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[Story] Cowgirl

In many ways a cowhand is similar to a sailor. He'll spend days or weeks on the trail, with scarcely another human in sight except for his fellow cowboy, and when he returns to civilization he craves some lovely feminine companionship; craves it so much he'll often fantasize about it, experience mirages like men dying of thirst in the desert.

Thus it was with Stanley's men that summer afternoon when the stranger rode into their midst. The men figured they had to be imagining things -- either that or they'd been eating loco weed.

The stranger was a woman. And not just any woman, but a jaw... Continue»
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[Story] Melanie

Jackie Blake and her young daughter Melanie had planned their trip to China for almost a year. They decided against an organized tour in order to have the freedom to spend additional time at favorite sites if they wanted. With that freedom came a somewhat uneasy feeling of being truly alone at times.

About one week into their planned two-week visit, they found themselves far inland at the smallest of the cities they had seen so far. Despite its remote location, the city had a school with working computers and Internet access. After a little haggling with the school administrator, the touris... Continue»
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[Story] Gina

Gina was a huge hit at the club after her last match. The beating and humiliation she endured, the way she was used by so many people made her a fan favorite immediately. The chairman of the league wanted her back in his ring in the worst possible way, when he had a visit from the manager of a tag team! Cav was a ruthless manager, whose team was hell bent on destruction, complete domination and humiliation of their opponents. He met with the chairman to inquire about the chance one of his ladies might wrestle Gina. After the meeting he made a bold offer, that he hoped would inspire Gina to aga... Continue»
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[Story] Bandit

AVN Award Nominee XXX Thriller!
Newcomers lead the Brodys into lust, debauchery, and perversion. Watch it now on LiteroticaVOD!

BDSMBandit Girl
Bandit Girl
Shona clenched her teeth against the searing pain. A narrow line of fiery torment burned across the middle of her bare back, adding its agony to the others that simmered on her skin. She sagged in her bonds, her wrists tugging at the ropes that stretched her arms taut between two vertical posts.

Her spine arched and her body stiffened as her limbs tensed against the lash. She cried out, but the yell was cut short ... Continue»
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[Story] Nurses in Africa

Karen Tanner and her friend Linda had been on a shopping trip to the bazaar in the small town near where they worked. They were both nurses working on a one year contract in a small west African country. Both women were very experienced and had been offered nearly double their pay at home to spend a year working with sick and extremely poor people.

Both women were married although Karen and her husband were separated months before she left for this job. Karen had found this position, applied and been accepted long before Linda even knew about it. Karen felt it would be a good way to have ti... Continue»
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[Story] Slave at the Castle

Life at Castleton resumed as before for the remaining Novices. Ruth had been elevated to Slave status and she no longer lived with the Novices. She now lived with Mistress Endora in the Great House and was becoming very adept at pleasing her Mistress and any other Master or Mistress to whom Endora would loan her. Ruth felt complete. She received as much sex as she needed and reveled in periodic correction and discipline from her Mistress or other Members. She had not yet been punished for any infraction, but had been f***ed to witness the punishment of another Slave who had violated the Orders... Continue»
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[Story] Jennifer

Jennifer was an attractive girl. She was 5’ 3" and weighed about 110 pounds. She was admiring her naked body in the mirror of her room. She had a reasonably shapely body for a 17 year old girl. Her brunette hair hung down to her shoulders. Her breasts were good sized, about a c cup. She didn’t like her legs; she felt they were a little to short. She felt her greatest asset was her ass. She turned to look at it. It was well rounded and firm. It had kind of a heart shape to it. She turned back and looked at her pussy. She would need to trim her pubic hair. She kept it trimmed to the point that t... Continue»
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[Story] At the Casino

Rose was dealing Poker at a special-options table. Playing an even odds game, the table catered to people with unusual or elaborate ideas for their win/loss conditions.

To her right, an attractive female loser hung by her thumbs. She had committed for two hours of play and lost her stake in forty minutes. She would now, under her agreement, hang naked by her thumbs for the remainder of her time. Since the remaining hour and twenty minutes was too long a time for her to hang, she would most likely have to barter for early release, at the cost of one stroke of a cane for each minute remaini... Continue»
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[Story] The Crucifixion & Whipping

Melissa's parents had been killed in an automobile accident, and she had been placed in foster care at the local Catholic Orphanage. Melissa had been depressed about her parents recent death, and had wanted to die as well, so as to join her parents. The priests at the Orphanage were very strict, and this had depressed Melissa even more.

Melissa was eleven years old, and was already quite the sketch artist. Melissa's pictures had changed of recent since her admittance into the orphanage. She had been influenced by all of the religious symbology around her, and with her wish to leave this lif... Continue»
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[Story] Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club


It was Friday night and there was a break in the action. Bill sat
in a large leather chair, gazing at the three naked women he had
bound in various positions in his basement "game" room, reflecting
over the changes that had occurred in his life the past month. When
Connie had confessed that she had been unfaithful and had discovered
her need to be dominated and abused, he had felt his life was over.
Confused, angry, and hurt, he had confided in his next door
neighbor, Rosie, who seized the moment to both educate Bill and
fulfill her own needs at the same t... Continue»
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[Story] Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club 2


It was Friday evening. Bill and Connie sat at their kitchen table
discussing the final preparations for the party. Their son Jimmy, and Kim, his girlfriend
who lived next door, had just left to pick up Angela. She was one of Kim's friends
and was due to be initiated into the club tonight.

It really hadn't been necessary to pick her up since she only lived on
the next block, but it made it easier to tell Angela's parents a convincing story if
they thought a group of the k**s were getting together. If Angela had said she was
sl**ping over at Kim... Continue»
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[Story] Breaking Paulina

It was the third night of interrogations for Mr. Chang. The young woman named Nadia sagged in the straps, naked to the waist and sobbing from the savage whipping he had just given her. Her blouse and bra, ripped off of her, lay in scraps in the corner of the room. She was an attractive, slim brunette, and he knew she did not have much tolerance in her to pain. A few cruel lashes from his bullwhip across her tender back and she screamed out the answers he was looking for. Time for act two.

The policemen in their dark green uniforms brought in her husband, handcuffed and struggling. He st... Continue»
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[Story] Deprogramming

"The bitch must pay, Matt. Her bible thumping has gone on far enough. We've got to do it, there's no other choice."

"I don't know, Mike, couldn't we get in trouble?"

"Matt, trust me. I got it all set up, man. Let's teach her the truth -- There is no god."

"OK, Mike, I guess you're right..."

As long as I could remember I'd been able to make Matt agree with me. This was no different than any other plan, but this one could have HUGE rewards or losses. The bitch was going to pay. This particular bitch, Candace, ... Continue»
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[Story] Judith on the Cross

Judith is one of those lapsed Catholic girls who always wants to get back at her upbringing. She hates the self-righteousness, the paternalism, the hypocrisy. Before she could even spell those words or deconstruct the messages, she was a fervent non-believer. But the hidden messages of The Church still have a powerful resonance to her. A religion built around death. One that had dispensed it in quantity, too, through most of its history. It had an undertone of eroticism, a fascination for her that she's never shook off. And like many others, she'd obsessed over the weird and fetishis... Continue»
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[Story] Nissa's Story

The North India Trading Company was founded in 1924 by Lord Adam
Beaverton as a rescue mission for young girls. In many countries
around the world less value was placed on baby girls born into the
large families living in poverty in the slums of the cities, or in
remote villages. These unwanted young girls were sometimes abandoned
on the streets of the city, or even put to death at an early age.
Lord Adam had been appalled at the treatment given to these young
girls and wanted to do something to help some of them. He set up a
mission in remote village in Northern India and made... Continue»
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[Story] Mariah part 1

Mariah gave a smile to her f****y, friends and fans as she stood in the dock awaiting the judges return. She was wearing the clothes she had been wearing when she was arrested. Tight blue denim shorts. A top that didnt leave much to the imagination. It was shaped like a butterfly, with the front wings covering her curvaceous breasts and the rear wings covering her ribs. The intricately woven material was almost see through and clung to her body. It was held in place by thin tight strings that ran over her shoulders, across her back and around to the front, attaching to the sides of the wings c... Continue»
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[Story] Mariah part2

The next few moments felt like an eternity. Suddenly there was the loud sound of hard sharp leather against soft supple flesh.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Mariah screamed, her head flying back, her torso forward, arching her back, thrusting her breast out. It felt like every nerve ending in her back was on fire, like her skin had been ripped away. The ag
ony was unbelievable, her mind barely able to cope with it.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she continued screaming as the pain refused to subside. The whip had struck he... Continue»
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[Story] Cunt Whipping

“Spread your legs, bitch. Farther apart.” He pushes my knees even further apart than I thought possible. He tugs at my cunt lips, runs his fingers over my clit, and plays with it a moment before slapping it hard. I was about to see where my misdeed of masturbating without explicit permission would get me. It had been weeks since my confession, and I thought he’d forgotten. Not.

He removes his belt from his pants. There cannot possibly be any greater sight or sound than a man ripping his belt out of the loops with every intention of using it in ways not truly intended. I w... Continue»
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[Story] Mother and Daughter Whipped

Nora was a 42 year old widow who had never traveled beyond Missouri. Her husband was a successful business man who owned several large factories and never took a vacation. When he died of a massive heart attack at 45 he left her with a 21 year old daughter who was a junior in college and lots of property and wealth. Robert died in January of 1932 and by late May, when her daughter came home from college, Nora was ready to stop mourning and get on with her life.

The factories were managed by people her husband had trained and Nora decided that she and her daughter would take a well deserved ... Continue»
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[Story] Witness to a College Girl Whipping

The flight from Don Muang to Chiang Mai was rather pleasant in first class. Even though the welts on her bottom had mostly faded away during the last three days, Simone still felt a little sore sitting on her backside. She was wearing a Ralph Lauren outfit just purchased in a Bangkok mall: Thompson skinny jeans that hugged her curves like a second skin, designed to show off her backside. The ankle-high black leather boots had four inch heels that clicked noisily wherever Simone walked, drawing the staring and admiring eyes of strangers. The red t-shirt she was wearing stretched tight over her ... Continue»
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