Young Black Motel Stud

I placed a personal ad, something along the lines of “Sexy, slutty, white CD looking for horny black man”. Much to my chagrin, I got little in the way of a decent response (I placed the ad kind of late in the day on a Saturday). Anyway, I spent the afternoon doing a full body shave, bubble bath, etc. so I could be ready for an evening of fun, if it were to happen. Around 10:00 PM, figuring I was out of luck (You should have seen the lame responses I got), I decided to head out to a local sports bar for a few drinks. Hoping I would get a late response. I made sure I had my clothes, makeup bag, etc. in the car just in case (I am an optimist).
So I get to the bar and it's kind of full, loud, and full of the kind of guys I really don't like (Loud frat boys), so I sat at the bar and had a few drinks while I checked my e-mail on my phone like every 5 min. Before I knew it, the bar had pretty much cleared out and it was nearing last call. I ordered one more drink and paid my tab. I checked my e-mail again, and had a promising note. The guy said he was a 22 year old black male, alone in a motel room in town. He said he liked my pics, and wanted to know if I was still available. I said yes and asked for a pic, gave him my cell number and waited. A few minutes later, I got a text message with a “Selfie” of him (Face pic) in the motel mirror. He was nice looking, tall and thin, and seemed pretty cool. I sat in the bar a few more minutes texting him back and forth. He was funny and cool, and I had a couple more drinks, so I was feeling pretty good. I decided to go for it. I explained my night, and told him I would have to dress at the motel and he was cool with that. I didn't want him to see me in “Guy mode”, so we agreed when I got there, I would text him, and he would leave the door ajar, and walk down to the snack machine for a minute, so I could run in and head to the bathroom to get ready. He asked if I could pick up some beer, so I paid my tab (Again), and headed out so I could stop at a quick mart on the way.
When I got there, as planned he did as he promised and gave me a few minutes to gather my things and run in unseen. I left him a 40 on the dresser, and took one for myself. I heard him come in as I was dressing, and began to transform myself into “Jojo” (My girl alter-ego). I did my makeup, put on a tight black mini dress, black panties and slipped on my sheer black thigh high stockings. I chose my long, black, curly wig, I slipped on my black 5” heels and texted him that I was ready. I took a long sip of my 40, and a deep breath waiting for his response. He said he couldn't wait, to see me. And I opened the door and headed into the room.
The room was fairly dark, lit only by the light of the TV. He was sitting on the bed, kicked back, sipping on his beer when I walked in. He stood up and smiled, and told me I looked much hotter than my pics. Needless to say, that was a real turn on. He was handsome with a nice smile and had a tall lean physique. He complimented me on my legs, as I sat on the side of the bed, crossing them to show them off. We sat there for a few....chit chatting, and making small talk, sipping on our beers and getting to know each other. He leaned in and kissed me passionately, running his hand up and down my stocking covered legs. I was so turned on at this point I couldn't wait any longer. I told him I wanted him to take me....he smiled and stood up, taking his shirt off. He said, “I have something here you might like” as he slid his pants off and stepped close to me wearing only his boxers. I looked up at him and began to kiss his washboard stomach lightly. I slid his boxers down and indeed saw something I liked.
He was very well endowed....not too thick, but beautifully least 10”. He stroked it and told me how sexy I looked, and asked me to tease him, by walking around the room, showing off my legs, bending over, adjusting my stockings, etc.. I did as I was told. He leaned back on the bed, stroking his growing meat and I pranced about for him. “You like???” I asked. He replied, “What do you think???” as he grabbed the base of his shaft, showing of his long hardening tool. He sat upright, as I walked over to the edge of the bed, and squatted down n my high heels. I began to tease the head of his cock with my tongue. He let out a soft moan, giving me the green light. I licked up and down his long shaft, stopping every few seconds to flick my tongue across the tip. I could tell he was ready, so I slid my red lips over the head, sliding him into my warm, wet mouth. I grabbed the base of his cock, working it with my hand as he slid in and out of my willing mouth. He began pumping his hips with my rhythm, and continued to harden so I knew he was enjoying himself. At this point, he began with the dirty talk (Which I love). He was saying things like, “Do you like that??? Are you a little white whore??? yeah, all you slutty white bitches love that big black cock”. I pulled it out of my mouth, jerking it in front of my face and said, “Yeah, baby....I love your big black you like the way your little whore sucks it???”. I spit on his cock and sucked it back in, swirling my tongue around it as it slid in and out.
He pulled my head back, kissed me and told me he wanted to fuck me. I grabbed a condom off of the night stand, and slid it over his cock using my mouth. I grabbed the lube (Also conveniently on the nightstand), and spread a generous portion on his throbbing cock, and rubbed the rest between my cheeks. I stood up and bent over the bed. He lifted my skirt, pulled my panties to the side and began teasing me by running his cock up and down along my crack. He told me to beg for it, and of course, I did. He began pushing his mushroom shaped head inside me. I gasped, as I'm pretty tight, but he wasn't too thick, so I was able to take him. Slowly he eased more of it into me, filling me with his hard, dark meat. He grabbed my hips and began sliding in and out, slow long strokes at first, then picking up the pace, and slowing back down again. He controlled our rhythm, pounding me hard, then backing off. I cried out for him to fuck me like a whore. As he fucked me faster, he leaned in and kissed me on the neck, telling me I had such a tight, wet, “Pussy”. He commanded me to get on my knees. He pulled out, pulled the condom off, and began fucking my face. In just a few seconds, his body tensed up, and he began to shoot a massive load into my throat. Still pumping his cock in and out, I swallowed as much as I could, but gagged a bit and his warm cum began to run down my chin and onto my stockings. Exhausted, he lay back on the bed, as I ran my tongue over his cock, cleaning it up. I continued sucking him as he went limp, twitching as I polished off his tool. I kissed the head and stood up, wiped off my chin, and told him goodnight.
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1 month ago
Fuck, that made my ass pussy want some dick
5 months ago
I got so hard reading this story and wishing I could have been in your place. :)
7 months ago
I love it
7 months ago
very hot story
7 months ago
O M G I wish I was you so fantasticly erotic