Meeting Freddy

I’e been trying to set thing straight in my mind. Was it me who began the pursuit of Freddy, or the other way around. I’m not quite sure. My wife and I and met another couple Freddy and Althea at a nudist camp. We had campsites close to each other and saw quite a bit of each other (more than most people will actually see of another couple) on weekends. I’m unsure just how it all started, but I do remember seeing Freddy jogging down the path to the showers that were below our campsite. What I actually remember is the sight of his stiff 9-inch dick bobbing up and down as he jogged along. It was a wonderful sight and my own dick sprang to life from just watching him pass. My wife noticed my harden, of course, and asked if I was having a waking wet-dream. I told her yeah, I was thinking about her hairy pussy and how much i wanted to fuck her right then and there.

Since we were already undressed it was a simple matter for her to kneel down on the tent floor and stick her ass up to where I could have easy access to her asshole or her cunt…whichever I wanted. I lubed up my hard cock with some spit an let a mouthful of saliva land on her asshole. Without a whimper she took my cock in her ass. The only sounds was a little, “Oomph.” as my cock found its way into her ass. It wasn’t long before I was humping away and thinking not of her ass, but Freddy’s fat ass with my cock pounding deep inside her rectum. It was too much for me, the feeling of my wife’s asshole sucking on my cock as I fucked her and the thought of Freddy’s slippery asshole had me shooting a four great gob of cum into her rectum. I rested for a couple minutes, my cock enjoying the heat of her asshole as I slowing shrank down to my dismal small size.

I have often referred to my own little cock as a surprise package. This was because in its flaccid state I’m lucky if my dick measure more than 2-inches. It’s when I get horny and excited that that my dick grows to its full 6 1/2-inches of thick hard meat. It’s a glorious feeling of my cock being fully engorged and feeling the heaviness of it dangling over my balls or on those really nice days when it is so hard and rigid that my dick curves up to touch my belly and bounces there as I move around.

So, much for that first sight of Freddy’s erect dick. I hadn’t been able to get close enough to admire it from a better angle. But I knew that there would be other opportunities to see his dick again and again. After all, we WERE at at nudist camp. Shit…everyone was naked as the day they were born. “Tis a lovely sight to be sure.

There were several weekends where work had d**g me away from my pleasures. Still, my wife went up to the camp to relax, and enjoy the summer breezes in the mountains. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that Freddy and his wife invited us up to their home for a weekend visit. I immediately said yes after my wife gave me a slight nod to mark her approval of the visit.

The following weekend, we drove the two hours to their place. The house was a modest rancher that had been built probably in the 50’s. Still, it had some nice landscaping and much to my pleasant surprise a very secluded back yard that was completely free of anyone spying on them, except for maybe a low flying airplane. Somehow, I didn’t think that was going to be a possibility.

When we arrived, we were invited in for some cooling drinks which my wife and I readily accepted. A cool drink with a touch of alcohol in it, was perfect to set the senses on edge, ready for anything. But it seemed that Freddy had something to show me first. He had a darkroom setup in his basement for developing and enlarging images from film negative. (This of course was before the age of digital imaging and all the benefits of that.) However, even back then, in the 1970’s the technology for film was quite adequate, though time consuming. What Freddy had to show me was a collection of black and white images that he had blown up into 8x10 prints. He had them all laid out on his work table. The overhead light giving me an excellent illumination to see all the prints in all their beauty. I was with a bit of a jolt to my system when I quickly realize they were some VERY candid photos of my wife that he had taken.

As I was admiring the erotic posing of my wife, I also noticed that Freddy had developed a rather large lump in his trousers. I continued to admire the photos, saying some inane things like : you caught her at her best, yes, I can even see the moisture on her pussy lips, how did you ever manage to do that? I really wasn’t expecting an answer. I had been concentrating not only the lewd pictures of my wife, but the wet spot that was spreading on the front of his khakis. He was obviously aroused by the pictures he had taken of my wife. But I wondered, did he find it more exciting due to the fact that I was there looking at his handiwork.

As I gazed at the pictures, was gradually moving closer to Freddy as I worked my way down the table looking at the dozens of 8X10s of my sexy wife. I finally nudged up against Freddy’s hip, my hand had found its way to fell his ass. I was trying to keep my gaze on the pictures rather than him. In the next moment I felt him turn towards me and my hand slipped off his ass and before I knew it, I was feeling the huge bulge in his trousers. I could feel the wetness under my fingers, he was so wet from the pre-cum that had been oozing from his dick. I couldn’t resist, but gave his dick a firm squeeze and looked him in the eyes. Looking for anything that would tell me to stop and run for the hills, or was this all right with him. A slow grin soon painted his face and I knew he was enjoying the feeling of his dick being touched by me, even if it was thorough a pair of khakis.

This last only a couple of moments before i remarked that maybe we should be getting back to the girls lest they start to think we we were up to no good. I dropped my hand from his well endowed bulge and gave it a couple light parting pats. “Nice one, Feddy.”

The remainder of the day and into the warm night we spent in the backyard lounging on the patio furniture sans our clothes. Freddy’s dick had settle down to its usual flaccid 4-inches. My wife ogled the photos that Freddy had taken and remarked favorably on many of them, and saying to Freddy’s wife that she admired his photographic abilities. Freddy had given her a copy of all the erotic prints. I didn’t really think about it until later, but I knew that he had the originals and was sure to make up his own copies. Perhaps he would remember the evening when i touched his hardness through his khakis and knew that he was soaked with pre-cum; that would even then be flowing as he remembered.

It was another month before I spoke with Freddy again. Naturally, I thank him for the pictures. I also wondered if he would like to accompany me on a little trip up to the mountains. He had told me about this place in the Kittatinny Mountains of NJ, specifically, the High Point State Park.
I explained I was planning for a three-day trip and would absolutely love if he could come with me and show me around. I half expected him to come up with some excuse as to why he would be unable to go with me. But, I was pleased when he aged. I told him that I hoped he wouldn’t mind, but I was between paydays, and maybe we could share a room for a couple of nights. He readily accepted and even offered to pay half for the room. This was turning out the best way I could have thought of it. A three-day event where maybe, just maybe, I could get Freddy to pull out his dick and I would find myself engulfing that gorgeous member down my throat. I still gave Freddy to understand that this was strictly a sightseeing trip…nothing else.

I couldn’t see his face but his voice gave him away. I knew right then that he already had an erection and probably wouldn’t be saving it for the next four days, until our little trip.

That Friday, having taken off an extra day for a three-day weekend, I drove up to Feddy’s house and picked him up. his wife had gone to visit her s****r and wouldn’t be back until Sunday afternoon. It took us another two hours to get to the High Point State Park. Just outside the park we found a nice little motel that luckily had a room. I hadn’t thought of trying for a reservation, despite the facet that this was the middle of August, the peak of the tourist season.

We were soon in the room and decided that it was so warm out that perhaps now would be a good time to change out of long pants into some shorts and tees. I shucked my dungarees and stood there for a moment shuffling through my bag, ostensibly looking for my shorts. Oh, I neglected to say I had on a nice pair of pink panties edged with lace. My dick was approaching is “surprise” length and girth. There was quickly a fairly large blot of pre-cum oozing through my panties. I was waiting for Freddy to turn around. I wanted to see the expression on his face when he realized that i was standing there in pink panties and a hardon. I wasn’t disappointed. He had dropped his jeans and stood there bare ass naked. When he turned I first saw his limp 4-ionch dick dangling over his hairy balls. My gaze then rose to his face. I was hoping that he wouldn’t be disappointed or worse hate what he was seeing. I quickly lost my fears when a board grin spread across his face. My graze dropped down to his dick. The movement of the wonderful member had attracted my vision. His dick was growing…and growing…and growing. It finally reached its fully engorged 9-inches. It had a droplet of pre-cum oozing out of his pee—hole.

I could not resist the sight of that gorgeous cock. I fell to my knees in front of him and took his hard dick all the way into my my mouth and down my throat. I knew everything was good when I felt both his hands on the back of my head working on getting a proper face-fucking motion going. It was wonderful, his cock was filling my mouth with its girth and then sliding deep into my throat. I worked desperately to suppress my gag reflex. I failed several time, but it only seemed to encourage Freddy to fuck my throat as deeply as he could and as rapidly as he could. My mouth was getting sore from being stretched around his massive cock. I’m not sure how much time had passed. I knew my knees for beginning to ached from being on the bare floor for so long, His hips were lunging faster and faster as he drove is cock in and to of my mouth and my throat. Then it was near the end for him, hie lunged forward driving his cock deep down my throat. My throat muscles were squeezing his cock trying to milk every bit of his cum from him. He loudly groaned, shoved his cock once more into my mouth an I could feel his cock pulsating and delivering a huge load of cum down my throat.

My throat muscles continued to milk his cock as I felt his dock deflate slightly as his post-orgasm time was slowing ebbing away with his cock still well buried in my mouth. I was enjoying every single moment of this. I was tasting his cum on my tongue , down the back of my throat and was almost positive I could feel his huge cum load sinking into my stomach. It was one of the best cocksucking events of my entire life. And I hadn’t even shot my own load yet.
I didn’t really care at the moment all I could think of was Freddy’s shaking legs as he succumbed to the aftereffects of a great shattering orgasm. I was exhausted too. I couldn’t get onto my feet, but I think Freddy sensed this and grabbing me under arms pulled me up to a standing position. The expression on his face told me everything I needed or wanted to know. He was happy, He had met a great cocksucker…me. Not to brag, of course, but I rather pride myself in giving great head to just about any cock I can lay my mouth on.

We didn’t go anywhere that day, or the next or the next. All our time was spent making love. His cock seemed to be insatiable. This was fine with me. I didn’t even mind that I only got to jerk off a few times turning all that time. He seemed to enjoy watching me jerk off in front of him, and of course, I was all too willing to do this for him. We managed to get out of the motel three times during our visit up to High Point, after all the body needs sustenance if it’s going to be used to such excesses.

As we were driving to his house at the end of the three days, I asked him if he had enjoyed jerking off over the pictures he had taken of my wife. He acknowledge that the pictures were what he had started to fixate on, but it was the touch of my hand on his bulge in those khakis that had been the deciding factor that brought him to a full mind blowing orgasm with a ton of cum. He also admitted to me that he hadn’t been jerking off alone, but his wife was watching him and almost begged to take his full load into her mouth when he shot his load. She had gagged on the amount of cum he had given her. He final words to me just before he got out out the the car to enter his home were: “My wife gagged on my load. You didn’t and I gave you the biggest one I’ve ever had. Thank you. We’ll have to do this again.

Needless to say there were many more days, weekends, and even a weeklong stint when Freddy and I would get to play. More to cum when I can find the time to get another story out to my fans. xxx ooo xxx Bobbie
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outstanding story!
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so bamm hot and seusual
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Good story, more please ;-O
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Great stuff, please give us more on Freddy!