciless. Again and again the carriage whip fell across the naked flesh of the unfortunate blonde but she could not keep the pace. At noon she collapsed. She was quickly revived and taken to the whipping post where she received 20 lashes with the cat-o-nine-tails. After this punishment she was again chained to the plow and lashed with the carriage whip until the slavedriver was satisfied. Needless to say at sundown when the team was stopped, X53211 was exhausted. But her agony was not over for the day. She still had to satisfy the guards sexually. She was only horseflesh in the eyes of her owner and she would perform as such or face the consequences.

The beautiful naked blonde had been slaving in the fields for one month now. She was used as a horse to plow the fields alongside her pony mate. Her tit rings were always chained to the plow as were as her wrists. Her ankles were chained together with a one meter length of chain. No, this slave would not attempt another escape and if she did she would be easily recognised by the number, X53211, which was deeply branded in her breasts.

The sadistic female guards took great pleasure in driving her at her work never hesitating to slash her back, tits, ass, thighs or legs with the same carriage whip that was used on all horses. There were 10 teams of 2 horses woking the fields but X53211 was the only woman, all the others were actual horses or ponies.

X53211 was kept chained by her tit rings to the wall of her stall at night. This was to allow the guards to use her sexually as they wished. Each morning she was woken with a lash across her body after which she had to kneel and present her tits to the guard for her morning tit lashing of 10 lashes. She was then fed and watered and led to her plow by her cunt ring chains.

Once harnessed, or rather chained, to the plow her true hell began. She was constantly tormented with the carriage whip either by actual lashes or by simply having the tip of the whip brushed against her cunt lips as a threat. If the plow became stuck then her cunt would be whipped with vicious undercuts until the plow was free.

On and on the unfortunate woman plowed alongside her mate but was never able to satisfy the driver with her performance. Almost every evening when the teams stood in front of the overseer as their daily performance was reported the overseer would shout:

"X53211 slowed down her mate, team was 2 rows behind in plowing. 20 lashes with the cat on those tits."

And with those words X53211 would present her tits to the disciplinarian for punishment with the cat-of-nine-tails. Once on an extremely hot day the hair of X53211 was matted against her naked breasts, due to her sweat, covering her brand. The overseer shouted "Where is X53211? Has she escaped again?" X53211 shook her tits violently until at least part of her brand was visible to her torturers. "Well, I see X53211 has come out of hiding. Disciplinarian! Add 10 lashes to her punishment!" There was no mercy for a runaway slave.


X53211 had plowed alongside her mate for four months, the hottest months of the year, although it was always hot in this tropical climate. Her owner, Madame L, enjoyed watching her work in the fields, naked and sweating as she was whipped for the slightest sign of laziness. Often Madame L would ride by with her favorite male servant known as “Prick” since he was endowed with a huge member. Prick was almost totally ignorant and only lusted for sex with females. Madame L would taunt the tortured female by asking the woman slavedriver if she was satisfied with the performance of the slave. Of course the slavedriver would always indicate that X53211 was slow that day and that she had to be whipped more than usual. With this reply Madame L would demand immediate punishment. This punishment was usually a tit-whipping of 20 lashes.

On one occasion Prick started to lick the tits of the slave as she worked which Madame L found quite amusing. He became aroused as was evident by the huge erection he soon held. Madame L ordered the team to be halted so that X53211 could satisfy Prick with her tonque even though she wore a bit in her mouth. But try as she could she was unable to bring him to orgasm. Madame L told the slavedriver to put X53211 on report.

As X53211 stood chained to her plow before the overseer that evening she heard her crime and punishment announced:

"X53211, Failed to meet quota, failed to satisfy Prick. X53211 is to remain in harness and be given 20 lashes on those tits with the horsewhip. After that whipping is completed she is to present her cunt to Prick. X53211, you will entice Prick to enter your cunt and if you do not succeed he will be placed in your stall every night until you do succeed. During the time you will be monitored for your performance and whipped as necessary to make you cooperate with him. Disciplinarian, begin the punishment!"

With that the horsewhipping began and it was brutal especially after the hard day in the fields. She was then unchained and ordered to expose her cunt to Prick. She quickly knelt down and tried to open her cuntlips as wide as possible. Prick eagerly started licking her cunt and once again became quickly aroused. He tried to enter her cunt as he was lead over her by Madame L but he could not succeed.

X53211 was then washed, fed, and ordered to relieve herself as ususal in the area provided for all horses. She was the placed in the stall with Prick.

For the next 2 weeks she suffered the same fate. Plowing the fields all day under the lash, punishment in the evening and stalled with Prick all night trying to accommodate him. X53211 managed to suck his cock until he climaxed but was unable to accept his huge cock in her cunt. Since she was monitored by the guards her failure was reported to Madame L who demanded that X53211 be placed on the whipping post suspended by her widely spread legs and given a cunt whipping of 50 lashes. This punishment would be public and would be witnessed by the entire plantation and neighboring plantations including the former owner of X53211, Madame B.

The cuntwhipping was carried out on the next Punishment Day at noon, in the heat of the day, and as specified, X53211 was placed on the whipping post with her open cunt displayed to the crowd as if begging to be whipped. She was laid on her back with her legs spread wide and chained by her ankles to the whipping post.

The whipping was brutal and drew bl**d after the fifth lash but the flogger was ordered not to cut the skin any more until near the end of the whipping.

After the 50th lash she was removed from the whipping post and placed over a device designed to accommodate horses for mating. Prick was then led over her and eagerly and easily entered her cunt. The poor slave screamed for mercy but would find none in this hell.


The beautiful naked blonde pushed the plow alongside her a****l mate under a torrid tropical sun. Suddenly a vicious lash from the carriage whip bit into her right breast drawing a trickle of bl**d. "WORK, SLAVE, WORK!" shouted the guard. The woman guard knew well that X53211 had been fucked by Prick yesterday which was Punishment Day at this plantation. She knew that X53211 was barely able to walk let alone plow at horse pace as was required of all horseflesh.

X53211 thought that Prick was going to tear her apart as he entered her cunt yesterday. She would never forget the horrible feeling as the huge cock penetrated her. She thought that she would be allowed to rest at least one day after such an ordeal but no, Madame L insisted that X53211 be harnessed to the plow by her tit-rings as usual and driven with the whip to meet quota. Madame L was a true sadist since even Madame B suggested that X53211 be rested for one day.

X53211 plowed as hard as she could but nevertheless she was whipped for even the slightest sign of missing the pace. Finally at noon she fainted. She was then removed and sent to the « infirmary » which was nothing more than an enclosed shed tended by a d***ken woman called « Doctor ». After a brief inspection Doctor told the guard that X53211 could be placed back on the plow but should not be whipped on her tits for the rest of the day. Doctor told the guard however to put X53211 on report for not meeting quota today. The guard eagerly followed the advice of the Doctor and lead X53211 back to the plow by her titchains.

The rest of the day was hell for the beauty as her back and ass were lashed unmercifully.

Once per month Madame L displayed her stock of horses to the other female plantation owners for possible sale or to be rented for short periods. On these days the horses were tethered by their reins side by side to a long hitching post. On this day was the first time that X53211 would be displayed. She was tethered to the post by her tit-chains. The prospective buyers strolled about stroking the horses in various places, feeling their muscles, inspecting their teeth, etc. When they came to X53211 they invariably fingered her cunt and ass and twisted her tit rings brutally. One particularly brutal woman took her horsewhip and after asking permission from Madame L lashed the tits of X53211 until she drew bl**d from each. She then said:

"This one will do for my waterwheel. I need a small horse for one week to turn my wheel until my regular horse recovers from a whipping I gave her. I guess I was a bit hard on the mare. I want to rent this one for a week." Madame L quickly agreed and X53211 was unchained from the post and lead by her cunt chains to the back of a wagon where the chain was again attached. The woman jumped in the driver's seat and with a swing of her carriage whip started the horse that was drawing the cart. X53211 struggled to keep the pace.

After two miles the cart pulled into the neighboring plantation and X53211 was immediately chained by her tit-rings to a waterwheel. A vicious lash across her back started the naked blonde beauty in her new temporary task. She would turn the wheel in this brutal heat driven by the whip of the slavedriver.
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This is one hot sexy story, love all the whipping.
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Omg more!